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  • Title: Mine
  • Author: Mary Calmes
  • ISBN: 9781613724262
  • Page: 446
  • Format: ebook

Trevan Bean has a job that s going from illegal to frightening, a boyfriend who may not be in his right mind, and a guardian angel who might actually be evil incarnate Add to that the reappearance of his boyfriend s estranged family, death threats, kidnapping, and the struggle of saving money to realize a dream, and Trevan has a lot on his plate But Trevan is up to the cTrevan Bean has a job that s going from illegal to frightening, a boyfriend who may not be in his right mind, and a guardian angel who might actually be evil incarnate Add to that the reappearance of his boyfriend s estranged family, death threats, kidnapping, and the struggle of saving money to realize a dream, and Trevan has a lot on his plate But Trevan is up to the challenge he promised Landry a happily ever after, and Landry s going to have it if it kills him It just might.Landry Carter was a broken doll when they met two years ago but has grown into a partner who can stand at Trevan s side most of the time Now that Trevan s life just got scary and Landry just got himself kidnapped Trevan has to hope Landry s love stays strong through this newest challenge, because the happily ever after won t happen if Trevan has to go it alone.

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Author of the Month and… official MC cherry popping.How do I rate this thing? Is there like a Calmesian scale? If I were to rate this on the level of cray cray, there aren't enough hearts. Valentine's Day is mere child's play comparatively. If I were to rate the soap operaesqueness, it would be somewhere in the 4 heart range. Days of Our Lives didn't have this level of batshityness and that show was chock-a-block with nutjobs. Every one of these characters ain't right. Every one! If I were to [...]

The best thing Mary Calmes has written.I adored every single goddamn thing about this book.

.Great book: my new favourite Mary Calmes novel. I liked this even more than the Matter of Time series.No angst involved in this one: it's a committed couple dealing with 'stuff'. Like Landry, I really like the calm stability of their domestic routine togther, and felt this lovely sense of peace when they got to return to it. I particularly loved Trev's possessiveness, which is all delicious and never creepy.Smokin' hot sex scenes, and Calmes manages to avoid the 60% sex 40% plot trap. This is 9 [...]

You know when you know a couple and you wonder to yourselfey're crazy. Not crazy like a quick saying in passing but like one of them is like: CERTIFIABLE M-F'ING CRA-ZAYAnd then you wonder how in the hell they make it work. Who wants to put up with that? Bless those two nerves that are left because they must be made of titanium.You know that kind of crazy. Cause that's what you find in these two men's love for one another. Trevan and Landrya money runner and jewelry store owner. On paper they ju [...]

This was such a good book. Not that I'm very surprised though, it is Mary Calmes, for Christ's sake. : )This plot had a bit of everything, just shy of the kitchen sink. From true love, a crazy (formerly-whorish) boyfriend, gambling, a pretty awesome hit man, a Dynasty-esque mansion, catfights of the rich and famous on a Vegas rooftop bar, 'screwing the help', kidnapping, cold parents, reacquainted siblings, then back to true love again. I half way expected there to be a shifter in the mix before [...]

What a wonderfully twisted relationship this was.I never told anyone about waking in the night to him standing over me with a knife.“What’re you gonna do?” I asked, reaching for him.“Carve my name in your skin so everyone knows you’re mine."“Are you sleepwalking?” I asked gently. I knew he did that sometimes, having had entire conversations with him when he was not awake. He shivered and moved closer to me, his hands sliding over my hips. “I fell asleep on the couch,” he said, [...]

I love watching a writer working to stretch her craft, and that's what Mary Calmes has done in this book. Her characters are not perfect--but they are perfect for each other. At the end of the book Trev is not automatically out of his semi-shady life, Landry is not magically cured of his demons--but they have each other, and when this story comes right down to it, that's the heart of it. I've often loved Mary's characters because we usually get to see one of them be the pinwheel in a whirlwind, [...]

