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  • Title: Nightglass
  • Author: Liane Merciel
  • ISBN: 9781601254412
  • Page: 456
  • Format: ebook

In the grim nation of Nidal, carefully chosen children are trained to practice dark magic, summoning forth creatures of horror and shadow for the greater glory of the Midnight Lord Isiem is one such student, a promising young shadowcaller whose budding powers are the envy of his peers Upon coming of age, he s dispatched on a diplomatic mission to the mountains of Devil sIn the grim nation of Nidal, carefully chosen children are trained to practice dark magic, summoning forth creatures of horror and shadow for the greater glory of the Midnight Lord Isiem is one such student, a promising young shadowcaller whose budding powers are the envy of his peers Upon coming of age, he s dispatched on a diplomatic mission to the mountains of Devil s Perch, where he s meant to assist the armies of devil worshiping Cheliax in clearing out a tribe of monstrous winged humanoids Yet as the body count rises and Isiem comes face to face with the people he s exterminating, lines begin to blur, and the shadowcaller must ask himself who the real monsters areFrom Liane Merciel, critically acclaimed author of The River King s Road and Heaven s Needle, comes a fantastical tale of darkness and redemption set in the award winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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I am a weird cat, I am one of these dudes who although I have never played a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, etc and so on, I totally would sit down and read the guides to the games. The worlds interest me to no end, the background, characters and lore I eat with a spoon even if I never touch the games.A few weeks ago, I got the pathfinder adventure game app for my tablet, and lo and behold, that got me into the game and I stumbled upon at the local thrift store a series o [...]

This is one of the better pathfinder books. In the first part of this story we follow Isiem, a young magician, during his training to be a wizard/priest for zon-kuthon, the god of pain, in Nidal. In the second part we follow him on a mission in a frontier town where he is trying to get out from under the control of Nidal. The story of a young boy with exceptional talents who can't adjust to the evil society he grows up in, and flees to some frontier seems very familiar in roleplay tie in fiction [...]

I'm torn about Nightglass. The first half of the book is a chilling story of shadowy land of Nidal, and a child's abduction, and indoctrination into the realm's ruling caste of shadow wizards and priests, and to the twisted religion of subservience and pain of the dark god Zon-Kuthon. Isiem clings to shreds of decency, while those around him are fully twisted toward depravity. However, he still has to kill and torture and inflict and suffer pain to survive the reality of the land he was born in. [...]

The Nidalese are nation of people who have sold their soul to a sadistic god of darkness and pain. The book starts with a man meeting Isiem. Later on Isiem is chosen to joining the Nidalese shadowcallers. The book is separated into two halves. The first half follows Isiem through his time learning Shadow magic. In the second half Isiem is an adult and follows his assignment in Infernal Cheliax.I want to like this more than I should. I think this is a fault of the fiction itself and not the write [...]

A quick read and an enjoyable one. The story kept a speedy pace, which I liked. The subject matter was handled tactfully, as it was about a wizard serving an evil god, but the themes within it weren't especially probing (themes of conscience, morality, meaning). I wasn't disappointed by that fact, it is a Pathfinder novel, afterall--not a book meant to be deep; just meant to be a great story put forth in an approachable way, which Merciel accomplished well.

The book is divided in two separate parts in which Isiem's story is told, a boy with a gift for shadow magic in the dark nation of Nidal. The first half of the book is a very unique read. It tells the story of Isiem's youth. Mostly focusing on the arduous journey that started the day he was taken from his family to be trained as a shadow wizard in service of the one of Golarion's most despicable Gods. While Isiem is talented enough to survive and thrive on his training, it's his struggle to do s [...]

This novel was the third Pathfinder Tale I read. I enjoyed it immensely. I don't want to be too cryptic, but I also don't want to spoil the book for anyone.The main character (Isiem) was both fortunate and unfortunate to be born with magical talent in the dark nation of Nidal, where a shadowy elite rule over the oppressed peasantry. Taken from his mother and raised to be one of the elites, Isiem suffers physical and psychological abuse as part of his education, but succeeds in becoming one of th [...]

Like I've said about other Pathfinder Tales, this is great for getting into the game world and getting to know some of the regions and religions better. Also reading it in a novel can make it much more memorable. As a resource for getting into the game world it's great. My rating is more for just a casual reader that's not into Pathfinder.If you're hoping to see a novel that follows an evil Nidalese character then you are going to be disappointed as this story revolves around more of a neutral g [...]

A short take:I quickly fell into this book. I loved how Merciel introduced Nidal and its freaky society through its children and the schooling they receive for magical instruction. Think Potter and Hogwarts meets the occult and remove any compunctions about cruel behavior. I do not like to read about children being hurt, and Merciel goes into just enough detail to suggest how grim and mortally dangerous Nidalese practices can be. Isiem is an interesting character and I was captured by his determ [...]

An excellent dark (and I do mean dark) fantasy! Nightglass is a shocking, brutal, look into the dark nation of Nidal in the Paizo Pathfinder world of Golarion. The harsh indoctrination of children into the fold of this society is a teeth-gritting read, but so well done that it is hard to put down. The primary character goes through more than one metamorphosis throughout the novel. Trapped by his birth into this society, and trapped again by his talent for magic, forced to submit, to commit atroc [...]

