The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains

Neil Gaiman

The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains

The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains

  • Title: The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook

Novelette, from Neil Gaiman From the collection Stories, edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio.Read here fiftytwostories p 1338

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A tiny confession, I didn't actually read the book, I listened to it. And I did so possibly in the best conditions one could ever ask for: Neil Gaiman was the one doing the reading, there was a string quartet playing in the background, there were beautiful illustrations being projected AND the performance took place in Scotland. (I am sorry for the bragging sentiment throughout, but this show just made me so excited!)If I had read the book, I'd maybe have given it only 4 stars, but one can't rea [...]

4*This could be a fable as told and illustrated (if he could paint like this) by Roald Dahl. It begins as a straightforward tale of a very small man seeking a guide to the Misty Isle where there is said to be a cave filled with gold. He stops at a house and speaks to a boy who asks him why he’s so small.The man explains that it can be handy to be small, because that’s how he escaped some men who were chasing him. Why were they chasing him, the boy wanted to know.“It was a disagreement abou [...]

This book is only the length of a short story, so I actually read it the same night I posted it to my currently reading shelf, but it also needed time to settle after reading. I read it again last night, and it is definitely a story that benefits from multiple readings. For one thing, early comments make more or different sense on a second reading, but for another, there is actually quite a bit to puzzle over in the story.It is a simple, dark story in some ways, but it also gave me the feeling t [...]

Neil Gaiman is such a talented author, I'm honestly blown away by his writing abilities. "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains" is the third short story of Gaiman's I've read so far - and I haven't even touched any of his longer novels, although I recently started "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" - and I'm already considering him to be one of those authors you can pick any story you want from and will never be left disappointed by it.In general, you shouldn't expect to read this work and [...]

Absolutely delightful. This is really a short story but it comes with magnificent art work, some of it in similar format to a graphic novel so there is much more to take in than just the story itself. Gaiman bases his book on part of a legend from the Scottish Hebrides and it has all that you would expect from such a tale, otherworldly beings, touches of magic, death and revenge to name just some. It is just beautiful and will get pride of place on my bookshelves.

I did not like this book.Just to clarify: not story - book. The illustrations, such an important, intrinsic part of the book (or so we keep being told), mix digital and traditional media in a way that becomes increasingly awkward. The design of the book is clumsy, false, generated "textures" behind every block of text - and they really are blocks of text, with no fluidity or integration, so the images and words feel constantly separated, at odds. Fine, sure, this could have worked for a differen [...]

I've both read (and listened to this novel on audio book) and enjoyed it both times. (Note: Gaiman, as usual, read his own novel for the audio version and did a great job with the characterization and tone)The level of depth and death involved in this fully illustrated novel surprised me. While I wasn't a huge fan of the artwork, the story did keep me interested. There's heartache, there's revenge and there's a bit of a twist to the end. I enjoyed this but I wouldn't keep it on my shelves.

This was not a bad book. Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

Set on the Isle of Skye in Scotland a long time ago, a dwarf visits a man who knows the location of a cave far away in the mountains - a cave that contains gold to make a man rich for a lifetime. So begins the pair’s perilous quest into the darkness ahead…I know Neil Gaiman has a LOT of female fans, legions of them who probably outnumber the male fans, so it’s going to be interesting to see their reaction to this book as the female characters - all two of them - are treated very badly.Gail [...]

I love libraries! I hadn’t planned to get the illustrated version of this, or probably read it at all. But then there it was, on my library’s New Books shelf, staring at me and I stared back and I borrowed it. Because that’s what libraries let you do. They let you take books, as long as you promise to bring them back. It’s amazing.The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains is a short story reimagined as a picture book for adults. Actually, I think we need more picture books for adults. N [...]

I expected great things from this short story and instead it fell a bit flat. This novel is a result of a live reading Gaiman did where the artist, Eddie Campbell, did live artwork as Neil read this story. The art work itself is not to my taste and always felt a little unfinished to me. I have been to one of these Gaiman events and while they work well on the night I would have expected the artwork in the book to be a little more polished, although I do not know this artists style so I don't kno [...]

Wonderfully dark and truly a thing of tactile beauty. There are very few stories that deserve a rereading purely to add another dimension to the tale and even few where words and pictures are woven together with perfection. A dark, whimsical and unsettling tale, filled with poignancy and a sense of disquietude that lingers on long afterwards. A quintessential Gaiman delight!

Welllll I have been thinking about this little book for a couple of days now. I actually gave it 4 stars, but have pushed it down to 3 today. There is a whole range of emotions between 3 and 4 and I was not excited enough to go tell everyone I know that they have to read this book. Don't take it wrong, there is nothing wrong with it. It is a dark story, much like a lot of Gaiman's work. It is definately not a fairytale for kids under 22 (an arbitrary number), this is for adults.It is a picture b [...]

I was reading all the introductions to the stories in Neil Gaiman's new collection Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances, and he said he had performed this story with the FourPlay String Quartet. I went looking and found it in Audible.Neil Gaiman is an excellent teller of stories, and I usually enjoy his audio. This is an entertaining short story, not as twisty as some of his, but I liked the musical interludes and accompaniment. He seems to be writing several stories set in the Hebri [...]

Incredible work!!This is a short novelette from Gaiman along with Eddie Campbell’s dark fascinating paintings. Reading this story is very fast and like other Gaiman’s work very rich. Campbell’s graphic novel’s style is strange and at first I didn’t really enjoy it but after a few pages I was all in. So much harmony between the story and the art work.Story starts with a small man looking for a guide to accompany him to a mysterious cave. For the contrast the guide man is very big/tall. [...]

