The Way to Dusty Death

Alistair MacLean

The Way to Dusty Death

The Way to Dusty Death

  • Title: The Way to Dusty Death
  • Author: Alistair MacLean
  • ISBN: 9780449449110
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Too many things have been going wrong in too many Formula One races Johnny Harlow, world champion driver and apparent cause of the latest accident, decides the time has come to sort things out And what he finds has nothing to do with cars.

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Το πρώτο βιβλίο του μακ Λιν που διαβάζω και, έχοντας πλήρη επίγνωση της σοβαρότητας της ακόλουθης δήλωσης, δεν θα αισθανθώ καμία έλλειψη αν δεν διαβάσω άλλο.

An old favouriteRead it for old times sakeetty nice old fashioned story, men with strong jaws and strong minds, beautiful women, dark villians, and misguided youth. A formula but an enjoyable formula, none the less

To nie ma znaczenia jak stara jest książka. Klasyczna sensacja jest zawsze dobra. Może tylko dzwonienie z budek telefonicznych i czekanie na połączenia przez 5 min. dzięki "francuskim" telefonistkom, będzie nie zrozumiałe dla młodych. Poza tym akcja, akcja i jeszcze intryga. Nie jakaś zawiła, postacie ostro zarysowane i akcja. To cały Alistair. Polecam.

Racing ActionThis is non stop action from start to finish Mystery as to who the villains are but no mystery as to what the hero will do to them Action, racing and getting even A good one from start to finish

Not my thing, couldn't care less about the characters.

Read in the 70s

beginning was confusing but an interesting story with a great ending

Loved reading this book again - it is one of my favourite MacLean books A good story, just the way I like it

A fairly diverting thriller for fans of auto racing. The story begins with world-famous Formula 1 driver Johnny Harlow being involved in a fiery, horrific crash that claims the life of a fellow driver and cripples the daughter of his team's owner when she is hit by flying debris. Rumours then start flying that Harlow has lost his nerve -- he's seen drinking to excess when before he would never touch alcohol, he spends more time alone and is just generally unpleasant. He is also convinced that th [...]

A pleasant enough read but, as only the third Alistair Maclean novel I've read, my least favourite of the three.There is plenty of mystery in the story since the characters' thoughts, even that of the protagonist, Harlow, are never written - only their actions - so we are left to guess at their intentions. But therein lies the problem. Empathy comes before sympathy. How can we care what happens if we are not sympathetic towards the characters, and how can we be sympathetic if we do not know what [...]

Olihan vauhdikas kirja! Tosiaan heti alusta lähtien nappasi otteeseensa eikä meinannut irti päästää. Hauska sinänsä, kun ajattelee miten erilainen maailma formuloissa oli tuohon aikaan verrattuna nykyiseen, jossa Kimi ja kumppanit työtään tekevät. Ei olisi nykypäivänä varmaankaan mahdollista miltään osin nämä tapahtumat.Vaikka kirja onkin likimain mahdoton juoneltaan, on sitä hauska lukea. MacLeanilla on kirjoissaan useimmiten (ainakin niissä jotka olen nyt lukenut) päähen [...]

Formula 1 racing is something we look forward to watching. In this book, Mr. MacLean gives us an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in this emperor of sports. How a Champion driver is driven to enacting the role of an alcoholic to find out who is the betrayer in his team. Wherever there is a lot of money involved in sports these irregularities are bound to happen. But how can a race driver function when he has no trust on the supporting team. Really a ver pertinent question.The Ace Form [...]

this is a must read for all the motorsport fans out there…illiant breath-taking…e story races ahead like those sleek formula 1 cars racing around on track…the best part is.e climax is not on the tracks but off it.e story doesnt end with the hero winning the last race of the season by a tenth of a second to win the championship…but there is more to formula 1 than simply hurtling these beasts around the race tracks…ul play in motor racing can be even more sinister…n be even dirtier tha [...]

A lively tale but stretches the imagination in some unlikely waysThis one was a quick read. MacLean still relies on his old habit of concealing information from the reader to maintain suspense, but it seems less annoying in this book than in some of his earlier works. Also, I found it difficult to believe that someone at the pinnacle of Grand Prix racing would *also* possess such unrivaled investigatory and clandestine skills. Still, if you can get past that objection, it's an entertaining read. [...]

