To Catch A Spinster

Megan Bryce

To Catch A Spinster

To Catch A Spinster

  • Title: To Catch A Spinster
  • Author: Megan Bryce
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  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Olivia Blakesley, self proclaimed spinster extraordinaire, is quite happy with her life She has her studies and her duties, what need does she have of a husband With five sisters married she knows the reality does not live up to the promise, and does not need to personally experiment with the state to know she would be ill suited to it However, she finds herself enviousOlivia Blakesley, self proclaimed spinster extraordinaire, is quite happy with her life She has her studies and her duties, what need does she have of a husband With five sisters married she knows the reality does not live up to the promise, and does not need to personally experiment with the state to know she would be ill suited to it However, she finds herself envious of at least one aspect of marriage But to experience the physical side of marriage, one doesn t need a husband, all one needs is the right manNathaniel Jenkins knows his duty Marry a young girl from a respectable family and father an heir, no matter how cold the endless parade of suitable girls leaves him But a shocking proposal from a scholarly spinster leaves him wondering if unsuitable is just what he s looking for Can he convince his spinster that marriage is the greatest experiment of all

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I am at a loss about where to start. This book is so far away from the norm that it's going to be hard to describe precisely why I liked it or, indeed, precisely what was wrong with it. It was, as we say in dear old Blighty: Barmy. In many respects the flaws in this book should damn it far down the star scale, but, somehow, they don't. This book gobbled up a couple of exceedingly enjoyable hours of my life, I read it straight through with no desire to put it down. The plot doesn't set off too ma [...]

Sweet and funny.Yes, the plot was a bit out there, BUT I read to escape for a couple of hours, so that was okay.I kept expecting SOMEONE to overhear their conversations about her proposition. Didn't happenlolTheir banter was enjoyable, although if you are a stickler for things not always fitting with the time period, you may want to avoid this one. There weren't a LOT of lapses, but it might bother some. Didn't bother me.Yep, cute.

I read several contemporaries and wanted something different for a change. I found this on my to-be-read pile and figured I'd give it a try. I loved it. Olivia's character was wonderful as she wasn't cut from the norm. The only one of six sisters to remain unmarried, she is twenty-seven and resigned to being a spinster. She isn't like the others. She loves studying the stars and helping her father with his estate accounts. She cares nothing for fashion and the opera or marriage or having babies. [...]

This book is a fun, light-hearted read but it's also very frustrating. Firstly, the way the characters behave is really not in keeping with the period. Several strange behaviours are accounted for but other things aren't and they just don't make sense, society didn't work in the way that this book portrays, the characters' behaviour is far too modern. If the heroine cared about her family at all, and she clearly does, she would never have behaved in such a way, and I don't just mean the central [...]

3 1/2 stars (rounded down to 3 stars, because Olivia's resistance to accept Nathaniel's proposal stopped making sense in the second half of the story)

A Great book and it was so funny I enjoyed it very much

Olivia Blakesley is considered a spinster by most of the ton. She is only 27 but has seen many seasons without finding a husband. She has given up. She likes astronomy and she likes the freedom she has at home. She realizes that she would like to experience the attentions of a man but without the attachment of marriage. She decides to look for a prospect at the next ball.Nathaniel Jenkins knows he needs to find a wife and produce a heir but all the young girls at the balls are making him crazy. [...]

Nice one.

I really enjoyed this one. It was funny and snarky and a little sad. I do recommend this one.

Olivia and Nathaniel had already gone through the time to marry.Olivia was 27 years and Nathaniel, 39. Their families were concerned and pressing them to meet someone and raise a family.It turns out that for him it was a little easier. He was a gentleman, untitled, but that does not turn him less worthy. In fact, many mothers insisted that their daughters were seem up by him at the balls. Too young and foolish girls who mostly only cared about fashion and the next ball. Not that Nathaniel flee t [...]

This is a fun book to read! So very unrealistic of its time, but lots of fun! Olivia is so used to living for herself and her studies, away from society, that she has not learned how to live with people. Nathaniel is old enough, and wise enough, to realize that one of the young, fluffy debutantes really wouldn't suit him for a wife. He wasn't expecting the local spinster to be his type, though. Nor was he expecting her to proposition him. And once propositioned, he didn't expect to agree to the [...]

This was a pretty sweet story. It wasn't dirty, but it wasn't as clean and chaste as a Jane Austen novel appears to be, either. It was a really quick read, too. I finished it in a day!I think that Nathaniel and Olivia were very well suited to each other, but she drove me crazy by repeatedly calling herself a spinster. If she didn't want to be a spinster, she never would have propositioned Nathaniel in the first place! Psychologically, she really didn't want to spend all of her time alone. She wa [...]

Cute. A Regency Romance with modern sensibilities. Olivia Blakesley is a 27-year-old bookish "spinster" (although not quite, even though she's in her 8th season) with 5 married sisters who sets her sights on being "seduced" so she'll not die a virgin. She meets (and propositions) one Nathaniel Jenkins a 39-year-old bachelor who is being pressured to marry and produce an heir. Hilarity ensues.Olivia leaves Nathaniel's head spinning and he is determined to convince her to marry her seducer.A sweet [...]

