A Nation Worth Ranting About


A Nation Worth Ranting About

A Nation Worth Ranting About

  • Title: A Nation Worth Ranting About
  • Author: RickMercer
  • ISBN: 9780385676809
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover

An all new collection of furiously funny rants from the most recent seasons of the Rick Mercer Report plus three brilliantly written, previously unpublished pieces by Rick Illustrated throughout with photos and snatches of dialogue from Rick s encounters and exploits across Canada Mercer s trademark one camera rants against the Canadian parliamentary machine are An all new collection of furiously funny rants from the most recent seasons of the Rick Mercer Report plus three brilliantly written, previously unpublished pieces by Rick Illustrated throughout with photos and snatches of dialogue from Rick s encounters and exploits across Canada Mercer s trademark one camera rants against the Canadian parliamentary machine are concise, and believable, than any campaign ads The Globe and Mail The comedian of choice for viewers who read Toronto Life Canada s hottest TV comic Maclean s Week after week, Mercer continues to delight with his alternately giddy and cutting political humour The Canadian Press Canada s leading political satirist The New York Times A good rant is cathartic Ranting is what keeps me sane.They always come from a different place Take the prime minister, for example Sometimes when I rant about him, I am angry other times, I am just severely annoyed it s an important distinction Rick Mercer, from his introduction Within these pages you ll find every rant that Rick has so brilliantly and blisteringly delivered since the publication of his previous bestseller, Rick Mercer Report The Book Together these rants form a chronicle of human folly, mostly featuring politicians, of course, but with honorable mentions going to people who don t know how to use escalators and Canadian drivers who don t think they need snow tires Is Mercer getting better or are the fools among us getting worse Whatever the inspiration Rick Mercer s ranting has never been stronger or on target There is a loud, cathartic laugh to be found on almost every page here with the exception of Rick s impassioned rant on bullying in schools, words that touched thousands of Canadians, went viral and helped widen the debate on a major problem Also reprinted here is the rant encouraging students to vote, which resulted directly in a campus ballot and outrage in Ottawa People still are still standing on the left on escalators, and the prime minister is still very much the man he was, but you can t win them all In addition, Rick has authored three new essays specially for this book the hilarious behind the scenes story of his meeting with Rick Hansen, a hero who absolutely was not a disappointment in real life a heartfelt reflection on public reaction to his bullying rant and an account of his response mystified, followed by delighted to the news that he d inspired a vote mob Illustrated throughout with photographs and dialogue from Rick s travels across Canada, A Nation Worth Ranting About will make you proud, will make you think, will make you almost as angry as Rick, and over and over again will make you laugh out loud.

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Rick Mercer is a national treasure, and if his show hasn’t convinced you of this, then you need to get this book and re-read some of his rants from years gone by. Having been living in the UK for the past year and a half, my opportunities to watch The Rick Mercer Report have been reduced (I could probably get it, but it would require time and effort I don’t really have right now). I bought this book at the airport on my way back to the UK in the new year, because I was worried I would finish [...]

Rick had place his rants and some articles written for various publications all in one place! The trouble is, while he is a good writer and knows what he's talking about, I have no interest in politics, it's just not something I can relate too. And a lot of his rants are about politics, Harper, House of Commons and the like. It's not my thing, but I did skim through a lot of them.What I did like were the rants about random things like snow days! These are things I can relate to! I loved reading [...]

I loved this book, as amusing as his rants on TV

The Good Stuff The chapter on Rich Hanson is worth the price of the book alone Self-deprecating, honest and extremely wise Makes me want to go and voteWas constantly laughing, nodding my head in agreement and on quite a few occasions there may have been snorting laughter (sorry Chapters co-workers in lunch room that day) loved it so much I made it my staff pick at work The chapter on proper escalator and elevator etiquette should be a must read for anyone over the age of 5 (Hmm wonder if he coul [...]

I heart Rick Mercer.I heart his brains, his rants and his say-it-like-it-is attitude.I just HEART the man!I read this whole book in Rick's voice while picturing him walking quickly through alleys and that made it even better. If you didn't like it try reading it that way.'ll work.

