Not Young, Still Restless

Jeanne Cooper

Not Young, Still Restless

Not Young, Still Restless

  • Title: Not Young, Still Restless
  • Author: Jeanne Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780062117748
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover

The long awaited memoir from one of daytime television s most celebrated and beloved actresses.Three or four days a week, Jeanne Cooper drives from her Hollywood Hills home to the job she s held for than three decades bringing life to the character of Katherine Chancellor, the outspoken, powerful, and insanely wealthy force of nature who, along with Jeanne herself, hThe long awaited memoir from one of daytime television s most celebrated and beloved actresses.Three or four days a week, Jeanne Cooper drives from her Hollywood Hills home to the job she s held for than three decades bringing life to the character of Katherine Chancellor, the outspoken, powerful, and insanely wealthy force of nature who, along with Jeanne herself, has become a legend in the world of daytime television and its number one show, The Young and the Restless Now, for the first time, her fans will get to know the woman behind the iconic character With her signature fearlessness, honesty, and humor, Jeanne chronicles her long tenure in Hollywood and describes her life before, during, and away from the CBS soundstage Not Young, Still Restless follows Jeanne as she makes her way from small town Taft, California, to the heart of the Los Angeles movie industry, where the list of her feature film costars reads like a Who s Who of Hollywood s Golden Age Maureen O Hara, Raymond Burr, David Janssen, Robert Taylor, Tony Curtis, Shelley Winters, Glenn Ford, and Lee J Cobb, to name just a few Jeanne writes vividly of her first foray into the new phenomenon of television and how she found her home at The Young and the Restless Jeanne s story charts the ups and downs of a long and rich life, including the breakup of a marriage that produced the three great loves of her life her daughter, Caren, and her sons Collin and the actor Corbin Bernsen before it ended, leaving her a single working mother She also speaks honestly and openly about her battles to overcome alcoholism, defeat breast cancer, and age gracefully in Hollywood, a process that made her the first reality television star when her character s and her own face lift was filmed live on The Young and the Restless In Not Young, Still Restless, the Emmy Award winning actress inspires readers with her ability not only to survive but thrive as an octogenarian in today s Hollywood.

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Thank you Jeanne Cooper for writing this autobiography! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! What a super-fantastic lady you are! This book was well-written, humorous, interesting and I couldn't put it down. Jeanne Cooper is an inspiration to women everywhere! What else can I say? I recommend this book to everyone, even if you are not a soap opera fan!

This was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I sort of got addicted to watching "The Young and the Restless" (as well as its sister-show "The Bold and the Beautiful") while growing up. My mother was an avid fan, and that meant getting a chance to watch the episodes each night as she watched them on VHS while I did my homework. That means I have been hanging out in Genoa City and with some of these characters for something like 30 years, which is most of the show's 40-year existance.Jeanne Cooper [...]

As a years (and years) long fan of the Young and the Restless, I was excited when I heard Jeanne Cooper, aka Katherine Chancellor, had written her memoirs. This book is a humorous, yet touching look at the life of the 84 year old actress who has become so much a part of the lives of millions of devoted soap fans around the world. From her birth in the late 20's to her blossoming acting career, her disasterous marriage to Harry Bernson, to the birth of her three children (including Corbin Bernson [...]

Just because I am a fan of the Young and the Restless,and because Jeanne Cooper died back in the spring, AND because I am writing a blog and plan to feature Y&R soon, I read this book. I also have been sharing bits with my mother, who is responsible for me being hooked on Y&R. It was an interesting book and I was happy to learn more about Jeanne and Y&R, though I would have taken even more on the soap. I was a bit turned off by Cooper's enormous list of "great pals," which at times s [...]

What a terrific read!!! I've always admired Jeanne Cooper the actress. But Jeanne the human being?? Just--wow.

I just watched Katherine Chancellor's memorial week yesterday so I thought I should force myself to finally finish this, I've been holding onto it for long enough. It's probably more of a 3.5 star book, but considering the circumstances I had to round up. It's been months since we lost the actress, but it still feels like a big loss.The book was fun. Her voice came through loud and clear, though I certain got the feeling that the stories would have been a lot, umltier if she hasn't had to go thr [...]

This mediocre memoir is not the tell-all the author claims: it is mostly repeated praise for family members and co-workers, with few details about some of her interesting life experiences. On the first page of chapter one Cooper claims she will be unlike other autobiographies, saying, "I intend on sharing it all," but the book is all downhill from there.She spends most of the first fourth of the book slamming her husband and revealing how clueless she was in allowing him to trample all over her. [...]

As an original viewer of YR, it was quit interesting to read her take on things through all those years, especially her relationships with so many of the other actors on the show. It seems she walked the fine line between trying to tell all and trying to maintain some vestige of privacy for those in her very public world. While I'd love to have heard more detail, I do have to respect her professional integrity and ability to maintain some dignity about situations that were probably anything but [...]

What a delightful book! Having been only an intermittent viewer, over the years, I still enjoyed the story of her life and the character she brought life and credibility to, Katherine Chancellor. Part behind the scenes look at the making of a soap opera, part tribute to her friends and co-workers for so many years, generous in her praise, sparing in her criticism and part showcase, by a proud mother, of her three beautiful children and their many accomplishments. There are great stories about on [...]

I got this book on my kindle.I had read that Jeanne Cooper had died a couple weeks ago. when I noticed it was on sale on the kindle version had to give this book a try. I have to admit that i never watched The Young and the Restless. I knew who Jeanne Cooper was. she has had a long career. I also know she is Corbin bersens mother.I like reading memoir and this is a good well written one.If you are fan of The Young and Restless, you may especially enjoy this memoir Ms.Cooper shares a lot of tidbi [...]

