Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain

Z.A. Recht

Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain

Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain

  • Title: Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain
  • Author: Z.A. Recht
  • ISBN: 9781849831635
  • Page: 376
  • Format: ebook

The end begins with a viral outbreak unlike anything mankind has ever encountered before The infected are subject to delirium, fever, a dramatic increase in violent behavior, and a one hundred percent mortality rate Death But it doesn t end there The victims return from death to walk the earth.When a massive military operation fails to contain the plague of the livingThe end begins with a viral outbreak unlike anything mankind has ever encountered before The infected are subject to delirium, fever, a dramatic increase in violent behavior, and a one hundred percent mortality rate Death But it doesn t end there The victims return from death to walk the earth.When a massive military operation fails to contain the plague of the living dead it escalates into a global pandemic In one fell swoop, the necessities of life become much basic Gone are petty everyday concerns Gone are the amenities of civilized life Yet a single law of nature remains Live, or die Kill, or be killed On one side of the world, a battle hardened General surveys the remnants of his command a young medic, a veteran photographer, a brash Private, and dozens of refugees, all are his responsibility all thousands of miles from home Back in the United States, an Army Colonel discovers the darker side of Morningstar virus and begins to collaborate with a well known journalist to leak the information to the publicThe Morningstar Saga has begun 2006 Z.A Recht P 2009 Audible, Inc.

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Thanks to the blue sky I have finished this piece of junk!!! I am so sorry, I just could not like this story as much as I tried; this zombie story fall flat!!! Why are there so many good reviews on this book?I mean here is the main reason:1. The characters know that a bite, blood, fluid or scratch would get them infected-but no one thinks to put on leather, extra layers or anything to protect their skin!!! So, they were basically saying- "Look at me zombie; I am a walking fried chicken leg."2. S [...]

A military-focused view of the zombie apocalypse. While, were this a real apocalypse, I'd arrow straight for the guys with the military grade weapons, it's not my favorite to read. Lots of machismo and "don't you want to touch my shiny guns??" and not a lot else. Meh.

OK so, it was a nice try. The explanation for why there are fast AND slow zombies was GREAT. But unfortunately, not a whole lot else has great merit. The characters are all cookie-cutter. Every "military" character is the same as the next - and they use A LOT of cheesy jargon like "FUBAR" and "SNAFU" constantly making it seem like the author did military research by watching too many movies. Also - some of the pop-culture references seem very out of place such as "it looked like somewhere that [...]

I had a discussion with my wife about what constitutes a zombie story. Plague of the Dead seems to be more of a virus story. The strain hits, turns people into mindless, seemingly soulless, infected "carriers", but for all intents and purposes, they are still alive. However, when the "carriers" are killed, they turn into the living dead because they rise and continue on in the attempt to get some food, namely you and me. So I would venture a change of the genre to something like infection novels [...]

3.5 StarsPlague of the Dead is such a fun book - if you can call the downfall of mankind fun, which I can as it's just fiction This book has all the elements I love in zombie fiction; lots of zombies, great characters and an absorbing storyline.The writing is very smooth - nice and easy to read, great description and imagination. Recht also uses both types of zombie: the fast '28 Days Later' kind, and the shuffling, slow 'Night of the Living Dead' kind. And there are lots of them, thousands in f [...]

I've said before that Jonathan Maberry is responsible for my zombie obsession, but what I don't think I have spoken about before is that Z.A. Recht's The Morningstar Strain series cemented my love for the undead. As soon as I had finished Maberry's Patient Zero, I went on a hunt for another zombie book, and the first one that I picked up was Plague of the Dead, way back in 2009. In preparation of reading the final book in the series, I decided to go back and read the first two books again, even [...]

I am more interested in character development than I am in raw visceral appeal that is related to the horror in horror novels. Give me some folks to root for and I will read with baited breath every last bit of their stories. Sad when they died, thrilled when they live. Don't get me wrong, the raw fear and emotions, the violence and excitement of a zombie tale are what makes them appealing. It is just that without the first element listed above, the story is nothing more than just a gory bloodba [...]

I watched the trailer for the new AMC series, "The Walking Dead", and couldn't wait until Halloween night to get my zombie on, so I'm on a bit of a bender."Monster Island"uh, NO (see my review for details)."Feed" - LOVED IT! (see my review for details)."Forest of Hands and Teeth" - Did not love, but I am still thinking about it(see my review for details).And now, "Plague of the Dead".This has the most action since "World War Z". The book starts in Setember 2006 with a few emails from two of the [...]