I ended up doubling back and reading this one, because I started Late in the Day, and was crazy intrigued by Trevan and Conrad And let's just say that CRAZY is definitely the operative word here, because WHAT. THE. FUCK. Did I just read?Okay, so Trevan is a 'good, bad guy'?! Having never been a big gambler or that interested in football, I never quite understood what it was that he did, other than collect winnings/losses from bets.So Trev is a runner, and he's really well-liked and helps his fam [...]

Shelved at 52%I may come back to this one later (view spoiler)[probably not coming back (hide spoiler)].I get the appeal to others and I do love me some crazy. This however, is not my flavor of crazy.I have a few pet peeves that are all me: whining, nagging and unnecessary drama. Whiny, naggy drama is the mantra of these two whackadoodles. They get off on it, good for them, not for me.To me the hardcore codependence was just depressing and made both MC’s completely unappealing. Both Landry and [...]

Original review 07/29/2015Re-listen 02/25/2016Month of Mary 2017 re-read 5/4/2017, 6/11/2017, 10/14/2017Re-listen 1/35/2018 I still wonder why this guy has not narrated more. I know I'd pay to listen to him.*****narration review only*****Oh my gawd. Caleb Dickinson has a freaking hot voice. It is deep and sultry. His voice just gave me chills. He did a really great job with this. I will definitely look for more with him as a narrator. He was able to make the crazy sound so sexy. Mary Calmes is m [...]

Absurdly entertaining.That is all.

Well get on board and read this book, because eventhough it's ridiculous and they are all crazy as fuckis book was awesome !!I don't even know how to explain what this book is about, but I will try to give you some idea.Trevan and Landry have been in a relationship for 2 years. I thought it was kinda nice to read a book about an already established couple.Trevan is a money runner for a big time bookie and Landry (former man whore) just openend his own jewelry shop. Nothing weird yet rightTheir r [...]

So yeah waking up to the love of your life sitting on top of you maybe awake - maybe not and he is holding a switchblade and your solution is to seduce him to snap him out of this minor issue. Then all I know is Good effing luck. You were made for each other . I spent most of this story thinking Trevan had the patience of a saint and half wanting to give him the number to a shelter/Lawyer/police. just saying. Yet I loved this book. This was such a good story and you are sucked in from the first [...]

Not what I was expecting. I put off reading this because I thought this would be a bit of an angsty book about a couple going on and off again because they're so dysfuntional, instead it was a very functional relationship, but it just functioned in a very dysfuntional way. Landry and Trev are very sweet togther, their devotion for each other is on every page and doesn't change despite what happens in the book.“I just, out of all this shit, I feel like we’re still us, you know? We’re Trev a [...]

Trevan and Landry have been together for 2 years. This is not a healthy relationship these two have.Our relationship was a twisted, codependent mess, but it worked for us, and within the snarl that it was, we functioned pretty well.Well, I’m not sure about that last statement, Trev.Trevan stalked Landry for a few months and then finally went up to him at a party. He jacks him off and declares Landry his. Landry of course goes all gooey and not just because he’s being jerked off but because n [...]

I have to say I loved this story! This was the story about Trevan a man who works on the wrong side of the law and his partner of two years Landry, who owns a jewelry shop and is not exactly the picture of mental health. These two are dysfunctional to say the least, possessive, insecure, dependent and sometimes childish, I have to say though for me, these two men seemed to heal each other and come together in a way that just melted my heart.They are also loving, loyal, funny, tender and protecti [...]

“I never told anyone about waking in the night to him standing over me with a knife. It was small, one of my switchblades, chosen for carving, not stabbing, but still sharp, still able to kill me.He was breathing hard, stroking himself and looking at me with glazed eyes."Whatcha doin', babe?" I asked him, voice calm, swallowing down my fear, reaching for him.He didn't even see me, intent on my chest, tugging and pulling on his hard, heavy cock, his breath catching, his body trembling. I waited [...]

No. This did not work for me.Trevan Bean (24) was strange, but still lovable. Loyal and patient. Landry Carter (26) was crazy as fuck and unstable. I didn't get him, nor did I get this story. It was hard to follow and I couldn't enjoy it at all. I actually disliked this book and I'm rather disappointed. I enjoy Mary Calmes' fantasy books (the shifter ones), as I love the animalistic feeling they give, but this one just not for me. Probably because it's contemporary and I couldn't relate at all, [...]

