The Prince

Tiffany Reisz

The Prince

The Prince

  • Title: The Prince
  • Author: Tiffany Reisz
  • ISBN: 9780778314103
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback

Two worlds of wealth and passion call to Nora Sutherlin and, whichever one she chooses, it will be the hardest decision she will ever have to make Unless someone makes it for her Wes Railey is the object of Nora s tamest yet most maddening fantasies, and the one man she can t forget He s young He s wonderful He s also thoroughbred royalty and, reuniting with him in KenTwo worlds of wealth and passion call to Nora Sutherlin and, whichever one she chooses, it will be the hardest decision she will ever have to make Unless someone makes it for her Wes Railey is the object of Nora s tamest yet most maddening fantasies, and the one man she can t forget He s young He s wonderful He s also thoroughbred royalty and, reuniting with him in Kentucky, she s in his world now But this infamous New York dominatrix is no simpering Southern belle, and Nora s dream of fitting into Wesley s world is perpetually at odds with the relentlessly seductive pull of S ren her owner, her lover, the forever she cannot have At least, not completely.Meanwhile Nora s associate Kingsley Edge is only too happy to take her place at S ren s feet during her hiatus S ren is the only man Kingsley has ever loved, and their dark, shared history has forged a bond that neither the years nor S ren s love for Nora can break But a new threat from an old adversary is forcing Kingsley to confront the past, reminding him that he must keep his friends close, and his enemies closer.

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::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ::: **** GASPPP!!!!! **** Holyyyyyy SHIT!!! OMG. Ahhh!!! The ending of this book made my heart STOP!!!! I am so freaking glad that the next book is already out because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! Gah. This series is putting me through the wringer but I totally love it and I can't stop reading!!Note: This is the third book in a series that must be read in order. This review is pretty safe for anyone, but you should read The Siren and The Angel  before this book. [...]

Nora, Who??? This series just keeps getting better! Delving further into Soren and Kingsley's shared past was quite enlightening. These two really stole the show in this book. I have a whole new perspective now, and a lot more questions. All I'll say is, Poor Kingsley! He really got a rough deal. No pun intended.I'm still struggling with trying to like Soren. I'm just not seeing the overwhelming goodness that keeps being referenced with regard to him. He had some terrible things happen to him ea [...]

***PLS DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS SERIES, WHAT A SHAME BY THE WAY!***Tiffany did it again. I used to think Nora was based on her but now I am pretty sure she is more Soren-ish. Poor Andrew, he must be Kingsley!This book starts just after The Angel. As you might remember Nora was running off (cruel bitch) to meet boring Wesley and Soren was left alone (no worries Sir, I will always be here for you).This is two books in one, maybe three books in one and let me explain you w [...]

Excerpt from 'Two Princes' by the SpindoctorsBut I know what a prince and lover ought to be I know what a prince and lover ought be4.5 stars. This is the story of The Prince of Kentucky and The King who started out as 'La Petit Prince.'My favorite of the series so far. The writing was flawless, the suspense was taken up a notch, and some of the characters' secrets were finally starting to spill out from the shadows. While I thought the poking-fun-at-romance-books segment was a bit overdone (alth [...]

All I can say is,What. A. Book What. A. Fucking. Brilliantly. Amazing. Book.Giving it 5 Stars is giving it far too little.In this book 'The Prince', we learn and read about two Prince, 'The Prince of Kentucky' and 'La Petit Prince.'First I was allThen, at the end I was likeI've got absolutely no words. Amazing and Brilliant are not the words you can use while saying how good this book was, This book needs a new word to describe it.Actually, This series needs a new word appart from fantastic, bri [...]

10 THE UNHOLY TRINITY STARS!!!!! AND WHAT A MOTHER OF BLOODY CLIFFHANGERS!!!! After all you ladies have teased me about that gigantic cliffy, I was freaking the fuck out. My gut feeling was right about that twist coming but OMAIGOD HOW IT ALL COMES TOGETHER, FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!! I'm just all crying and shaking now. SHAKING AND CRYING ALTOGETHER. Thank heavens. Thank God. Thank horses. Thank you Tiffany Reisz. If I didn't have the next book with me right now, I AM OUT TO SHOOT SOMEONE. THIS IS N [...]

RATING: 5+++++ Destined Hearts!! <3 <3 Time stopped. The world ended. No one noticed except Kingsley. WOW. Just WOW. I am wrecked and in awe of Ms. Reisz' phenomenal, lyrical writing and her equally, if not more, breathtaking world and characters. I am lost in my emotions because after this, I wholeheartedly know and believe that Søren, Kingsley, and Wes own me, heart, mind, body and soul. And there is nothing I can do or say to change that. Their story cannot and will not be understood u [...]

