A Fear Of Dark Water

Craig Russell

A Fear Of Dark Water

A Fear Of Dark Water

  • Title: A Fear Of Dark Water
  • Author: Craig Russell
  • ISBN: 9780099522669
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback

Just as a major environmental summit is about to start in Hamburg, a massive storm hits the city When the flood waters recede, a headless torso is found washed up Initially, Jan Fabel of the Murder Commission fears it may be another victim of a serial rapist and murderer who stalks his victims through internet social network sites, then dumps their bodies in waterways arJust as a major environmental summit is about to start in Hamburg, a massive storm hits the city When the flood waters recede, a headless torso is found washed up Initially, Jan Fabel of the Murder Commission fears it may be another victim of a serial rapist and murderer who stalks his victims through internet social network sites, then dumps their bodies in waterways around the city But the truth of the situation is far complex and even sinister Fabel s investigations lead him to a secretive environmental Doomsday cult called Pharos , the brainchild of a reclusive, crippled billionaire, Dominik Korn Fabel s skills as a policeman are tested to their utmost as he finds himself drawn into an unfamiliar, high tech world of cyberspace, where anyone can be anybody or anything they want And he quickly realises that he is no longer the hunter, but the hunted.

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Craig Russell’s A fear of dark water, is the sixth book in the Jan Fabel series and serves as my introduction to the loveable detective! I think, unless my memory fails me, and for once I don’t think it does, this is also the first fictional book I’ve read set in Germany. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially from an eerie looking book jacket, but what I did find between the covers surprised me.Just as a major environmental summit is about to start in Hamburg, a massive storm hi [...]

Book 6 in the Jan Fabel series is more of a thriller, with cyber crime, a shadowy doomsday cult, environmental activism, some brain hurting quantum physics, and a serial rapist and murderer, a tough and tiring challenge for the Hamburg polizei's Mordkommission. You don't have to have read the earlier books but I guarantee you will seek them out post haste if you haven't. Russell is a skilful storyteller and a good writer (they don't always go together) whose books have multiple strands that draw [...]

Perfectly good reading. Nicely drawn characters of detectives, team and likely suspects. Great description of locations. Little poor language which is a blessing with this type of thriller these days.A nice change to be set somewhere other than the States - it is in Hamburg - it is a very similar style to many of this popular genre which frequently have hostile and limited vocabularly. RUSSELL AVOIDS that trap of delimiting his narrative by the lowest common denominator and is the better for it. [...]

This is the second book I have read in this series and I am pleased to note the author has stopped his irritating habit of referring to the police ranks and organisations by their German names. This is an interesting story but Fabel and his team do not come across as real people and frankly they do not do much to solve the crimes. There was a nice twist at the end though. I doubt I will look for the other books in this series.

I love this series (and Hamburg, although I’ve never been there). Operatives of a Scientology-like cult are murdering people right and left and Jan Fabel must put a stop to the killing.

„Strach przed ciemną wodą” to szósta i ostatnia zarazem część „Cyklu hamburskiego” opowiadającego o zmaganiach nadkomisarza Jana Fabla z mordercami, psychopatami i dewiantami maści wszelakiej. Tytuł powieści może wydawać się nieco przydługi, ale wydaje mi się, że „Talasofobia” wielu potencjalnym czytelnikom kojarzyłaby się raczej z podręcznikiem akademickim. O ile mi wiadomo, Russell parał się w swoim życiu wieloma różnymi zajęciami (był m. funkcjonariuszem [...]

I sincerely hope that this isn’t the end of the Jan Fabel series! This most recent (the sixth) installment is an enjoyable and exciting read. Fabel finds himself embroiled in another complex murder case here and Russell weaves in a lot of elements into this plot, from serial killers to environmental politics even to some quantum physics and some advanced technology. Despite this span of topics covered, the plot doesn’t quite reach the same levels of unpredictability that made previous books [...]

I read the German edition called "Tiefenangst"Eine Wasserleiche ohne Extremitäten im Hamburger Hafen und eine verschwundene Freundin des Komissars Jan Fabel, dazu noch eine undurchsichtige Organisation. Kein Buch zum zwischendurch mal aus der Hand legen. Komplex erzählt und oftmals den Leser in die Irre führend. Erst später führen alle Handlungsfäden an einem Punkt zusammen. Spannungsreiche Cliffhanger am Ende der einzelnen Kapitel reizen zum Weiterlesen, denn natürlich bleibt es nicht be [...]

Jan Fabel, Head of Hamburg's Murder Commission, has his heaviest workload yet. There have been 3 victims of the "Network Killer" who is still at large; a torso has been swept up after a storm and there are fears for delegates and their property being targeted at a forthcoming high profile environmental summit.I have read all of the previous books in the Jan Fabel series and after downloading this in 2011, I cannot think why I haven't read this earlier. This has all of the usual elements that I p [...]

This is the 6th book in the series featuring the Hamburg based policeman Jan Fabel, but not my favourite. The series to date has intrigued by introducing an intelligent, clean living and somewhat tortured man who has struggled to get to grips with some of the most violent crimes you can imagine. He’s lost members of his team along the way and carries the mental scars with him. This book, however, is quite different with its focus on cyber crime and cultism. It’s over complex and, to be hones [...]

a most enjoyable read . a real sense of menace all through the book ,even when nothing sinister was happening to the characters. that feeling you get when you are fretting for them because even the most innocent action seems like a threat . excellent . there's a lot of philosophical questions asked in this book . food for thought rather than anything navel gazing and that added to the story .

I enjoyed this book and read it through C D s. The interaction between characters was good and the plot developed well. There were sequences which were gripping, especially the opening scene. It was slightly too long, with too many debates about and references tothe environment and other subjects. I did enjoy the German backdrop and I will read another book by Craig Russell in the Jan Fabel series.

I didn't find this story as nearly as interesting as the last two Fabel books, which were the highs of the series for me. Also, guessed the twist from almost the beginning of the book. There were still nice moments, such as the redemption of the cyber thief. Hope there are still more Fabel books to come.

I can't really connect with the world that the writer has created. The characters are interesting and they develop to a satisfying degree but something feels off.I'm going to give this series a try. I'm going to read one or two other books. But if it doesn't improve, I'm afraid I'll have to drop it. It's the world of the psy that does not sit with me well.

There are a few authors over the years that I have always looked forward to reading and never been disappointed. Craig Russell is one of them. His Jan Fabel series has been a constant delight and this is no different. Cinematic in scope and intricately plotted, this is another feather in his cap.

a well written and well researched thriller. The central character is endearing but not too quirky -it seems all cops or private I's these days have enough eccentricities for a small town on their own. As a thriller it had me on the edge of the seat till the very end.

Really only 3.5, but I'm feeling generous.

Really good - finished this ages ago not much good at keeping up with !

The first of Craig Russell's Jan Fabel novels that I have read, and it was very readable although I prefer his Lennox books set in Glasgow.


I loved this book. A crime has been committed and as it is set in the 21st century the way to find him is using the internet as "he" uses it too.

Not quite as good as previous FABEL novels but still very intriguing.

It was a bit of a slow start but after that it was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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