The Uncrowned King

Michelle West

The Uncrowned King

The Uncrowned King

  • Title: The Uncrowned King
  • Author: Michelle West
  • ISBN: 9780886778019
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The uneasy peace within the Dominion s borders was shattered when treacherous forces seized the crown by slaughtering all members of the ruling Clan Leonne Now, in a neighboring empire, the sole surviving heir to the throne, a young man never destined to rule, must prove his worthiness to claim the crown, even as his family s murderers and their sinister demonic allies plThe uneasy peace within the Dominion s borders was shattered when treacherous forces seized the crown by slaughtering all members of the ruling Clan Leonne Now, in a neighboring empire, the sole surviving heir to the throne, a young man never destined to rule, must prove his worthiness to claim the crown, even as his family s murderers and their sinister demonic allies plot his doom.

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This second book takes the action completely outside the Dominion and is set all in the Empire. It has two strands - the preparation for the war against the Dominion to get Valedan his rightful throne, because otherwise the Dominion will become a stronghold of the Lord of Night aka Allasakar - and the fact that House Terafin is sliding into an internal House War to decide the succession of the Terafin EVEN THOUGH she is still alive.At the start of the book we have unknown ATerafin members dying [...]

This is more a general overview to the whole series rather than specifically directed at this book. But it's an AWESOME book so you definitely buy it!The Sun Sword books tell a complex and detailed story spanning the breadth of the Domain of Annagar in the south, a land of desert and tradition, harsh sun and rigid social courtesies that form a deadly dance of protocol in which the slightest misstep can cause the downfall of a Clan and the Empire of Essalieyan to the North, a sprawling land of cu [...]

The writing style is a total slog in these books but damnit if they don't keep hitting an emotional center for me. The last two pages made me tear up.

Not terribly impressed with the second novel in this series. Unfortunately there are multiple reasons why I am not enjoying this series very much so far. First, the author's style of writing is pretty annoying to read. She uses lots of broken up sentences to emphasize points. Like. Writing. Like. This. To. Make. A. Point. Secondly, even after reading the first book (approx 600 pages) and the second book (approx 600 pages) I still don't have much of a clue how the geo-political and cultures work [...]

still don't like the writing style in these. and i didn't like that it was set entirely in the north, with nothing of the south. i'm still continuing with the series, but i don't have high hopes.

- So bored by the Empire! - Valedan as immigrant/1.5 gen kid- Problems of Empire/Western Europe vs. Annagar/vaguely Asian- Too much reference to Jewel and what I assume is a prior series

Game of Thrones-ish political battles, but with more demons, and also with a big tournament arc. West is good at writing characters (she should honestly be a standard recommendation for “books with good female characters” threads) and the plot is interesting enough that I will continue to book three, which is a pretty good indication of quality given these books’ length. Still, there are a lot of little things about West’s writing (like her lack of dialogue tags!) that make this harder t [...]

OK another mammoth one. This book is practically completely set in the Empire (ie the North). This episode has a split focus 1. Valedan en'Leonne and his participation in the Kings Challenge and the various attempts on this life.2. Terafin House war and in specific Jewel ATerafin.The world building again is not the best, but better than the first book. After the first book of 784 pages I am getting used to the writing style. This one again is in the same region of about 780 pages.It takes patien [...]

I liked this one so very much more than the last one and just blitzed through it. Seriously, I went to sleep at 4:15am this morning, because I literally could not put the book down last night.This one was entirely set in the Northern Empire, with characters I adore. I'm so glad that I'm reading it after the first 3 books of the House War series, though (as that series says I should, in the notes), because I know who all these characters are, and can't get enough of them.Slept a few hours after m [...]

ConsistentMichelle West has improved over time, and while there are a few editorial errors, this book is no exception. It has hooked me enough to read the next one.

The Uncrowned King is the second book in a six book epic fantasy series that starts with The Broken Crown. You need to read this series in order, and there may be some spoilers for the first book in this review. While this series is a hefty time investment (six books, each around seven hundred pages), so far I am finding it worth the time I put in, particularly because of the variety of important female characters.While The Broken Crown was focused mainly on the events in the Dominion, The Uncro [...]

This book focuses exclusively on the Empire, not the Dominion, so we don’t see Serra Terasa and Serra Diora. After the Dominion has executed his hostages, the Empire must decided if they will do the same with theirs or if they will help Valedan, now legitimate ruler of the Dominion and one of the hostage, to reclaim his throne by declaring war on the Dominion. In addition, in order to gain the maximum number of followers, Valedan chooses to prove his valor by winning the Kings’ Challenge, a [...]

