The Old Woman Who Loved to Read

John Winch

The Old Woman Who Loved to Read

The Old Woman Who Loved to Read

  • Title: The Old Woman Who Loved to Read
  • Author: John Winch
  • ISBN: 9780823413485
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback

An old woman moves to the country in order to have a peaceful life with lots of time to read but soon finds that each season brings other tasks to keep her busy.

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“The Old Woman Who Loved to Read” is a richly illustrated story of an old woman who moves from the busy city to the country in search of a peaceful environment. However, she soon discovers that the country is filled with chores of distraction. The chores are finally finished by the arrival of winter, when she is at last able to relax and read. The story takes place in Australia, as is evident by the menagerie of animals that accompany the old woman. Native animals include kangaroos, koalas a [...]

Just from looking at the cover art, my first impression of the book was that it seemed an odd choice to have koalas and kangaroos sitting alongside more "farm-like" animals such as pigs and roosters. It wasn't until I read the description of the author and found out that he is from Australia that the artistic choices made more sense. Some of the illustrations of the animals and the old woman's face were rather disconcerting, but it's a minor quibble.The story is about an old woman who moves away [...]

So, I don’t like farms that have animals on them, but I didn’t get too perturbed in this case.This is an amusing story about a woman to moves from city to country so she will have more time to read, but finds that there is always work to do that keeps her from her books. I laughed with recognition, even though I don’t have a ton of animals to care for nor plant foods to harvest.The illustrations, especially of the piles of books and the many animals, are just wonderful, and my favorites ar [...]

This is the story of an old woman who moves to the country to find some peace and quiet in order to read. Unfortunately, the weather and her ever-growing number of animal friends have other plans in mind. The animals in the illustrations are really delightful, they range from common field mice to stunning, exotic birds. We get the idea that the animals are choosing to live with the woman on their own recognizance, rather than being captured as pets. Eventually, the woman, weather, and the animal [...]

Winch tells the tale of an elderly woman who loved to read. She left the big city to live in rural Australia amidst some sort of menagerie (with animals such as koala, platypus, rodents and more common farm types) in a small house. Although she went looking for some peace and quiet, what she found was hard work, both tending to the animals, the farm, the house and nourishment. As the seasons pass, the story progresses. Although it is stated that she loves to read and all year long she tries to f [...]

The Old Woman Who Loved to Read / written and illustrated by John Winch -- New York : Holiday House, c1996. (36 pages)SUMMARY: An old woman moves to the country in order to have a peaceful life with lots of time to read but soon finds that each season brings other tasks to keep her busy. (verso)REVIEW: The old woman's house looks much like mine with books everywhere. I also have trouble finding time to read sometimes, but this lady has her hands full with all the requirements of running a farm. [...]

What a lovely read for the first day of spring!So, this will be me in a few yearsI am currently the young woman who loves to read but hasn't been reading so much lately!Who said living in the country is quiet with nothing to do?!It can be wonderfully quiet and sometimes we don't do anything but there is usually always something happening.Love this simple story and the beautiful illustrations.

I loved this book. It reminded me of me!! Wonderful illustrations!

The old woman plays as the main character of this story. She is never given a name throughout the story. The old woman chose to escape the loud city life, and go to the peaceful country life to give herself a better chance at reading; for the old woman loved to read. But throughout the story we see that she is not able to read as often as she had originally hoped because of her endless list of chores.Even though the beautifully illustrated pictures of this book play as the key to unlocking the p [...]

The only thing that caught my attention for this book was the title, which made me think of my Grandmother, another old woman who loves reading. The book seems like a fine read for young children, but the pace of the text seems a bit slow to keep them entertained if reading it not for the first time. The artwork is rather pleasing to someone a bit older, but lacks aspects that I believe would keep children entertained with the book. While the story was cute it didn't feel like much really happen [...]

This book is about an old woman who decides to move to a new place in the country side instead of the big city, where she can find a quite place to read. Once she gets there she realizes that the weather conditions of each season somehow keeps her from getting in the reading she wanted to do. Whether it was taking care of a sick animal, or caring for plants she was not able to get her reading done. The book has very beautiful illustrations. Children can see the different seasons throughout the s [...]

I think American kids will love the illustrations of all the unique Australian animals: from lizards, to koalas, and kangaroos.This book is a great way to explore the seasons and to talk about the various farm chores at different times of the year. Older readers could learn world geography and talk about how Australian seasons are the opposite of our seasons.Above all, I think readers will love the ending. After finally finding time to read, the old woman falls asleep with a book on her lap!

The Old Woman Who Loved to Read is a good book for young to read or be read to. This story of an Old Woman who moves around trying to find time to enjoy her reading is always interrupted by different chores and her farm animals she has to take care of. The illustrations in the book are live and vivid and helps tell the story. Children can see the different animals as well as the seasons changing. Eventually the old woman, animal, and weather come to agreement and she finally has time to enjoy wh [...]

An old woman who loves to read decides to move from the city to the country. Chores, animal visitors to her new country home and the elements keep her too busy to read. Will she ever have an opportunity to enjoy her reading? Illustrations featuring animals native to the Australian setting are beautifully detailed. Rather than read aloud to group, this is a quiet sharing book to allow the audience to truly savor the beauty of the pictures.

"The Old Woman Who Loved to Read" by John Winch is a story about a woman who loves reading so much that she chooses to move away from the city to a place where she can get more peace and quiet to do what she loves most, read. After moving she realizes that although peaceful, she doesn't have much time to read anymore. This is a beautifully illustrated book that I think touches a bit on the struggles of balancing what we love to do, with our responsibilities.

Not much of a story (words), but the illustrations are great, and I guess it is good enough for kids who just learn to reads. The story told of an old woman who keep getting obstructed from her love of reading because of all the chores and things that the seasons brought. The setting is in Australia, so it adds the plus value to taught kids how the seasons naturally works in different parts of Earth.

The illustrations are worthwhile, but I wasn't drawn in by the story and neither was my son. On a second note, some of the pictures were a bit scary for the sensitive: a fire jumps out of the summer page (and the woman's expression is that of being terrified), after which a flood comes. I may have missed the point of this book, but in fact the story was something of a let down for me

This is the story of an old woman who moves to the country to have more time to read--bus is busier than ever! The story and pictures are so charming. Kids will love looking at these pics over and over again!

There is no big secret about why I loved this book. It's me all too soon. I found this accidentally while searching for another book. One of the many delights of a library. This charming story is about how life keeps intruding on an old woman's desire to read. Hmmmmmmmm.

The lady moved from the city to the country to find peace and quiet and read. Bust she soon discovers that living in the country is a lot of work and does not have the time to read like she thought. It left me feeling meloncholy.

This is a quick and simple read that tells its story through its lovely pictures rather than too many words. With beautiful illustrations and a sweet story line, I give this book a 4 out of 5.

I kind of want to be her when I grow up.

A very earthy book in terms of illustration and had a very relaxed, rural feel. I loved the variety of animals and suspect it takes place in Australia based on the animals present.

loved the pictures in this book unfortunately the story was lacking.

Almost too much work to read!!!!!

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