Circle of Danger

Carla Swafford

Circle of Danger

Circle of Danger

  • Title: Circle of Danger
  • Author: Carla Swafford
  • ISBN: 9780062117847
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback

In a follow up to Carla Swafford s sexy Circle of Desire, the agents of The Circle a top secret group of assassins are back and on the hunt for a dangerous drug lord capable of bringing women to the brink of pleasure and devastation.Marie Beltane, a lowly data entry specialist for The Circle, resents being treated like a little girl and wants to help by proving she sIn a follow up to Carla Swafford s sexy Circle of Desire, the agents of The Circle a top secret group of assassins are back and on the hunt for a dangerous drug lord capable of bringing women to the brink of pleasure and devastation.Marie Beltane, a lowly data entry specialist for The Circle, resents being treated like a little girl and wants to help by proving she s worthy of being a full fledged operative Disobeying Arthur Ryker s orders to stay out of the way, she accepts a simple fact finding assignment only to have everything go horribly wrong Now she s been injected with the drug responsible for the deaths of four local women, a drug that puts her sex drive into overdrive.Ryker wants nothing than to keep Marie safe from the world He s already killed to protect her from one madman, and he may have to do it again While on a search for an antidote to her mysterious drug, he falls into a trap and must fight a new evil Now he must become the monster he s always feared to save the woman he s always loved.

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Excellent Book!!!Circle of Danger was an action packed adventure, romantic love story, tale of overcoming past trauma, and steamy sex scenes all rolled into one.Our hero, Ryker, is a strong dashing one eyed alpha male with physical and emotional scars as a result of things that happened to him in his childhood. Ryker is head of a an exclusive secret agency, The Circle, that handles multiple types of cases in a covert manner. He and our heroine, Marie, were raised in the circle's headquarters by [...]

Love Love Love it. It's the fast paced, sexy read I loved in Circle of Desire. I can't wait to read the next installment of this series.

What the hell did I just read ?!!!!!!After a good start with Circle of Desire this was a complete let down for me and based on the number of 4* rating this book received, then it seems I read the wrong book.Firstly the heroine Marie,spent 9 years with The Circle but was clueless. This is a 21 year old who grew up with violence & a shadowy group of mercenaries,you either joined them or stick with what you know. Marie has no training or ability to fight.wait she does know taekwondo, she has be [...]

2nd book in series. Its about Ryker and Marie. Ryker is Collins brother, who Theo has told his brother died and has abused into a soldier. When Olivia and Collin join to kill Theo Ryker does the actual kill. He hates Theo for how he abused him and raised him. He now is the head of the Circle, being Collin stepped down and the OS and Circle have combined. Marie was Theo's underage mistress (after Olivia was kicked out being to old at 18.) Ryker has always had a soft spot for Marie since she came [...]

A break from my usual, that's for sure. I'm not sure I would have read it if I hadn't heard the author speak at a local meeting. She was down to earth, genuine and approachable. So I took a chance on her series and I admit it, I'm hooked! The Circle books are part James Bond, part Sookie Stackhouse, and part Sherrilyn Kenyon (minus the supes). I love the "agencies" she created, and the damaged, but very human, people who work there. It's the kind of book you can escape in.If you blush easily, ho [...]

Why won't let us add 1/2 stars? This was a definite 4 !/2 stars! Second in the Circle trilogy, the writing was tight, the action fast paced and the sex HOT. I enjoyed the more in depth character development in this book.Ryker and Marie were both damaged and formulated by their past. Their love was tested in the worst way possible. I loved this book even more than the first one. I only got mad once at a twist in the story read it and find out why!

I mistakenly read the books out of order, reading this one first. So make sure that you read this one second because it has spoilers in it for the first book. The story line is intriguing keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next bomb to drop. Well written and worth the time to read. Great job Carla!

Book 2 in the Circle series continues to draw the reader into the secret undercover world of two elite agencies battling the forces of evil. This book has a better flow than book 1 and shows the author has grown in her writing skills. I am really enjoying the series and am looking forward to book 3.

A fantastic quick paced all around good read. It's even better than the 1st book in the series. The characters are well developed as well as the plot. I'm glad that there will be a 3rd one in the series will be something I definitely want to read.

4.5 Stars - Since the Circle of Desire set up the whole premise of The Circle and the OS all that information wasn't needed in Circle of Danger we were able to cut right down to the good stuff! Great action packed romance!

I loved Circle of Danger by Carla. I stayed up several nights reading and was so caught up in the action. You will be wondering.what's next? I enjoyed reading Ryker and Marie's story.Thank you Carla!

This book is not for the faint at heart. Intense, captivating, non stop suspense & action coupled with hot & all-consuming love scenes. Arthur & Marie's story is the second book in Carla Swafford's series.

While I liked Circle of Desire, this sequel has a much tighter plot and was a more enjoyable read. I definitely look forward to the next book in the series!

As of 2/14/13$.99 for Kindle

This is a great trilogy!

This book was my favorite of the 2, I loved Marie and Ryker and how their love for each other sustained everything they went through. Looking forward to the next book.

Did I read the same book as those of you who gave this thing four stars?Before I eviscerate this book, let me just say that I admire writers tremendously. It is so difficult to create characters who inspire us to care about them and to send those characters on a path that keeps us entertained, interested and emotionally invested. I try really hard not to write negative reviews about books; I would rather not write a review at all than pick apart an author's work.But when I read something like Ci [...]

The second book in The Circle series had more suspense and deeper emotional turmoil for both characters than there was in the first book, and the plot promised a lot of intense sexual interaction between the main characters. I mean, could you pass up a story centered around a drug that throws a woman’s libido into overdrive. Does anyone remember Bella and Zsadist and the needing? Something like that, but not for the purpose of procreation.Honestly, I didn’t remember much of Marie’s (21) br [...]

I overlooked that this was the second book in a series when I requested it, but the summary just made it sound like sexy fun so I had no regrets. I still have no regrets because it was indeed sexy fun for me! Even more, I was really able to get into the setting of the book because I'm a southern girl. So when I read the wordsAtlanta,Stone Mountain, and Tennesee, of course I'm all in. It just made it that much easier to really get into the setting.I was a little worried when I started Circle of D [...]

จะเริ่มต้นที่ตรงไหนดี เพราะทุกอย่างในเล่มนี้ผิดพลาดไปทั้งหมด เราซึ่งประทับใจกับหนังสือเล่มแรกในชุด (และเป็นเล่มแรกที่คนแต่งเขียน) เรื่อง Circle of Desire รู้สึกผิดหวังจนบอกไม่ถูกเลยน [...]

I did enjoy reading this book. Although i did fine that if there wasnt any action going on that thel slow parts really were slow. I found myself trying to quickly read through those patients instead of taking my time and trying to gather information. I feel like Marie was almost too innocent. I liked her but i felt that her determination to be a strong women was always overcome by her innocence and her ignorance. I thought that if she had been in the Circle for so long she would have better unde [...]

This is a R rated type book filled with violence, sex, and foul language. The whole book evolves around sex and I did not enjoy this read at all.

Received my book today. :) Will read and review soon! Thanks!!

I did enjoy this book but the plot was a little too far fetched.

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