Undone by His Touch

Annie West

Undone by His Touch

Undone by His Touch

  • Title: Undone by His Touch
  • Author: Annie West
  • ISBN: 9780373528691
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback

Cast into a world of black, Declan Carstairs is a man in torment Consumed by guilt, he sees no way out of the darkness his life has become Only one thing drives him finding the woman who caused his brother s death, and the accident that took his sight.Housekeeper Chloe Daniels refuses to pity her devastatingly gorgeous boss, but treating him as the strong, capable man heCast into a world of black, Declan Carstairs is a man in torment Consumed by guilt, he sees no way out of the darkness his life has become Only one thing drives him finding the woman who caused his brother s death, and the accident that took his sight.Housekeeper Chloe Daniels refuses to pity her devastatingly gorgeous boss, but treating him as the strong, capable man he is soon proves dangerous As Chloe falls deeper under Declan s spell, awakened by his touch, she forgets all about the secret she keeps that may destroy them both.

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Happy Sigh! Lots of angst, passion, and true love. And a hero who reminds me of Edward Fairfax Rochester. I'm not sure if that was deliberate or not. Declan is a nice mix of wounded, grumpy and tortured. Even at his worst, I couldn't hate him. I guess I could see pain behind his actions. With his brother's death and his feelings of guilt that he had failed him, it was hard to see clearly. On the other hand, I could see why Chloe couldn't settle for what he had to give her. She had fought too har [...]

The hero Declan is still haunted by reminders of his brother's suicide and his own climbing fall, which left him injured and blind. He meets his housekeeper Chloe, the heroine, for the first time when she returns after a sabbatical. Chloe is initially nervous about returning after a difficult experience with Declan's brother, but with him now gone she feels more comfortable. Declan feels surprisingly content around Chloe, she doesn't treat him differently due to his blindness, and they become fr [...]

This is my first book by Australian author Annie West and it definitely won’t be my last! She really impressed me with this intense, emotional, sensual and totally engrossing story.How I imagine Declan Carstairs…Declan more than fulfils my weakness for tormented, irascible heroes. He hides all his vulnerabilities – the frustrations, the insecurities, the guilt and the anger – behind a show of arrogance, sarcasm and rudeness. Even though, to some extent, I can understand his reasoning, I [...]

2.5 starsI wasn't blown away, but thought this was decent. The passion and angst levels were too low for me to become emotionally invested in the story or characters. Declan and Chloe's relationship from employer and employee to lovers progressed much faster than I liked or found believable.I did like how Chloe stuck to her convictions by not letting Declan totally run over her. She tolerated his jerky behavior for a little while, but stopped it when she realized his love didn't encompass enough [...]

This is a good example of the level of "not-so-douchey-but-still-pretty-alpha"-ness in a hero that I find irresistible.Scarred and blinded Declan falls for his housekeeper Chloe, who it turns out has a secret of her own in relation to Declan's brother, Adrian, who chose to sacrifice himself in a climbing accident. Declan survived the ordeal but has demons to face, in particular, the woman supposedly responsible for driving Adrian to suicide.Not so sure about the plausibility of Declan's incredul [...]

I m a big fan of Annie West. She has a very particular style, a sizzling atmosphere. This book is so brim-filled with such gut-wrenching angst & heart-stopping tension, it keeps the  reader on his toes & on edge from the word go.Declan is a dark hero fighting his demons, tittering on the brink of depression, and Chloe is the gentle yet feisty heroine who pulls him back to life. My  heart went to Declan in his struggle to cope with the darkness of his life, with his grief, with his guil [...]

UNDONE BY HIS TOUCH by author Annie West is a Mills & Boon Modern and Harlequin Presents release for April 2012.Declan Carstairs lost his eyesight in a freak accident. He also lost his younger brother in that accident. So he blames himself for failing his brother when he needed him the most. Tortured and tormented, he goes away from Sydney to his family mansion in the Blue Mountains to recuperate. Chloe Daniels comes back to her housekeeper job at the mansion to find her gorgeous boss in the [...]

