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  • Title: Luscious
  • Author: Amanda Usen
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  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

A sizzling second book in a new contemporary series featuring sexy chefs Newly divorced chef Olivia Marconi is balanced on the knife edge of a major meltdown A week in Italy with Sean, her hot divorce attorney not to mention the fantastic food and wine sounds like the perfect getaway If only she wasn t there to break her parents hearts by quitting the family business.A sizzling second book in a new contemporary series featuring sexy chefs Newly divorced chef Olivia Marconi is balanced on the knife edge of a major meltdown A week in Italy with Sean, her hot divorce attorney not to mention the fantastic food and wine sounds like the perfect getaway If only she wasn t there to break her parents hearts by quitting the family business Sean s attention makes her feel brave, desirable, and adventurous again But Sean is hiding something, and Olivia is short on trust these days Can a romantic interlude in Italy turn into something , or will it all go up in smoke

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I really, really loved Scrumptious but this one just fell flat for me. I found Olivia too whiny and irritating. I thought she was a strong person in the first book but she seemed to have a total breakdown which resulted in her sneaking away from her life and allowing her mama to tell her what to do. So not how I pictured her HEA. I liked Sean at first but he just didn't do it for me in the end. He wasn't honest enough with himself or Olivia for my liking. My biggest problem with this book was th [...]

This was an okay read. The story was good and I liked the characters. Olivia is a divorced chef. She was a bit annoying at times, but I did like her character. Sean was the biggest reason why I gave this a 3. He was passionate, and just delightful to read about. I mean he is Olivia's divorce attorney. It was very interesting to see how their relationship started. I did not read the first book of the series, and this book could be read as a standalone. I did like it, just wish it could have been [...]

This one didn't bother me as much as the first one did.I identified with Olivia (well, about a few things). Though, she was very whiny, and a bit of an idiot at times. Most times.I liked Sean. However, you can tell the author is not a lawyer. As Sean was worried about money on the trip. Well, since his CLIENT forced him to go to Italy on behalf of his case, that meant if not the whole trip, but part of it (room and board, plus flights, plus travel expenses) would have been billed to the client a [...]

It is no secret that I LOVE cooking and baking. Besides the joy and thrill of creating something unique and delicious which titillates the senses I also love the experience of eating: enjoying the tastes, smells and textures of food. Cooking is a hobby of mine, something to be enjoyed and cherished. So when I see books combining my love for cooking and romantic stories I’m doubly excited. My first ventures into this special kind of romantic category were with Nora Roberts’ Great Chefs series [...]

In January of this year I read a review by Pamela Clare of a book by a new author, Amanda Usen, that very much fit with the style of books I like to kick back and read. I enjoy foodie romance and love a book that has some fast-paced dialogue, so hearing about a new author is always a good thing for me. I finished that first book, Scrumptious, very quickly and couldn't wait for the follow-up book to what I believed to be the beginning of a great series. This was one of the best books I had read i [...]

Review originally posted at Ramblings From This Chick This was my first book by Amanda Usen and while I didn't love it I did find it enjoyable. I liked the characters and the world she has created though I did have some issues with some of it. At times I found myself really irritated with some of the characters, especially the heroine Olivia. Let me explain.Olivia is just getting out of a horrible marriage. She was married to a man that did nothing but bring her down and blame her for everything [...]

Rhys' guiltypleasuresbookreviewsOlivia Marconi is running away. From everything and everyone that she knows. Not because she doesn’t think she can do this, but she knows that she will fail again. After being shown up in her own kitchen by Marly, watching her and Joe fawn all over each other, than her failed marriage, Olivia is having an identity crisis in the biggest way. Running away is the only option, before she disappoints her family and friends again. Going back home to Italy to lick her [...]

ARC provided by NetGalley. Luscious, by Amanda Usen, is a continuation of her first book, Scrumptious, and is Olivia and Sean's story. Olivia Marconi, a chef and owner of the restaurant Chameleon, has recently divorced her husband, Kevin. And I say, "Good riddance." The loser was a horrible chef, and an even worse hubby. But her failed marriage is just one of the events that wreck havoc on Olivia's crumbling self esteem. She feels like an utter failure and a major disappointment to her family [...]

3.5 stars. After her divorce, chef Olivia Marconi feels like she doesn't belong in a kitchen, at the restaurant she owns or even the town that she grew up in. Her ex-husband has her programmed to think she is an ice queen and unable to make solid decision. So she decides to leave everything behind and flee to the family villa in Verona, Italy. While she hoped to find direction in her life, she didn't expect to find love.Sean has been in love with Olivia since grade school, but he's been waiting [...]

Originally posted at: longandshortreviewsspEven a chef gets the blues. When all else fails, it's time for a little something different. Say, going to Italy! Who knew a change of scenery could change a life? Certainly not Olivia. At least, not in the way that it happened.Do you ever just get burnt out, even with something you're passionate about? It happens. Everyone gets to that point some time in their life. That's what the heroine in Luscious faces. Olivia is ready for a change, and she's abou [...]

