Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend

Cora Harrison

Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend

Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend

  • Title: Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend
  • Author: Cora Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780330509541
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback

Jane wants to meet a hero worthy of her imagination a man who is dashing and daring and handsome and brave Jane and Jenny are whiling away the season in Bath and there are plenty of rumours and scandals to entertain them But a good reputation, once lost, is gone forever and Jane is in danger of becoming the talk of the town.

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Anyone who has followed my reading for a while will know that I find it impossible to pass up the opportunity to read anything with ''Jane Austen'' written on it. I love Austen's writing and I devour the many related books out there. The first book in this particular series is Jane Austen Was My Best Friend, a book which left a huge impression on me last year for being insanely fun and sweet. So of course I was eager to read the sequel and it definitely did not disappoint! Jane Austen Stole My B [...]

Oh how bitterly tragic it is that i cannot marry the CaptainLet's whine about it for 300 pagesand prance around in dress shops in Bath.

I pizzini di Jane AustenFate un doppio nodo ai fiocchi dei vostri cappellini si parte per un avventuroso viaggio nella Bath di Jane Austen! Niente impegno, solo innocenti svaghi, balli, sane passeggiate, tè e pasticcini. Protagoniste del libro sono solo due sciocche ragazze che nulla vedono all'infuori dei nastrini, della mussola, degli uomini da corteggiare e delle persone da sbeffeggiare. La Jane Austen di questo libro è un surrogato di Catherine Morland, Lydia e Kitty Bennet. Jenny, la sua [...]

Krásne, jednoduché, romantické. Síce pre mladšie ročníky, ale nikdy nie je na škodu, sem tam vypnúť od všetkých tých prekombinovaných a šialených tisíce stranových kníh a siahnuť po niečom úplne jednoduchom. Hej, je to taká úplne príjemná oddychovka. A mne padla vhod. (P.S.: Už by bolo načase, aby som prečítal aj nejakú normálnu Jane Austenovú, nie len len toto o jej jinšských letech :) :) :) )

Having fallen in love with I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend, I was eager to read this sequel. Although I found it a little slow going at first, as I got further in the book I found myself enjoying it as much as the first one. As to which is better, I couldn't decide, they both go hand in hand as a fabulous read.

Originally posted on: rebecca-books/2Although this is the second book by Cora Harrison based on the diary of Jenny Cooper, a close cousin to Jane Austen, I think it could be read independently without the first novel, I was Jane Austen's Best Friend.I bought and read the first book on a bit of a whim - wanting an easy read. Nothing too tough. But actually really enjoyed it! So I got the second bookd have only just got around to reading it.Since acquiring this novel, I have also read the first bo [...]

Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend is a charming historical tale which tells the story of Jenny Cooper – who was very possibly Jane’s best friend. This novel follows on from the romantic endeavours of I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend. I recommend you read the books in the correct order so that you can fully appreciate the sheer delights of this imagining of Jane’s life. This review has spoilers for the first book. So be warnedJenny and Jane are very excited at the beginning of the novel. The [...]

In general I absolutely love Cora Harrison's historical fictions but when rereading this one, I found it fell a little flat. I still liked it though, so I only dropped it down to 4 stars (not really a massive deal, I admit! But I have rated her others as fives)This book was what introduced me to Cora Harrison a couple of years ago and at the time I adored it! I have since read the two Debutantes books and I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend. However, rereading this just now I had a few issues, mainl [...]

This book was a complete delight! I hadn’t realised it was aimed at the YA market, but I enjoyed it so much. When I was the age of Jane and Jenny in the book, I kept a journal and wrote about the nights out I had, the boys I met etc, and it just goes to show that nothing changes, not really, through time. Although I wouldn’t have been looking for a marriage proposal at 17!Jane and Jenny are cousins, and Jenny’s journal charts their experiences going to dances and balls in 1791. She talks a [...]