I have been watching "The Young and the Restless" for over 20 years and Katherine Chancellor is one of my favorite characters. When I heard she had finally written her memoirs, I was so excited to learn more about this amazing woman and actress. She didn't disappoint. She's fascinating, funny, fierce and determined. And more than anything she loves her family. She is an amazing woman and I'm so glad she wrote this. Of course, my favorite chapter was the one where she talked about everyone on Y&a [...]

I really enjoyed that. Years ago my Mom and I watched The Young and the Restless religiously and I recognized everyone she talked about in the book. I feel bad she had a crappy marriage but had three great kids to show for it.

Pretty interesting. Would have liked a little more "dirt" on Y&R though.

What a fun memoir!When I was teen in the 70s and early 80s, nearly every woman and girl I knew watched Young and Restless. Of course, as a high school student, I could only watch it in summer, school breaks or snow days. I could keep caught up on the show via my mom, friends' moms or older coworkers at my evening waitressing job. I watched the show less as I grew up, but as this was my mother-in-law's " story" I would sometimes see it at her house or listen as she discussed it with my sister-in- [...]

I've been a fan of The Young & The Restless for so long. I can remember my mom watching it when I was a kid & then later watching it myself. The show isn't the same without Jeanne Cooper. I loved this book. I had a hard time putting it down. There are so many amazing gems she shares in her book.

Not Young; Still RestlessLoved the book. I have watched the Young and The Restless from day one. I love the show . I'm sad that mrs. C. Is no longer with us but I am always glad when she is still brought up in the story. She is an unforgettable person. Worth reading.

I enjoyed it. I was never a huge Y & R fan but I always enjoyed Jeanne. The book was interesting enough that I finished it in one day.I did find it very sad reading it 4 years after her passing though.

jeanne was a amazing woman. i feel honored to have had her in my life since 1973. thxs so much for being the amazing woman for all women. luv u

I have been watching The Young and the Restless since 1976. I am a very big fan of Jeanne Cooper. It was very interesting reading her memoirs.

Huge Y&R Fan. This is a great book.

Marvelous Jeanne Cooper!I gave this book five stars because she presented herself so openly, so full of life and emotion! Great read!

From her early childhood years in Taft, CA, to her teens in Stockton, CA, the road to Hollywood took some circuitous turns for Wilma Jeanne Cooper. In her memoir "Not Young, Still Restless: A Memoir," she describes her family life in some detail. With a father who worked the oil fields and a mother who religiously attended a church with many rules and regulations, but who changed significantly in the years before her death when Jeanne was just a teenager, Jeanne could have felt neglected. But sh [...]

I have been a fan of Young and the restless since I can remember thanks to my mom as I grew up watching it. Jeannie Cooper really did make the show with her wit and sense of humor and aggressiveness. If you've ever watched the show some of the aspects I have mentioned really show what she's like. After reading this book and trying to compare her on screen acting to her actual life I would almost have to say it's pretty close to what we see on daytime television. The only difference is on the sho [...]

Three or four days a week, Jeanne Cooper drives from her Hollywood Hills home to the job she's held for more than three decades: bringing life to the character of Katherine Chancellor, the outspoken, powerful, and insanely wealthy force of nature who, along with Jeanne herself, has become a legend in the world of daytime television and its number-one show, "The Young and the Restless."Now, for the first time, her fans will get to know the woman behind the iconic character. With her signature fea [...]

This is Jeanne Cooper's memoir. If you watch the CBS soap operas, you know her as Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless (hence the title). I personally don't watch soap operas but my mom always had them on when I was younger (her work schedule was arranged so that she would be home when I got off school, and if she's home, the TV is on) and she would tape Y&R, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and especially her beloved Guiding Light. So while I never watched them ( [...]

I got this book on my nook soon after it was published. Sadly it took her untimely death to actually read it!I'm not a long time viewer of Y+R. But from watching the former CBS soaps ATWT and GL. I knew the general aspects of the show. In 2007 (after I had long given up on GL and had a extensive work hours) I picked up Y+R via SoapNet. And since ATWT and GL are no longer on the air it has become my guilty pleasure!Jeanne Cooper's Kay Chandler was the grande dame of Y+R's Genoa City. However she [...]

A memoir by the wonderful Jeanne Cooper, a fantastic actress probably best known for her role as Mrs. Katherine Chancellor on the CBS daytime soap, The Young and the Restless. She discusses her childhood and the start of her career, dips into highlights of some of her most famous or important roles, and discusses extremely briefly the men she became involved with in a mutually beneficial fling or two. It is also a love letter to her families, both blood and work. Considering that it wasn’t ver [...]

I am a fan of Young and and the Restless so I looked forward to reading "Katherine Chancellor's " memoirs. It was interesting to learn that she is part Cherokee. I wouldn't have guessed at Native American ancestry. It was interesting the way Jeanne wrote about the way she started her marriage with Harry Bernsen and the way they conducted their marriage. It seemed more like an arrangement than a love affair but I could tell that she cherished her three children born from the marriage. This book p [...]

Honesty time: it's an enjoyable read more because of her great humor and personality than because she reveals juicy gossip. There are equal parts real life and soap opera life in here to keep both Y&R fans and non-fans alike interested.I would recommend people to read this especially for the feminist angle just because I see nowadays women under the age of 25 acting like they invented feminism and when you see this woman born in 1928 living through The Depression in poverty, fighting through [...]

This book is a definite must-read for any Y&R fan, but Jeanne Cooper also offers some wonderful thoughts on various aspects of life.A couple of my favorite passages were: "Here's my theory about what happens when we women meet someone to whom we're too attracted for our own good: I don't think it's a matter of not noticing the red flags that signify this relationship is not a good idea. I think we notice them and, because those red flags don't mesh with what we think we want, we come up with [...]

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