This was an ok read. Follow up to Scrumptious. We originally met Olivia Marconi in the previous book as the owner of Chameleon and we knew that she was going through with her divorce from her dead-beat, cheating husband, Keith and that Sean Kindred was her lawyer and old friends. This continues the story as Olivia and Sean travel to Verona, Italy, to visit with Olivia's family at their Villa.As Olivia tries to move on from her disastrous marriage that nearly ruined her restaurant, she's trying t [...]

This and other reviews available at Viviana, Enchantress of BooksItaly, great food, gorgeous men, romance and steamy scenes all make “Luscious” a book you’ll want to read. However, there is a great story encompassing the above adding depth, a great plot and wonderful characters you’re sure to fall in love with.“Luscious” begins where “Scrumptious” left off, Olivia, our heroine has finalized her divorced from her two-timing, sleaze ball, doesn't know how to cook even though he wen [...]

Verona, Italy. Romeo and Juliet, and a family inn and vineyard. Luscious descriptions of food prep:She chopped fennel and more garlic, glorying in the beauty of the simple ingredients.As she julienned the remaining carrots for the sheer pleasure of feeling her knife move, she felt an ease she hadn't enjoyed for months, maybe years. She felt drunk with the joy of creating somethingHigh school sweethearts who are coming together again, there's a sweet poignancy to Olivia and Sean's rekindled roman [...]

HI i have done a video and then now here the written one. The book is great read you go form usa to Italy.Olivia is the owner of a restaurant that om and daddy got her started in her parent wanted her to go to school and she did as she was told well she getting tired of the place and eery thing going on around her. She is need in Italy so she goes and put the houseup for sale and then she got the divorce form a good for nothing hubby.She left the restaurant to Marlene and JOE and says good buy h [...]

I really was hoping to enjoy this book, but sadly, it was a disappointment after the enjoyment I found in the first book. Olivia is too whiny, always running away from her problems or caving to the whims of others rather than standing up for herself. I lost all respect for her and had to force myself to finish the book on that principle alone! Sean seemed too wishy washy for my tastes as well, not wanting to move on her for one reason after another. Then, suddenly, all inhibitions on both their [...]

Olivia Marconi is a chef in need of some serious R&R. She’s just finalized her divorce, and she’s heading to Italy to spend some time with her parents. What she doesn’t bargain for is Sean Kindred following her there, even if he says it’s for work…Sean’s not letting Olivia slip through his fingers again, no matter what her parents say. This time, he’s playing for keeps. Even if Olivia isn’t.Luscious isn’t just a romance novel with yummy food. It’s a love story with a myst [...]

I finally finished this one. Apparently real life decided to take some reading time away from me this week. Olivia, who we met in Scrumptious (/book/show/13), decides after a rough couple years to visit her parents in Italy. Her divorce is finalized. She puts her house up for sale. She leaves Chameleon for Marlene and Joe to run. Sean, who had a high school crush on her and also handled her divorce, follows her to Italy for business. However, Sean also wants to try to make the most of his time w [...]

This is a delightful romp through restaurant kitchens. A chef who isn’t a chef, a dishwasher who is a chef, a daughter who is stronger than her mother, a divorce lawyer who wants his clients to reconcile… lots of interesting subplots and twists with characters who are well developed and fun to know. And if you can read the cooking and eating scenes without getting very hungry you are much stronger than I am! I’m looking forward eagerly to the next book in this series.Please see my complete [...]

I write and love foodie romance, so of course I had high hopes for this book going in, and I was not disappointed! The combination of romance and intriguing family subplot came together perfectly with Usen's hot hot hot hero and realistically flawed yet still very likeable heroine. The food details were just as mouth watering and perfect as Usen's first book, although this one stands alone perfectly too. Loved everything about it! Great, great read.

Book two of two. This book picks up directly where book one leaves off & should not be read as a stand-alone. I really like the lead male in this story. The lead female did not win me over as much. Supporting characters were pretty enjoyable.

A cute romance to get lost in. You can check out Viviana's full review of this title at Reading Between the Wines

Love, love, loved this book. Can't go wrong with Italy, wine, food and romance! The heroine's journey was so relatable. I'm always a big fan of more than friends stories and this one got it just right. Can't wait to see more from this author!

I thought this was a sweet and touching story. It held my interest until the last page. Now, if only I could go to Italy.

Sean Kindred is one sexy man!!!!

fun read

Too many of the emotional payoff moments (not the sexy ones, those were good) felt rushed. I'd have liked it more if the whole second half of the book would have just slowed down a little.

All I am going to say is that I am not wasting anymore of my time reading books written by Amanda Usen.

Easy read. Cute story.

Enjoyed it, just finished it a little too late :(

I have liked the first two books and would read more if there are some.

Didn't finish!


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