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  • Title: Appetizers
  • Author: Ivan Rusilko Everly Drummond
  • ISBN: 9781936305704
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback

Recently named executive chef at one of Miami Beach s hottest restaurants, Jaden Thorne is determined to make her culinary mark and fulfill her professional dreams When Jaden is given highly coveted tickets to the ultra exclusive Winemaker s Dinner, she jumps at the opportunity to meet South Florida s wealthiest and most influential food and wine enthusiasts.Jaden s eyesRecently named executive chef at one of Miami Beach s hottest restaurants, Jaden Thorne is determined to make her culinary mark and fulfill her professional dreams When Jaden is given highly coveted tickets to the ultra exclusive Winemaker s Dinner, she jumps at the opportunity to meet South Florida s wealthiest and most influential food and wine enthusiasts.Jaden s eyes are drawn to the VIP section even before the appetizers appear, but she soon finds herself thinking less about networking and about the intriguingly sexy stranger eying her from across the room After dinner, what begins as a light hearted flirtation unexpectedly catapults into a night of explosive passion But when morning dawns, Jaden leaves her sleeping Mr Oh So Sexy behind, sure they ll never see each other again.Dr Ivan Rusilko, a handsome, young physician, boasts an extensive resume and a well established position on Miami Beach s social scene But despite his success and glamour, he s routinely had to suffer uninspiring dates and doomed relationships With a romantic heart, Ivan s not the love em and leave em type But when he awakens to find that the girl in the red dress has done exactly that, he resolves to find her only if it s just to ask why she left without even a kiss goodbye.The Winemaker s Dinner is a fictionalized erotic memoir inspired by the romantic triumphs and tragedies of Dr Ivan Rusilko s real life Weaving fact with fantasy, authors Everly Drummond and Dr Ivan Rusilko have gifted readers with a swoon worthy flesh and blood romantic hero and the intoxicating bouquet only a heartfelt tale of passionate love can create.

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Love’s sweetest intoxication………I picked this one up with the anticipation of reading something a little different. It appeared to be an erotic romance written by man – a male voice in a predominantly female authored genre. And will you just pause a moment, take a deep breath and take a look at the man that wrote it!!Yes, this is he. Dr Ivan Rusilko – a health and fitness guru, sexual health adviser, male model, body-builder, a Doctor and, obviously, drop dead gorgeous. Colour me happ [...]

Erotic romance with a heart and a hero you can believe in AND fall in love with. Great plot, great characters and frisky as hell. LOVE!!!

3.5 starsAt the risk of being crucified by all womankind and perhaps even the good Doctor himself(I only ask that you please anesthetize me first if you must do it) I'm going to be a little blunt with my opinions here but, only because that is what I would ask of someone reviewing my work.Being that Dr. Ivan Rusilko is an attractive man, I believe it would be incredibly easy to let that color my judgement of this novel. Particularly, as he has featured himself as one of the main characters in th [...]

It has been a long time since I’ve reviewed a book at 5 stars. What puts this book above others for me is the unique twist of using a real life person as the hero of a fiction novel. The publisher has referred to this as his "fictionalized erotic memoir." The fact this person is also the co-author, a doctor, a model, and Mr. USA not once, but twice? This by itself makes for a crazy mix in an erotic romance novel. The whole time reading this book I kept thinking, “Is this real? Is that real? [...]

I will leave a full review later When I can properly think ;)Here we go:I first heard about this book back at the Chicago RT Convention in April where I met Omnific Publishing. With them they had this beautiful man. This didn't come as big of a shock because many publishing houses or authors bring cover models with them as promotion. Then he was introduced as Doctor Ivan. Doctor? Did I hear that right? Before I can gather any thoughts on this it is also mentioned that he was Mr. USA, a bodybuild [...]

Just finished this, and I must say it is well named. Not to give too much away, but the ending? "Appetizers", indeed! Ivan and Everly leave readers ready for the entree! Lovers of erotic romance will love to read this fictionalized account of real life hottie Dr. Ivan Rusilko. (go ahead. Google Image Search is your friend.)

