Museum of Terror, Vol. 3

Junji Ito

Museum of Terror, Vol. 3

Museum of Terror, Vol. 3

  • Title: Museum of Terror, Vol. 3
  • Author: Junji Ito
  • ISBN: 9781593076399
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback

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Museum of Terror volumes one and two introduced readers to the horrific, beautiful creature Tomie the woman no man could resist Now Junji Ito, creator and curator of this horrible museum, brings a new type of exhibit to thrill and chill your senses First, his lovely violinists will escort you to dinner in a vampire den Next, in a classroom full of grotesquely masked sMuseum of Terror volumes one and two introduced readers to the horrific, beautiful creature Tomie the woman no man could resist Now Junji Ito, creator and curator of this horrible museum, brings a new type of exhibit to thrill and chill your senses First, his lovely violinists will escort you to dinner in a vampire den Next, in a classroom full of grotesquely masked students, which one is a demon in disguise A musician s possessed arm attacks a schoolgirl by way of his mouth, and another young man listens to the tape recording left behind by a suicide victim Why did she kill herself, and is he safe from its influence Swordplay, monk ridden ruins, halls of upright corpses, infectious radio broadcasts, and murderous ceiling hair are among Ito s beastly offerings in this volume Find out why Junji Ito is Japan s foremost creator of horror manga

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I have a strong wish to review (ie - rave endlessly about) the entire, supermassive collection of this artist's work. However, to do that in-depth would take months and an unsafe amount of coffee.So, here is a short, sweet story-by-story review. I'll give brief synopses and thoughts of the stories included because I don't want to spoil anything. It's better to go in not quite knowing what to expect, trust me. If this isn't your first Ito manga, you'll probably agree."Bio-House" - 4/5 A woman get [...]

A nice collection of short stories. I expected a little Lovecraftian but I got something more like Goosebumps. The last three stories were the best: "The Village of Sirens" (Yes, a bit Lovecraftian!), "The Bully" (A bit childish yet it was fun) & "A Deserter in the House" (Not scary at all but I liked the twist).

After oh 700 pages of Tomie cutting up her boyfriends' parts, this third volume in Ito's Terror series (sadly, the last as well) is kind of refreshing in that it focuses on stories where gore & shock isn't the focus. Most of these stories are from the late 80's to 1990. "Den of the Sleep Demon," and "The Long Hair in the Attic" are here because they're expected; typical stories of a characters myopia becoming their demise. The freak-out stories with blood and flesh. "Den" is especially grues [...]

Pretty good.This was an anthology of manga horror stories by Junji Ito for various magazines collected here in a book. The artwork is about average, but looks a little old school. All of the stories were at least remotely interesting. Some were amazing, though. "Heart of a Father" was my favorite, but not by a huge margin.This doesn't need to be read in context of a series because they're all unrelated stories. These stories are pretty creepy and some were a little nasty. Overall it's pretty goo [...]

La historia del bully, omfg .-.

Someone (Jesse Bullington, I think) suggested I check out Junji Ito ages ago, and I just now got around to it. Sad that I put it off so long, because this collection, at least, was pretty great. I'll definitely be tracking down the others.It's a combo of fairly typical horror stuff, fairly typical J-horror stuff, and totally weird stuff, but it all has a pretty unique feel, and it's all carried off really deftly, pulling out some seriously disturbing images, scenes, and transitions, while still [...]

A splendidly entertaining collection of early Halloween specials/one-offs from the awe-inspiring Junji Ito. The stories here have much more in common with Goosebumps/The Twilight Zone than it does to weird or cosmic fiction (perhaps best exemplified by Hellstar Remina and Uzumaki). My personal favourites: "Den of the Sleep Demon", "Love as Scripted", "The Village of Sirens", and "A Deserter in the House".

The third (and final?) installment of the Museum of Terror series, it was the most saddening of all. Tomie is, for some reason, absent from all of the short stories, and that upset me greatly. The first story, and a few others, sparked a bit more fear and morbid fascination in me than did in the second book, however, which is why it gets a higher rating. While it's still got a bit of that gorey charm present in the previous two stories, it lacks Tomie, and reads more like a traditional Japanese [...]

The horror fare in this anthology is imaginative, centered-it seems-on one or two vivid, memorable images in each tale. Though the short-story genre is riddled with these gimmicky hooks (as opposed to stories that are well-planned and satisfying throughout rather than centered on a single experiential hook), in the graphic format these images provide substantial foundation around which the exposition quivers uneasily. Tense, fun, indulgent late-night horror reading!

Out of the entire series, I thought that this one had the weakest stories. There was no central theme this time, so it was just a completely different story without any basic united theme. The stories were ok, with one or two that really stood out (unbearable maze was pretty great). A good way to kill some time randomly, but not something that is that hard to put down.

Story ~ 4/5Art ~ 4/5Originality ~ 5/5Overall ~ 4.3/5I found this to be a fitting end to the Museum of Terror series, if not a little too long. I found that once the stories got lengthier about halfway in, I started to dislike the stories, though the last two were phenomenal and perhaps my favorites in this volume.

A somewhat hit and miss collection of short horror stories from master Junji Ito himself. There are many really innovative ideas here, but somehow even the most original ideas have turned into stories that are too easy to forget. The collection is an interesting one, smarter than the average horror outing but still nothing that really stands out.

When junji met scary. Does it rhyme? May be not, eh :-)Suima no heya was my all time favorite. The way the two of them trying to pull the fingers back out was so hillarious.Yane ura no nagakami was the creepiest. The way the rats entangled in the hair. YeouwChichi no kokoro wasd.

Excellent collection of short horror stories by Japanese horror-manga master Junji Ito. Definitely one to have if you enjoyed Uzumaki.

interesting and creepy stories, the first ito comic i've read. can't wait to read more. illustrations are fantastic and scary.

i liked this a lot :)

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