I believe I am in the minority on this one, but I actually did not like this book. Which is a shame since I have been anxiously waiting for it to come out electronically. The heroine was just way too much of a martyr for my taste. She tried to package it as sympathizing with the hero's grief, claiming that grief can destroy a person and alter their ability to be rational. But, I just wasn't buying it. She had shades of TSTL and doormat stamped all over her, which is so counter to the Annie West [...]

Yo soy adicta a estas novelas y aunque por lo general el argumento es parecido o tienen situaciones similares,unas son mejores que otras y este fue el caso. Los protagonistas como que no tenían la química que encuentro por lo regular,en estas novelas. Y mira que me gustan mucho las historias tipo la Bella y la Bestia. El protagonista quedó ciego y mutilado,cuando tuvo un accidente donde murió su hermano. Accidente en apariencias,porque en realidad,el hermano se suicidó,supuestamente por la [...]

This book didn't even make it unread out of the shopping centre. Filling in time while in Brisbane, I delved into my recent purchases and struck lucky with this one. Even luckier the repair I was waiting on took twice as long as expected.This book is a classic style dark hero being brought back from the brink by a caring and feisty heroine.Chloe is a widow who has made an ordered life for herself after a difficult childhood and a brief but happy marriage that ended tragically. As housekeeper to [...]

I really enjoyed this one, much to my surprise. This is one of the first HP's I have read where I actually like the h, Chloe more than that H, Declan. While there was lots of angst (a necessary part of HP reading for me) there was not an over abundance of ridiculous misunderstandings and just plain hatefulness from Declan. I felt the relationship/feelings built between them and didn’t seem like it was all just an uncontrollable physical response that they had to act on despite what they ‘fel [...]

A blind tormented Rochester-esque hero. How can one resist? I couldn't but the last 30 pages were pretty angstySynopsisCast into a world of black, Declan Carstairs is a man in torment. Consumed by guilt, he sees no way out of the darkness his world has become. Only one thing drives him - finding the woman who caused his brother's death, and the accident that took his sight.Housekeeper Chloe Daniels refuses to pity her devastatingly gorgeous boss, but treating him as the strong, capable man he is [...]

A little too much reliance on misunderstanding/misinformation for the conflict for my liking. The heroine occasionally sort of stood up for herself, but also had a tendency toward martyrdom - putting up with too much crap so that she could shoulder the burden for someone else's care. The resolution also seemed to come about abruptly - as the narrative doesn't show the change over time, the hero's emotional shifts seem to happen without warning, without reason. To put in balance how I felt on fin [...]

Review - Classic Harlequin romance. Rich man meets poor woman without rhyme or reason (or in this case without sight), falls in lust, beds woman, has falling out over misunderstanding. Woman gets pregnant. Difference gets resolved. They marry. Epilogue - have child and live happily ever after. The End. All that being said I liked Declan (blinded in an accident but vision restored in the end) and the fact that he was willing to own to his mistakes and apologize without forcing Chloe into marriage [...]

Hot, sexy which is what I expected from a book in the Harlequin Presents line. I also expected emotion, but what I got was a story that spun the Beauty and the Beast trope in a new way.A lot of times, romance novels give the hero a key role in creating/affirming the heroine's sense of self-worth. In "Undone by His Touch" Chloe is responsible for her own self-worth. It's hard-earned, and she's not surrendering it. I really liked that emotional maturity.A lovely read with a hero who isn't perfect [...]

I loved this book. I chose it to simply pass the day and ended up finishing it in a sitting. Annie West writes like you're a fly on the wall and I was simply 'undone' by how sensual Declan was and how he treated Chloe, like she was 'spurned glass' when it fact she came across as a very feisty character. It was so unpredictable, i will definitely be reading more of her work.

I just love the way Annie West packs a ton of emotion into her books. Her heroes just walk off the page and I really enjoyed reading Chloe and Declan's story.This a real Beauty and the Beast story. The change in Declan from the beginning of the book to the end was astounding and I was def cheering Chloe on when she got her HEA.

