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  • Title: Rebirth
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: 9781935540397
  • Page: 484
  • Format: ebook

Michael never put much stock in clich s, but there s one he probably should have listened to You can never go home again.His family assures him that plenty of young people take a few semesters off between high school and college, that a year of travel is practically a prerequisite nowadays His father can pull a few strings, and he ll be a freshman at ISU by September.MicMichael never put much stock in clich s, but there s one he probably should have listened to You can never go home again.His family assures him that plenty of young people take a few semesters off between high school and college, that a year of travel is practically a prerequisite nowadays His father can pull a few strings, and he ll be a freshman at ISU by September.Michael has neglected to tell them that he s not just driving around aimlessly, stopping only to have sex with his chain smoking boyfriend that, in fact, he s hunting vampires.After a disastrous family reunion, Michael unearths a vampire commune where he and Wild Bill can settle down But Michael is the only human in residence, and the other vampires can t stop themselves from sniffing around him.In the words of Wild Bill, This can t be good.

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Home is where the heart isJust, ya know, don't let your boyfriend drive a stake through itListening to Wild Bill talk was like peeling an onion. Layer after layer of truth, wrapped in sarcasm, wrapped in truth, covered with a wry twist of his lips and a flippant delivery. Michael goes home to check in with his family for the first time since he set out to avenge Scary Mary's death.He's been on the road,Killed some Vampires,Hooked up with Wild Bill,and became an Almost-VampireNot that he can shar [...]

Sex on my sister's grave?All these gifs are probably giving the uninitiated the impression that Bill's the "monster" in this relationship. Um, no, he may be a vampire, he may be a BAMF, but Micheal's the crazy little fucker you need look out for. I forget that occasionally and then he does something delightful like kill a bunch of people. But don't worry, they're all "bad vampires." Uh huh.

Written June 14, 20154 Stars - A great conclusion Love the boysNovella serial #5 I've been listening to the 7:44 hrs audiobook box Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary including novella #1-#5:= Payback was a first short teaser to Michael and Wild Bill's future adventures. The second Vertigo was about their second meeting and still mostly an hilarious amusing PWP shortie. Two parts and I learned that this 21 years old Michael is a quite smart and clever youngster. The vampire Wild Bill is awesome c [...]

Yikes! Scary! "blood was indeed very, very good."Oh man, where is this going!!!

It seems that the boys might be getting restless and angsty. How long will Michael and Bill continue with their self isolation?? An attempt at socialization doesn't quite work out the way they want. Forced into action, both of these guys have some surprising reveals to themselves and to each other, thankfully bringing them closer together. I say that's definitely a good thing.

This story starts with Michael and Wild Bill visiting Michael's parents. And family does what family does best, tells you things you don't want to hear. This holds true for Michael too, and especially his sister pisses him off when she tells him "You're definitely the girl" when she sees Wild Bill.They takes off with Michael in a unusually pissy mood. Bill is behind the wheels since Michael doesn't trust himself not to 'accidentally' back into his mother's Volkswagen. LOL!Pissy Michael was fun r [...]

Rating for the whole series.This is one hell of a creepy, lonely, unfriendly world and seeing Wild Bill and Michael navigate their way through it (view spoiler)[be it Michael's family or the vampire farm(hide spoiler)] is seriously worrying. No wonder Wild Bill had to go touch his roots.(view spoiler)[I really feel for their dilemma. Wild Bill is he a monster or not, even by association. Being with Michael he has to face these questions more and more. Getting the feeling that you're seriously fu [...]

*** 3.5 Star ***There's kinky and then there's having sex on your sister's grave. I mean Shit.Beyond that, it was interesting to see how Wild Bill and Michael continue to navigate Bill's abhorrence for violence and Michael's need to hunt 'bad' vampires, and how the couple are still striving for some semblance of normalcy, of belonging, of family - it's slightly heartbreaking.

I felt unsatisfied with a lot in this book but loved a lot. I've come to accept that I will never be satisfied with these books because these are two very inaccessibly people totally out of touch with their feelings; neither of them are able to appropriately express themselves about anything. (view spoiler)[Like Michael still has never told Wild Bill that he loves him even though Wild Bill has told him. Yet Michael says that Wild Bill is his everything. That feels beyond love to me, more like ad [...]

So this one pissed me off and here is why. The blurb makes up only about 25% of the book, the bulk of the story is really about the vampire family the boys attempt to settle down with. I’m taking a break from these because it’s more of the same. Bill & Michael barely talk & use sex as their main form of communication. What was once hot is becoming routine. Also man, I cannot stress this enough filth is not sexy. So the book starts out with Michael’s sister asking him if he’s home [...]

Another great story in the Channeling Morpheus series!! I just love Michael and Bill together.This one was the creepiest so far for me, seeing Bill “vamp-out“and also getting to see the other side of Michael. Michael is kick-ass in this story. Here we see the two sides of Michael real well. One side that’s capable of just shooting without hesitation and the other side, the pre-med wannabe.Michael’s realisation at the end:“I decided that while I was more than just a walking hormone cock [...]

This one was another great story in the Channeling Morpheus series. Since the series is classified as erotic horror, I guess it more than fulfilled its premise. I’m loving the sex and I’m very much invested in the characters. But especially with this story I would have liked to see more. More of Michael’s family, more of his and Wild Bill’s life together, more of why they thought a four vamp/person commune in the middle of nowhere would be a positive change to their lives (because I wasn [...]

More plot in this one, as Michael finds out you can't really go home, when you've changed to outgrow it. There's some nice mix of emotions, as he meets up with his Mom and sister after being gone and out of touch. I thought the awkwardness, and the yearning for something lost, was well done. And then the guys' search for some kind of vampire-aware companionship takes an unexpected turn. I liked the twists of the story, but I think I feel the emotions more clearly when we're in Bill's POV.

