The Greater Common Good

Arundhati Roy

The Greater Common Good

The Greater Common Good

  • Title: The Greater Common Good
  • Author: Arundhati Roy
  • ISBN: 9788173101212
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover

Article on Sardar Sarovar Narmada Project.

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Something written during Narmada Bachao Andolan probably wouldn’t have much significance now; but after hearing P.Sainad’s excerpts on tribal population displacement, I decided to give the past a go. Though mockings and rhetoric narratives in this non-fiction felt detestably annoying, which this essay isn’t any short of, they didn’t alleviate my emotions towards the plight of project affected people.I am not so aware of the conditions as of now, nor the credibility of the data author so [...]

Brilliance - her name is Arundhati Roy.

A paradigm developmental tale, which shows that how someone has to defoliate,for others to survive.An unequivocal obstinate struggle of the poor against the primacy of hegemony. Unravels scads of discursive corrupt practices, yet it shows that how they remain important than the environment and some "low-class" people.Because it is all about the Greater Common Good.Let me sum it up just in a matter or few extracts of the book itself."If you are to suffer, you should suffer in the interest of the [...]

Rhetorically audacious essay on the staggering damage of and official sophisms surrounding dam building in India and, in particular, the (for a time) World Bank funded Sardar Sarovar dam. Roy eviscerates the logic behind these dams (and similar, massive wet infrastructural projects) by pointing out the drastically uneven distribution of costs and benefits--how massive economic, environmental, social, and human costs are inflicted upon the longest tenured local peoples (if such projects do not to [...]

Arundhati roy spins a nice tale on her half knowledge and biased world view.Her god of small things is a must read. But this one, is pretty short on facts. one needs to read BG Vergheese's rebutal of various so called 'facts' of arundhati.outlookindia/magazine/Giving two stars because whatever she writes can you make you believe. Facts be damned!

The essay is certainly the best essay on Narmada bachao andolan. The book gives very good insights to the life of the people living near the dams and their displacement and resettlement. And again as usual the best thing of the book is its language. The way she write about any thing is so beautiful that its make grip on you and your mind.Her writing gave me insight to the real world. I confess 'I Love you Arundhati Roy'.

A brilliant, if short, essay on the topic of dam building in India and the resultant internally displaced persons. Not nearly as dry as the topic would indicateIt lashes out cogently at development programs, nationalism, and state-condoned oppression through "the greater common good". An alarming, insightful, and damning piece.

Have always been a lover of words. Arundhati has got a style that quiet can tingle your nerves.Likes: Words. Words. And best words.Dislikes: A little too communistic; a lot of rationalised speculation, even if true, raises the concern, but lacks suggestive solutions.

This book is a compelling book on the impact of the Narmada Vally Dam and nuclear testing in India. It is not very long and quite informative

I read this book when recommended by a relative on mine. A great read and the title for me rings true as to why some societies fail to progress.Brilliant writing from a brilliant writer.

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