Fun, light, nice interludeThis book was a fun read. Nathaniel wants something more- respectfully more.Olivia wants something more- discreetly more.And so this delightful story unfolds where Nathaniel wants Olivia and Olivia wants to keep things as they are now -unconventional at best.A nice twist. The Regency/Georgian man seeking the unwilling but appropriate hand of a young lady who liked being a spinster. (Gasp) she isn't, a blue-stockingally. nor a hoyden but And to her credit she does try to [...]

I was a little reluctant (play on words this is The Reluctant Bride Series) to read/start this book because the book I had started reading yesterday was a Fail and I was afraid that the Fail of the previous book would move on to this book but even with that Reluctance I read the book. Don't miss out on a great book just because a previous book was a fail, you may miss out on the book of a lifetime. If you are a stickler for things not always fitting with the time period, you may want to avoid th [...]

A very light, easy read, with only one (I think) explicit love scene, so it's a little safer for those who prefer their steam to be implied. I enjoyed the idea behind the proposal, and I've loved this trope ever since I read my first romance novel involving a spinster looking for some *ahem* tutoring. I didn't care for the heroine's stubbornness towards the end, and the final confrontation of sorts, while fitting with her character, just didn't really do it for me. Overall though, I liked it. 3/ [...]

Free download that was short enough to be done with in a morning and the summary was promising. I enjoyed it far more than I had expected. Cute and funny, but if you are looking to be transported to old England, this book won't really take you there and the end seemed a bit rushed. But it was great fun to read and throughout the book I kept thinking that it would make a WONDERFUL comedic stage play.

I read this book because it was free on google play, it was interesting enough to pass the time. Although i liked the premise of the book everything else just seemed off, the way our h approached the H for one, the characters seemed so modern. This is the first book by Megan Bryce i'm reading so maybe i have to get used to her style of writing, besides that the book was entertaining

lolhahahais story was very amusing and with such a interesting start to their relationship, I can easily forgive the oddities of such a thing happening in that time period. I do want to give fewer stars though because at one point, it felt like the plot became stuck and made little sense. but this book makes me laugh despite it and I would probably read it again just for that

Had a great start but then Olivia really started to grate on my nerves! There was no reason sometimes for how rude she was and she treated Nathaniel abysmally towards the end.

Bookbub, we may need a divorce.

CuteCute and funny.A very eccentric h and a handsome older gentleman. It was well written, funny and even a little silly. Fun a fun light read.

This was a short, light, very fluffy and fun read.None of the period except the trappings were correct, but for once I didn't mind, because I was quite amused throughout!

i enjoyed it while it last it was really short but funny especially at the first few chapters

This book wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great, hence the two-star review. I didn’t hate it, since I finished it, but it was a bit of a push to. It helped that it was short so it didn’t take me long to finish it.While it started off promising it soon derailed. I feel the pacing was too fast for the period the story was set in, and that Nathaniel accepted Olivia’s affair proposal much too quickly for a gentleman of the time. If he were a rake, I would understand but he was not. Him not b [...]

Practical spinster Olivia is resigned to the idea of unmarried life, but there is one aspect of marriage she's curious about. She decides to find a willing man and experience the physical side of married life. She meets Nathaniel at a ball and he instantly strikes her as the perfect partner, not the usual foppish man or skilled rake. She just needs to convince him to agree.This was a cute romance, it's set in Regency times but Olivia is a pretty modern girl. If you're a stickler for historical r [...]

Despite claiming to be 256 pages, this is really a novella -- only 1500 Kindle locations.And that's a problem.This has plenty of cute ideas, and some nice snark. But it's much too short to make most of its ideas believable. It rushes headlong from one scene to the next almost like the outline of a story instead of the fully developed novel it could be. (And don't even get me started with the single sex scene, which completely ignored the existence of a hymen!) Given a good editor and a lot of fl [...]

Olivia Blakesley is on the shelf and pretty happy about it. Her family lets her study the stars and pursue her own hobbies to her heart's content. She has no desire to marry and thereby put herself under the control of someone who might mistreat or constrain her. But she is curious about physical love, and so she asks a gentleman to have a fling with her. He rapidly realizes that she's exactly the kind of woman he wants to marry, but Olivia refuses to give up her freedom for marriage.Fine story, [...]

Such fun!Ms Bryce has turned the Regency world on it's head again. When our sensible and scientifically inclined heroine decides she wants to experience the pleasures of marriage - without the unwanted encumbrance of a husband - to be able to enjoy the balance of her spinsterhood unbothered by any more curiosity on the subject, her methodical brain comes up with a most un-Regency like solution. A great romp through the trials and tribulations of a woman on a mission. A recommended read if you ar [...]

I was looking for some entertainment and this book delivered. Cleverly written, so I did read cover to cover and only stop occasionally to take a piss and or make a new cup of coffee. I didn't come across any typo error that enough to irritate the hell out of me or sentence arrangement that causes me to pause and tried to rearrange it in my head, so that's a huge plus. Kudos to Megan Bryce--keep writing.

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