Omg! I'm so obsessed with Wild Bill and Michael!! I can't even take a break from this series and I will be finished before I know it! I just love these two together. They are so sexy and their love for each other is so intense! This one was the creepiest so far for me; seeing Wild Bill vamp-out and also getting to see the other side of Michael. Both of their pasts make me sad so I hope they continue to find what they need in each other.

I discovered JCP's PsyCop series and devoured them - interesting characters, decent world-building, sweet relationship and the plots were just this side of too-loopy. Why isn't Channeling Morpheus as good?What's not to like about a vicious-vampire killer, and his vampire boyfriend? Other than the fact that there's no sense of place or depth of character, that is. And the yo-yoing between gruesome killings and page after page of sex. Michael and Bill don't talk about anything of significance, the [...]

Love, love, love this series! I can't wait to read #6-10.

About this StoryYowsa, Michael is so kick-ass in this story. I seem to remember that as I was writing this installment, it was really hard to switch out of his headspace and work on the other story I was writing at the time, which was Zero Hour, with innocent and thoughtful Ernest as its protagonist. Here’s the thing with Michael: he doesn’t think he’s a murderer, let alone a serial killer. He thinks he’s a perfectly rational person who has dug down deep and come up with the fortitude it [...]

When it's Michael's turn to tell the story, it seems that there is a lot more of action.The story begins with Michael's family reunion and ends in the cemetery where Wild Bill's family is buried. In between the two looks for a place to settle down.While in the previous books Wild Bill seemed to downplay his vampire nature, danger brings it out full-fledged. It should spook or repulse Michael, given his initial experience with vampires, but Michael accepts it fully, maybe because it has become pa [...]

3.5 stars.Michael is so prickly! I felt bad for his family.d for Bill) Poor Bill, he's just wrapped around the finger of that little crazy fucker))

I really enjoyed this fifth instalment. A little bit freaky for me with the other vampires, but still very enjoyable.

Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews. In conjunction with BER's week of Channeling Morpheus reviews, here is Part One and Part Two of our interview with Jordan Castillo Price.Note: This was my second read of the series, the first of the 2nd edition.Finally, number five, Rebirth, my favorite story of all the first half of the series :) On to more of why that is in a bit, but first, let me set up where we are in the story.Starting smack in the middle of the most uncomfortable of situations, M [...]

Michael and Wild Bill are still together and still in love, but maybe the wandering life is starting to wear down Michael, and maybe, even if he would never admit it, also Wild Bill. And so this fifth chapter begins with Michael coming back home like the prodigal son: but what family, even if a loving one, would be happy to see their son throws away all the chance of a good and steady future? the gay news could be overcome, but the fact that Michael doesn't want to go to college is all another q [...]

A very tense and tightly told conclusion to the first five parts of the Chasing Morpheus series (which starts with Payback.) In this episode, Michael and Wild Bill check out a vampire commune and see if it might be a safe place to stay long term.This installment had quite the punch, and I was on the edge of my seat reading it. (Oredge of my e-reader) By the end, Wild Bill has revealed a new side of himself to Michael, and Michael is figuring out more of what he learned in part 4, Tainted.Things [...]

If only Michael had bothered to ask me, I could've told him that you can never go home again. Not really. In 'Rebirth', book five of Jordan Castillo Price's stunning series, 'Channeling Morpheus', Michael and Wild Bill are just starting to come to grips with their love for each other, and Michael's immunity to becoming a full vampire. He may never become a full vampire, but through his fluid exchanges with Wild Bill, Michael has developed, to a lesser degree, a number of vampire advantages and d [...]

4.5 StarsSometimes, we the reader get so caught up in the glam of the Vamps like Wild Bill here, Bones, Lestat, Edward Cullinan *erase, erase* that we forget that they are for the most part FUCKING SCARY MONSTERS! Well, JCP hampers that home in this edition with the most terrifying display of vampire immorality that I have ever read. Okay, I've probably read worse but not with the impact that this has. This reads like a horror story and I was seriously scared for a while there. Phew. I've now co [...]

Volume 5 brought quite a series of unexpected events. However, the somewhat tragic vibe overall, made it difficult to rate this higher than 3 stars.(view spoiler)[I was surprised when Michael went back to see his parents. Even more when he confessed to having a boyfriend. I didn't expect a happy family reunion but the cold greetings Michael got from his family seemed a bit harsh. His relationship with his family seemed strained and yet filled with love and longing for them. I think it should hav [...]

This was nothing like I'd expected it would be. After the devastating revelation in the last book, I'd expected to read some about how Michael is coming to terms with the news that he'll never be a vampire. That he and Wild Bill will always live in separate worlds.Although, now that I think about it, maybe that is what this book is about, just put across in a very Michael/Bill way. Maybe "introducing" each other to their families, book-ending an attempt to find a vampire-friendly place to settle [...]

Wow. Completely unexpected turn of events in this particular episode. While I wasn't surprised that the family reunion went so bad, I was surprised at just how much I disliked Julie. The whole vamp commune thing came totally out of left field but it certainly caused a shift in Bill and Michael's relationship. Intense! I still really like these two together and with everything that's happened, I'm really anxious to see how they deal with it.

Michael goes back back home, but things go somewhat badly. He and Bill then move on to hopefully join a vamp friendly commune where they can socialize with others, but that also goes somewhat badly. What doesn't go badly for them is that, with each segment, their relationship grows stronger and stronger.

Ahhhh, I want more!For such a short series, each edition averaging about 50 pages, it sure made an impact.I'm really glad this isn't the end. As soon as I get home, I'll be buying the rest series.

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