Keegan's Chronicles Trilogy Set

Julia Crane

Keegan's Chronicles Trilogy Set

Keegan's Chronicles Trilogy Set

  • Title: Keegan's Chronicles Trilogy Set
  • Author: Julia Crane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Coexist Sixteen year old Keegan is struggling to keep her huge secret from her friends she s an elf, descended from a long line of elves that live in secrecy alongside humans In elfin society, mates are predetermined but not allowed to meet until they are eighteen Against tradition, Keegan s brother Thaddeus told her Rourk s name because his visions warned him she d neCoexist Sixteen year old Keegan is struggling to keep her huge secret from her friends she s an elf, descended from a long line of elves that live in secrecy alongside humans In elfin society, mates are predetermined but not allowed to meet until they are eighteen Against tradition, Keegan s brother Thaddeus told her Rourk s name because his visions warned him she d need Rourk s protection, especially since Keegan will play a key role in the coming war between the dark and light elves.Conflicted Keegan, is only alive now due to Black Magic, and her bond with her Chosen is broken She cannot remember Rourk at all.For the first time, she feels like a normal teenager She is dating Donald, her long time crush, and everything seems perfect But Rourk still feels their bond, and despairs for the woman he was always meant to love.Keegan s best friend Anna is determined to find a way to use her powers to return Keegan s bond, no matter what it takes The question is does Keegan even want it Books 1 3 Consumed Keegan has dealt with a lot over the last two years Death, black magic and the loss of her bond to her chosen mate But on her eighteenth birthday, the bond with Rourk returns.Now, Keegan faces her hardest decision Tradition requires elves marry at eighteen If she accepts the path laid out for her, she will be spared a lifetime of physical and emotional pain But will that life ever really be her own

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Ohmigod. No. Girl elf meets her Chosen boy elf. Girl elf loses her memory because she dies then comes back from the dead via black magic. Shapeshifter tiger boy crushes on girl elf, and these two proceed to go out - because her memory gets wiped out and her connection to her Chosen is severed. Still, the Chosen boy elf continues to pursue her. There's a prophecy, and a group of "supernatural" characters. And a war between the Light v. Dark Elves. But really, nothing much happens.The story should [...]

So the premise starts with a couple of teenage elves who are chosen mates that shortly after meeting get separated by dark magic. It talks about a war between light and dark.What did I thought? Wow. Must be cool. No insta-love and there's a war going!And then I read book one. What do I get? Insta-love and insta-war! Now you're thinking: WTH, right?SoAfter some close calls, they meet. Insta-love. Okay so Keegan and Rourk are chosen mates from birth. I guess I can live with that! They never fight. [...]

COEXIST (BOOK #1)Keegan is an light elf but they aren't exactly how you would imagine. She is like a normal girl with a few powers and at birth each elf gets a chosen. They aren't allowed to meet until they're eight teen--she's sixteen--but Keegan's brother, Thadeus, told her if she ever feels threatened, think Rourk's name. Now that Keegan knows his name, she can't stop thinking it!Seventeen year old Rourk is a part of the elfin military and Keegan sometimes distracts him from his training. Rou [...]

I tried to finish it. I did. I couldn't. This is y far the least paranormal paranormal book I have ever read. This is a supa lame high school love drama. Now maybe that is your thing and u love reading about shopping for prom dresses and scene after scene of I love u, I love u, l love u. But I wanted to barf. The first book left me frustrated with pointless battle scene used to create the lameo pretense for second book. The second book was ok as far as a plain high school kids book. Not much elv [...]

I loved the the three books in this series being together. It made for the flow of the story so much easier. Keegan is an elf who has a chosen mate but won't know who he is until she is of age. Though she is trying to be normal things happen and her elven world is brought to the forefront and Keegan realizes things are what they seem to be. The story is well written and is great for a young adult sex however there is enough intrigue in the story to keep us adults enthralled. Definitely love the [...]

Honestly I felt like nothing excited happened ! It was pretty much a day in life story of a girl. Even when the climax came and went the main character wasn't changed for worse or better . There was no character development. What really kept me reading was the "chosen" concept . I thought it was really romantic. I love Rourk's strong sensible demeanor . He was the hopeless romantic that keep going and fighting on . Plus I adored infusion of Irish Celtic wedding traditions . So it was overall jus [...]

This review is for the set as a whole. This started out to be very promising and took a turn for the worse as I kept reading. I really enjoyed the first book, but wished there was a bit more action. Then I read the second book, and no action just the beginning of a love triangle. Of course, I had to then read the last book to see how it ended, still no action. This was an ok set for me as I kept waiting for something to happen :(

Keegan's Chronicles is an awesome awesome Trilogy that I absolutely loved it and I could not put the book down I was hooked right at the beginning to the very end a world filled with magic and elves, fairy's, shapeshifters and witches from both the light and darks sides I am so glad and happy that Keegan has a very happy ending in the Trilogy that I am super excited and can not wait to read the spin-off about her two best friend Lauren and Anna!

Love this series ! :DGo here to see my review for book one:ya-aholic/2011/07/reviGo here to see my review for book two:ya-aholic/2011/12/reviGo here to see my review for book three:ya-aholic/2012/01/revi

Sweet, romantic YA series. Book one was great, two was good, three was a little slow paced. Crane does pretty well in portraying the teen characters with the overuse of cell phones and need for overly sweet coffee drinks. Look forward to reading more about Anna and Lauren in their own books. I would definitely recommend this series to teens and anyone else who enjoys a sweet teen romance.

Really liked this book (three books in one!). It is classified as YA and, rightly so. Liked the story line and the characters. And was happy with the positive outcome of the book. Looking forward to reading more about some of the other characters and, really would love to see how Thaddeus does when he's grown. Looking forward to reading more books by Ms. Crane!

Ummwhat? A war with nothin going on.A love that only exists because the "bond is too strong."Throw in a pesky, but weak love triangle.Oh right, back to that whole soul mate thing. How could I forget? - the childish, selfish, whiny main character

I really wanted to like this book. That's why I kept reading until the end, even though the closer I got to finishing the more I was skimming. I love the idea of the story but in the end it was poorly executed.

I enjoyed the series reading them all three togethere storyline flowed, creating a very good love story without all the graphic sex. I will have no problem passing this on to my granddaughter to read and enjoy.

got more than half way through book one before i couldn't stand it. didn't bother to read two and three.

This was okay

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I really enjoyed this Trilogy of books.

Well worth the read. A fairy story with a taste of everything--teen angst, magic, witches, elves, shape shifters, coming of age, soul mates, deadlocks and more!

Amazing trilogy <3

Loved this cute trilogy!!! Worth the read :)

Great set of books. Couldn't wait to get more! Didn't want them to end

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