Funny but mostly very thought provoking! Would love to read an updated compilation.

Having grown up with Rick Mercer on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and his solo show The Rick Mercer Report, I have to respect the guy for telling it like it is.Mercer has been called the ultimate Canadian for having done a myriad of stupid, dangerous (and truly Canadian) things with just about every famous homegrown face in this country. His brand of humour is funny, smart, and thought provoking, all of which he brings to the table in this updated copy of his book "A Nation Worth Ranting About".If yo [...]

Rick Mercer once again made me laugh out loud while pondering the state of Canada's government. Some people may feel his rants are at times a personal attack on Steven Harper (our Prime Minister), Mike Duffy or some of the MP's that make up our federal government. I'm a huge follower of The Rick Mercer Report mostly because I get his sense of humour and sarcasm plus he always makes me stop and think about current events within our country. Rick is willing to try just about anything whether it ma [...]

I loved this book! Then again, I love watching his show so it seems that I would not be disappointed by this book. Throughout, I kept hearing his voice so it was like he was reading it to me.There are so many laugh out loud moments that I think my family was seriously concerned for me at times. He hits everything right on the mark well, that is unless you are a Conservative. Then, maybe you may not enjoy this book so much. Also, the pictures throughout were fantastic.As I was reading this as an [...]

I love Rick Mercer, he makes me laugh and think! The material in this book is dated, and yet with another Harper election going on, still relevant! I was laughing to myself while reading this, but when I passed it on to my teen daughter (we live in the USA now) she didn't get most of the references.

I'm not a huge nonfiction reader as a rule but I really enjoyed this book. I think Mercer is funny and witty; his ideas are clever and he articulates them well. It does make me shudder to read about what our government is dong to Canada but reading it from Mercer's point of view makes it a bit more bearable.

Hilarious, well-written and deeply Canadian, this is one of the funniest books I've ever read. Ever since I watched one of the Rick Mercer Reports in grade 10, I've watched them every day, and this book is nothing short of brilliant and a laugh-riot.

A funny, yet sometimes sad reflection on Canadian politics since 2008. On one hand chronicling a nation listlessly allowing democracy to dissolve and on the other a reminder of this countries potential for greatness.

3 1/2 stars. Love Rick. Had no idea he was gay and don't really care. I think regardless of his sexuality his post rant comments on the gay boy who died would have had just as good of an impact on me.

A huge fan of Rick Mercer, this book was both hilarious and informative.

If you like politics, this is a great book to read. I thought it was interesting and I even learned a few things as I read. I enjoy watching Rick rant on tv better, he makes it funnier then when you read it.

Not many voices out there that can rant about Canadian politics in a funny and consistent manner.

This, and other reviews can be found on my blog Just a Lil' LostHost of The Rick Mercer Report on CBC in Canada, A Nation Worth Ranting About is a collection of the famous rants that Rick Mercer does on his TV show. Often political, always succinct, Mercer's rants are delivered in his signature voice - full of facts, with a dash of sarcasm and dry wit. Interspersed with photos from some highlight moments on the Rick Mercer Report as well as reflections on the public's reactions to a few of his [...]

So I, like Rick Mercer, love Canada with all my heart. Which naturally means I'm going to constantly criticize her various faults and make a cynic of myself in the process. And then maybe I'll publish a book about it. Why? Not because I'm angry. Because I care.Rick Mercer cares. Rick Mercer cares about Canada.So I went ahead and gave this little gem a five our of five. It's certainly not perfect - I don't agree with everything Mercer has to say, some of his jokes are borderline (okay, past the b [...]

In “A Nation Worth Ranting About”, Rick Mercer approaches serious topics with energy, wit, and flair. The topics of his rants range from attack ads to cameras in the House of Commons, and each brief tirade is passionate and informative. He is well informed and knowledgeable, and his political rants never fail to evoke interest and curiosity in his readers. Though reading Rick Mercer’s rants is a completely different experience than watching them in his shows, it has an equally great impact [...]