If there is anything that I have learnt from this book, it's that I'm glad that I don't like in the eighteenth century. All that stuffy dancing and dressing and having to behave in a certain way and having to have permission to marry. Many may think it was glamorous, I think it was stuffy and silly. That being said, I love reading historical books around this time period and this is definitely one of the happier and nicer book series set around it.I loved the first book in this series, I really [...]

Essere innamorati è come stare seduti davati a un fuoco divampante,bevendo vino caldo e speziato con la consapevolezza che sta per capitare qualcosa di molto eccitante E' un ballo che ho danzato mille volte,ma ora è diverso.Io e Thomas ci sfioriamo le mani,ci allontaniamo,torniamo vicini,scambiando una parola,uno sguardoE ogni volta che ci separiamo mi sembra quasi di aver perso una parte di me stessa,qualcosa di determinante per la mia vita e la mia felicità.E quando ci riavviciniamo è come [...]

"È sorprendente la velocità con la quale compone i suoi racconti. Scrivere le cose realmente accadute è molto diverso: basta ricordare e mettere nero su bianco le parti più interessanti;lei invece inventa tutto, eppure lo fa con una velocità strabiliante"Un libro che mi ha fatto trascorrere delle ore molto piacevoli Spero solo che la Newton Compton pubblichi anche l'altro libro di Cora Harrison, I was Jane Austen's best friend, in cui c'è l'antefatto della storia d'amore tra Jenny Cooper ( [...]

I love this book. I love it because it is so varieted as it contains friendship, love and frivolity whereas some books that claim to be all three but arent. I didnt admire the main character (jenny) as a person as she is very helpless and has to rely on a male figure all the time unlike jane who is by far my favourite person in this book because she is humourous and cheery.She seems to always have to lift jennys self- pitying moods .A very enjoyable book though ! :)

I just finished reading Jane Austen stole my boyfriend, and I didn't think this book was too different from it's prequel - it was a disappointment. It was such a predictable book and idk I just didn't like it. I've read better books in my life, tbh. There were a few good parts (which is why I am giving this more than two stars) but overall, this book was a let-down. I wish I could rate this 2.5, but doesn't allow that.

mehi expected more from this book maybe because the reviews sounded good or because Jane Austen was mentioned on the cover? I don't see how it's young adult fiction though because I found the characters very childish especially Jenny she always relies on Jane to make her feel better while Jane has her own problems?

all I'm feeling right now is 'meh'. I didn't hate this book but I didn't love it either. it was just okay. I didn't even fully read the last 100 pages, I skimmed them, got the gist and out it down. I didn't feel compelled to know every little detail.I can't wait to get back into reading a good ya dystopia novel :)

I had this book sitting on my bookshelf for ages, untouched.Then I read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (and fell in love with her writing), so now I'm going full on with anything Jane Austen!It was a very sweet book,and it had some laugh out loud moments. I wouldn't complain if someone took me to Bath!!I'm glad that I picked this book up :)

Full review at bronzelock619/2016/01/jane-austen-stole-my-boyfriend-janeml.The title of this book is a bit misleading. Even though this book was written in Jenny Cooper's point-of-view, her cousin Jane Austen did not steal her boyfriend. Especially since she was the one that helped them get together in the first place. The title was even weirder since "boyfriend" is a modern word. Jane's humour and wit caught the attention of a lot of young men, many of which were high on other young girls' list [...]

It just didn't work for mee book sounded modern but wasn't. It didn't feel like it was writen then by somebody who knew Jane Austen. I like the cover though.

I got this book from the pound shop not wanting to spend much for a holiday read! I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this the book wasn't amazing! 1) the title - the title is 'Jane Austen stole my boyfriend' is pointless and totally irrelevant to the overall story - Jane never stole the main character Jenny's boyfriend or anyone so the title is pretty pointless in relation to that2) story was good and enjoyable and was totally quick but it felt a bit boring and not relevant to the t [...]

