A Death in Vienna

Frank Tallis Esti Budihabsari

A Death in Vienna

A Death in Vienna

  • Title: A Death in Vienna
  • Author: Frank Tallis Esti Budihabsari
  • ISBN: 9789793269603
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback

AKA Mortal MischiefTuhan, ampuni aku atas apa yang telah kulakukan Di dunia ini memang ada pengetahuan yang terlarang Ia akan membawaku ke neraka dan tak ada jalan untuk bertobat.Pesan yang mirip surat bunuh diri ini ditemukan di dekat tubuh Charlotte L wenstein, wanita medium misterius yang ditemukan tewas dengan luka tembak di ruangan yang terkunci dari dalam Tak diteAKA Mortal MischiefTuhan, ampuni aku atas apa yang telah kulakukan Di dunia ini memang ada pengetahuan yang terlarang Ia akan membawaku ke neraka dan tak ada jalan untuk bertobat.Pesan yang mirip surat bunuh diri ini ditemukan di dekat tubuh Charlotte L wenstein, wanita medium misterius yang ditemukan tewas dengan luka tembak di ruangan yang terkunci dari dalam Tak ditemukan senjata, tak ada jejak peluru Benarkah dia bunuh diri Mungkinkah itu pembunuhan supernatural Adakah hubungannya dengan badai besar pada malam itu dan Seth, dewa kehancuran dewa badai dan kejahatan Dengan ketajaman analisisnya, psikiater muda Max Liebermann membantu sahabatnya, Inspektur Oskar Rheinhardt, memecahkan misteri kematian itu.Kedua tokoh ini mengajak kita menjelajahi Wina, kota eksotik Eropa yang kaya dengan seni, filsafat, musik, dan sains dalam seri The Liebermann Papers.

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It's refreshing to read of a time in history when guys got together to play and sing Schubert lieder for fun! This is the pastime of Dr. Max Lieberman, psychoanalyst, and his detective friend, Oskar Rheinhardtey are good musicians too, one can tell by their chosen repertoire and the way they talk about music. Truly skilled amateurs are a thing of the pastA beautiful blond medium has been mysteriously murdered and Rheinhardt must discover not only the perpetrator but how the murder was accomplish [...]

A Death in Vienna by Brit writer Frank Tallis is a thriller that is palatable, meant for those who like their thrillers civilized and steeped in intellect. It’s a polite whodunit with an added mystery of how’dtheydunit and filled with all the hat-tipping and decorum that has fallen tragically by the wayside in today’s society. A historical thriller set in turn-of-the-century Vienna, this is a novel that takes the marks of that era and place--Freud and Mozart--and uses them as a backdrop fo [...]

I enjoyed this detective novel set in Freud's Vienna. Main characters are Detective Rheinhardt and psychologist Dr. Max Liebermann, both on the forward edge of innovations in their fields. The psychologist applies "talk therapy," hypnotism and dream analysis to unravel clues, working with the detective and his sidekick. Freud has a cameo and is presented with respectful humor. Most interesting is the setting of the book in turn-of-the-19th-century Vienna, including its growing anti-Semitism, wit [...]

The murder mystery is not *that* interesting but the setting is wonderful. Really. It has some of my favourite things mixed in an historical murder mystery. So it has birth of psychoanalysis lit (Freud, Vienna 1902), the hero is a young Jewish Doctor, a fan of Professor Freud. We have Vienna, 1902, music (Beethoven, Mahler, Strauss, Chopin) both our hero and his counter part in the police are music lovers. We have Vienna, 1902, and the 14th Secession exhibition, dedicated to Beethoven. Klimt, Kl [...]

It's 1902, Oskar Rheinhardt is investigating the murder of the beautiful medium, Frualine Charlotte Lowenstein in Vienna, Austria. The victim has been found shot in the heart in a room locked from the inside with what appears to be a suicide note, no weapon or secret means of egress are found. Rheihardt enlists the help of his good friend, Max Lieberman, who is a doctor of psychoanalysis. The medium's regular customers become an interesting circle of suspects. Frank Tallis has done a nice job of [...]

Príbeh zo začiatku 20oročia, keď Viedňou pulzuje secesia, psychoanalýza, antisemitizmus a okultizmus. Dobovú kulisu tvoria kaviarne, reštaurácie, divadlá a galérie, hudobní skladatelia, maliari, špiritisti a pomaly doznievajúca monarchia. Vyšetrovanie vraždy známeho média, krásnej a rozporuplnej Charlotty Löwensteinovej, tvorí len jednu, a podľa mňa zďaleka nie tú najzaujímavejšiu dejovú líniu. Tallis uvedie na scénu jemného, inteligentného židovského lekára Ma [...]

A Death in Vienna by Frank Tallis is the first in a series called Liebermann Papers. Max Liebermann lives at the turn of the 20th century and practices psychoanalysis with colleagues such as Sigmund Freud. His good friend, Detective Oskar Rheinhardt, involves him in a murder case and Liebermann uses his medical knowledge to help solve the case. The book is suspenseful and filled with historical detail making for an enjoyable reading experience.

