Gypsy Lord

Kat Martin

Gypsy Lord

Gypsy Lord

  • Title: Gypsy Lord
  • Author: Kat Martin
  • ISBN: 9780312928780
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback

He was Dominic Edgemont, Lord Nightwyck, heir to the Marquis of Gravenwold But he was also a dark eyed, half gypsy bastardWhen tall, handsome Dominic sees one of his Romany band whipping a beautiful, flame haired captive, he never dreams she is a pampered heiress stolen fro the English court To have her, he will pay a king s ransom and make himself her lord.Lovely CatHe was Dominic Edgemont, Lord Nightwyck, heir to the Marquis of Gravenwold But he was also a dark eyed, half gypsy bastardWhen tall, handsome Dominic sees one of his Romany band whipping a beautiful, flame haired captive, he never dreams she is a pampered heiress stolen fro the English court To have her, he will pay a king s ransom and make himself her lord.Lovely Catrina forbids Dominic her bed, but her fiery temper is no match for his cool determination to take her as his lover Still, she will not be passion s slave forever She and her Gypsy Lord will meet again in a glittering London setting, far from the rustic tent they shared Will her desire for revenge overwhelm her natural urge to love

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I like reading romances, particularly those of the historical sort. Why? Because they let me escape from the drudgery of every day life and give me an enjoyable way to tune out for a while. I love watching a relationship unfold and await the HEA with anticipationI don't, however, often become very emotionally invested in the stories. Usually romances are a trifle silly with improbable plot lines and characters with little depth.That being said, this is not one of those books. This is one of the [...]

Read this years ago and remembered why I didn't like it; hero sleeps with a woman (whom he's slept with before) straight after he meets heroine again. This guy was supposedly devastated when she disappeared and yet meets her again and then just sleeps with ow because he's horny! Three books I read by this author two which had hero cheating and another one with hero sleeping with ow after developing feelings for heroine. This author is NOT safe IMO!!

Really enjoyed this one!

While I'm still pretty new to Kat Martin so far she hasn't disappointed me yet. I loved this book and the adventure that she took me on.Catherine / Caterina (h) is a wealthy lady, her father has passed but made it possible for her to inherit his wealth and title. Great for her but not so great for others. When she's attacked one night, she fights but she is completely out of her element and she is taken away in the middle of the night. Instead of killing her, she's sold to the gypsy's who are su [...]

SPOILERS!!!!!!!!This was ok. Like I said in my update, I should've read this one before my last book because it paled in comparison. Still, lots to like, such as gypsies. I'm a big fan of gypsies, and these were the proud (and sometimes hairy and smelly) versions that I so admire. Things got stupid when our H&h got back to "civilization". Our H spent his every waking moment seeking revenge against his deceased father by never marrying, or at least not producing an heir, and swears he'll scre [...]

Dominic Edgemont, Lord Nightwyck, half-gypsy, bastard, heir to the Marquis of Gravenwold comes into his title after his father's death, he vows that his father's dreams of continuing the Nightwyck line will never come to fruition. Dominic's hatred for his father has been the one driving force in his life. His goal to destroy everything that his father ever valued is finally in his grasp. He will spend his last summer with his mother and the gypsy's he has grown to love and respect over the years [...]

I loved this bookDominic is a tortured hero and Catherine is a lovely, determined heroinI liked it that there were no big misunderstandingsI also liked it that they knew each other for some time before falling in love.This is a true love story and I recommend it with all my heart!

Dark Manglected as a childooding figureunable to accept loveMY KIND OF ROMANCE!!!

A nice hot suspenseful read.Poor sweet Catherine is kidnapped and sold to gypsies in France and ends up in a traveling gypsy caravan. She is about to be whipped again when Dominic steps in and buys her. He could not bear seeing such beautiful skin damaged and of course it doesn't hurt that she is also beautiful.Even through Dominic is so handsome Catherine will not hand over her virtue. Soon they are spending lots of time together and they really start falling under each other's spell. Catherine [...]

Overly dramatic plot to milk angsty emotions out of the reader. While I'm not fully enamoured by her writing style which seems slightly superficial, the book was entertaining enough. H was quite the alpha make, a half gypsy peer, who was taken from his Gypsy mother's care in a rather abrupt fashion by his Marquess father. He struggled his whole life with his misplaced sense of belonging and for acceptance in either environments and remained resentful towards his father for his totalitarian treat [...]

I have a big issue with romances where I don't feel the hero and heroine are equals in rights and dignity and this book was one more example of it.I know Catherine eventually broke free of her 'slavery' and that, even before that, Dominic acknowledged she was more than a peasant woman, a Gadjo or someone outside the Romani people, he had bought for a king's ransom, but that situation still messed with my reading experience and made me quite frustrated sometimes.If I don't feel like the man and t [...]

