Kilmeny of the Orchard

L.M. Montgomery Jennifer Quinlan

Kilmeny of the Orchard

Kilmeny of the Orchard

  • Title: Kilmeny of the Orchard
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery Jennifer Quinlan
  • ISBN: 9780985100162
  • Page: 230
  • Format: ebook

A sweet and moving romance from the author of the beloved Anne of Green Gables series Eric Marshall, recent college graduate, has the world at his feet He s handsome, popular, wealthy, and surprisingly, single Living the bachelor lifestyle with his widowed father, he s never given much thought to romance When an old school friend asks Eric to substitute teach for him onA sweet and moving romance from the author of the beloved Anne of Green Gables series Eric Marshall, recent college graduate, has the world at his feet He s handsome, popular, wealthy, and surprisingly, single Living the bachelor lifestyle with his widowed father, he s never given much thought to romance When an old school friend asks Eric to substitute teach for him on Prince Edward Island while he recuperates from an illness, Eric thinks, why not He s got some time to kill before diving into the family business with his father, and the rustic island may be a good diversion for him.Eric falls into the easy routine of island life, and his status as eligible bachelor endears him to the locals Eric is still not thinking of romance, but he s about to find it in a most unexpected place Kilmeny Gordon is sweet and smart and beautiful, perfect in every way but one she can t speak She s been sheltered all her life due to her disability and the scandal surrounding her birth She wiles away her hours helping her aunt and uncle on the farm and playing her violin in her favorite secluded spot When Eric stumbles into her hidden orchard, he brings a whole new world with him, and a friendship that both frightens her and thrills her As the summer days grow longer and their friendship blossoms, sweet, silent Kilmeny, with her sunny enthusiasm and haunting music, manages to do what neither the co eds of Queenslea College nor the village lasses of Lindsay have been able to do capture Eric s heart.But Kilmeny knows he ll soon have to go back to his life on the mainland, a world of business meetings and parties and prejudicial people a world in which she ll hold him back and never fit in None of that matters to Eric, but how can he get her to accept that she s the only woman he ll ever love, when she is convinced that the only way to love him is to let him go Bonus Content Introduction and IllustrationsLegacy Vintage Collection Enhanced eBooks have been professionally edited and professionally formatted for your favorite e reader Learn at The Vintage Reader.

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This was a perfect Sunday-afternoon read. I really enjoyed the escapist quality of ita fairy-tale type romance, with a brave hero and a beautiful heroine. And of course I loved that Kilmeny is such a talented violinist!

This book was really short, and hence, this review will probably be short.First, L.M. Montgomery was not at her best in this novella. This had none of the almost unconscious charm of the famed Anne of Green Gables or even The Blue Castle (which was slightly shallow, yes, but still charming). Perhaps it's because neither Anne nor Valancy, the heroines of those stories, were particularly pretty. But they were witty and intelligent and their peculiarities and absurdities made them strangely lovable [...]

One word to describe this quick, darling book is sweet. It's one of the sweetest love stories I have ever read - it's a simple plot, but so filled with sugary loveliness that the simple-ness of it doesn't matter. And of course we have lovely Montgomery descriptions all over the place.Kilmeny (such a gorgeously unique name!), a girl who lives near an lonely orchard, cannot speak. She is mute. But when she meets Eric, a lovely school-teacher she starts 'talking' with him by writing on a slate, and [...]

Everyone I know who liked Anne of Green Gables saw a bit of Anne Shirley in themselves; someone who made mistakes, got laughed at, and worried because they weren't "angelically good, divinely beautiful, or dazzlingly clever." Nope, none of us are.But you remember that Anne wanted to be all of those things, don't you? She wanted to be sweet as sugar to everyone, a genius, and, of course, with flowing midnight hair and an "alabaster brow," whatever the hell that is. Now imagine if Anne was all tho [...]

This little book is so unassuming, sitting on my shelf, with its battered corners. It is so very well-loved. As an adult, I realize all its faults, and I don't recognize it as one of Montgomery's best--but that's part of why I like it. I bought it when I was probably eleven or so and put it away for a while, and then it became one of my favorite stories. It feels like a story that an author wants to write simply to please herself, a pretty little thing like a soap bubble. It's simple and elegant [...]

L. M. Montgomery wrote Kilmeny when she was a teenager, this was her first attempt at writing so it comes off a little more childish than her other books. You can see her romantic soul in everything she writes :) Also, Valancy in The Blue Castle, Kilmeny such beautiful names I have in my list for potential daughters in the future! Valancy remains my favorite ever though.

