The Broken Crown

Michelle West

The Broken Crown

The Broken Crown

  • Title: The Broken Crown
  • Author: Michelle West
  • ISBN: 9780886777401
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The Dominion, once divided by savage clan wars, has kept an uneasy peace within its border since that long ago time when the clan Leonne was gifted with the magic of the Sun Sword and was raised up to reign over the five noble clans But now treachery strikes at the very heart of the Dominion as two never meant to rule one a highly skilled General, the other a master of tThe Dominion, once divided by savage clan wars, has kept an uneasy peace within its border since that long ago time when the clan Leonne was gifted with the magic of the Sun Sword and was raised up to reign over the five noble clans But now treachery strikes at the very heart of the Dominion as two never meant to rule one a highly skilled General, the other a master of the magical arts seek to seize the crown by slaughtering all of clan Leonne blood.

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Last year, there was a student who sat outside the prep room reading. She read Michelle West, but she had yet to read this series. This is a shame because while the Sun Sword series is sprawling, it is a beautiful work.This book is the first volume in the Sun Sword series and focuses on the shifts of power in a country that resembles an Arabia from the 1001 Nights (yes, I know the Nights are really from India). One of the central characters, Dio, is the most beautiful woman in the world. She als [...]

- I can't tell if the Annagarians are white or not, since they keep being described as "ivory" even though the culture trappings are a mixture of assorted Asian cultures- Bored by the Empire- Love that girl is the kid of a prophecy, love the intergenerational and inter-women relationships- Diora = AWESOMESAUCE- Teresa too. But mostly Diora- Interesting reading of harems- Chewy stuff on women and indirect power

This series was really gorgeous. I found the first book a little difficult to follow early on, as the author starts the book with a few chapters that seem entirely unrelated to the rest of the story. The switch back and forth between perspectives of characters in vastly different cultures can also be jarring. The ending of the first book was so powerful however, that it more than made up for the rocky start. The writing was beautiful, the world fascinating, and the women in the book were amazing [...]

I haven't reread this series in ages, I'll be doing so in preparation for the coming books set at the end of the time line and later of the Sun Sword series.I read these originally when they came out - at the time (and even now) a Jody Lee cover was an automatic guarantee that I would take a closer look and that I could be sure that a scene depicted on the cover would actually show up on the book and the persons would look the way the author had described them.I had read the Sacred Hunt duology [...]

Trigger warning for sexual assault The Broken Crown is the start of a six book epic fantasy series by Canadian author Michelle Sagara West. While The Broken Crown does have some sword fights and so on, the majority of it is political intrigue. It might appeal to the same audience as Game of Thrones, although it is less grimdark and more traditional. However, what really made me love The Broken Crown was the strength and presence of the female characters, of which there are many.The Broken Crown [...]

I read West's first SUNSWORD book up to about 40 or 50 pages. It had promise but it was waaaay too much effort to wade through. Very heavy on details and context but poor in pacing and keeping the reader focused and understanding of the world.

I've first heard of Michelle West from starlady's persuasive rec post of her works and I'm glad to have followed her rec.(Aside: I read Cast in Shadow, the first novel of the Chronicles of Elantra series which the author wrote under the name of Michelle Sagara, and I was surprised by the difference in wordbuilding and style of writing between Cast in Shadow and The Broken Crown -- though you can recognize common threads in both.)The Sun Sword series itself follows the Dominion of Annagar and the [...]

There's an element of grimdark about this epic fantasy, with ethically gray "good guys" (who nonetheless can manage to be sympathetic, though perhaps not quite admirable) contrasted with truly despicable bad guys. Characters routinely abuse and betray one another, and the whole thing kicks off with a horrific rape. (Fortunately it is treated with the horror it deserves.) The author presents the reader with a complex, often confusing world and a multitude of characters and situations to keep trac [...]

Some day I will reread all the books in the Sun Sword series and give them a real reviews. For now, let me just say that this is one of my favorite fantasy series ever. I love West's prose which is lyrical and descriptive. But for me the best part of these books by far are the outstanding characters. These books are told from multiple view points -- and they all come across as genuine. In some ways I am reminded some of GRR Martin, however West is both better able to keep the characters under co [...]

The Broken Crown Star Rating: 5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase for Kindle, Re-read review If you haven't read this series, you really have no idea of what you are missing. The writing style is so unique and superb and adds so much to the series. I must admit though sometimes the writing can be hard to follow. Also, there is so much politics in this series, that sometimes I just can’t follow it all. That being said though, it’s still an incredibly original and unique series.   This is a rere [...]

Why is this author not more well known? This was an excellent book. BUTs there is a but I didn't like how the South, inhabited by POC was sexist, harsh and enforced slavery while the North recognized equality of the sex, its culture was simpler and easier of the people and there was no slavery. It is especially puzzling because the author is Asian. Besides, sure it is fiction, but I must say that historically, the West was as sexist as the South. For a long time, in most countries in Europe wome [...]

3.5 StarsI love world building series but the first half of this book is almost unbearable with the numerous names, hierarchical structure and long winded descriptions. It would behoove the author to provide a type of diagram or tree to better explain the structure of the Clans and Tyrs in the Dominion vs. constantly throwing names at the readers and half descriptions of what is going on. A simply glossary and diagram/tree would have made this book so much better in that such needless chapters c [...]

I found this book confusing and disappointing. When I started it, it felt like I was reading from the middle. So little is explained and the jumps between characters is jarring.Halfway through the book and I still have no idea where the main element from the prologue comes in. Things are referred to in a very veiled way and I felt like I was missing a chapter where things were explained. I guess I expected some explanation because there was so much detail and scene overlaps from different charac [...]