I'm hesitant to write a review for this book. I loved the book, but I'm loathe to trip through a review. My reviews tend to either read like book reports (which no one wants to read) or off target rambling (which no one should read). Despite that, I had to drop a few lines of praise into my 5 star review here.This book is incredible. It's hard to do something new in the zombie apocalypse genre, and this book isn't anything vastly different from what's out there already. However, I do love the wa [...]

3 StarsPlague of the Dead is a decent book one in a typical post apocalyptic zombie world. This book has much the same feel that The Autumn series by David Moody, but lacks the emotional impact that is delivered by the characters of that series. ""He's a zombie," breathed Julie. " I suppose by definition he would be," Anna said. "But we at USAMRIID don't use sci-fi terms. We prefer to call him aDeceased ambulatory viral host."Hah even in death we have to be PC!No explanations to the virus are gi [...]

I wanted to like this book, but was never able to like all, or even most, of it. Between a ton of really obnoxious characters, a general lack of knowledge about the military, and horrible dialogue there is a lot that makes this a below average novel. It starts strong, but the middle is a chore to get through.The characters keep making clueless and stupid choices. No one thinks about saving ammo, or to take heavy equipment with them. They also run around acting like B-grade action movie character [...]

Ok, I know I just resolved not to read any more bad zombie books, but a friend had already loaned this one to me, so it doesn't count.There's a pattern than emerges when an apocalyptic story is told by someone with a military background—at least it has in the books I've read. The mild-mannered ex-soldier, wanting nothing more than to settle down and enjoy his life as a private citizen, is forced to rely on his superior training and personal weaponry when civilization implodes. (Clueless civvie [...]

Possibly the worst zombie book in the entire world. The book is written in an extremely annoying style, consisting of a constant narration of what people said and did. "He stood. He said, 'This has to end.' He turned and lifted his hand. He waved. He left the room." This book sucked.

What a great story! I grabbed this on a whim at the library. I knew nothing about this book at it was my first ever zombie novel. A perfect blend of action and survival with a side-serving of zombie horror. A new virus strain has been discovered, called Morningstar. While scientists meddle in making new discoveries, a few people are soon infected. While nothing is amiss at first, the virus slowly works through it's victims. The strain is very contagious. A bite or scratch is guaranteed to infect [...]

Though it starts promisingly enough, Z. A. Recht's Plague of the Dead quickly descends into standard zombie apocalyptic territory as the U.S. makes every effort to curtail the spread of a virus on the African continent that turns people into slobbering rage-filled monsters, and then once the hosts are dead, returns them to life as shambling zombies, with both forms programmed to do nothing more than spread the virus. This best of both worlds approach (think George Romero and 28 Days Later) is ab [...]

Although not as bad as Joe McKinney's "Mutated" or Simon Clark's "Stranger," this is a dumb, and worse, boring zombie novel. The twist is that the 'infected' start out as 28 Days Later-style running zombies, but if you shoot 'em in the chest, they revive as Romero-style slow zombies; one hard-to-believe plot thread involves the US government trying to conceal the latter fact past the point of absurdity, hunting whistleblowers even after the zombies have already overrun the US.The writing is weak [...]

I am a stone cold sucker for zombie stories. I don't care if they're the old school Romero shufflers or the new breed of 28 Days Later style runners, give me a story about the world being overrun by undead flesh eaters, and it makes me happy. This probably says something very disturbing about me.This is pretty standard stuff. A virus code named Morningstar breaks out in Africa and *gasp* brings the dead back to life with a taste for the living. Efforts at containment fail and soon the entire pla [...]

Usually, I can pick the survivors in a zombie novel. It's pretty easy. Just find the ones who aren't written like walking snackpacks, and root for them. In the case of Plague of the Dead, however, it becomes more difficult, as Recht focuses all his attentions on a gruelingly dull point-by-point military description of the initial zombie outbreak, leaving no time to flesh out his characters. His disinterest leads directly to the reader's disinterest or at least my disinterest. Those more interest [...]

The writing style is just terrible and uninspired. The mechanism for character and story development is based entirely on convenience. The plot is laborious.In summary this book is a perfect example of genre exploitation.Thumb if you agree.