This is an old-fashioned, predictable and saccharine romance that is not L.M. Montgomery's best work. Her descriptions of the orchard were captivating and it became my favorite character. The actual people? Not likable to me at all. I loved Anne and Emily, so was not prepared for Kilmeny. Yeah, we get it she is gorgeous and innocent (Eric's on and on swooning over her because of these two superficial things are gag-worthy.) I felt like she was the "poor sweet beautiful disabled girl," and her le [...]

This was sweet - a bit cheesy a times and also had a few instances of backward thinking when it comes to "foreigners" and some unrealistic ideas about beauty. All in all though, it was an easy read with a fairy tale quality to it. Although I've only read the first Anne book and enjoyed it much more (I know, I'm behind!), I'd say it's worth the read if you enjoy LLM's stories.

"More than ever at that instant did she long for speech - speech that would conceal and protect where dangerous silence might betray." ― Kilmeny of the OrchardKilmeny of the Orchard (1910, Grosset and Dunlap) byL. M. Montgomery, is a sweet romance set in an unspecified year on Prince Edward Island. This book is not part of a series, unlike most of Lucy Maud's novels. Montgomery published many short stories before her first novel was published, and it appears that Kilmeny of the Orchard was pub [...]

This has got to be Montgomery's worst book. By far. A young man of staggering perfection takes over a teaching position for a few months, and discovers a beautiful mute girl, Kilmeny, and a Italian gypsy named Neil. Even worse than it sounds. The prose is stilted and overwritten, Italians are lusty bundles of untamed passion, and the story is sappy. But don't take my word for it: meet Kilmeny:"Her face was oval, marked in every cameo-like line and feature with that expression of absolute, flawle [...]

A friend gave me this book years and years ago--I think it's a first edition. On Anne Osterlund's recco, I took it down to look at it.I can see why many love it still--the true star of the book is the scenery, rather than the characters. The way that Montgomery writes about nature shifts you to liminal space, within a heartbeat of the numinous.The reason, though, that I hadn't reread it in all these years was because the basic plot feels like a short story stretched out into a novel. That, and t [...]

It had its flaws, but it was a darling book, as most of L.M. Montgomery's are. <3

Kilmeny of the Orchard is the tale of Eric Marshall, who as a favor to a sick friend comes to the small town of Lindsay on Prince Edward Island to teach at the school. While walking one day, he wanders into a long forgotten orchard and hears beautiful violin music being played by a beguiling young lady, the book's namesake, Kilmeny. Frightened, Kilmeny flees the orchard and though Eric comes back the next night and then the next, she doesn't return. Disappointed and intrigued, he asks his landla [...]

After two books of Montgomery I have understood why she is known as one of the best authors of children's books. Despite the fact, that I have read The Blue Castle and Kilmeny of the Orchard which are rather romances for adults or young adults (there aren't children's books) I saw how great she could describe world of a small community. I regret that Kilmeny of the Orchard is so short, because there wasn't more space for the secondary characters.Next, the love story is so sweet. The main idea is [...]

A sweet way to spend a bookish Friday. Highly recommended for a nice romance.

A remarkably quick read (two hours?) and a delightfully fast-paced romance.

Very wholesome and sweet. What you'd expect from LMM.

A beautiful book that can be finished in an evening about a mute girl and the college-bound boy who falls in love with her. I loved how Kilmeny realizes her true worth throughout the book.

2 1/2 Stars. This was a sweet little story. Fairly predictable, and fairly well written. It had some great plot twist things. But, sadly, there were some major drawbacks. #1. I felt kind of annoyed that everything ended SO perfectly and SO coincidentally and everything was fixed SO perfectly happily ever after. UGH.#2. The "Beauty" thing. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mind when characters are beautiful. In fact, I like it in fairy tales. Prince Charming never would have met Cinderella and rea [...]

Eric Marshall is a calm, straight-laced young man set to commit his future to business. Because he isn’t opposed to it. But when his friend, Larry West, has to duck out early on a teaching contract—due to health problems—Eric agrees to step into the breach and plunge into the abyss of the Lindsey schoolhouse on Prince Edward Island.Little does he know that on P.E.I. waits a girl with jet black hair and sea green eyes. A girl who believes she is ugly and roams the orchard, speaking through [...]