** 5++ “the scent of pine and winter” STARS **“I’ve always wanted to believe God made me this way for a reason.”“Je suis la raison.”I am the reason.I just finished the book and here I am, in awe, in shock and terribly afraid to learn what’s going to happen next!WHAT KIND OF MOTHERF*CKING CLIFFHANGER IS THAT?!? If I didn’t already have The Mistress, I’d go crazy for sure.Tiffany Reisz, you have a black heart, you evil woman! :PFirst of all, I have to admit the fact that I coul [...]

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Marquis de Sade This is another angsty walk on the wide side with our Original Sinners with three different story lines being told here – Wesley and Nora in Kentucky, Kingsley and Søren’s story in the past and also the present. It’s a painful story, in more ways than one – the physical pain that Søren needs to dish out and the emotional pain that all the characters have to endure to find some small semblance of pleasure and happiness [...]

Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance5 Glowing, Shimmering Stars!! This book, this series, the writing, the story…all of it screamsUNIQUE…ORIGINAL! It's found its way the top of my all-time favorites, as twisted and f*cked up as it isI can't get enough!! I’ve read a lot of great books this year and gotten hooked on some amazing series, but nothing, nothing comes close to the impact I’ve felt with The Original Sinners series, and book 3, The Prince, adds another layer of depth and compl [...]

In all things involving Nora Sutherlin, proceed with cautionFirst off, let me say that this Series has intrigued me since I started it only last week. The first two books were outstanding. This oneThe North, Past and Present – 5 starsThe South – 4 starsThe North, Past and Present – 6 starsThe South – 3 starsThe North, Past and Present – 7 starsThe South. Well, I would not give it 2 stars, it would be worth more than that I think.I seriously felt as if this book was written by 2 differe [...]

The Prince finds Soren sending Nora away for potential danger.He recruits Wesley to take her away,back to his home in Kentucky to protect her.Kingsley uses the time to try and take Nora’s place at Soren’s sideThe Prince delves deep into the beginning of Søren and Kingsley’s relationshipd who they are nowKingsley and Soren travel back to the school where they first metwhere memories and old feelings are rekindledWe learn about Kingsley'S sister who tragically died and he feels responsibleW [...]

FIVE+++++ "Can I have more Soren, please" STARS!This series is seriously epic! Love, love, love it. In fact, this is my favorite of the four books within TOS series. Third times a charm reading this one! TOS just continues to get better with each installment. Spoiler alert if you've not read the previous books in the seriesThe Prince is split back and forth between Soren and Kingsley's past and present and then also Nora and Wesley's present. Nora and Wesley are in Kentucky after Soren asked Wes [...]

I have said it before; The Siren sat me on my ass, The Angel kicked my ass and now The Prince? The Prince owns my ass. I have been sucked in to the world of The Original Sinners for months; devouring everything that comes out getting to know them better. Just when I think I have a handle on who they are and what they may or may not do I am thrown to the ground gasping for air and reaching for the next story. The Prince begins where we left off in The Angel. Nora has taken off her shoes and run s [...]

Fuck it. No amount of stars can truly describe how brilliant this story is.I firmly resolve, with the help of Your Grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin ~ Act of ContritionHoly shit. Holy shit, HOLY FUCKING SHIT! This was brilliant. I’m in utter awe. No amount of words and no amount of stars can describe how much I love this book/series. With each book, Mistress Tiffany keeps getting better and better. I really don’t know how she does it. To me, nothing in the story was [...]

For over ten years after he and Søren had parted company, Kingsley had lived the most dangerous life he could. He ran from death the way he’d run that night from Søren— in the hopes he’d get caught and taken. Not until they reunited had Kingsley found a purpose in his life again, a reason to live.Underneath Søren, Kingsley came more alive than he ever felt on top of any girl. He loved his girls, had loved them all. But this was more than love. He couldn’t think of the word for it— n [...]

“Je suis la raison.”I am the reason.Totally unexpected turn of events and one hell of Cliffhanger made this yet another mindblowing, unconventional love story delivered by Tiffany Reisz. I wont go into the details of this story or the characters since it’s already been established that the author can never go wrong on both the aspects but let me just say one name which holds highest respect in my heart and soul, for being epitome of submission and that’s The King of the Underground- King [...]

There are probably [more than] one hundred things I love about this book/series but here are some of my favorite ones Number one - "one hundred things Søren loves about Nora" scene Number seven - Tiffany's brilliant writing Number eighty-eight - the story Number sixty-six - the characters Number one hundred - that all of the above only get better with each re-read Cheers!P.S. If this review makes no sense, get off you butt and read this book

HOLY SHIT!!! That end 😮😮😮

5+ stars"We are mere princes, you and I. But she is a queen."Past and Present, the tales of the North and South, it is the time for the Prince’s to find their place amongst the King and Queen, amongst the God and Goddess. Realizing their fate if they are worthy of their love. The Prince follows Nora, Søren, Wesley and Kingsley as they find out how far they are willing to go to get what they truly want and to keep their secrets safe.If it wasn't clear before, who the god of the Sinner's is, it [...]

