Love and Hunger

Charlotte Wood

Love and Hunger

Love and Hunger

  • Title: Love and Hunger
  • Author: Charlotte Wood
  • ISBN: 9781742377766
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback

The award winning author of The Children and Animal People, explores the solitary and shared pleasures of cooking and eating in an ode to good food, prepared and presented with minimum fuss and maximum love What s important is the fact of eating together the gathering at the table, the conviviality Love Hunger is a distillation of everything Charlotte Wood has leThe award winning author of The Children and Animal People, explores the solitary and shared pleasures of cooking and eating in an ode to good food, prepared and presented with minimum fuss and maximum love What s important is the fact of eating together the gathering at the table, the conviviality Love Hunger is a distillation of everything Charlotte Wood has learned over than twenty years about cooking and the pleasures of simple food well made In this age of gastro porn and the fetishisation of food, the pressure to be as expert as the chefs we ve turned into celebrities can feel overwhelming.An instant antidote to such madness is this wise and practical book an ode to good food, prepared and presented with minimum fuss and maximum love.Cooking represents creativity in its purest form It is meditation and stimulation, celebration and solace, a gift both offered and received It can nourish the soul and the mind as well as the body Love Hunger will make you long to get into the kitchen to try the surprising tips and delicious recipes, and will leave you feeling freshly inspired to cook with joy for the people you love Love Hunger is a gift for all who value the solitary and shared pleasures of cooking and eating Like a simple but glorious meal, this feast of a book is infused with warmth and generosity.Acclaimed and award winning novelist Charlotte Wood also writes the popular cookery blog How to Shuck an Oyster and is a brilliant home cook and food enthusiast An invitation to dinner at Charlotte s house is always cause for celebration.

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I have just finished Charlotte Wood’s Love and Hunger and urge everyone to read it, especially those who must cook every night and resent it, or avoids cooking when they can because they consider it a chore. This book has the power to reignite a passion for life, friendship, food and the everyday.Part memoir and part recipe book, Love and Hunger can be read cover to cover, as I did, just like a novel, or can be dipped into when the moment requires. Charlotte’s unusual cook book is the wise f [...]

Charlotte Wood's Love & Hunger combines delicious yet simple recipes and cooking tips with philosophical and personal ruminations. It is easily read from cover to cover but then deserves a place amongst your shelves of recipe books, to be pulled out frequently when looking for menu inspiration. Charlotte derives great pleasure from cooking and this book is infused with her passion, but rather than preaching about the correct steps and right tools, Love & Hunger is a conversation about fo [...]

I have to confess that my motives for reading this book were not initially as pure as the driven snow. I originally borrowed it from the library because I needed a book written by an Australian author with a bright cover to satisfy the criteria for one of the challenges I was doing this year. And I realised, as I scrolled through my Australian author bookshelf on , that most of the covers I could see (and admittedly there are sometimes different cover variations on the books I get from the libra [...]

Stand-by for a bit of a rave because I LOVED this book. I am partial to good food. In fact, I enjoy cooking almost as much as reading… so when the two interests combine, it’s thrilling (for me, anyway). Charlotte Wood’s Love & Hunger is part memoir, part cookbook.The book is a wonderful collection of Wood’s thoughts on food, cooking and enjoying meals with friends and family. It includes practical kitchen advice and a generous serving of tempting recipes, accompanied by Wood’s warm [...]

This book is fully of little insights and personal commentary from the author, and what looks like some delightful recipes throughout the book - although I haven't tried any of them.I didn't really like the first person narrative, and by the end of the book found it rather boring, almost like I was being lectured about food - how I should think/ feel, and even react to food. I mean honestly! On and on it goes about this was my experience, and so it should also be yours, right?! No, I don't think [...]

