Logan's Choice

Shannon West

Logan's Choice

Logan's Choice

  • Title: Logan's Choice
  • Author: Shannon West
  • ISBN: 9781618853509
  • Page: 311
  • Format: ebook

As the beta of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack, Ian is supposed to be the calm, sensible one, but when a young Hunter is captured, his overpowering attraction to the gorgeous man has him acting way out of character As a sworn enemy to the wolf pack, the captive can t be allowed to go free, yet the pack hates to keep Logan imprisoned The only solution is to convince Logan to agAs the beta of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack, Ian is supposed to be the calm, sensible one, but when a young Hunter is captured, his overpowering attraction to the gorgeous man has him acting way out of character As a sworn enemy to the wolf pack, the captive can t be allowed to go free, yet the pack hates to keep Logan imprisoned The only solution is to convince Logan to agree to mate with one of the wolves to form an unbreakable bond Unwilling to see him mated to anyone else, Ian makes a decision he must make the young man fall in love with him and agree to stay on as his mate Can Logan make this difficult choice and leave behind the life he used to lead When Ian is captured and tortured by the Hunters, Logan must make the most difficult choice of his life.

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Definitely the best book of the series so far in this controversial series. Controversial I hear you say? Oh yes - read the very mixed reviews to see why! In this offering by Ms West, it is Ian's and Logan's story, Logan is a "Hunter", son of the leader of the group. Ian is the "second" to the Alpha of the Dark Hollows Pack. Sworn enemies. Logan is captured by the Pack, the decision to either "kill him", "imprison him for life" or "mate him - therefore ensuring/gaining his loyalty and devotion" [...]

This has good ratings but I don't feel like I read the same book that everyone else did. The mates/pets are degraded, humiliated and basically treated like children. I put up with it in the previous two books but I won't be reading anymore books in this series.

A fun (if instantly forgettable) read: bloodmates, Alpha-Omega society, the knot (eep), possessive toppy werewolves and human pets, yadda yadda yadda. One of the better books in this genre that I've read. Very weird thing with the length though: it reads as 8401 locations on my Kndle, but it's nothing like this. Maybe 2000-something? It's a long-ish short story

This book and I did not get off on the right foot. But sometimes it pays to persevere, and I ended up being fascinated by the characters and liking the storyline. The conflict in this book is a pretty major one: does Logan really believe the things he has been taught as a Hunter's son, or does he have his own preferences, can he develop his own sense of right and wrong? This internal battle is made more complicated by the fact that his transition from a Hunter to Werekin and a wolf's mate is tot [...]

I loved this book. I liked the series a lot. It´s been getting better and better with each book. Solid story and great development. I did not like the first one too much, but the second and third are very good. May be I should read the first one again

Recensione a cura di Lilith per Feel The BookRitroviamo i nostri lupi ancora alle prese con i cacciatori, ma in questo terzo libro hanno un prigioniero e devono decidere cosa farne, non vogliono ucciderlo ma neanche liberarlo.Quindi? Decidono di trasformarlo in mannaro, e la scelta su chi debba occuparsene ricade su Ian, beta di Marco, perché vedovo e quindi libero da legami. Ian è perplesso e prima di decidere vuole vederlo, e comunque vuole soltanto trasformarlo, per il legame il prigioniero [...]

Me encanto! Muy divertido leerlo xD. Esta mucho mejor escrito que el primero.

I enjoyed the whole series, which has been getting better with each book. I am new to the MM paranormal genre, but I am really enjoying exploring the offerings. West explores a new side of D/s relationships where the dominant shifter treats his human "pet" in an unusually infantilizing way, asserting the right to make all decisions, and essentially treating his lover as completely helpless. It's a fantasy that I haven't seen explored in any other books, and I thought it was really well done. For [...]

The series gets better with each book, so I gave book 2, 2 1/2 stars cause face it, Casey was an ass, and honestly Ian is a bit of conclusion jumping ass too but I liked the book and all three, Nicky, Rory and Logan showed they aren't just sitting down and shutting up. There are weren't very many editing issues that I noticed.

A roaring improvement to the first two novels in terms of character development. Nicky seems changed (as I said, improved!) and Logan is the first pet to appear to have a real will of his own that he won't just let them beat out of him.

Devo dire che per adesso è il mio preferito.Ian e Logan hanno un inizio burrascoso ma riescono a superare tutto grazie all'amore che sviluppano. È anche ben descritto e si iniziano a descrivere le varie vicende del branco, finalmente.