"I watched you watch me."We have the North. past and present with Kinglsey, Soren & NoraWe have the South the present with Wes and Nora.What will we have in future.??????The Prince turns things upside down for meNot only is this a highly erotic book with all kinds of kinkiness but its a wonderful passionate love story and a spectacular 'who done it???'It has everythingAll the painful delicate issues you could imagine; difficult topics and themes are layered into this series. They're revealed [...]

5 I Want Nora's Men Stars!!Ms Reisz has done it again!! This series is just blowing my mind and I'm ashamed that it took me sooooooo long to pick this series up to read!!This story is told uniquely, in that Ms. Reisz takes us on a journey to the North with Soren and Kinsley. We also travel to the South with Nora and Wesley. Where some may have loved one area more than the other, this whore loved being in both destinationsRTH So let's travel to the North first, shall we, where Ms. Reisz takes us [...]

I started this right after I finished The Angel and pretty much read it straight through. These books are addictive once you start reading them, you can’t put them down! Just when you feel like you know whats happening and who these characters are- bam something shakes everything up . After that ending, I don’t think I am in any position to write a review, but I will try.In all things involving Nora Sutherlin, proceed with caution.The Prince starts right where The Angel left off. Nora runs t [...]

5, big, happy, shiny starsOriginal reaction, real review now posted Loved, loved, loved it!!! I feel the urge to immediately reread the book after staying up all night reading it. I ADORED the Kingsley/Soren storyline, and while Wes/Nora are generally ok, I didn't like their storyline nearly as much.And what's with the cliffhanger?!?I don't think the triangle is over and done with, even though the thought crossed my mind at the ending. Now I do know what I want, though. And that's Soren and King [...]

More or less I’m a very traditional reader who enjoys traditional type stories, mainly with romances. I’m all for the happily ever after where the main couple ride off in the sunset together and have a bright future with years of happiness to follow because they have one another to rely on. A certain author this year really pushed me into opening my mind and choosing more eclectic types of books. She is Tiffany Reisz, and her Original Sinners series is one of the most “original” and inve [...]

My Nora It is a tale ofTWOPrinces but I'm getting ahead of myself.This is probably the most information packed book of the series. We find out the past of Soren and King (don't think I'll ever send my child away to any boarding school). Then we catch up with them in the present and the state of their current relation/friend(?)-ship, which read like a mystery novel as they travel from one haunted with memories place to another looking for more ghosts.I almost don't want to review much more becaus [...]

4 UNHOLY TRINITY STARS”She’ll be yours and you’ll share her with me, because no one man will ever be enough for such a girl as her. And the three us shall be a new unholy trinity. God help us all.”Warning: This book ends with a cliffhanger!Who is the crazy lunatic out to cause harm to the unholy trinity? The Prince tells the past and present stories of two princes:The Prince of Kentucky and the Queen of the UndergroundWesley and Nora have been given the opportunity to try out a relations [...]

Wesley is the Prince of Kentucky and Nora is the Queen of the Underground!I loved their story- South! 5 stars for the South. There were 3 stories going on within this book:South: The story of Nora and WesleyNorth Past: The back history of Soren and KingsleyNorth Present: The story of Soren and Kingsley 30 years laterThe ending leaves you with a HUGE cliffhanger!! It was very exciting! Makes you want to dive right into the next bookRIES:Must be read in order. Big cliffhanger in book 3. Series is [...]

5 WHAT?? StarsI mean really…Ms. Reisz you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, and yeah thats all I can say…amazing!Okay in all seriousness…Kingsley begins receiving threats and knows danger and trouble are on the horizon. To protect Nora, Søren sends her away to protect her while he and Kingsley begin investigating. While Nora is away in Kentucky with The Prince, we finally get to see Kingsley and Søren together. The story alternates between the North and South (New York/Connecticut and Kentucky) and Pas [...]

"You alone of all the men and monsters in this world terrify me."I LOVED IT!!!!!The Prince gave the reader a chance at seeing Nora and Søren apart and with other people, and it made me so damn happy!!!Why did it make me happy you ask? Because 99.999999999% of the time, I root for the underdog. And The Prince, was all about the underdogs Wesley and Kinsgley getting their chance at the ones they love.Nora goes off to Kentucky with Wesley where she does her best to discover what being in a "vanill [...]

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