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I loved this one Declan is a real tortured hero and Cloe just the heroine he needs to help to love. Great story from start to finish thank you Annie for hours of reading pleasure

Declain yang mengalami kebutaan dan luka dipipinya sejak kecelakan yang menewaskan adiknya, sehingga membuatnya mengasingkan diri serta merasa bersalah atas ketidakmampuannya dalam menyelamatkan Adiknya / Adrian dan bersumpah menemukan wanita yang membuat adiknya bunuh diri dan menuntut balas sampai Chloe datang dalam hidupnya, pengurus rumah tangga, wanita yang mampu membuatnya bangki t,membuka diri dan merasa dikasihi dan tidak pernah memperlakukannya selain seorang lelaki yang kuat walaupun d [...]

I'm going to start off by saying I don't read Harlequin Mills and Boons category-type romances. I have nothing against them, its just that few I'd tried in the past didn't really capture my imagination and I found the budding romances in them a bit contrived. But every now and then, you'll come across an author, and it doesn't matter what they've written, they suck you in from the first page and won't let you go until you've read every last page. I got the copy of this book, signed by Annie (fel [...]

Ok read. The story is predictable but still enjoyable. A lot of time is spent on them spending time together, making this romance a lot more plausible.Our H is pretty besotted and reliant on our h, yet at the same time you want to bash him over the head for his resistance to believe her. I actually am not compassionate because our h explained the why of it rather than because he endears himself through his atrocious actions.Our h has a very strong character, yet she still is more forgiving than [...]

Sometimes I just love a simple Harlequint simple as in it isn't interesting, I just know what to expect in general, and get thrown a few surprises here and there. I enjoyed Chloe and Declan. Normally Declan's attitude changes would have turned me off, but I could actually see where he was coming from in this one, as frustrating as that was. I enjoyed that they tried to explain Adrian's sudden change in behavior with Chloe (I had pondered the explanation myself just from hints here and there). I [...]

Declan Carstairs lives in a world of darkness and despair. Feeling as if he has let down his younger brother when Adrian chose death over living. Declan vowed to find the woman whom he believed help to contribute to Adrian's depression. Chloe Daniels desparately needed her job as housekeeper for Declan Carstairs, but after the ordeal his brother had put her thru before his death, she was not sure she could remain. Drawn in by the charisma eminating from Declan, Chloe finds herself beginning to l [...]

This started really well: the setup of the characters is original and very vivid. You can understand the stresses that they’re both under, and their feelings. At the same time, surprises keep hitting you as the past is gradually unwrapped.As the plot proceeds, it becomes a bit more familiar: the main dynamic of the second half of the book is all stuff I’ve read elsewhere. It’s well-written though, and the believability of the characters is kept up all the way through. I just wish it had ma [...]

I love this story. This is a great read. Annie West took you through every emotion possible. Declan was injured and blinded in a accident with his brother. He meets Chloe who his his housekeeper. She refused to let him pity himself. She helps him cope. They both start to have feeling for each other but there is things Chloe hasn't told Declamation yet and those things could tear them apart. Ending was good.

WOAH. Let me say just WOAHthat was the most emotional harlequin ive ever read from both H/h views. they deserve one another for support, love, sickness and in health. I could see the pain from both sides although I could sympathise with chloe's a lot more (since im a chick). and Declan's gradual realisation was perfectly timed and not bam SMACK IN THE FACE followed by chronic verbal diarrhea grovelling. I was just sad I finished readingI WANT MORE :'( now nothing can top this

I love Annie West, wow, each one of her novels better than the one before.This one about Chloe and Declan, Declan became blind in a climbing accident in which he also loses his brother after confessing that the women he loves left him for one with more money. So guilt and the need to avenge his brother's death consumed him, he returns to the family home, and here comes chloe, a breath of fresh air in his dark, dark world.Very good read, I enjoy it a lot…

I thought this was a rare find! Even though the story takes place in modern day Sydney, I feel like I'm reading a very poignant, angsty but wonderfully updated version of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre all over again.

Chloe Daniels is currently working for Declan Carstairs as a housekeeper. Their attraction to each other grows but the death of Declans brother Adrian and Chloe's secret about Andrian could put a stop to the romance. Lots of drama and romance make this a good read.

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