The Golden Rendezvous

Alistair MacLean

The Golden Rendezvous

The Golden Rendezvous

  • Title: The Golden Rendezvous
  • Author: Alistair MacLean
  • ISBN: 9780449214237
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

From the back cover MURDER FOR MILLIONAIRESA luxury cruise A missing atomic scientist A hidden nuclear device A very rich and beautiful woman A band of desperate hijackers A ship of gold.Put them all together with First Officer John Carter, tough, shrewd, resourceful, and you have a fantastic blend of suspense adventure and international intrigue.

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Reviewing books is a bit like a Rorschach Test- you tease out things that you want to see, and ignore others that don't seem terribly important to you. No two people ever approach a book in quite the same way- those familiar twins, Context and Subjectivity, shape every review you make.Being fully aware of this, it is with little hesitation that I say the following sentences: The Golden Rendezvous is Alistair MacLean's best book, which is a staggering achievement in itself. It is also, narrowly b [...]

I probably remember the movie (starring Richard Harris) more than the book, really. But I would say that this is readable, but not in any way among the first dozen or so you should pick if you're starting on MacLean.

I was 16 years old when I discovered Alistair Maclean. Actually this book was first read in Reader's Digest Condensed Books, and I didn't really appreciate it. But then when I really 'tasted' Maclean - you have to be the right age, and have the right education, to appreciate classical writers like Alistair Maclean - I never knew a writer who could be so GOOD. Yes, he writes suspense and adventure; but he is always clean, always humorous (in a self-deprecating way) and always marvellous in his gr [...]

This was written just around the middle of Maclean's "good period," which generally ran from his first (and many would say best) book in 1955, HMS Ulysses, through Where Eagles Dare in 1967, (as opposed to the clunkers he wrote through the 70's and 80's). Like many if not most of his books from that early period, it's written in the first person, and while it's well-plotted and enjoyable enough, his voice and characters are so consistently recognizable there is absolutely nothing here that disti [...]

Alistair MaClean is one of the more difficult thriller authors to endorse. The problem is, that he was so uneven in his output. He wrote what, 30 books? But quality is entirely "hit-or-miss", throughout. He was the 'junk-food' of the classic-era thriller-writers. So sometimes you reach for one of his titles; knowing its possibly bad but you just keep stuffing it into your craw. He's the writer that you're always a little-bit-embarrassed to be caught reading.People talk about where the 'rot' in h [...]

It's a rare thing for a 'thriller' to garner four or five stars from me. While reading these types of books, I feel the mapping of the plot, as if the voice from a GPS computer were directing my every turn. It feels manipulative. While the sights may be interesting along the way, the randomness of life has been suppressed.This is the feeling that was conveyed by The Golden Rendezvous. It was an engaging turn of events and the setting, a passenger ship at sea, enhanced the experience. The charact [...]

A fun book, but silly.

[These notes were made in 1984:]. A MacLean I thought I'd read, but I had no recollection of it. I must admit that I found the non-stop slaughter a little more difficult to take than I remember from my teen-age perusals of this author. In this one, our strong, silent first-person narrator is first officer of a cargo boat-cum-luxury liner which is hijacked by representatives of a small third-world government for the purpose of stealing $150 million in gold. A small nuclear weapon and a kidnapped [...]

This, I think, is where the rot sets in for real. The character knows too much and doesn't share it. Instead, we get lots of pontification. It's a great plot, but I don't give a bugger about the characters, partly cos they talk too much bollocks. Compare this with his first three books and you can see he needs an editor - but he obviously wouldn't listen. Pity, it's one draft away from being 4 out of 5.

Одна из самых любимых книжек, ладно уж, детства: открытое море, пираты, заложники, ядерная бомба, главный герой - умница и талантище, явно из тех, кто "в штабе писарем отсиделся", уж настолько эффективно действует. Раз в год или около того, когда настроение совсем ни к черту, пер [...]

my first alisair maclean at sixteenarted me on a roll that saw me read all of his books over the next couple of years.les for teens

I first read this as a teenager and the tight pace and action really blew my mind. Reading it as an adult - and having read many of Maclean's books since - I can see the problems inherent in it butI still love it. Even though it is partly nostalgia for the time when I was truly becoming the book worm I am now and discovering how deeply engrossed in fiction I could get, it doesn't stop this book being a non-stop, exciting, page-turner.

Rich people Rich people enjoying life on s pleasure boat Alistair decides to mix in double cross and rogue government criminals to ruin their good time Lots of fun for the reader for sure

Dansk titel: Møde i rum sø

A great yarn and I've always fancied a crack at something like this in another genre. Silly in a bond way but a quick read when munching.

I had read this when I was a kid in school, but still liked it after reading it once again.

Perfect MacLean. His best work was done in the '50's and '60's. I thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish. I slowed down on purpose to stretch it out. Here are quotes from the book:"I couldn't make it; reasons, instinct, logic, common sense all told me I couldn't make it, but I made it.""It was about forty years too late now, I supposed, for anyone to point out to Dr. Marston that he was a born actor. No question in my mind now but that that was what he should have been: the gain to bot [...]

