Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech

Edward Sapir

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech

  • Title: Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech
  • Author: Edward Sapir
  • ISBN: 9780156482332
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

Originally published in 1921, this classic is still regarded as one of the clearest, most comprehensive descriptions of language for the general reader Index.

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I am watching John McWhorter’s Great Course on Linguistics, in which he recommends Sapir’s book as a general introduction to linguistics. After reading the book I thought that it was a good one to read before you start studying linguistics – it seems to cover a lot of the field, giving the reader a feel for the subject. But the books neglects to define some of the basic technical terms that a beginner needs, so that it also seems like a summary aimed at a scholar who has spent several year [...]

I'd give it a higher rating, but the sections on phonetic law and its various classifications went over my head. However, the chapters that were more grounded in sociology and aesthetics were fantastic. Still, as a layman I found Sapir's writing very accessible despite the technical sections. I'm guessing some of this stuff is outdated, but it was definitely worth reading.

Read Lenguaje, Raza y Cultura.

It is rather easy to dismiss what E. Sapir started in the study of linguistics if we only understand this science in the aftermath of L. Bloomfield or N. Chomsky; however, Sapir's proposal for a new perspective on grammatical processes underlies every single typological and morpho–syntactical theory nowadays.

I'm not giving this book a rating because I'm in no way qualified to judge it. It is a very technical book that will appeal to people who like to look at structures and formulas and find that a helpful way to look at the world. For me it was utterly exhausting, and I gave up fairly quickly.

Deserves a lot of respect for being one of the pioneering works in the field of linguistics, but all the information it contains is available in much more readable works that have been published since. For linguistics majors only.

This book may have been very good for what it is, but I had a lot of trouble getting through even the first chapter and ultimately didn't finish it. This book isn't really a "read for pleasure" type of book, or at least, it wasn't to me.

This was a good book but not a great one. While the word is that this is a good primer to linguistics, I found it to be cumbersome where it most needed clarity. It was mercifully playful in some areas, though, reflecting on language as art.

A fantastic short, deep plunge into the nature of language and speech. A wonderful intro to the field of linguistics.

Obviamente, en español.

I not only read this book but also revised the translation. Its revision has a long history. It was my prof who translated it and asked me to revise it.

Essential linguistics classic

It's historically interesting and surprisingly modern.

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