Into the Dark Lands

Michelle Sagara West

Into the Dark Lands

Into the Dark Lands

  • Title: Into the Dark Lands
  • Author: Michelle Sagara West
  • ISBN: 9781932100587
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback

War has its cost, and the Servants of the Bright Heart and the Servants of the Dark Heart have been locked in a struggle that has defined life and death for millennia But the end is coming, and only the Lady who has served the Bright Heart for the whole of her immortal life has seen it, in a vision that spans time and demands the highest of prices.Erin is a healer, and agWar has its cost, and the Servants of the Bright Heart and the Servants of the Dark Heart have been locked in a struggle that has defined life and death for millennia But the end is coming, and only the Lady who has served the Bright Heart for the whole of her immortal life has seen it, in a vision that spans time and demands the highest of prices.Erin is a healer, and against the nature of her birthright she has learned to wield a sword and use it to bring death to the enemies of her people Scarred by the losses that war always demands, she is the chosen champion of Light and the enemy of darkness.But no magical sword or simple quest awaits Erin Her journey and her doom lie in the Dark Heart s stronghold, and in the hands of her people s greatest enemy.

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Into the Dark Lands by Michelle Sagara West is the beginning of a multi-book series starring Erin, a swordfighting healer, and Stefanos, the Beast to her Beauty. It is literally Light against Dark, Good against Evil, and somehow Erin is at the center of it all. Into the Dark Lands I understand completely the draw of the Bad Boy. And, to be fair, Erin doesn't go running into his arms drawn by his dark, brooding ways. Rather, it is an incredibly difficult decision she makes nearly against her will [...]

The story is set in land where there is Light and Dark. Each has their own God, each has their own purpose: to spread Light/Dark throughout the world. Each Light and each Dark has Servants to fill out that purpose. Servants are immortals that can communicate directly with their God. There are also a race of people that are descendants of these Servants. These descendants are half-mortals and they, too, can communicate with their God but only if they reach their Adult test. The hero is the First [...]

So I love the theme of the good girl and the evil guy and the love between them. Every time someone asks for recommendations this book comes up, so I finally bought it and read it.This book lacks details. That much is true. There's a fine line between too much detail and not enough. I felt like I was given a decent idea of the characters but I was also plugging things in from similar types of books. I really couldn't tell you what any of the characters looked like, including the main characters. [...]

This series is mega-depressing. I can't even tell you. Really good ideas butDOWNER!

The premise was wonderful, however the execution was meh. The book started out with Erin's background etc. but it really begins when she meets Stefanos. Erin seems promising as a heroine, but I don't know why she fell flat. A healer and a killer, very ironic. I disliked how she was always trying to change Stefanos; she always asking for something, always ONE more thing. She loves him but it seems she can't accept all of him. She's a mercurial character, smiling one moment then the next gloomy an [...]

This book totally bored and confused me. The PoV was constantly changing, you would have the story told in Erin PoV then it would change completely half-way through a sentence to another person's PoV and then out of nowhere a narrator or Erin starts talking about the history of Light and Dark. I mean seriously! I have read books in different PoV but they at least tell you from the first sentence who it is but this book had none of it. There are so many characters to keep track of and new charact [...]

Angels and half-angels fighting a desperate war, and wandering through the lot is the Lady, who mourns and angsts because she knows everyone she loves is going to die, but if she tries to save them she'll doom her entire nation. Mourn, angst; ominous foreshadowing; angst, mourn, angst.There are four books of this, and Michelle West is normally a good author. It's possible that partway through this first book the prophesied doom finally happens, and everyone gets to stop angsting and start fixing [...]

I was drawn in by the premise of a heroine falling in love with the villain.Guess if I was dissapointedConfusing narrative,characters who never come alive and lots of other problems this book has.Id never recommend this to anyone.Period.

4.5 stars

20.2.2017 - 5*Hádám, že kniha, kterou jsem četla už pětkrát a stále mě dokáže bavit a jsem do ní zamilovaná, si nějaké trapné půlhvězdičky nezaslouží. Je to čistých pět, zbytek pochyb hozen za hlavu. :DAnyway, někde jsem už několikrát četla frázi, že vás může "něco svést", mimo očividného partnerského svádění. Čokoláda. Nebezpečí. Dobrý příběh.Nikdy jsem si neuvědomila, jaký ten termín má doopravdy význam - ne do chvíle, kdy jsem dočetla p [...]

Could have been a 4 star!I agree with several of the other reviewers who gave this book a low score.It jumped around way too much in the beginning, it took way too long to get interesting and to get to the real heart of the story (it was the author's first book I think).I started this book, and by page 85, was ready to give up and give it a review of two stars Then I went and read some of the reviews, decided to give it another chance, and skipped ahead to where the heart of the story lay (reall [...]

Genre: High FantasyThis is set to an epic backdrop of the fight between good and evil (known as Light and Dark in the novel). The main characters are only part human, the other part is divine. I'm guessing the arc of the series is love balancing pain, and accepting neither the Light or the Dark as ascendant. This novel (the first of 4) is a love story between the First Servant of the Dark and the avatar of the Light. A good half of the book is setting up how Erin (the avatar of Light, known as t [...]