I have loved Alistair MacLean's work ever since I first discovered it in junior high. I'm a girl who loves suspense and action/adventure, but am conservative enough not to appreciate the hardcore profanity and sex scenes found in novels like Robert Ludlum's thrillers. MacLean's works, written mostly in the 1950s and 60s, are consistently clean and classy. There is romance in every one of his novels except for Ice Station Zebra, but not so much that it slows the pacing of the plot. MacLean has on [...]

This was an odd book to read and is an odd book to review. On one hand, so much of it is unbelievable and downright stupid, I want to give it two stars. On the other hand, it's pretty action packed and is somewhat of a page turner. I couldn't put it down. So I'm not sure what to say.An atom bomb is stolen from an American base. A British ship, however, is where the plot takes place. It's truly bizarre. It's a cargo ship, okay, but has also been converted into a luxury liner -- without the tradit [...]

Another naval thriller from Maclean. Possibly one of his best plots - the suspense really builds up in the first half of the novel. The second half is not half-bad, but I had to exercise my suspension of disbelief too often. The plot isn't as layered as some of his books, and I got the feeling that with a protagonist like Chief Officer Carter, the antagonists never had a chance.Nonetheless, it serves it's purpose as quick, enjoyable filler between more serious reads admirably. Maybe I'm putting [...]

Another great Alistair MacLean novel with a boatload of admirable heroes and dastardly villains. None are more heroic than the ship’s chief officer, John Carter, who doggedly refuses to let fear get in his way, even when faced with seemingly impossible odds. I’m going to be deliberately vague here to avoid spoilers, but without doubt the best moment in the book is when a scientist explains to John the terrible danger facing them and the likely consequences should John attempt to tamper with [...]

The best MacLean ever and my personal favourite. As with all MacLean Novels the plot is thrilling to the very end. The hero is typical MacLean: tough, resourceful and gifted with a self-deprecating sense of humor. Modern pirates day pirates running after gold bullion and a nuclear bomb take over a luxury liner and its upto the first mate (the protogonist) to outwit them in the dangerous game of cat and mouse. The story grips you from the very first page and will keep you hooked till the the last [...]

Maclean was the one who made suspense thrillers the first of my favorite genres (and it is only in last few years that I started enjoying other genres more). However, in this one, he wasn't at his best. His protagonists are typically highly intelligent and resourceful, and the story line usually borders on believable. But the protagonist in this one is too super-human, and quite a few turns are either predictable or completely defy logic, to make the story quite unbelievable. But it is still edg [...]

Alastair MacLean is an author of the 20th century well known for action and suspense. Two of his best known classics, The Guns of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare, are edge of your seat reads and both were made into edge of your seat movies. The Golden Rendezvous is not as good as Navarone of Eagles, but the story is still quite thrilling. Chief Officer John Carter of the SS Campari is not having a good day. Last minute passengers with coffins delay the departure of the Campari from Nassau. The ab [...]

After reading two famous books of this author, my expectations for this book was quite high. This book didn't reach to my expectations. The story started on a very slow pace. The story was not at all time knitting. Hence I had taken a long time to read. Plot of the story was good and could be made interesting and page turning if the author wished too. If you haven't read any books of this author and your reading this one for the first time you might like it. But to appreciate the author's story [...]

Picked this at random from the MacLean titles at my local library. Was a great read - very entertaining. All you have to do is accept the nature of reality in an Alastair MacLean book. This reality allows the hero to be sandbagged on the head, shot in the leg, lose a lot of blood, and still save the day and get the girl via heroic feats of derring-do. Which is what makes it so fun - *if only I could be that guy that can do that*. Secretly we all want to be James Bond. Any book that keeps me up p [...]

I enjoyed this book. It was better than some of the other MacLean novels that I read recently, if only because the protagonist wasn't a master spy who was inexplicably inept. In this case, the hero is a man who is thrust into strange and difficult circumstances and he manages to outwit the cleverest of villians. The criminal plot at the center of the novel seems a bit over-complicated and therefore difficult to believe, but it was fun nonetheless.

I LOVE this book -- hadn't read it in years. Supposedly it was coming out in a Nook format, so I eagerly plunked down my money and then it wasn't available. So I found it on ABEbooks, a great source of old books. It's a great thriller with a commonplace, so to speak, hero. Bruce Willis could have done a great job with this, in movie form, about 20 years ago.

MacLean is always at his best when at sea and this novel is no exception. His ex-naval background gives him real authority and authenticity, and it has to be said that First Officer Carter is definitely one of his more memorable characters. As usual it is tightly plotted and has the usual mix of eccentric good guys and bad guys. A fast paced, gripping read!

This book was classic MacLean: espionage, adventure, and mystery. The added romance took away a bit from the plot, so this was not as enjoyable as some of MacLean`s other books. But, still a fantastic read with suspense that keeps you on the edge of your chair, unable to put the book down.

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