OK, embarrassing confession to begin with: I didn't really know who Rick Mercer was before I read this book. I'd heard his name, for sure, but I'm not much of a TV watcher (how d'you think I read so many books?!) so I don't think I've ever actually seen him or any of his shows.Having said that, I now feel I know the guy quite well. He's passionate about Canada, really really anti Stephen Harper's Conservative government and strongly supportive of youngsters who are struggling with bullying, part [...]

As a regular watcher of the Rick Mercer Report, I was confident I would enjoy this book, being as it is a collection of most of the "rants" he does in the weekly TV show. I wasn't disappointed.Rick Mercer is basically a Canadian treasure! He's smart, he's funny, he's obsessed with politics and he lives to call out stupid people doing stupid stuff for stupid reasons. He's even mostly polite while he does all that - like I said: a Canadian treasure!Reading all the rants together, instead of just h [...]

I really feel like Rick Mercer's collected rants are an amazing snapshot of Canada's political landscape. Reading this book now, I recall the events mentioned in this book and can ask myself whether or not we've moved forward in this country. Often, the answer is not so much. Whenever you read a passage where Mercer is hopeful something will improve and 3 years later nothing has changed, take a shot. It will make for a longer read, not necesserily a better one. But without getting too analytical [...]

I love Rick Mercer's rants. I may not agree with everything he says, but I often agree with most of it. Although the rants are simply transcripts from his show (and although I don't get to watch his show regularly, some of them I certainly had heard before), it was still just as entertaining to "hear" them a second time. Given that they are arranged in chronological order, it was like reading a satire version of a history textbook. He has written several essays to follow up on some of the rants [...]

Would give 3.5 stars - if allowed. While I enjoyed this book, I found that it was too much like reading a talk show transcript -- and I'd prefer to see the actual performance. I was motivated to read this primarily because of a recent vacation to Canada, where Rick Mercer's show is going into its 11th year on the CBC. I couldn't help but see him as the Canadian counterpart to Jon Stewart in the US, so I was curious to see what he had to say here. His humorous, satirical viewpoint and devotion t [...]

Anyone familiar with the old This Hour Has 22 Minutes and now the Rick Mercer Report will be familiar with his black and white walks down graffiti laden alleys talking about the essential Canadian issues of the day. Reading his rants are certainly a little different than watching the man speak on television, as you don't have the same careful delivery. Mercer knows how to deliver a phrase though, and you don't lose too much impact by switching formats. Really, the man can talk politics in a way [...]

The book is exactly what one would expect it to be. A collection of Mercer's rants from the last few years supplemented with some of his newspaper commentaries and a few other personal reflections. They are, of course, characterized with Mercer's characteristic cynical and bitter humour and they show his exasperation with politics and societal apathy, but he also includes observations of individuals and groups that give hope for the future. I did not read the book in one sitting. I dipped into i [...]

I’ve been a fan of Rick Mercer since I saw my first episode of Talking to Americans, and when I watched This Hour Has 22 Minutes after it came on when This is the Red Green Showended during my home-time lunch-break. I love The Rick Mercer Report, I've been watching since it evolved from the Monday Report, and The Rant is my favourite section. So it’s no surprise that I enjoyed spending my afternoon reading this collection of rants and essays about my favourite country!Mercer rants about anyt [...]

Many of the rants were familiar to me, so I must admit I skimmed through those, but the Maclean's articles were not, and some of the rants I just didn't remember. I could hear Mercer ranting in my head as I read them. His humour doesn't grow old, even if some of the topics were a bit out of date. Even so, it was interesting to revisit old controversies. The piece I laughed hardest at was his backstory on the Rick Hansen piece on RMR. I almost fell off my chair.If you're not a Canadian and have n [...]

I love Rick Mercer. I clearly remember watching "Talking to Americans", and thinking that I'd just seen the funniest, sharpest, most interesting person ever. Not the most interesting CANADIAN, the most interesting PERSON. I love his point of view, I love the way he loves Canada. That needed to be said.Unfortunately, I didn't love this book as much as I'd hoped, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it was my state of mind, maybe it was that it wasn't live and I couldn't see his face or hear his delivery - [...]

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