Nowhere near MacLean's best, but it's another childhood favourite of mine. In this book, AM takes his formula to the world of motorsport. Anyone with a passing knowledge of motorsport will probably spot a few errors here and there, but it's part of the charm. And one could argue that Grand Prix cars should have brake lights! It's an easy-reading adventure story with the usual AM twists and characters (heavy-drinkers, baddies, ever-present 'Mary'), and it's not too long. If there are any teenaged [...]

Great book. MacLean exploits humor I can appreciate. Although it's uncertain what the actual credentials are of the main character, and the minimal background information provided about most characters, it's definitely worth reading. The plot's always simple: Skilled man / secret agent racing against time under humanly impossible surviving conditions to save the world. And yet the predictability doesn't hamper the reading nor imagination. Compared to other MacLean books I've read, the complete s [...]

A solid, shorter thriller by the master. In this one, the story is set around Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, and it is not until about half way through the novel that the true plot is unfolded. At first it seems to be the story of a young but wildly successful driver, winning race after race with increasingly wreckless driving and behavior, until finally a horrible crash kills another driver.Gradually, we find out there is far more to the story and it winds up another fine outing by MacClean, with [...]

A top racing driver causes a deadly crash changing the lives of many But did he really cause it? While entertaining, this story relied on people constantly making assumptions, some of which were just a jump too far. Many revelations came out at the end, some would have been better to have been exposed sooner to give the book more depth. The main character was too emotionless until near the end and by then a bit hard to warm to. The main female character was two dimensional, very pure and good, y [...]

If you're in the mood for action, conspiracy, and intrigue, Alistair MacLean's books are always good for a quick, fun read. While the plot of this one isn't as complex as some of his other books, the action moves along at a nice clip and the characters are interesting enough that the story never drags. Plus, who doesn't love a conspiracy set in the world of Formula One racing? (A confession: this book may have adversely affected the safety of my driving back in high school)

I began re-reading Alistair MacLean after thirty years in the fall of 2009. My first two titles were Caravan to Vaccares and this novel. I remember vividly reading it when it was first published. I found I still remembered almost all the names, the setting, and the plot conventions. It is pure MacLean, but a break from the more typical espionage stories. And so it goes.

Pretty par for the course with MacLean, hard to figure out what is really going on through most of the book, but then in the end everything comes clear. This one is about a race car driver who may or may not be losing his edge, but is experiencing all kinds of disaster on the track. Pretty good read, but kind of contrived.

From the first chapter the book grips and it doesn't let go until the final page. By today's standards it probably is old fashioned but who cares as long as the book is an entertaining and enjoyable read and this book is certainly both.

This was a quick, fun, novel. The vivid racing scenes, the surprises, and plot twists kept me flipping pages. Alistair MacLean’s is a solid thriller writer, his books are exciting and delightfully readable.

I picked this up for one of my long train journeys and I am glad that I read it when I actually had time to while away. The technical aspects were nicely done but overall it was cheesy and cliched! I could never get myself to care for anyone or anything in the plot.

Not much to say here. perfectly fine adventure/sort-of-mystery book. i've got a couple others by him (also rescued from the 'rents basement), and i can't say i'm now burning to read them, but i won't avoid them either.

Romance, Adventure, Mystery. What else could you ask for, in this silly yet engrossing tale about the world of Formula 1 car racing. MacLean used the concept of the anti-hero in novels the best, and this is evidently clear in this novel.

So far, this was the least fun MacLean I've read. Dull protagonist, typical plot set-up (hero pretends to be a weakling but secretly is plotting), no clear reason why bad guys couldn't have been thwarted sooner, snoozefest. Only thing good is the title. Penis-Extender = Race-Car in this one.

An enjoyable thriller and something a little off the beaten path for Alistair MacLean. Lean and fast, like the cars the main character drives. Not a book I'll need to read again, but a pleasant diversion.

I am a huge fan of auto racing, primarily NASCAR Sprint Cup but any racing will do as long as it involves 2 cars or trucks competing against each other. So I was delighted to see this book was about racing. The only quibble I have is that this book didn't include more about the racing.

Formula one champion Johnny Harlow notices that too many bad things are happening in too many places. When he starts to investigate, he is blamed for the latest accident.

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