"there should have been rain, storm, something that showed the displeasure of the heavens at the unjust, the unfair, the unacceptable passing of a decent woman. there should have been mourning, and if not that, than at least weather drizzly and gray enough to keep people from good cheer and ease.""loss - it was the worst thing. the thing she hated most. even speaking about it was somehow letting it in. but she discovered that the strength of her loss was selfish, centered around her own fear and [...]

This book is much easier to read than the first book in the series. It does take place almost completely in the empire of Essalieyan. Since the first book concentrated heavily on the storyline in the Dominion, it could be frustrating to some readers that many of the main characters from the last book are nowhere to be found in this book. (Rest assured, the later books DO include them)! But I enjoy this book more than The Broken Crown because the plot is more cohesive (or maybe just more focused) [...]

First of all, I'd like to say that this book probably deserves a 4 star rating, it's just that it's not my kind of book.After reading the first book, I really hoped that this book would hold more action, anything other than just story. Unfortunately, I was hoping for too much. I found this book to be a really tough read (as in not enough action to hold MY attention), like the LOTR books. But, while I hadn't found the book very entertaining, it was, however, very interesting. The story is very in [...]

I thought this book was a little slow, but superbly written. West/Sagara is a true adept at world building. This story is based in the north so you get to learn about life there as opposed to the dominion. I found myself longing to be back in the dominion with Serra Teresa & Serra Diora. Reading about the dominion has sort of taught me that when we learn about seemingly oppressive cultures, we truly can't understand them without living their lives. The women in the dominion seem to have no p [...]

This sounds petty, butThese are BIG books. Big and heavy for MMPs. Thus, they are quite awkward to ready, particularly when the printing is a wee bit too close to the bound side of the page.About this one in particular: it had some of the flaws of many of the middle books in a trilogy or larger overarching plot: it seems to have existed mostly to move the plot forward, and thus it's somewhat disappointing in and of itself. I think some degree of that is inevitable, though.Also, for such a LONG b [...]

This was not only a reread, but a reread where I'd read the book several times, yet I always find something new in these books each time.It's interesting that, as much as I still think of this book as Valedan's book, it is at least as much about both Kiriel and Jewel. A lot of important things happen here that have little to do with him at all. And somehow I always forget about Aidan and am surprised by him all over again.I don't think The Uncrowned King is quite as good as The Broken Crown, but [...]

I devoured this series as whole, so my review of one book has to cover my review of all the books. This is one of my favorite series (and Michelle West is one of my favorite authors). When I finished the series the first time through I was compelled to go back and re-read just the parts that featured my favorite character (Jewel). I keep this series handy, because it's one I reach for time and again when I'm in the mood for a good book. Sometimes I re-read the whole series and other times I just [...]

Book 2 really takes the series up to a higher level. There is a greater focus on elements that were only hinted at in the first book that are actually really exciting and help to develop a better view for how the various cultures and subcultures operate on a "power level". The entire book takes place in the Empire which probably results in the greater freedom of expression and description used by the author as opposed to the first book which was focused on the Dominion which is so repressed.I re [...]

All Michelle West/Sahara, all the time. This is a funny series - not funny haha - but I found that the rhythm of the story was difficult. In some places it seemed to drag, almost like the customs of the southerners with their serafs and serras and traditions, almost impenetrable like a wall of words, and at others it really drew me in such that I was actually inhaling some books because I couldn't bear to stop. This is partly Jewel's story, or it starts out that way, but by the end it is not abo [...]

So very, very good. I took longer than normal reading this, not because it was hard to get into, but because it was so good I wanted to revel in it and there was only so much I could take at any given time. This focuses more on Jewel and the Northern contingent in the story, which I really enjoyed having read the House Wars to-date, but it is far richer and more complex than just that story. Hardcore epic goodness. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

This book shifted the setting from one culture to another. I still have the complaint that West uses too many superfluous characters, but I did enjoy the plot and have already bought the remaining books in the series. We'll see where it goes.

I believe this is one of my top two favorites from all of West's works. Lessons in the power of choice, no matter our predispositions, the difficult balance of good leadership and determination. Anyway, heart-thumping adventure, intricate plots and real-as-life characters.

I missed seeing the characters from the first book, but the second book in the series is just as good. It's cool to see the characters from the House War series again, and this definitely makes me excited for the next book in the series when the Northern and Southern stories start coming together.

I like Michelle Sagara's writing a lot, but fyi this series is very dense--lots of complex plot machinations, zillions of characters. it's a bit difficult keeping it all together in your head, but the writing and the story is so good!

awesome book and series

Another good book.

As good as book one and the world view just keeps growing.

Loved it. I just wish the illustration of the guy was as yummy as the interior description of such a heroic youth.

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