I’ve talked before on my blog here about how I don’t really like cooking that much. I like the idea of cooking. I like finding things that I’d like to eat and cutting the recipes out of magazines, or whatever, for a rainy day. I buy cookbooks. But when it comes down to it, I don’t really like the creation process of cooking, especially with 2 young children underfoot. My husband works nights and I find the time between say 5-8pm the most difficult to get things done. The kids are bored, [...]

I hate cooking with a passion and I work with eating disorders. So yes, my relationship with food is complicated. A friend lent this to me to me as one of my 2013 goals was to get in to cooking and the literature I tend to read around food involves being literally afraid of food. I think her words were "Here's someone who actually has a healthy relationship with food. Read." So I did, and she was right. Very right. In more ways than one.Admittedly I was bored at times, but this book did somethin [...]

The best food writers are those who delight in the preparation of good food and in sharing it with loved ones, and novelist Charlotte Wood is one such writer. In her memoir, Love and Hunger, Wood writes about her passion for cooking in the plain-spoken lyricism readers of her novels have come to love.Read full review here: newtownreviewofbooks/2012/

Memories of food and life interwoven with recipes. The author eloquently articulates everything I’ve felt about cooking, but have never known exactly how to express.

Not quite a memoir, not quite a cook book, I was recommended this by a new friend at work and thought I had best push on through even though I was bored. I love cookbooks but really prefer to have pictures throughout which this doesn’t have and I didn’t find her memoirs engaged me either. Maybe this just isn’t my kind of book. Having said that, I know now I am never attempting to make pastry again, I will make labneh and I have new great recipes for puy lentils and wild rice, decadent look [...]

I enjoyed this book immensely. More a collection of vignettes on food and the way it figures in Wood's life, Love and Hunger fulled my already burgeoning foodie tendencies and has inspired me to get back into the kitchen and create. Each chapter is a self-contained story, followed by corresponding recipes. Sometimes I would skip ahead just to see the deliciousness that the chapter would allude to. Wood's recipes are simple, but fresh and colourful, and this is way I prefer to cook. Her emphasis [...]

Light, indulgent, thoughtful -- just like the kind of food Wood writes about so lovingly. I enjoyed the mix of personal reflection and enquiry into the everyday rituals of eating and sharing food & it made me think about the little rituals that permeate my own family and that have shaped an approach to food. My Mum is a wonderful cook, but a cookbook cook -- never deviating from the recipe while I tend to (sometimes at my peril) experiment and play withhold and flavours. Can't get over a lit [...]

A Christmas gift from a friend.A very thoughtful gift at that - and I read it immediately and "gobbled it up" in 2 days or so. I only rated it 3 stars because I liked it and enjoyed Charlotte's musings and sentiments on food, giving and sharing as a form of nurturing and love. It was a very gentle read and I sure loved seeing her recipes.

Not a book that's going to set the world on fire but nonetheless an enjoyable read. I really liked the author's invocation of community, generosity and caring as integral to cooking and sharing food.

The book is full of joie de vivre, sensuality and good common sense. It makes you want to cook, and live generally, even better, engaging with life moment-by-moment. And I love Wood's voice – sensible and lightly humorous, modest and thoughtful. She is a wise writer.

Loved this book, inspiring & moving look at food

A very personal account of Charlotte's relationship with food. I found a lot of it quite boring. She did however impart the secret of pastry and I will be making a few of the recipes.

A book to warm you through. Its mindful generosity is a great pleasure. So many fab recepies to try to boot

loved this book, so many parts of the story resonated with me

I really enjoyed this book - full of wonderful stories around food and family and friends - and I've tried some of the recipes. Thank you Charlotte!

Really enjoyed reading this book, witty, entertaining, heartfelt along with some great recipes. It would be a wonderful gift to give to a friend too.

Loved this book. Full of insights about food a d feeding and how they relate to love.

Wood's prose is warm, honest, startlingly eloquent and her musings about food and cooking are elegant yet sincere. As utterly enjoyable as a thick slice of rich, luscious butter pound cake.

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