Museum of Terror, Vol. 2: Tomie 2

Junji Ito Naomi Kokubo

Museum of Terror, Vol. 2: Tomie 2

Museum of Terror, Vol. 2: Tomie 2

  • Title: Museum of Terror, Vol. 2: Tomie 2
  • Author: Junji Ito Naomi Kokubo
  • ISBN: 9781593076122
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback

Think you ve seen about all there is in horror Maybe the same tired concepts of phones ringing and mysterious murders is getting a bit old Well, then I ve got the horror manga for you Junji Ito, the man who brought the world Uzumaki, has one of the most inspired minds in horror today That s why Dark Horse manga is proud to bring you from Ito s Museum of Terror seriThink you ve seen about all there is in horror Maybe the same tired concepts of phones ringing and mysterious murders is getting a bit old Well, then I ve got the horror manga for you Junji Ito, the man who brought the world Uzumaki, has one of the most inspired minds in horror today That s why Dark Horse manga is proud to bring you from Ito s Museum of Terror series Continuing with his Makie stories, about an eternally youthful and perfectly beautiful girl who inpires people committ murder, volume two promises to invent new ways to shock you For instance, who d have thought of making sake out of the remains of the killed and hammered to mush Makie See It s crazy Junji Ito promises to entertain you in the most cracked, yet pretty ways.

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Más relatos de terror con Tomie como protagonista, estos relatos siguen la misma fórmula que los del primer tomo, Tomie desespera a los hombres y les lleva a cometer locuras de todo tipo, historias extrañas y perturbadoras, me ha parecido que este tomo quizás tenga historias mejores que las del primero, pero al tener todas una estructura y una temática muy parecida quizás pierdan algo de fuerza lo que no pierde fuerza es el dibujo de Ito, que raya a un nivel muy alto y destaca por imaginat [...]

Antes que nada, quiero decir que esta review está totalmente manipulada por mi obsesión enfermiza hacia la obra de Junji Ito y sus personajes. Además, os aviso de que va a ser larguísima. Comencemos con un resumen. Tomie es la historia de una chica, Kawakami Tomie, la cual muere en un trágico accidente en una excursión escolar. Su tutor, ante esto, y temeroso de ser sospechoso de asesinato, decide descuartizar a la chica y repartir los trozos del cadáver entre sus alumnos, encomendándole [...]

Aunque suene medio tarado diciendo esto, mi conclusión sobre la serie es: No la entendí. ¿Se trata de un alegato misógino que dice que las mujeres hermosas están solamente para arruinarnos la vida? ¿Es en realidad una denuncia a la violencia contra la mujer, pensada para meterle miedo a aquellos que osen lastimar a una dama? ¿Es simplemente una serie de terror con una protagonista hermosa, manipuladora, superpoderosa y que encuentra las maneras más originales para asesinar o asesinarse a [...]

Tomie: "Do you think you can render my beauty on canvas?" * * *I've lost count as to how many times Tomie has been murdered and chopped up by the psycho guys that fell in love with her. Her body parts seem to say: We don't die! We multiply! This is getting more and more sinister* * * Tomie: "This tastes like dog food! Don't you have any caviar or foie gras!?" How feisty of you, Tomie.

The stories are somewaye same but the art and the storyline are very good and of coursede me chill.

entiendo el punto pero una historia sobre unos señores asesinando a una tipa una y otra vez está siendo un poco difícil de tragar para mí en realidad

Lo mejor que he leido de Junji Ito desde Uzumaki.

Sinister stuff Top notch manga.

Al final se me hizo muy repetitiva la historia y me hubiera gustado saber mas sobre el verdadero pasado de Tomie. En fin, un manga entretenido.

More of the same stuff as Vol. 1, but it still isn't getting old yet. SUCH a variety of different ways to do the same awful things. Of the "you THINK you know what's happeningbut you don't really" variety, where explanations shift and mutate with as much variety and horror as the character herself.

Este libro me trae recuerdos ya que fue el inicio a mi obsesión con el divo de Junji Ito.No se podría decir que Tomie sea de mis obras favoritas de el autor, pero bueno, me ha gustado que al final se hayan relacionado los tres últimos relatos. Eso sí, el final me parece poco impactante y reiterativo. 7/10

well, menurut saya ini lebih gore. Tomie you are so seducive

Tiene historias geniales y otras mediocres, pero el dibujo me encanta.

NOTHING nice ever happens in a Tomie story. Nothing! Lol

I had read Junji Itou's 'Uzumaki' around two years ago and was impressed by his creativity at horror storytelling because it actually made me freak out (which rarely happens to me while reading horror manga). And that was one reason why I picked up 'Tomie' nearly two years later. The other reason was, well, I wanted to pass my time. When I read the plot, I was excited and expected it to be as scary and thrilling as 'Uzumaki' was, or if possible, more than that. However, it turned out to be a bit [...]

My final horror manga for the Halloween season is Tomie. Tomie is generally regarded as the genesis of Junji Ito's Kafka/Lovecraft inspired body horror. I am a huge fan of all his other work, but all of that is his later more well known works like Gyo, and Hellstar Remina. Since Tomie is his first work I had to read it.Instead of a running narrative like I thought were were going to get, we instead get a weird anthology set of stories. Each story is generally a chapter or two, but they weave in [...]