The first half of the book sets up the overarching plot of this series, which is the war between the servants of the Light (like angels) and their descendants and the servants of the Dark (demons) and their descendants. This is told through the eyes of Erin, a mortal descendant of the Light who is largely shaped by the losses she suffers in the war. The second half then switches gears and focuses on the unlikely and doomed love affair between Erin and Stephanos, the immortal first servant of the [...]

Hmmm. Well, for starters this was one of the few books that I picked up and then put down, and only started reading again because I was bored and hadn't slept for twenty four hours. Normally, I just read a book in one go, and the only time I put them down indefinitely is when I'm not enjoying it, but I pushed through since it was a romance and I thought it had potential to make me happy because the romance would be blissfully unrealistic and end in a really touching way. Need I say that that isn [...]

It probably only deserves 3 stars but I guess I liked it. It does feel a little slow moving for quite a while-- and I always wanted better description of the action scenes.Chosen champion of the light, Erin of Elliath, Sarillorn the descendants of Lernan, God of Light-- encounters one of the most powerful servants of the God of Darkness, Malathorn (or whatever his name is) Said servant does not destroy Erin-- as had been his initial intent, and Erin becomes much more intimately aware of the Mala [...]

I'm really not sure what I think of this. It's dark. The endless war between good and evil has no end in sight, and there's death, despair, and betrayal everywhere. Important people die. There's really no relief from it at all, although there's a sliver of hope that things might work out sometime in the next 3 books. If you like your fantasy dark, it's interesting enough that I'd recommend it. I'm not sure if I have the heart to read any further myself.

A straightforward story of the fight between light and dark, exemplified by the long and fraught relationship between a woman of the Light and the First of the Dark.This series was a childhood favorite. I like it despite all the flaws. So many flaws.

Really interesting, though the pace of the book was a bit slow, though i understand because its the first book in the series. But it must have been building up to the end of the bookat ending though!!!n't wait to start book 2!!

One of the best intros to a series I've read. With one of the few true anti-heroes. (The remainder of the series (for me) didn't live up to the introduction, but I think it was well worth it just to read this one).

Really good but a bit complicated to understand with the old fashioned English. A really evil male lead who falls in love with the heroine.

Summary :The Bright Heart and the Dark heart have fought for millennia by the intermediary of their immortal children, the Servants of the Light or the Servants of the Dark, and by the intermediary of the human empires and kingdoms those Servants have built. Erin is the granddaughter of the Lady, the First Servant of the Light. The novel starts when she is only a child being taught to wield her light in order to later become one of the warriors of the Light. Her father was human and his corpse i [...]

While reading this book, I made a mental note saying that when I finished and reviewed this book I would mention how the narration was a bit confusing at times because the POV constantly jumped around, sometimes seemingly in the same paragraph. But, confusion aside, it's fine because the story is interesting and the jumps between perspectives in the same scene added more deatails and, um, perspective, that you wouldn't get from just one POV. It was a relatively minor issue.But now let's jump to [...]

This book wasn't without it's issues, but after being forewarned about many of the writing issues in the authors intro and knowing it was a first novel, I tried to put that aside. And honestly it wasn't so hard. Yes, it would have been nice to have more/better description. Yes, the world and the good against evil seemed a little flat. But the story of the characters was interesting enough and if anything came through clearly it was their struggles. Erin/Sara loves but struggles with that love so [...]

Heart rendingThe author's foreword hits the mark with her insight into how this story, while not perfect in her own sight can touch a much needed spot in the reader's. Hope is needed more when it's is lost.


Why do all the books that I read that have a strong basis of romance in them also have a controlling, possessive and domineering guy as the love interest?To be fair, I did have some idea what I was getting into with this book. After all, the 'hero' of the story is also the villain in a way. The hero and heroine are on opposite sides of a long, bloody war and they find themselves falling in love with each other. I love stories that make enemies (or even people that dislike each other) work togeth [...]

This is a book that I should have loved but didn't quite merit that status by the end. (view spoiler)[The romance started out great, and I liked that he didn't appear until halfway so we got to know the heroine more, but I hate how once they got together there was a massive time jump and there were all these time jumps after that and I sort of lost connection with them both as a result. (hide spoiler)] Some of the worldbuilding was very confusing to me.

This is a hard book for me to rate because I have mixed feelings. I was utterly bored the first two hundred pages and then very annoyed by Erin.

Spoilers!Wow. Was that the longest metaphor for an abusive but irresistible relationship, ever?Erin is a really compelling character. My favorite thing about her is her stubborn refusal to be cowed or to feel fear of death after her mother's murder. She's got raw talent, and she's brave, and she fights for things. Except the whole time she's thinking she's making her own destiny and seeking her own good death, her grandmother, an otherworldly creature that reminds me of the Valar of Tolkien, has [...]

The first 50% of this book is seriously boring. We read about Erin growing up, kind of, and training and learning to fight, which sounds like it should be interesting but it's not. I don't know why. Time skips randomly, characters are introduced and just disappear, and relationships can be confusing (the "Lady" is Erin's grandma?). So after a whole bunch of nothing we're introduced to the hero, Stef, who sucks out people's souls or goodness or something-a-rather in order to feed himself.After fa [...]

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