Okay, I'm adding a star! Upon re-read, I enjoyed this even more. While the conversations and some of the writing still felt a bit contrived in places, I truly loved it for what it was. All in all, a quick, delightful read that is sure to charm a smile from anyone with a heart for classics.Original review:Short, sweet novella by one of my favorites, LMM. I could tell this wasn't her peak writing, but I enjoyed it, just the same. I liked the characters, but wish we could have gotten to know Aunt a [...]

3.5 Stars. A sweet book, if rather predictable. I enjoyed it. I wish the part with Kilmeny's voice had been done differently, but it was alright. The antagonist, Neil, I felt more sorry for than anything, and it still bothers me how L.M.Montgomery speaks of 'foreigners'-- and goes on and on about "good" aka Scotch or English ancestry. It just gets old after a while, but maybe that's the American in me. :P Despite that though, this was a sweet and light tale that was nice for a relaxed evening.

First published in 1910,  Kilmeny of the Orchard by L.M. Montgomery was a sweet story.      Though I'd mistakenly believed it was part of the Anne of Green Gables series (but wasn't) I was not disappointed as the feel of the book was not dissimilar. Alex Marshall is a 24 year old college graduate.    His friends and family cannot believe his head and heart haven't fallen for a charming young lady by this age.   When he agrees to assist an unwell friend by teaching at a country school [...]

I felt very meh about this one. If it weren't for the fact I was doing booktubeathon, it would've taken me a LOT longer to finish this, and it's not long at all. It's just that the first bit is very slow and I didn't really connect with Eric at all. The romance was sweet and I enjoyed reading it once that part of the story kicked off. However, I found it really weird how often Kilmeny got described as "child-like" through Eric's eyes. I know it was written in a different time, but it still gives [...]

All of Montgomery's fiction seems to turn on the concept of a personal fairyland, a world of radiant dream and joyous vision, of "beauty beyond the lot of mortals". This was perhaps most obvious in The Blue Castle, but is no less central to Kilmeny's story.Eric Marshall finds his personal fairyland when he stumbles across an abandoned orchard, with lilacs and June lilies and apple blossoms running wild—a realm possessed by an exquisite, silent child-woman with a superb gift for the violin. Kil [...]

Genre: historical fiction? romance (good romance, not bodice ripping romance)Summary: Eric Marshall is a well-to-do, polite college graduate who substitutes as a country schoolmaster for a sickly friend. In the quaint town of Lindsay, Eric chances upon the achingly beautiful Kilmeny in an abandoned orchard. Of course, it's summertime and beautiful outside. Eric falls madly in love. The only fly in the ointment is the fact that Kilmeny is a mute. She can hear perfectly and even laugh out loud som [...]

Important lessons learned from Kilmeny of the Orchard:1) All foreigners are savages, and Italians in particular. Regardless of their upbringing, they will inevitably try to kill someone sooner or later. It's just in the blood.2) A mute who has never spoken a word in all her life will quite suddenly be able to speak with absolute fluency if the life of the slightly creepy man she loves is in danger of being snuffed out by the aforementioned Italian savage.3) The attempted murder of a rival in lov [...]

This is a sweet novella from the author of Anne of Green Gables. Eric goes to Prince Edward Island to provide teaching cover for his friend. While exploring one evening Eric comes across Kilmeny,the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, playing exquisite music on the violin. He finds out that she is mute and has had a very isolated upbringing. Being unable to forget Kilmeny, Eric finds himself going back time and again to the orchard. Although mute, Kilmeny isn't deaf and she's able to communicate [...]

I've never particularly liked this story, one of Montgomery's "adult" romances, with an unbelievable array of offensive stereotypes and casual sexism - the hotheaded Italian (the ethnicity you're born with being inescapable despite your upbringing) who is "foreign" and for whom equal treatment is spoiling him, the literally silent heroine, mute but unbelievably beautiful who is immediately recognizable as ideal and sweet by anyone who sees her, the wealthy young man who falls head over heels for [...]

3,5. Tämä oli ehkä viimeinen kirja, jota en ollut vielä Montgomeryltä lukenut. Vaikkei se yltänyt suosikkieni joukkoon, oli siinä silti ihanaa luontokuvausta ja kiinnostavia henkilöhahmoja. Päähenkilö Eric tosin tuntui jotenkin inhottavalta, vaikka hänen ihastuksensa Kilmenyä kohtaan olikin vilpitöntä. En kadu lukemista, mutta tuskin luen uudestaankaan.

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