The Bull Rider's Brother

Lynn Cahoon

The Bull Rider's Brother

The Bull Rider's Brother

  • Title: The Bull Rider's Brother
  • Author: Lynn Cahoon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Rodeo weekend is the start of the summer for the entire town of Shawnee, Idaho On a girl s night out, Lizzie Hudson finds herself comparing her life as a single mom with her best friend s successful career when James Sullivan, the cowboy who got away, walks his Justin Ropers back into her life.Seeing him shakes Lizzie s world but James is in for an even eventful weekRodeo weekend is the start of the summer for the entire town of Shawnee, Idaho On a girl s night out, Lizzie Hudson finds herself comparing her life as a single mom with her best friend s successful career when James Sullivan, the cowboy who got away, walks his Justin Ropers back into her life.Seeing him shakes Lizzie s world but James is in for an even eventful weekend he learns he has a son James has enough on his plate trying to manage his brother s bull riding career Can he learn to redefine family and become part of Lizzie s life before she gives up on him and marries another Lizzie wants to keep her life just the way it is, thank you The problems you know are less scary than the problems you don t But she must decide if safety and certainty are worth giving up for a chance at love.Sensuality Level Behind closed doors

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Everything was going along just fine with this book. It was cute, but nothing amazing - and then we get to the last 40 or so pages and it went totally down the drain. (view spoiler)[James takes off after sex, which I expected, but then he has a lawyer send over custody papers and demands a paternity test? And then he calls and essentially calls Lizzie a whore who has sex in front of her kid and threatens to take the kid away from her? But all of this okay because he comes in the last few pages w [...]

If you love a reunion story with heart, soul, and a little rodeo, this book is for you! It's a secret baby reunion story with angst, memories, and a lasting love.The Bullrider's Brother is a sweet touching story about a woman who can't forgive her high school sweetheart and a sweetheart who can't forgive himself. The reunion of the two and their five-year-old son is absolutely heartwarming. It's a quick, enjoyable read.I was pulled in from the first chapter when the hero thought, "the rodeo priz [...]

Lynn Cahoon created a hero that every woman would want. He's not a "knight in shining armor" but "The Bull Rider's Brother." Set in modern Idaho, the ambiance of a small town and the characters of rural America come to life. The realism of place, characters, and situations make for an enchanting read. The characters, especially hero and heroine, James and Liz, are those one can relate to and root for. This is a sweet romance that I would recommend, especially while sitting on a front porch swing [...]

I’m picky about my cowboy books. I’m pleased to say Lynn Cahoon’s The Bull Rider’s Brother didn’t disappoint. When Shawnee, Idaho, has their small but prestigious rodeo, it brings back to town James Sullivan, who left six years earlier. James manages his brother’s rodeo career, the thorn that has always been in Lizzie Hudson’s side. So much so she kept her pregnancy a secret from James. Now that he’s back, she has to face her past. A wonderful cast of characters, a setting that c [...]

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Very pleasant read and was a great bargain also. I was able to purchased for .99 on amazon's deal of the day. It really deserves 4.5 stars. But I have read really amazing story's lately that really took my breath away and just could not justify the 5 stars this time. I would be interested in more from this author though.This is the Love story between Lizzie & James. They were junior high and high school sweethearts. And Lizzie always felt there was one big obstacle between them,James brother [...]

The Bull Rider’s Brother is a heart-warming story of the reuniting of two people torn apart by misguided family loyalty. James felt a duty toward his brother whom he could not deny, while Lizzie allowed her mother’s dictum to keep the child they’d created a secret from his father.This is a ‘feel good’ story where we soon understand what drives James and Lizzie. While both had been torn by the need to choose, their past decisions fit their characters. Lizzie’s prime concern is the car [...]

Lizzie Hudson’s weekend to-do-list was as follows. Girl friend Barb, check. Dad babysitting five year old JR until parade, check. James Sullivan riding back into her life, NO!James Sullivan just wanted to keep his brother on track for their brief visit home. He gave up the girl he loved to be Jesse’s manager on the rodeo circuit. Seeing Lizzie brought back old feelings that he knew couldn’t be recaptured. That was until he found out about the surprise of his life. Can these two gun shy lov [...]

