Diary of a Wimpy Vampire : Prince of Dorkness


Diary of a Wimpy Vampire : Prince of Dorkness

Diary of a Wimpy Vampire : Prince of Dorkness

  • Title: Diary of a Wimpy Vampire : Prince of Dorkness
  • Author: TimCollins
  • ISBN: 9786029837759
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback

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Pada diari pertamanya, Nigel telah menjadi siswa terpopuler di sekolahnya Selain populer dan dikecengin banyak cewek, kabar baik lainnya adalah akhirnya dia mendapatkan seorang pacar Tetapi kabar baik ini mungkin tidak akan bertahan lama karena ada anak baru di sekolah Nigel, dia bernama Jason.Jason tidak hanya merebut perhatian para siswa dan siswi di sekolah, tetapi diPada diari pertamanya, Nigel telah menjadi siswa terpopuler di sekolahnya Selain populer dan dikecengin banyak cewek, kabar baik lainnya adalah akhirnya dia mendapatkan seorang pacar Tetapi kabar baik ini mungkin tidak akan bertahan lama karena ada anak baru di sekolah Nigel, dia bernama Jason.Jason tidak hanya merebut perhatian para siswa dan siswi di sekolah, tetapi dia juga merebut Chloe, kekasih Nigel pertama dan satu satunya setelah dia menjomblo lebih dari 80 tahun Apa yang menyebabkan Chloe berpindah hati ke Jason Bukankah Nigel sudah memiliki kekuatan dan pesona vampir Dan sepertinya tidak ada yang kurang dari Nigel saat ini, dia layak disebut sebagai seorang pangeran Atau jangan jangan Jason lebih kuat dari Nigel Yang pasti Jason tidak seperti manusia fana lainnya, hal tersebut tampak jelas dari banyak bulu yang ada ditubuhnya Hmm jika hal ini terus berlanjut, gelar pangeran kegelapan yang dimiliki Nigel mungkin segera sirna, dan dia akan kembali menjadi pangeran kebodohan Apa itu yang dilihat oleh Chloe

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I sat in the bookstore and read the entire book, constantly laughing out loud. I probably disturbed the book club ladies who were discussing some brilliant piece of literature, but I couldn't help myself. Even after reading the entire book, I almost bought a copy to show my appreciation for the writer's brilliant work, but I am currently in a save-not-spend mode. (Sorry, Mr. Collins!) I will however be putting it on the library system's purchase list. And I will probably someday become a proud o [...]

In the beginning,Nigel has his powers and him and Cloe get together.Its the beginning of the school year n Nigel couldn't wait to see Chloe again.Nigel is a vampire n Chloe is a mortal.when Nigel gets to school he sees this new kid with sorta like potato shaped head.Chloe has been reading these vampire novels n hoping that Nigel can transform her into a vampire so the can be together forever.Nigel has this little diary that he uses every day since hes going to live for ever.In the middle,Chloe t [...]

Aku suka Nigel yang ini, lebih dewasa di buku kedua.Cerita Nigel pun lebih seru, lebih menarik dari buku pertama.Mungkin karena udah ada cerita cinta Chloe juga dibuku inikin reviewnya di blog ah.aku selalu suka lah buku tipikal diary beginian. bagus aja gitu liatnya, bacanya.

lol this was so damn crazy and too much action


better than the first one but the drawing still sucks!

Nigel Mullet kembali!! Apa yang terjadi padanya sekarang? Apakah nasibnya masih seburuk sebelumnya?Jangan salah,ternyata Nigel telah menjadi siswa populer di sekolahnya setelah mendapatkan kekuatan istimewanya sebagai vampir. Tidak hanya itu ia berhasil menjadikan Chloe Sparrow--gadis yang telah lama ia incar--sebagai pacar. Semenjak itulah hidup Nigel Mullet terasa luar biasa. Ia sering dikelilingi oleh banyak siswi-siswi cantik dan bersinar dalam bidang olah raga karena kekuatannya sebagai vam [...]

I love Vampires as all my readers will know, Nigel however isn't your "typical" vampire. Thankfully he drinks blood and he doesn't sparkle, but he doesn't have the hot, suave, perfectness most vampires have these days. Nigel is your typical dork. He is very sweet and finally snagged himself a girlfriend after eighty, yes eighty years of being single.This book is hilarious, carries on in the same format as the first book in the series. I reviewed this also. It is in a diary format, written by our [...]

This book is about a 100 year old boy named Nigel. He is a vampire. He has a sister,mother,and dad.But he also has a girlfriend named Chloe. It was all going good but then Chloe started going crazy about becoming a vampire but Nigel did not want to change Chloe he only want to drink some of her blood. She tried to force him to change her but he did not want to so Chloe got a knife and cu this hand to put his blood on her neck but it did not happen. So Chloe just broke up with him. Then, in the n [...]