I have really been struggling with certain aspects of this series but have persevered because they're basically an extremely good read. The issues of concern are of course similar to those mentioned by other reviewers. Now don't get me wrong, I like reluctant slave and dubious consent stories (just so long as it taps into the slave subconscious needs). But the way he wolves force their 'pets' into a 24/7 slave role under the guise that it's for their own good, is extremely demeaning and almost m [...]

The Dark Hollow wolves are at war. The hunters, a shadowy mysterious group of monster hunters who had been at war with the wolves for over 100 years, have been spotted close. The pack believes if they can change the one they have captured into a were, they might stand a chance at survival. Ian, the pack beta who has no mate has been chosen for the job. He lost his female mate almost a year ago. He still mourns for her, and he doesn’t want another mate, but he might not have a choice. If they c [...]

Considering the other Dark Hollow Wolf Pack’s books I read in this series, Logan’s Choice is probably the one who has also another plot in parallel with the one about an Alpha man meeting his soul mate. Ian is the Beta of his pack, the second hand to Marco, and he is also the only young widower, having lost his wife five years earlier. The woman was his blood match, so Ian knows there will be no other for him, and when someone has to be picked as the one to turn an Hunter captive, to avoid k [...]

This was very typical Shannon West--blatant misogyny masked by a dick. I'm not going to do a full review, I just wanted to point out some examples of her insane logic: Logan had been "brainwashed" by his evil father =/= Being bitten with mind-altering results that force him to be submissive The wolves claim they are not the monsters Logan's father says they are >>> They kidnap Logan and force the "wolfkin" bite on him BUT apparently he still has the right to consent to mating. HOWEVER a [...]

I know I know many hate this due to the treatment of the pets. I didn't. I liked how the thoughts and ideas concerning the pets are shifting - knowing how hard it is to upend tradition - change does not come swiftly! I enjoyed the character and really liked Logan's conflicts - in and out. It made for a novel that kept me going. Yes the dialogue can be stilted, corny, and cheesy sometimes. I can deal with that if I like the characters and they are going somewhere. The underlying social justice/to [...]

So far this is my favorite of the four Dark Hollow Wolf pack books. Logan and Ian are both very likable as the main characters. It's encouraging to see that the so-called "pets" are fighting for their rights as human beings - They are given more say in what goes on about the community and given personal rights like the choice to wear whatever clothes they want rather than the standard black leather pants and collar. It is also fun in this book to see what Logan's choice will be although we tend [...]

I loved the story of Ian and Logan. I also enjoyed the development of the previous characters from the first 2 books. The pets want more from their relationships with their dominant partners and after some mishaps and adventures it starts to become clear that the pets are more than just brainless toys. Slowly they chip away at the almost slave-like conditions they have been subjected to and prove their worth to the pack and their lovers.I'm totally loving where this series is movingn't wait to r [...]

spoiler i thinkI like the controversial couples that appear in this series. And this one it was indeed very controversial for the fictional universe. I have easily gone through the books so far. The writing is very nice and the flow of the plot is good. It can actually give me some surprises, when things are coming without expecting them. And this i think is a lot saying about the book, since i have read lots of shifters books, and I kinda start to make a bit of a pattern. But the author's style [...]

My opinion on this whole series can be found in the first book's review. That opinion applies to this book and I saw no point in saying the same thing over and over for the next 6 books.Summary: Enjoyable story but disturbing themes that is potentially offensive to some readers. Even without the mating bond, Logan still behaves like any wolf's pet. Ian and Logan are my favorite couple of the series. Their story was the most appealing to me.

I love this series! Ian has been in each of the prior books and this one belongs to him and a Hunter calld Logan. I think it is great that we see a lot of main characters from prior books. Nicky is still being Nicky and Marco still has not figured out how to handle him. Rory and Casey are excellent but what I liked most was seeing Logan come to grips with being a pet and seeing Ian come to understand what is important in a relationship. Can't wait for the next one!

Oh my gosh each of these stories in this series continue to draw you in deeper and deeper into the lives of this pack and their fight for survival. This story adds new twist and turns to the story. The complexity of this new relationship along with all the dramatic aspects of this story made it hard to put down. I can't wait to read the next installment.

This book gets an extra due to Logan. He isn't content to sit around being a "pretty pet". He and Nicky both push for changes in the way human "pets" are treated.

I am so happy the pets are finally going to get the training they should have had and deserve. Self defense and combat training. I hope to see Nicky beat some fckin ass in the future.

LOVED it!Especially with this being a love match rather than a blood match!Ian and Logan are fantastic!

This Series And This Books Just Keep Getting BETTER AND BETTER!

Rory's speech at the end redeemed this book. I was so pissed off throughout it at the way the "pets" were treated. By the end though, it was much better

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