A contemporary Western romance that rings true to the West, celebrates the cowboy, and honors the women who put up with them. Lynn Cahoon's debut, THE BULL RIDER'S BROTHER, is a delight for fans of the modern West. Liz Hudson may be down but she's far from out. She has a son to raise, a dad to help through grief, and rental cabins to manage. When her son's father (James) returns to town, old feelings surface, nearly swamping her. But this daughter of the West is made of tougher stuff. Although t [...]

Lizzie's heart jumps in her throat when she sees James again after a long time between them. She's scared to death he will find out the truth about her son. James left one day without saying a word to Lizzie he was leaving. He always took care of his little brother and put him above everyone else including himself. Now that he knows he has a son and wants a life again with Lizzie he has to make some tough decisions. Will Lizzie be the winner this time?A cute story about a couple who learns that [...]

Small town life wasn't always in Lizzie Hudson's plans, but she has learned to change her priorities. She thinks she is doing fine until her past comes back to town in the form of James Sullivan, her high-school sweetheart. He left her with more than a broken heart and during the town rodeo weekend he comes face to face with his past. This is a great story of how the decisions of our youth can shape more lives than just our own. It's a story of love and forgiveness with great characters and a sa [...]

James and Lizzie are put through an emotional ringer during a weekend that changes everything. I really like that these characters have to do some serious soul searching, own up to past mistakes, and reexamine the dreams they left behind in order to get their second chance. Colorful and well-sketched secondary characters add meaning and layers to the story, and the setting drew me in from the very beginning. This was an emotionally satisfying read!

This is such a sweet book and filled with emotional upheavals and happy reunions. I loved reading every minute and was sorry it was so short.Poor James had his world turned upside down but he handled it all - definitely the type of guy I'd want in my corner. Definitely an enjoyable read and I can't wait for the sequel!

I enjoyed reading this story, drawn first by the title. If you like cowboys, secret babies, second chances and reconciliations, this story is a good place to start.Note: I don't give stars or rate books by authors I know personally.

An excellent, relaxing read!

Really cute! Read it all today :)

The Bull Rider's Brother is the kind of book that makes you believe in second chancesI enjoyed this book very much and look forward to the next in the series!!

It's a shame this delighful novel was given such a cheesy title. The plot is good; the characters are interesting and worth knowing.I look forward to more books by Ms Cahoon.

Short but sweet!! Loved this book such a good read!!!!!

An easy peasy novel, but I didn't love the male character, he was a little wishy-washy

WHAT IN THE WORLD?! SPOILERSthe characters are bipolarbut I don't think the writer intended that. the story line is somewhat believable, then a sucker punch comes in and you question what you've read. "making love" to custody battle without a single word let alone an argument? I can't follow with the many many many holes in this story.

Fun read.Poorly edited which was a distraction sometims

4.5 Star ReviewReviewed at: HarlequinJunkieThe Bull Rider's Brother is a sweet, sensual and emotionally deep romance.Rodeo weekend has arrived at Shawnee, Idaho. Lizzie is happy to see her best friend and have a girl’s weekend, but she can’t help but compare her single-mom life to her best friend’s successful career. She can’t help but wonder what could have been, but she would not change her life for anything. But now she knows better than to trust a cowboy.After almost six years away J [...]

Couldn't finish this one.Interesting (but not unique) premise: Former sweethearts separate badly, she finds out she's pregnant but doesn't tell the father, he returns and the story takes off from there. This is one of my favorite plot devices but the tension that should have been there just wasn't. James finds out in public about his son at a very awkward time and he. doesn't really react. He says he's mad but acts happy. There's zero tension coming from him or from his son. As a cowboy, living [...]

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review. I am not normally a cowboy fan. I know, I know. How can I live in North Dakota and not be a HUGE cowboy fan, right? The fact is that in the past the books that I had read that were “western” left a lot to be desired for me. We all have our genres that quiver our toes. I am glad to be able to say that I will consider more cowboys in the future.I understand the need to be there for your family. Sometimes that is the only thing that we c [...]

little brother saves the dayJames takes his role as big brother seriously, so much so that he gave up his dreams to help Jesse makenit big as a champion bull rider. Lizzie never stopped loving James, but her dreams changed when he left her. She never told him she was pregnant, but they meet again six years later and he discovers he has a son. Little brother Jesse knows its time for James to cut the apron strings that tie them together and along with Mom Angie they scheme to get Lizzie and James [...]

Great story. Well written, but not well edited.

2.5 stars

It was okay. Pretty predictable but diverting light read.

Very goodThis was a very good book, it had romance, an alpha male, and hot cowboys. I can't wait to read book 2!

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