Nigel Mullet is a teenage vampire, albeit a wimpy one, and this book is his diary of a school term where he has to suffer all the woes that befall normal (i.e. non-vampires) teenagers such as having a girlfriend and having a petty rivalry with another student.I haven't read twilight before but others have said this is a parody of that. Nigel does attempt to write a vampire-romance novel and extracts are in the book which I thought did mock how I imagine the Twilight series would be but the overa [...]

PRINCE OF DORKNESS: MORE NOTES FROM A TOTALLY LAME VAMPIRE is a fun, loving book that takes the awkwardness of being a teen boy and the crazy ideas of being a vampire and smashes them together in this totally lame, but hilarious tween/teen cartoonish-novel. This is the second vampirish novel about Nigel who just wants to be happy, have a girlfriend and enjoy his new school year. Instead through the sappy poetry, crafty doodles, and loved crazed, irrational, wild, insensible adventures the reader [...]

*****SPOILER ALERT*****This book wasn't romantic at all(maybe just a little). You might think it is really romantic but the book was so intense you will always have to read a page and then turn back and read it again.Well it all starts off with a puny little vampire named Nigel. It was all normal until his girl friend Chloe asks him if he can transform her. Nigel before that has already told Chloe that to transform her he would have to cut himself and then drop some of his blood into one of her. [...]

The second book in the series. Nigel masih dengan kepercayaan dirinya yang agak kelewatan, sekarang mendapatkan saingan. Jason, seorang murid baru yang misterius, tiba-tiba saja mendapatkan perhatian *yang menurut Nigel, seharusnya untuk Nigel*. Selain itu, Nigel mulai merasa terganggu dengan Chloe yang semakin lama semakin menuntut Nigel untuk merubah dirinya menjadi vampir seperti Nigel. Tidak hanya urusan sekolah dan pacar, di rumah pun Nigel harus menghadapi kenyataan datangnya seorang vampi [...]

I was a little surprised when Xavier asked to read this book, because I didn't think either of the kids liked the prequel (Diary of a Wimpy Vampire, I believe). In any event, if you liked Diary of a Wimpy Vampire, you will probably like this as well, as it was a natural continuation of the trials and tribulations of a whiny teenaged vampire. We read the "American" version of this book, and I would say that it probably didn't need to be "Americanized", but if it were, the "translator" could have [...]

Our little friend Nigel got himself a girlfriend, and now that his vampire powers are in, he is finally cool. The problem with dating teenage girls though, is they want to be turned, so Nigel is faced with a whole new dilemma: To turn Chloe into a creature of the night, or to keep on postponing it. Hmm, what’s a teenage vampire to do?The idea for the book was interesting enough to write a sequel. For me the best part was being introduced to Grandpa. He had me laughing more than any other chara [...]

This book talks about a vampire named Nigel lost his love named Chloe because she was upset because he would not turn her in to a vampire . ehen she a makes decision to dump him then she goes right away to jason a werewolf then Nigel finds out he is a wolf. But then Chloe goes and follows jason then gets bit by jason while he transforms then she becomes a wolf . But as soon as Nigel fond out he freaked out because he fond out when a wolf jump on him then running off in the woods then transformin [...]

3.5 stars I didn't think this book was as good as the first one. It was repetitive and the first half of the book wasn't as amausing.For my full review please visit: shadowsireview/20

More amusing than the first one.

Gostei bastante da continuação e o desenvolvimento de todas as personagens. Estes livros fizeram parte integrante de um momento especifico na minha vida.

Just as funny as the first!

more about this book, please check on my review at : my-fantasy-readings.c

it was one of the best books i have read

The first one was better.

quite good and had a few good twists in it

Prince of Dorkness is about a boy who is going through high school, but he's a vampire. His girlfriend always asks him to turn her into a vampire. And there's some new guy in school, Jason and the main character was so jealous of him. This book was unexpected because there was a lot of events that I was not expecting. It was easy to read because it took me at least fifty seconds to read only one page.Nigel was boring I don't understand why he's a vampire I mean he should go to a vampire school i [...]

Pucuk dicinta ulam pun tiba, itulah istilah yang paling pas ketika melihat buku besutan Tim Collins seri kedua ini. Tidak melalui berbagai macam pertimbangan, langsung saya ambil deh ni buku :DSaya penasaran bagaimana kelanjutan curhatan Nigel Mullet, si vampire tengil yang sekarang sudah mendapatkan kekuatan vampire dan popularitas di sekolahnya.Di seri kedua ini Nigel sudah resmi pacaran dengan Chloe. Selain momen-momen menyenangkan yang terjadi di antara mereka seperti Chloe memperbolehkan Ni [...]

Hilarious and highly entertaining.

This one was even better than the first it was more funny and more adventurous


Actual rating: 4.5Yay!!!! The following up to Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire was just as awesome as the first one! I really worried in the beginning that it would be horrible since Nigel wasn't being his brooding, emo Edward Cullen self because he was dating Chloe, but he delivered. Way to come through for me Nig!Once again, this book was chock full of Twilight-ism put there to poke fun at the series. And as I said before, if Collins didn't intentionally do that, then he's an utter genius if [...]

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