I'd read most of the Tomie stuff in the previous edition of English translations, but this release is much much better. The art looks better, the translation reads more fluidly (enough so that I'll excuse the fact that it has a character say "What the ding dong??"), and this second volume includes mostly stories that weren't in the original 2 volumes. (The original English releases had questionable translations, lousy quality paper with grainy reproductions of the artwork, and were reversed to r [...]

I'll add a more detailed review later, but, in brief: both this and the first volume of Tomie have the same problem that Uzumaki had: a bunch of loosely connected stories with a less developed larger narrative. Brilliant art, very disturbing and unsettling imagery and concepts. Definitely not for the squeamish, or people who have issues with violence against women--the two things are central to the plot(s). I find the second volume a little more frustrating in that there was an opportunity to ha [...]

Forget Helen of Troy, Tomie is the real owner of the face who launched a thousand ships. This volume collects the second half of Ito's Tomie stories, with the tales ranging from multiple look-a-likes to a determined pursuer whose only goal is to contain that which is Tomie. The series never fully explains who or what Tomie is, but not knowing is really what makes her so bewitching. The great thing about these stories is that you can literally pick up any volume and read without having to see the [...]

Horrible and beautiful, these stories will suck you in. The art is eerie, disgusting, and fits the mood perfectly.I had not read these stories in about a decade, and had the previous editions in paperback. I binge read the first 2 volumes in 2 days, and often felt like one of Tomie's admirers. I couldn't stop reading, and I want more more MORE!! The stories are short, and can seem repetitive, but they do fill in bits of Tomie's mythology.If you are a horror fan, these are a must read. You should [...]

More terrifying tales of Tomie - the high school femme fatale that will not die. Whilst not as disturbing as the previous volume there are some wonderfully creepy tales. My favourite being basement - a girl is given a kidney transplant with one of Tomie's kidneys and it grows a head and becomes a living tumour. There's also "Hair" a nice example of Japan's obsession with killer hair - A pair of high school girls get hold of a lock of Tomie's hair, with faltal results.One of the most original hor [...]

Not as good as Uzumaki, but it has its moments. Like Uzumaki, it is variations on a theme, but the theme in this case (beautiful girl seduces all around her and causes them to brutally kill themselves/each other/her, then girl is resurrected) is less expansive, so the variations tend to be less interesting. The best moments are the the (often absurd) scenes of regeneration themselves, when we see a disembodied Tomie face sprouting root-like limbs or a human heart swaddled up like a baby. The fir [...]

The second collection of Junji Ito’s Tomie stories is a clear improvement compared to the first one. I’ve understood that the Tomie shorts haven’t been collected in chronological order here, but for some reason this second book contains more interesting approaches to the basically repetitive formula: a beautiful immortal girl seducing a man and driving him into murderous insanity. There are some pretty neat ideas here, and several of the stories contain a chilling melancholy that makes you [...]

Compared to the first book, this was really a letdown. The stories were still interesting, but only one or two gave me a slight shiver. Some were just plain stupid. After being so frightened by the first book (at one point I thought I could hear a respawning piece of Tomie crawling around outside my door, making rasping sounds), this version just barely captured my interest. At least they still had Tomie, but she wasn't killing and eating for revenge, so it wasn't really worth the $13.

You THINK you've seen all the deaths possible and then you open up a Junji Ito novel. I jumped on the bandwagon rather late so I haven't had the pleasure of reading any older material. I'm old fashioned and prefer reading something in my hands rather than on a screen. Junji's art is more realistic than your typical manga which appealed to me and it's safe to say that I'm quite obsessed with his work.

In what could be considered a conclusion to the Tomie series, Ito proposes highly imaginative and disturbing scenarios that expand the scientific nature of Tomie and the internal logic of the series. Portrayed less as an animalistic predator and more as a virus that replicates itself and attempts to survive, Tomie is forever ingrained into memory as a diabolical and pure expression of natural evil.

More Tomie. This volume had less continuity between stories than the last one, but it also had somewhat fewer really high points. Still, some great stuff. I suppose that if you read these back-to-back (like I did), there might be some danger of burnout, but I haven't experienced any. I'd happily read another volume, and I'm now well and truly addicted to Junji Ito's stuff.

Junji Ito never fails to produce beautiful illustrations, that are equally as haunting and grotesque. I especially enjoy Tomie because she is not only a reflections of anyone's greatest fears, but also touches on many other issues in society and debates over the nature of mankind. One doesn't know whether to hate or to love Tomie, as we fear her all the same.

This second volume is much closer to the level of quality that I would normally expect from Junji Ito. The stories are creepier, and the art is more consistent. Hair and Basement both have some very creepy images. In Orphan Girl, Tomie goes after an older couple, which makes for a nice change of pace.

wow this second vol is better because the stories were shorter and straight to the pointSuch awesome read.tually it had me wondering just how many time she died in both volume .d regenerate herself ry sickening indeed s like she wants people to kill her and then comes back alive and then ask people to kill her all over again.

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