A long time ago, in a land far away, well, last October and about nine miles away in central London; Neil Gaiman read me a story, it was called Fortunately, the Milk. A marvellous experience. So when I heard he was returning to London on the 4th July to read another book, well, I nearly broke a nail clicking on that mouse and hammering the keys so fast to get a decent ticket. At least I did when the Barbican finally released the ticket sales to non-members (it was at 9am, I had to set a bloody a [...]

I am almost positive I read a text only version of this at some point. Both decent

I actually began this book not realizing that I had already read it in Trigger Warning and I must say that reading through for the second time was even more enjoyable than the first.As always with Neil Gaiman short fiction, the storytelling is an experience and the telling of the story is even more marvelous than the story itself. And that's saying something because this story is full of mysticism and magic.I recommend the audio version. It's read by the author and there is a neat, haunting soun [...]

As soon as I became aware of Neil Gaiman (actively) and started reading one book of his after another, I also came across The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains. Thanks to amazon I was able to look into it but somehow I misjudged / underestimated it until now. Then, a couple of days ago, Neil Gaiman himself started tweeting about it having been adapted for BBC Radio 4. Since I already enjoyed the BBC adaptations of two of the author's other books, I gave this a chance.I can only apologize.If [...]

Legend says that in the Black Mountains is a cave filled with gold. One day Calum MacInnes has a dwarf call at his home seeking this mythical place. MacInnes reluctantly agrees to guide him there, for a price, and they set off for Misty Island where it supposedly is located. There is a healthy amount of distrust between the travellers, MacInnes at one point tries to lose the man, but he finds him fairly quickly. They do bond eventually and slowly reveal secrets from their past, dark secrets that [...]

From BBC Radio 4 - Book at Bedtime:Chilling revenge for a terrible crime is at the heart of Neil Gaiman's multi-award-winning novelette, inspired by a Hebridean myth and originally commissioned by the Sydney Opera House for the Graphic Festival with celebrated illustrator Eddie Campbell.1/5. A dwarf seeks a guide to a certain cave on the Misty Isle.2/5. The dwarf persuades Callum McInnes to take him to the cave on the Misty Isle.3/5. The reaver realises the dwarf is not all that he seems.4/5. Th [...]

When Calum MacInnes is asked by a Leprachaun to guide him to the Misty Isle to get all the gold he can carry, the man agrees only by a bribe of Silver. Will they make it to the cave in the Misty Isle or are they doomed to fail? Read on for yourself and find out.This was a pretty good St. Patrick's Day tale set in Scotland about a cursed cave in the mountains and the darkness within it. It was a great Graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and the artwork by the Illustrator was beautiful. I found this book [...]

I've already read the story in Trigger Warning, where Gaiman does mention about this book (completed with paintings and comics by Eddie Campbell). So when I saw this book in Aksara bookstore, I was delighted and didn't think thrice about bringing it home with me. If I didn't pick it up, I'm not sure if I could meet this book again in the future.The story itself is about revenge, mixed with a little bit of dark forces. It's quite tragic.Two men are traveling to seek gold in a mysterious cave. Bot [...]

"I will not forgive myself for the year that I hated my daughter"This is my favourite book of the year. Yep, there. I said it. I read it in one sitting, and I could have read it again and again and again. It left me reeling. I finished the book, closed it, and the first thing out of my mouth was, "Oh my God"I was breathless, and overjoyed that I found a book that could still make me react this way! What an amazing story. It made me feel like a child again. We start out with that great opening, a [...]

A strange tale, but from Neil Gaiman what more would you expect. There are illustrations, but this is not a children's book. It's dark and eerie, in content and in the illustrations. A dwarf man goes in search of treasure in a dark mountain off the isle of Skye. But it's not that straight forwards. Neither are his motivations.The illustrations are incredible, and I love how at times they genuinely do the talking as part of the story. Very well done.

I cannot emphasis how incredible this story is. I read this one out loud because the writing was just too beautiful. The story itself was very engrossing and mysterious and incredibly atmospheric as well thanks to the illustrations! Not to mention the fact that the opening paragraph for this story is definitely, definitely at the top with one of my favorites! It's a quick short read but very impactful. Highly recommend because Neil Gaiman is genius.

This story is as short as its main character. Somewhat cool pics.

I got this to review from Headline via Bookbridgr. Like I needed another source of goodies! Anyway, I hadn't read this short story before, so my first experience of it was this version with Eddie Campbell's illustrations and the slightly odd partial graphic novel format (which I wanted to kill with fire because for whatever reason I found the lettering hard to decipher, I don't know if I'm the only one).Viewed as a sort of fable/folk tale, I enjoyed it. The structure is great, too: the slow unsp [...]

As a Neil Gaiman fan I was thrilled when Radio 4 chose this adaptation for' Book At Bedtime".I do enjoy audio's and this short story was narrated by Bill Paterson who's voice took a bit of getting used to as he has a strong Scottish accent but it of course fit the story perfectly and you can see why he was chosen plus I enjoyed the snippets of music which set the atmosphere.Set on the Isle Of Skye in Scotland the story is about two men travelling to a cave filled with cursed treasure but only on [...]

A wonderful folk tale that is everything we've come to expect from Neil Gaiman - an overarching darkness throughout, a plot that involves mystery, unexpected revelations with twists and turns of events, and a new way of looking at things we've taken for granted. The story follows two men on a journey in search of gold in the Black Cave in the Mountains, but I won't reveal too much else since the story is fairly brief, and I don't want to spoil it for anyone.The book is heavily illustrated, which [...]

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