I would like to start out by saying that I’m so glad that reviews are written and not spoken, because I’m certain I would get lost in thought remembering my favorite parts of this book and start stammering like a fool. This is the first book in a series written by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond, called The Winemaker’s Dinner. This first installation, Appetizers, delivers a delicious tease to the palate that has me hungry for more! Jaden, a beautiful and talented chef at one of Miami [...]

I am a bit conflicted about this book. The writing is good (well done to Ivan for his first book!), but I am not sure what I think about mixing fiction and real-life events.Ivan (the real guy) appears to be one of those guys that are just great with everything they do - he is funny, hot as hell (just Google him), smart and seems like a sweet guy that loves his family. He has accomplished sooooo much at 28! If I was a guy, I would want to be him ;)Some people could argue that the book is a bit eg [...]

THE WINEMAKER’S DINNER-Appetizers by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly DrummondTHE WINEMAKER’S DINNER –Appetizers is the first novel (July 31, 2012 release) in The Winemaker’s Feast series co-written by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond. The storyline has been labeled a fictional account of Dr. Ivan’s life and love. But I wondered- How much of the book is fiction and how much of the book is fact? Of course, it doesn’t hurt, when a reader is able to put a face to a hero, and a face that [...]

The Winemakers Dinner: AppetizersBy Dr. Ivan Rusilko & Everly DrummondWhat is Love? The age-old question has been written, asked, and theorized throughout time but we never seem to get enough of it. The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizer was a journey for all the senses and truly kept you enticed throughout the whole book.One can relate to Jaden on so many levels because like many of us, she doesn’t see herself very clearly while the rest of the world sees the extraordinary woman that she is. [...]

I've heard the early buzz about this book. The buzz being that the writer is a male writing erotic romance. When I started reading The Winemaker's Dinner, I found the writing to be very formal. It made reading a little clunky. I also noticed, as I continued reading, that the hero, Dr. Ivan, was described in detail several times but the reader didn't know what Jaden, the heroine, looked like. After reading 50% of the book, I knew that she had black hair, green eyes and is 5'10". There were no des [...]

It seems that I only review books I really love. If you look at my ratings for other books you might notice a pattern. It's true againI LOVED THIS BOOK. I'm not the only person that feels that way about this particular book though if you'll notice on it really is rated pretty high.It's wonderfully erotic, romantic, even corny in a few places. The funny thing that intrigued me about this book is that it is a fictional story written by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and co/written by Everly Drummond but the fi [...]

A real life erotic novel actually written from a male point of view , the author is a real, living breathing doctor who resides in Miami and wrote the novel himself supposedly based on his real life past pursuits and trials and tribulations he has actually experienced. This novel has seemingly broken down the walls of the usually female dominated erotic author writing genre . Dr Ivan Rusilko's writing is full of heart and soul as he pursues his object of love the beautiful and talented chef Jayd [...]

really enjoyed this alot, I cannot wait to see what Jaden and Tasha get up to when they arrive at The Winemaker's Dinner.Great teaser and introduction to a unique heroine. I'm sure the sparks will fly come July 31st.Not since Fifty Shades of Grey and the likes of tv's Torchwood's love stories between Captain Jack Harkness and the man he stole the name from or the handsome Angelo Colasanto have i fallen so quickly for a male lead in a novel or a shows.The new exception to this is the wonderfully [...]

I really enjoyed reading this book and finished it over two nights. I'm a big fan of erotic fiction and it did not disappoint in that regard! Part of the appeal of this book also stems from knowing it's partly authored as a type of memoir. That's kind of hot in, and of itself, and makes you ask questions you wouldn't normally ponder when reading erotic fiction! The love story was realistic enough, the lifestyle portrayed by the young couple was fairly upmarket and glitzy, compared to my level of [...]