I'm giving this book 3 stars based on the fact that I didn't finish it. I didn't find anything wrong with the writing, the characters weren't annoying, and the darker aspects of the setting weren't overdone, but for some reason I just couldn't find myself getting more than halfway through the novel. This is almost like the literary version of the "It's not you, it's me" speech, but I honestly had no issues with the novel aside from the fact that it didn't completely appeal to me. I think I was h [...]

Somewhat of a tough read, the main character Idiom is most definitely an antihero. Trained as a mage/cleric for a God of Torture and Shadow of a reclusive people, he eventually turns his back and flees, slipping his yoke on a mission. The intrigue is good at times, pedantic in others. The final battle is frenetic and s little confusing but so is being in the middle of one. But finally someone uses a Bulette/Landshark in a story, kudos here as it has been one of my favorite monsters for nearly 40 [...]

A fun read that gives a look into one of Golaion's cultures. The main character struggles of questions of good and evil, often straddling a gray line of circumstance. The story is divided into two parts. The first half focusing on the main character's magical education and initiation into the dark rights of the Nightcallers. It is a bit light on action, but keeps attention with challenging rites and intrigues. The second half sees the main character trying to further his own goals far from home. [...]

Over all I enjoyed it. The author's exploration of the disturbing training of shadowcallers was eerie.However, there were some story elements that just didn't flow well for me. Like some hand-waving used in at least one place to transition the story. (Specifically the transition from the character's 'school days' to the characters adventures 'out in the world'.) I found it a bit predictable as well.

I expected cheap fantasy, and that's what I got. I guess the author did an OK job with the story, it didn't SUCK, but I didn't find it that thrilling either. The book was in three quite distinct parts so in the end I'm not really clear what it was about other than just "some things that happened to this guy". If you're into Pathfinder, or you like Robert Salvatore type books, you should read this one.

The first half -- a sort of look into a magical school that is the antithesis of what Hogwarts is -- was interesting. The second half of the book -- the story -- wasn't as compelling. But Liane Merciel stays true to her characters throughout. It was a quick, compelling read, easily holds its shoulders above a lot of "shared world" fiction. Look forward to reading another novel by this author about different characters and setting.

My next in the Pathfinder Tales series, read in publication order. Again, the world building and ambiance are good here, looking at Nidal the shadowy home of evil from the bored, workmanlike inside is very fun for me. There is an obvious hook for a sequel at the end, but I think it does do a complete story while leaving me wanting more.

This book is well written for a fantasy book based on a role playing setting. If you do not enjoy those sort of books you should probably avoid this. It has an internal view of two of the most evil civilizations in the Pathfinder setting, so if that is your cup of tea, then this is the book for you.

Credible fantasy worldThis book tells the story of Isiem, a Nidalese wizard with a conscious. Beginning with his education as a wizard in Pangolais and following through his escape from the clutches of Nidalese Empire, the author creates a credible world of fantasy logical in every aspect. Very enjoyable reading.

A very enjoyable read that takes a region of the fantasy world known for Bad and Dark Things but doesn't obsess over it (read: no torture porn). Believable characters are given choices that leads them on a different road, but the way is not easy. I'll be reading more from this author--she skillfully handles the subject matter as well as provides a plethora of sensory details.

This book is rather dark, and a bit violently graphic at times. But considering the setting, it made sense as the main character struggles with his own moralities while trying to stay alive. Liane is a terrific author that lets you get to know the characters.

I really did not enjoy the first half. I get it The Shadowcallers are evil and enjoy torturing others and their selves. But I didn't need example after example. It gets somewhat better with Isiem's attempt to redeem himself, but the strix may be too far from the fantasy norm for me.

Second time reading - still love it. It reads so easy! And this time I find myself even more attached to Isiem by the end. Onward, to Nightblade! (Misery's Mirror is worth a read, too, even if it seems a bit short.)

Solid character development. A bit more than the normal 'Pathfinder' books which I often consider light/popcorn reading.

A great read, full of dark fantasy and interesting characters.

The depiction of life in Nidal was particularly well done, which made me wish it had been made the entire focus of the story, with the journey into Cheliax perhaps written as a sequel.

Lots of interesting information about Nidal & Zon-Kuthon. Loved reading about Strix culture. Dusk Hall reminds me of a severely twisted Hogwarts. Interesting story.

A fast-paced fantasy tale from a dark but hollow perspective. In the first half, Isiem trains to be a Shadowcaller. He and his peers persevere through their brutal training in the captial of Nidal. In the second half, Isiem undertakes a diplomatic mission on the Cheliax frontier. He navigates politics and wrestles with his own personal freedom.The story is plot-driven. There are interesting encounters that tie in to the Pathfinder universe. Isiem casts a lot of well known spells and various beas [...]

For people who saw Evil Hogwarts under Voldemort's sway in "Deathly Hallows" and thought it was far too tame and cuddly. Merciel describes an intelligent and fundamentally decent young man's attempt to preserve some semblance of his soul as he journeys through a sadistic school for evil wizards. It's at its best in the first half, when Merciel revels in describing the Gothic horror of Nidal and its Dusk Hall. The second half, when her protagonist Isiem tries to forge his own path, is a more conv [...]

While it was well done and for what I see, both the setting and the characters were faithful to the setting, I simply couldn't get drawn to the thematic and it was my own fault. I simply not in the mood for the horror/coming of age amalgamationg that it tried to make. Sorry.

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