"Kissing the boo-boos on his face." What are we - in kindergarten? There were so many things that had me rolling my eyes in disbelief or saying to myself "this IS a joke!" or "you've got to be kidding right?"In the end it came down to the timing of events and the story line, which seemed all over the place. I could not get into the two main characters Trevan and Landry. One minute Trevan is all bad-ass and a serious Mafioso type and then next, he's this innocent guy knowing that his best friend [...]

Well, that was a totally different kind of Mary Calmes crazy. Good stuff as usual but totally different. We are all a little crazy though aren't we?

**Audio**I'm pretty sure this is my third or fourth time listening to this one and it truly gets crazier every time I listen to it.Over the top crazy and perfectly Mary.My God what a lovely mess.

Story Rating 5 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeat Level 4.5 StarsOverall Rating 5 StarsFirst off I have to thank Kris (KindleRomance) for recommending this book. Thank you Kris, you know me so well :-)This book was a FANTASTIC read for me. It grabbed me right away and kept a firm grip on me all the way through. The two main characters of this book, Trevan and Landry are some of the most original characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. Trevan being the stron [...]

3.5 StarsWell, it's official. I have met crazy. I thought I knew crazy before this but uh-uh. I'm talking bona fide loco as in bring-me-the-straitjacket crazy! Landry Carter is a bit nuts. He's loveable but nuts. I give Trevan credit for not only staying with but adoring Landry's crazy ass. Despite the challenges they face (e.g Landry's mental instability and Trevan's job insecurity (read: could be toe tagged any minute) to name a few), they make it work. Granted, their possessiveness of each o [...]

Trevan & Landry on audioI'ma happy, happy girlIt's literally been years since I read this story and by years I mean 2012 when it was first released. I devoured this one. Absolutely loved every word of it. It's without a doubt my favorite standalone story by Mary Calmes. I can't even really point to any specific reason why I enjoyed it as much as I did but I did and that's all that matters to me. Having said all that I have to admit I was a little nervous about listening to the audioI mean wh [...]

I swear I’m 50/50 on Ms. Calmes. Half the time I’m in love and can’t put the book down, and half the time I find the book to just be a little meh. This one falls in the HOLY CRAP that was FANTASTIC side! I’ll admit my pacifist “wrap everything up in a pretty shiny (legal) bow” side wanted to get Trevan and take him far away from his slightly less than legal ties, but that minor hiccup didn’t detract from the story at all. That’s my goody-two-shoes side talking; I’ll ignore it f [...]

Oh, hi! Yeah, I’m back with another Mary Calmes book review. Can you tell that I love her books? While I feel like I go over the same things again and again in these reviews, it’s because I really cannot stress enough just how talented Mary Calmes is. MINE is one of her standalone titles and for this reason, I didn’t rush to read it. I prefer her books to be in series because I have the tendency to fall in love with her characters hard and when that happens, I just want MORE! With a standa [...]

This is definitely my favorite Mary Calmes novel. I do have a thing for stories about being in love with an unstable person and the relationship between Trevan and Landry doesn't stint. Landry is what my mother would have called "a piece of work," but he is also highly creative and sexy and loving. I adored Trevan's loyalty and the dominating but caring way he managed Landry's mood swings and neediness. There's nothing quite as sexy as a highly possessive alpha and Trevan is that. To my surprise [...]

4 stars!Thus far, I really enjoyed the books written by Mary Calmes and I was looking forward to reading Mine. The blurb sounded promising and I have definitely not been disappointed. Mine is telling us the story of Trevan and Landry, who are living in an established relationship since a few years. I have to admit that this book has been kind of crazy - the plot was even a little overcharged and not very credible at some points. The most interesting element of this book was however the dynamics [...]

I loved Trevan and Landry story and how much they needed each other. What surprised me more about this book, however, was that there were so few sex scenes when compared with other books from Mary Calmes and the fact that I couldn't compare the MC's with Jory and Sam! I love Jory and Sam, no mistake on that, but this book is different from the others, and I liked it too!

Loved it!

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