Yuck. Don't waste your money on buying it and don't waste your time on reading it. I thought, when I read the reviews, that it would be hot that this Dr used his life experiences to write the book but, to me, all it sounded like was a bunch of self-promoting. He talks about how wonderful he is throughoutd not in a good way. And the sad thing is it if this book had been listed as total fiction, it wouldn't be a bad read! But Dr. Rusilko's book sounds like a PR stunt, letting all the good readers [...]

The anticipation was killing me. I loved the book! Everly and Ivan did an excellent job! It was amazing reading the book and knowing that the man is real and a gentleman(making his parents proud. So enjoyed the way that the story flowed. I can't wait for the sequel! Move over Mr Grey there is a new man in town and he doesn't disappoint. Is there a doctor in the house?

Review and rating coming soon. If this isn't on your TBR list you need to add it!

2.5 to 3 stars. I really want to be fair in this review but to all my friends I have to tell you that I can't help but feel like I've taken one for the team. Hands down Ivan Rusilko, author, is an accomplished handsome guy with a beautiful body. I commend his efforts along with his co-author Everly Drummond in wanting to offer a male voice in a predominantly female authored genre. I know I've been very disappointed in the number of female authors who write a wonderful Hero while giving us less [...]

* I received this book for review at Book Savvy Babe blog.*There has already been buzz about The Winemaker’s Dinner. For starters, the book is highly unique in that is is a cross between a memoir and erotic fiction. My interest was piqued right there. However, from the minute I started reading, I was drawn into the story full of romance, heat, and glamour. I will tell you now, this book lives up to the hype, I loved reading The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers and it is one of my favorite read [...]

What a wonderfully romantic novel!  The intimate moments in the book were definately HAWT! but the book was about so much more than those moments.  There are moments in this book that literally take your breath away.  I had some minor issues with the book and I am sure that much will be made of them as the book continues along the path of its skyward trajectory, for instance- The endearment "Baby Girl" was so over used in the middle of the book that I had to stop reading for long moments to c [...]

The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers is co-written by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond. This is the first installment to The Winemaker’s Fest, a three book series. Dr. Ivan Rusilko is a doctor, former Mr. USA, and Sports model, who is hoping to find that special someone that is his “miracle”. Jaden Thorne is a new head chef at a Miami restaurant. The two meet at the Winemaker’s Dinner. Sparks fly immediately which lead to one very hot steamy night between the two. After finding out w [...]

If this was the appetizer, I can't wait to get my hands on the main course and dessert! Loved it!

Two of my favorite words are now "baby girl" If you haven't put this book on your TBR list yetyou need toNOW!Rating and review coming soon.

Haven't read it yet, but I'm dying to!!

Loved, loved, loved!! Ivan and Jaden rock! I can't get into book 2 quick enough. Great love story, steamy as hell, just everything you want in a romance.

This was pretty good. Ivan seemed almost to good to be true. There were eye rolling moments for me but otherwise this was a pretty good read.

From the very first page you are taken on an amazing journey that will incite your senses. A book has never ignited me sensually the way this one has. The authors pulled me in from page one and had me holding my breath until very last word. Their ability to mesh both fact with fiction introduces you into two very identifiable characters. I fell in love with both of them. I laughed, then I cried, I became mad and even huffed at least once. I found myself starting to talk to the characters. I want [...]

From the first introduction to our fabulous authors and the personal/fictional storyline, as a bit of a romantic, no matter how lusciously attractive and intelligent the author/main character is and how fabulously talented and personable the co-author is, I've been a cheerleader of team I-J. One hopes that such an enduring, selfless love exists and can survive life's various challenges. This book is more than a romance erotica novel but as well a drama. It reflects challenges those in relationsh [...]

Es una novela de romance contemporáneo con una saludable carga de optimismo, cortejo y erotismo.Es lectura liviana para llenar ratos de languidez con una historia de amor chispeante y romantiquísima. Trata de una chef que se ha mudado a Miami y sueña con que su carrera despegue a niveles de fama y reconocimiento. Cuando conoce al impresionante Doctor Iván Rusilko, se niega a verlo como una pareja real. Es demasiado guapo, demasiado VIP para ella. Sin embargo, la pasión les asalta a ambos de [...]

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