This book was hard for me to read.Firstly - and honestly, the smallest reason - is that it had all the unwieldy bulk of the first book in an epic fantasy series, as you meet a very large cast of characters and establish the world of the Dominion. Frankly, it was a relief to get back to the Northern city, because I'm reading this series in the order suggested on The House War series page - the first 3 books of that series, and then all 6 of this series - and it was great to get back to characters [...]

I think this story COULD have been good, and I really, really tried, but I was about 200 pages in and it still wasnt going anywhere, and I started dreading picking it up.Life is too short

I first tried to read this book some years ago, but I didn’t manage to finish it without skimming a great part of the second half. As I am otherwise a great fan of Michelle Sagara/Michelle West’s writing, I tried to come back to this universe but by a different entry: the first three books of the House War series as recommended by other fans. Then I read the Sacred Hunt duology and the short stories set in the same universe. As a result, when the POV shift from the Dominion to the Empire aro [...]

(I'm currently re-reading this EPIC book series.)I read in order to experience someone else's fantasy world, primarily to delve into the complexities that underlay various cultural clashes and the characters who represent these cultures. Here a few things I love about this series starting in The Broken Crown:-The complexity and world-building are truly outstanding. Michelle West poured an amazing amount of resources into developing an unique set of cultures and personalities. The Broken Crown is [...]

This is for the entire series. The first book was great, and I really enjoyed the development of the characters. From the 2nd book on, it went a bit downhill from a 5 to a 3 star. It's a good story that spans a large territory. Entire books are dedicated to different facets of the story virtually completely. This book is not light reading and you're gonna have to pay attention, or you'll definitely begin to lose the threads. One major complication in the kindle version is the formatting. There a [...]

A great plot obscured by schizophrenic character shifts (often just one page each) & painfully detailed descriptions spanning pages. I started skimming this laborious book halfway through, I was so frustrated with the lack of plot advancement. The (usually ridiculously short) point-of-view shifts were akin to a movie where a scene is filmed and shown by six cameras. I do NOT need to know how absolutely everyone perceived the same event, especially between unimportant/unnecessary characters. [...]

I found it VERY difficult to get into and very difficult to follow all the characters until ~260 pages into the book; it was also a very difficult introduction with the initial abuse. Very different in character treatments in some respects from the Chronicles of Elantra series which I read (and very much enjoyed) before tackling this series. However, that being said, I became very attached to the characters and the style of narrative grew on me.The book also presents some very interesting juxtap [...]

If only some dramatic stuff would happen every once in a while here #jokeThis was at least the third re-read for me. I found myself frequently comparing the Dominion to Krasia in Peter Brett's Demon Cycle, and it highlighted how important the Lady and the night are in broadening the culture of the Dominion, and making it more plausible to find yourself sympathizing with even some of the men there. The very seat of power is based at, and made possible by, the lake of the Lady. It's still a screw [...]

A good plot spoiled by verbose writing and repetitive phrases. These were two distracting components of the book:1. Surprising interjections in a conversation between two characters, when they (and the reader) thought they were speaking alone and privately. Lo! a different character interrupts with a line of dialogue, then "steps in from the shadows." Michelle used this device far too often. It was hard to imagine this actually taking place as often as it did, and equally difficult to take into [...]

I wrote a truly complicated review that I managed to erase so I will summarize in three sentences.1. There are creepy demons that want to fight the anti-demon Northern kingdom2. There is a hot girl- the Flower of the Dominion- that stops the demon plans with her hotness and a bunch of other shit3. Lots and lots of other complicated shit that you will never understand but sounds good when you read it.Um- There's five books of this going on.4. When you get to the end of the last book- Still have h [...]

I'm giving it two stars because it's well-written, and I believe if I had the patience, the story might pay off. But this is one of those cases where an intriguing series (LOTS OF POLITICS) is bogged down by a writer who seems to feel she is much better at her craft than she is. She's really good at coining little turns of phrase, and using half-sentences for effect, but DEAR GOD WHEN WILL SOMETHING OF INTEREST HAPPEN. I realized I was 50 pages in, pushing myself through every page, waiting for [...]

Unfortunately I could not finish this. Normally I am undaunted by length of book and amount of politics, but while I could understand what was going on WHY it was going on was beyond me. The amount of idiot ball holding put me off, too, but my biggest gripe is the way the book deals with women and how expendable all but the super special ones are. Maybe it gets better later on. Maybe it doesn't. I can't slog through to find out.

I just couldn't get into it. The world was so complex and kind of alien right from the get go that I had a hard time focusing on the story.

Finally finished this mammoth of a book.I really have no idea how to review this book, so I am just going to try something new:Firstly a small "warning"The first forty or fifty pages are a prologue. Its rather confusing when you have read 50 odd pages and then chapter One starts with completely new characters and you have no idea what's going on. The world building in this book is slow and seriously not the best. It takes a good while to understand the world, so have patience. And yes that 50 pa [...]

For how long this book was, it fits on a disappointingly low number of shelves. It definitely wasn't normal, run of the mill, full of tropes fantasy. I'm still not sure what it was, actually. Not all that much happened? But there was a lot of politics and relationships and the past. The people were more important than any little thing like "story." Unfortunately, there were SO MANY CHARACTERS. And they all had REALLY LONG NAMES. At about page 500 I finally started understanding who everyone was, [...]

I guess it's just not my thing. I found the world building slow and confusing. After reading the Elentra series I was hoping for better, but I guess since this is an earlier series, the improvement went into Kaylin's story and world, which I so loveving on, did not finish this book

Well Written CharactersWest creates beautiful well written characters. Her female characters are well rounded and realistic. It's a little slow but very enjoyable read!

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