I must admit, I loved this book. Domini is just the type of man that I like, blur-black hair, dark eyes and sexy. The heroine I liked also, a feisty redhead that would not let any man use her, even if it meant a whipping. But she needs to find out who sold her to the Gypsy caravan where she is rescued by Domini(Dominick) a 1/2 gypsy, 1/2 English Lord who has notr decided yet where he belongs, and has such hatred for his well born father that he swears never to marry and give him a heir. The adve [...]

seeing its ratings on and , i was hoping for a good time while reading it but this book has a real pig for a hero, nothing romantic whatsoever in the story where to me it appeared like the hero had split personalityhe shows some TLC and then turns into a total jerk with his consequent actions. it is totally worth leaving the book. the 'HEA' will also end up leaving leave a bad taste in the mouth.:((AVOID!!

I love gypsies!

This is the story about Dominic the gypsy and Catrina. A great story.

This is without a doubt one of my new favorite Kat Martin books!!!!! Loved it!!

This is a very entertaining and moving tale of how badly love can go wrong, and how quickly love can make it all right again. I truly loved this novel. Catherine and Dominic are both head strong, stubborn, but also very passionate and very much in love. It takes a very long time for the both of them to realize just how much they love each other, and because of their stubborn pride, and they constant misunderstandings their love almost doesn't come into being. They both fight to keep their curren [...]

I like that Martin progresses her stories, and they're relatively fast paced. This story was very nice in that regard. However, I'm disappointed in Catherine not overly, but still. And the masquerade party was cheesy. Otherwise it was fine.

Frustrating but heartfeltThe H and h would do almost constant back and forth hurting of each other that drove me nuts! I enjoyed it the first few times, but it got old after a while. Few twists and turns and cute moments.

synopsis:catrina is at a party in the country when she first sees dominic from a distance. she is intrigued by what she hears about him, but doesn't get the chance to put that interest into action. that night, she is kidnapped and sold to the gypsys on the continent. dominic is visiting his gypsy family for one last time before he completely becomes the proper lord that he is supposed to be. he rescues catrina from some mistreatment, and in doing so, takes charge of her, according to the gypsy c [...]

I enjoyed reading this. A countess is kidnapped and sold into slavery to the Gypsies. She's treated very badly, including beatings and several near rapes. The hero is the bastard son of a lord and is raised by his Gypsy mother. He saves the heroine from a slashing not because he loves her, but because she's too pretty to be hit. She endures hard work and eventually escapes making her way back to London to rejoin the ton. There she reunites with the hero who is equally as stunned to discover that [...]

A decent quality "old school"romance, as the ladies over at "Smart Bitches, Trashy Books" call them. Decently aggressive and interesting hero, sufficient complex, but still believably horny like a real man would be (he tries to hold out on not having sex with his wife to spite his late father, yeah lets see how long that lasts). tHe first half of the book was disproportionately better than the last, but it all evened out to a decent read in the end. A pleasant surprise too, I've read others by K [...]

Tells the story of Catherine a Countess in her own right who is kidnapped from her bed and sold to gypsies. She is eventually bought by Dominic a half gypsy who is also the heir to a title (Marquess). In the camp they slowly fall in love. Eventually she runs away back to England. He returns, the meet again, marry and fall in love all while keeping her alive from her evil cousins who want her dead so they can steal her title.

I bought this for the ridiculous title for probably under 50 cents. I then had it in my work bag for if my nook is dead and I am in the needin' for some readin'.And I looooooooved it. I think my favorite trope is a "Goodbye, my love" at the end of their chance meeting followed up by "Oh fuck, it's you" in their regular life. It's always good times.

Lumayan lah, meski ceritanya sedikit absurd. Seandainya Dominic hidup di dunia modern, dilema yang digambarkan buku ini bukan masalah besar. Bisa saja menikah tanpa harus punya anak, alat kontrasepsi bahkan tersedia di mall. Hidup di abad 21 jauh lebih convenience dibanding abad 19, thank God!

Thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Great characters. Loved the gypsy element. Plenty of action and romance. Thought it started to run out of steam towards the end but there was still plenty of enticement to see the story run its course.

I couldn't get into this one. I was REALLY excited about the story, but there was just something about it that I didn't care for. I read three quarters of the way through, put it down, then gave it away. It was kind of disappointing.

My favorite Kat Martin book by far. The characters were very realistic and stayed true to themselves right until the end. The damaged man meets his match in the carefree, but stubborn female who turns both of their worlds upside down. Easy, enjoyable read.

EnjoyableEnjoyableThis is a very satisfying read. I love the h! She was strong, yet not overpowering. The plot was genuine, not contrived. The story flowed with rhythm. Awesome book!

It was magnificent and wonderful. I can't wait to read the next two in this series.

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