Imitation of Death

Cheryl Crane

Imitation of Death

Imitation of Death

  • Title: Imitation of Death
  • Author: Cheryl Crane
  • ISBN: 9780758258885
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover

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Cheryl Crane, daughter of movie icon Lana Turner, brings her Hollywood insider expertise to the second book in a star studded mystery series featuring celebrity realtor turned sleuth Nikki Harper and her screen goddess mother, Victoria Bordeaux Nikki Harper is a superstar among Hollywood realtors Among private investigators however, she s strictly amateur, and her first cCheryl Crane, daughter of movie icon Lana Turner, brings her Hollywood insider expertise to the second book in a star studded mystery series featuring celebrity realtor turned sleuth Nikki Harper and her screen goddess mother, Victoria Bordeaux Nikki Harper is a superstar among Hollywood realtors Among private investigators however, she s strictly amateur, and her first case was a Waterworld sized disaster But when a body turns up in a dumpster behind Victoria Bordeaux s mansion, Nikki feels duty bound to get involved.Before his demise, Eddie Bernard was the uber privileged son of one of the biggest TV producers of all time, and a spoiled, violent, party boy loser The list of people glad to see him gone could stretch from one end of Bel Air to the other In fact, about the only person Nikki s sure is innocent is the prime suspect Jorge Delgado, her childhood friend and the son of Victoria s housekeeper With the D.A and the media throwing the words death penalty around, Nikki has to help.Victoria, of course, can t wait to delve into another Tinseltown scandal, and soon Nikki is submerged in a secret world of celebrity drug dealing, dangerous cults, conniving stars, illegal aliens and, of all things, the Food Network With the aid of a voyeuristic neighbor and some good old fashioned bribery, Nikki starts to close in on the truth But can she keep Jorge from facing the final curtain while keeping herself out of a killer s spotlight

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I was very interested in reading IMITATION OF DEATH by Cheryl Crane after I knew a little of the author’s background. Cheryl Crane is the daughter of Hollywood movie legend, Lana Turner. Interestingly, Crane herself committed murder in 1958 at the age of 14 when she fatally stabbed her mother’s abusive boyfriend. The stabbing was ruled to be justifiable homicide because she was protecting her mother at the time. Crane has written an autobiography, Detour: a Hollywood Tragedy – My Life With [...]

IMITATION OF DEATH (Nikki Harper Mysteries #2) by Cheryl CraneIMITATION OF DEATH is the second novel (August 2012 release) in Cheryl Crane’s Nikki Harper Mystery series. Cheryl Crane is the daughter of screen legend Lana Turner and brings much of her ‘inside Hollywood’ style into her storylines.The Nikki Harper series focuses on the mother daughter duo of world famous screen actress Victoria Bordeaux and her amateur investigator daughter Nicolette ‘Nikki’ Harper. The pair can be found [...]

“Nikki and Victoria Sleuth Again…”It started out as another boring Friday night on glitzy and glamorous Roxbury Drive with Hollywood realtor; Nikki Harper, spending it “Jeremy-less” at her Mother’s (Retired silver screen star; Victoria Bordeaux ) elegant home due to her own apt. being painted. When loud music, signaling another wild Eddie Bernard party next door, was punctuated by a loud gunshot, Nikki, Victoria, and actor/friend Marshall rush to the Bernard property to find a heated [...]

What could be finer on a cold winter day than a cozy from sunny California?“Imitation of Death” by Cheryl Crane is the second mystery featuring Nicolette “Nikki” Harper, a Hollywood celebrity realtor who is also the daughter of fictional Hollywood star Victoria Bordeaux (just as author Cheryl Crane is the actual daughter of film legend Lana Turner).The present-day murder mystery begins with a pair of pruning sheers. Nikki is not a detective by trade, but she can’t help but get involved [...]

Nicolette (“Nikki“) Harper is the daughter of Victoria Bordeaux - a famous movie star back in her day - and the two have a great relationship. In fact, when our story begins, Nikki is living with her mom while her own house is being re-painted, and even though Nikki doesn’t live the ‘high life,’ she does like to try it once in a while.Lounging by the pool one afternoon, Nikki, her mom and a friend are enjoying their luxurious day when all of a sudden the house next door becomes more th [...]

This is the first book from Cheryl Crane that I have read. This book was a nice read for a rainy day. I like the characters, Nikki and her Mom Victoria are the perfect Hollywood Mother and Daughter team. The story was fun, the characters were interesting. I did not figure out who did it until the very end. Though the murderer was one of the three people I thought might have done it. Over all a fun read, I will get the next book in the series to read soon.

I continue to be totally entertained by Cheryl Crane's Nikki Harper. As the daughter of a Hollywood star. her protagonist brings up the world in which she grew up. This time the mystery was who killed her next door neighbor and blamed the gardener. It was a well plotted journey to the end and I look forward to reading her next book.

Nikki Harper, real estate agent to the stars, springs into action when her mother's gardener, a man she grew up with, is accused of murdering a rich, spoiled playboy. Nikki's mother, screen legend Victoria Bordeaux, gives advice and helps as Nikki investigates a cultlike church, an upscale nightclub, and other locales trying to find the murderer who framed her friend.

A light and entertaining beach chair read. The author doesn't stray far from her roots creating screen siren and movie mogul characters You can see the inspiration of Lana, Elizabeth, Rita, Jennifer, etc.The plot line is simple but clever. The setting and supporting cast is effectively designed. Kudos to the author. And I am looking forward to the other books in the series.

This is the second Nikki Harper Mystery. The main character, Nikki Harper, is a real estate agent in Los Angeles. However the main area that the novel takes place in is the house of her mother, movie star,Victoria Bordeaux. Little violence just sifting through clues.

needless to say, the copy I read had a different cover

wow! I'm amazed! Definitely need to read her other ones!

A fun, lighthearted mystery, the second book in Cheryl Crane's Nikki Harper series. Very enjoyable and engaging.

Even better then the first book.

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