This is without doubt one of the top five zombie books that I've ever read. This series along with Glynn James and Michael Stephen Fuchs 'Arisen' series are probably the best zombie series ever. I did not want to put this book down and I read it in one day. Yes it was that good! Who needs to eat or have toilet functions when there are deadly zombies to enjoyAnna, a Lt Col. has been studying the Morningstar Strain in animals and is concerned about how deadly an outbreak would be, warning General [...]

Z. A. Recht, The Morningstar Strain: Plague of the Dead (Permuted Press, 2006)The late Zachary Recht died in December of 2009 at the age of twenty-six, leaving behind roughly half of the final book in the Morningstar Strain trilogy. Word on the street is that it will eventually be fleshed out by another author and released by Permuted, with the blessings of Recht's family. Good news indeed, as the Morningstar Strain books are quite a surprise, if you're not familiar with Permuted stuff. A number [...]

Woohoo! Finally got a new computer so I can start reviewing books again. And why not start out with a zombie book?OK, so here's the thing about the zombie apocalypse: I have pretty much decided I am a goner when it happens. I can't shoot a gun, or a bow. I can't change a tire, especially if there were a group of the undead approaching. I don't have more than a few cans of soup and some bottles stored in my basement. (Yowza! I could get by for a week at least!) Heck, I couldn't even survive the R [...]

_Plague of the Dead_ is, put simply, a zombie outbreak novel similar in many ways to Max Brooks' spectacular _World War Z_. (WWZ is told in a series of interviews while _Plague_ follows a traditional narrative format, but the manner in which the plague spreads and the military's fruitless efforts to contain it are similar.)_Plague_ has some strong characters and some pretty awesome moments. You got to love a book where a soldier, already bitten and therefore terminal, hangs on to his grenade unt [...]

Yet another mediocre zombie book. Worth reading, but nothing really new or interesting. Starts off promising but has the usual zombie book problems.Is the only way to write a zombie story to have the characters be brain damaged?(not talking about the zombie characters either). is there no other way to get to the zombies taking over?as an example (view spoiler)[the military using its satellites, spots a lone truck trying to escape dragging a horde along behind it.So they wait till the truck is pr [...]

Plague of the Dead was the second book I read this summer. The sequel is Thunder and Ashes. This book explains how the zombie virus starts, and how people reacted to it. Major cities were bombed, and America tried to keep the virus out of the country. It all started in Africa, then to Australia and eventually America. That's when the panic started, and major cities were bombed. General Sherman and his surviving group from Africa and partly America were on a boat coming back to America as the pla [...]

I had heard such good things about this book that the disappointment after having actually started it was crushing. I'm the first to admit my standards where probably higher than normal due to all the hype I'd been exposed to. The story was slow and the plot was somewhat predictable, though I did enjoy the "carrier" to "zombie" turn the author took. The term "carrier" is normally reserved for those creatures who have loss their humanity but remain alive and if that is the route the book takes, t [...]

3.5 StarsWhat a fun read. I love zombie books.I must say, though, I do NOT like fast zombies. I like my zombies slow and shambling. I don't like a war cry, chase and attack. Let me limp my sorry ass away and hide. I would be too mentally fluffed-up to flat-out, sprint away.We have 2 groups of survivors to think about in this story, and I really hope they meet up. Each trying to survive and figure out how to stop this plague. I think it is too late for that. Maybe, they should just hope to find a [...]

I'm not much of a horror fan but for some reason I can read zombie books over and over until the covers fall off. This was a really fast read but a pretty cool story. What's always kind of scary about these books is I find the way the authors describe people's mass panic and the break down of big governments to be very realistic. I've read a lot of articles on how this kind of fiction is actually a type of political commentary showing the flaws in society. However, I just read them for a good sc [...]

This book was well written, and pretty easy to read. In fact I finished it in two evenings. It starts out like most zombie books, with a strange virus that affects humans. The twist here is that you have two types of zombies: the living who have been taken over by the virus, and the reanimated dead. This leads to some interesting strategies. I likes this book enough to want to read the next in the trilogy.

Inconsistent.Mr. Recht elegantly melds the infamous "fast versus slow" schools of zombie thought into one and it is glorious. Unfortunately, the good stuff is buried 6 feet under the layers of cliché-ridden characters, uninspired encounters, and glaring plot holes.Plague of the Dead definitely has enough meat on its bones to get me excited for the second novel in the trilogy. We'll see how it holds up!

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