Written in a journalistic style this makes for a light read. The characters were all kind of plain, I would've preferred it if I had some backstory or emotive behind so e of them, the only character that really stood out was Jane herself as she was given a superfluous personality, perhaps it was for that reason that everyone else just kind of dimmed in comparison. I enjoyed Eliza's character. The title is kind of misleading and the book is not really centred around Jane Austen at all, rather it [...]

WellI read the first one 'Jane Austen was my best friend' and loved it!! It was perfect; just like Pride and Prejudice but with more action (not fighting action) and no long winded conversations that go on for about a chapter! So, I ordered it from (about £4.50) and when it arrived I was thrilled. Then, as I began to read it, it got so tedious. I was actually having to force myself to read it. 'Come on, only half the book left now' was pretty much my motto. Admittedly, towards the last quarter [...]

Having read I was Jane Austen's Best Friend (Book 1), this Jane Austen Stole my BF is a huge disappointment. I have a very high expectation on this novel. There is no mystery that Jenny will be married to Captain William (according to book 1 and history, of course). And this novel tells us the obstacles Jenny has to face before she can be united with her love. Hence IMO, the plot is predictable. I expected the author focuses on Jane Austen this time around. She has a very striking and interestin [...]

I was a little bit disappointed with this book. It was very well written, with light humour and great characters, yet the plot was not going anywhere. The title had nothing to do with the story line, and I found myself wondering what was the actual point of this story.I must say, that this book had made me once again appreciate that I am not a young girl, of a small fortune living in the 1800s. It was a very hard life for all, but especially for those of small financial means and prospects. It i [...]

Hmm, pokračovania sú obvykle náročné :) V tomto prípade, ak sa na knihy pozerám ako príjemné rozptýlenie, tak splnilo svoj cieľ ak by som čakala niečo svetaborné prípadne prolomové, tak by to bolo sklamanie, ale takto je to príjemné spestrenie hmlistého dňa, kde sa osudy splietajú a rozplietajú a dobrý vydaj je vlastne základom sveta, teda jedným z tých najdôležitejších základov.Postavy i dej sa presunuli do mesta Bath, kde dievčatá trávia výlet so všetkými p [...]

SPOILER ALERT!If you have not read this book yet then I would advise you not to read this review:-) I have read the first book 'Jane Austen Is My Best Friend' and loved it!!I could not wait to read this book! And yet it was even better then the first!! Although the title of this book I did not get until months after,haha:-) buT anyway I loved the romance of jenny and captain Thomas!!! It is a match made in heaven!!! And when frank delivered the bad news of Thomas's ship! I was abso devestated!!! [...]

I thought this was a good sequel to the first book, following Jenny's struggle to be married to Thomas because her brother, Edward-John has been bullied by his evil wife Augusta into denying her hand to him. As Jenny struggles with her sister-in-law, her best friend and cousin Jane is desperately seeking a love of her own-enjoying the company of many beaux. She has the attention of everyone in Bath-but not always for the right reasons.I recommend this book (obviously) to anyone who has read and [...]

NULLA A CHE VEDERE CON LA AUSTENVabbè, io ho letto "Jane Austen" e ho cominciato a dare i numeri.Questo romanzo non è male, di esso attraggono soprattutto l'atmosfera ottocentesca, che ricorda proprio un libro della Austen, e la narrazione sotto forma di diario. La trama si rivela invece alquanto prevedibile, nonché poco movimentata. E qui non ha nulla a che vedere con i capolavori della mia Jane!Sorvolo sul titolo che pare scelto a caso, non riuscirei ad esprimermi senza francesismi.

Again, a light read, but a notch up on the fun quotient from 'Jane Austen was my best friend'. Interesting to me how Jane questions and mocks many of the social expectations, but seems to unquestioningly go along with others. Also how harsh and unfair the criminal system was, and how everyone seemed to unquestioningly accept it. And again, the author's notes about her research made the book quite fascinating to me.

Dato che ho scritto ben due differenti recensioni per questo libro, vi rimando a Diario di Pensieri Persi:diariodipensieripersi/come-e a Old Friends & New Fancies:ildiariodellelizzies.Buon divertimento!

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