On Fallen Wings

Jamie McHenry

On Fallen Wings

On Fallen Wings

  • Title: On Fallen Wings
  • Author: Jamie McHenry
  • ISBN: 9781468145724
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback

Faeries are supposed to be perfect.Rhiannon was Her life was Then her betrothed disappeared.She tried to be strong She asked for help There s only so much trying and asking will do.So, she took action.That s when everything fell apart.On Fallen Wings is book one in the Stone Portals series.

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I wrote it and I keep reading it.

If you want to see more of my reviews, check out my blog @ Moosubi Reviews!Rating Clarification: 2.5 / 5 StarsAlthough this book was definitely well edited and had beautiful prose, On Fallen Wings wasn’t a book that appealed to me…My main problem with this book was the heroine, Rhiannon. I had a hard time believing Rhiannon was the perfect Fae that everyone expected her to be. According to Fae rules, she wasn’t supposed to hurt anyone on purpose – however, I found that there were many in [...]

Twists all over the place, a well laid plot, and extremely well written. I will look forward to reading on in the series. Rhiannon is a girl whose fiance goes missing and she has to decide between betraying her village and saving him, or losing everything she loves.

I loved this book! Very few books have gotten me so emotionally involved with the characters and the choices they make. I can't wait for the next book!!

Great story! Interesting and well written. I am looking forward to finding out what happens in the next book. :)

1.5 starsUsually when I give a book one star, it means that the writing was terrible. That's not the case in this book, though; the writing was just fine,even poetic at times, but the story and the characters annoyed me terribly. The story is so mushy (I am not a fan of mushy romance) that I rolled my eyes at the book a few times. There are a few subplots that have the potential to be pretty interesting, but the love story is almost all that is talked about the first half of the book. The second [...]

I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/14425062

Romance novels are not my cup of tea - really. But this one was suppose to be about faeries and adventure as well.The characters are fairly real and conversations were good and the plot was interesting yet for some reason I finished the book not caring much for it. I still can't place my finger on what it is about the book that felt a little sour, because I can see that most would truly enjoy the book.The faerie part really surprised me, because she isn't a tiny creature with wings - she's as [...]

1.5 stars -- I don't like writing reviews where I didn't enjoy the book as a wholeI get so emotionally involved with my reading, that when I'm disappointed I tend to get angry and cranky. So all in all, this was NOT a Lenore kind of book.I spent most of the book wondering when something was going to happen. So again, doesn't make the book bad, but definitely not what I usually enjoy reading. Lots of description of daily life, and lots of moments where I expect the plot to start ramping up and he [...]

I received this book through First Reads.This book was not filled with a lot of action but it seemed to be more about relationships and character development. The last third of the book is a bit more suspenseful and Rhiannon is faced with some difficult decisions. Rhiannon is definitely a different person by the end of the story and how she relates to Sean, her family and Cael is interesting. Cael was the most difficult character to get a handle on and I wasn't sure if I should like or dislike [...]

The book is very well written and certainly has an interesting background (lifestyle, way of living). However, I found that there was almost too much character development. The story took a long time to get "epic". Once the story did get moving along, it went by too fast. After looking at the author's website, I realize that it is the first part of a series of books. I hope that the author will move the story along more in future books and I'll certainly read them to find out. As a "first part" [...]

Sometimes books are difficult to read, but the characters are really likable or the plot is so interesting that I can't stop reading even while I groan at the writing. Sometimes I just don't care enough about the characters to continue reading. Unfortunately, this book fell into the latter category. As a reader, I like to see characters' emotion through their actions, but here I was just told. It was frustrating, because I really wanted to like the book. Maybe it got better later, but I couldn't [...]

The book started off well I enjoyed the writing style. Characters were likeable and the setting was beautiful. But the book went on and on without any action. It took half way through the book for any action to really take place. I'm all about character development but this was excessive. I felt that a lot of the details could of been deleted. Even when the action did pick up in the last half I found that I had lost interest by this point and was merely trying to get through it. I don't think I [...]

This certainly wasn't as dark as books that I have being reading recently, I thought that entering into a fantasy world would be a lot lighter and more entertaining. I did find that the dilemma that Rhiannon found herself facing could have happened to anyone, and the fact that she was one of the Fae was purely incidental. The plotline was a bit tired and I couldn't really get enthusiastic about any of the characters, maybe it makes more sense in the sequel but I have to decide if I want to go to [...]

Featured as a pick of the day back in May 2013 or so, and whilst the synopsis seemed promising, the actual book turned out to be deadly, deadly dull.It was nearly abandoned as DNF many times, and it was only due to a woman-ful effort that I managed to drag myself through it so it's a yawning 2 stars from me.Although dull, there weren't too many 'bad or ugly bits'; you can see the full Blog Post #448.

I liked this book--it was a little slow to begin with, but once the action got going I was hooked. I was actually really glad that the author ended the book the way he did--it was sad, but I liked how it was more realistic, rather than a nice tied-up bow at the end. It made a much more interesting story emotionally.

Loved this book! Got if free for kindle one day a while back, and just now finished it! Never thought that i would get into a fairie book! But wow, i sure was wrong! I flew threw it! At first, it was so perfecten it became soooooo sad! I almost couldnt believe itw its over, I NEED MORE! Just got a sample of the 2nd book and im so sad that i cant buy it right now.

A romance novel masquerading as fantasy.

It was a very adventorous book! Loved the sequences between Rhiannon being happy, to tragedy, leading to confusion. I enjoyed this book very much. Make this the next book on your "to-read" list :)

Great book. Loved it.

It was like reading cheap fish and chips. Classic but boring. Doesn't have any sides , easy to make and incredibly common. Could have been good but lacked likable characters

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