It would sound snarky if I said, "This is a novel about a man who uses psychoanalysis to fight crime," but, well, it is. The story centers on two characters working together to solve a puzzling murder: Oskar Rheinhardt, a detective in the Viennese police force (and a gentile), and Max Liebermann, a young Jewish physician who treats hysterics and has an active interest in the new ideas of Freud (who makes a couple of brief appearances).At first, I found the novel somewhat difficult going. The des [...]

I enjoy Tallis' way of telling the story. The exotism of Vienna, the psychological twists and turns, a dash of romance here and there, all are fascinating.The book absorbs me. Reading through the book, I keep trying to find out the answers of these questions:1. From what material did the murderer make the bullet? I know the murderer would have to make a special bullet to commit such a crime. But from what material?2. How did he lock the door after accomplishing the crime?3. Why did he bring the [...]

** spoiler alert ** This mystery steeps the reader in Sigmund Freud's Vienna, with its Riesenrad, Torten, and undercurrent of antisemitism. A beautiful but manipulative medium is murdered in a most ingenious way: a locked room! no bullet! a mysterious ancient Egyptian whatsis! Detective Rheinhardt needs help and so turns to his friend and piano accompanist, Herr Doctor Max Liebermann.Although I really enjoyed the book, I thought the mystery was too outlandish and the climax forced. Yes, yes, yes [...]

OK, I have to say I just finished a Jo Nesbo novel before this one, so I was on a whirlwind of suspense and not quite ready for a slow-moving, old-fashioned Victorian novel. But I could have adjusted if this book had been better. So here's what I liked about this book: Nice historical details, particularly about Freud's personality (which I assume are true, since the author is a psychologist) and the art nouveau innovations (which I looked up on and was quite impressed). Also, the writing accep [...]

There’s lots to like about A Death in Vienna (also published as Mortal Mischief). The plot is cleverly conceived and well executed, with a couple of substantial subplots that add, rather than detract, from the story. The locked room element of the story is well realised and Tallis does a good job of keeping various suspects in the frame. The characterisation is nicely executed with respect to all the principle and secondary characters, with Rheinhardt and Liebermann being nice, complementary f [...]

This book was enjoyable to read, and I read it quickly about a month ago. When it came time to discuss it at a book group though I found I had to go back to it and re read parts because I had forgotten most of it. I prefer to read books that stay with me for years and don't mind struggling through them if they are dense rather than reading a book that I forget as soon as I put it down. Some in my bookgroup found that there were too many characters and subplots but did find it an interesting peri [...]

A murder in a locked room, with a seemingly invisible bullet. The police detective asks a psychoanalyst for help in the investigation. Unfortunately, there is too much focus on the psychoanalyst's efforts in interviewing witnesses (and declaring them innocent or guilty), than the actual investigation or evidence itself.

Kisah kriminal bercampur psikologi. Tidak sukanya, kunci pemecahannya diberikan oleh tokoh yang bukan tokoh utamanya. Apa gunanya dong di Liebermann?My review:bookquickies.wordpress/200

Historical mystery set in Vienna in 1902. The detective is a psychoanalyst who plays Sherlock Holmes, complete with a policeman sidekick who is fully as dense as Lestrade.As an anti-Freudian, I have some issues with the author's celebration of psychoanalysis. He argues that it was a progressive, humanistic advance over the barbaric ways in which mental illness was then being thought of and treated. That may be true, but his acceptance of the Freudian cosmos of ego/superego/id, unconscious impuls [...]

Charlotte Lowenstein, a self-proclaimed medium, is found dead inside a locked room. There`s no sign of the bullet that so clearly was the instrument of her death. Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt of the Vienna security office is stymied. Could Fraulein Lowenstein`s murder have a supernatural explanation?Rheinhardt`s good friend Dr. Max Liebermann doesn`t think so. A follower of Freud, Liebermann uses his knowledge of human psychology to aid the police to a solution to this most mysterious crime.I`m ho [...]

This was very good. I had a hard time getting into the first half, but I think that's because I was reading it while sick and had trouble focusing. This was really fun to read though - so many murder mysteries are just fluff, but this one had a nice complex plot (without being too complex), and although the mystery gets solved, not all the loose ends from the story are tied up. There's definitely room for character development over a series, and I'm looking forward to reading the next one.It app [...]

Cannot resist a well-written fiction with knowledgeable background, also well-researched, I believe. Who else dare to put Sigmund Freud as one of the novel fictional characters without sufficient research? Mystery of Yellow Room is the best locked room crime? Maybe once, at its time.

I so wanted this book to be better than it was!

A Demel-worthy confection for admirers of Vienna.

This is a historical murder mystery set in Vienna. It is a bit too dark for me, and I find the plot overly complicated.

Gostei muito! Muito bem escrito e bem propício para fãs de histórias de detetives. Max é um tipo de pré-holmes. Já comecei o segundo livro.

Engaging characters, well constructed plot and intriguing sub-plots, and there’s romantic triangle developing I believe.

Great book. Beautiful setting. Wonderful characters. Intricate plot. A pleasure to read.

Une excellente surprise que ce polar avec en toile de fond la Vienne 1900, la psychanalyse

Great series. Sinks you deep into the time and culture with a lively mystery thrown in!

I loved the characters and setting of the book. It's very unique. While I didn't love the ending, I would still recommend this book to friends.

good book!

way to many characters wish it had a guide

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