Le cinque stirpi

Markus Heitz Roberta Zuppet

Le cinque stirpi

Le cinque stirpi

  • Title: Le cinque stirpi
  • Author: Markus Heitz Roberta Zuppet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Le Terre Libere sono circondate da una catena montuosa impenetrabile, nella quale si aprono soltanto cinque passaggi, controllati dalle cinque stirpi di nani All interno, uomini, elfi e nani vivono in armonia, governati e protetti dai sei maghi, sbarrando il passo al male Improvvisamente, per , uno dei passaggi cede e un esercito di orchi comincia a infiltrarsi e a soggiLe Terre Libere sono circondate da una catena montuosa impenetrabile, nella quale si aprono soltanto cinque passaggi, controllati dalle cinque stirpi di nani All interno, uomini, elfi e nani vivono in armonia, governati e protetti dai sei maghi, sbarrando il passo al male Improvvisamente, per , uno dei passaggi cede e un esercito di orchi comincia a infiltrarsi e a soggiogare parte dei territori Tuttavia le forze del male sanno che, per conquistare il dominio delle Terre Libere, devono spezzare l unione dei maghi e individuano colui che pu tradire gli altri Nudin, un mago ambizioso e assetato di conoscenza Ai popoli delle Terre Libere non rimane che un unica speranza la sola arma che pu uccidere un mago posseduto la Lama di Fuoco

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I could not take it any more. I am taking some advice and I am not going to finish this book even though I REALLY tried. I started this book in August and have taken breaks from it 4 or 5 times. I wanted this book to be good, but its way too simple. The plot is very simple and predictable. The characters are Tolken templates and are not very interesting. At times it seemed the dialogue between the dwarven characters in this book came straight from 6yr old boys who were having a make a believe ba [...]

This book reminded me of a role playing game. Character gets assigned quest and sets off --> when character arrives at destination he finds out that the quest completion parameters have been amended and that he has to continue to new destination, where more or less the same thing happens. Along the way the character collects items and learns skills, he also meets other characters with different skills and some of these join up with him, creating a "party". In the end, the items and characters [...]

The best review I can give is that my 17 year old son spent his own money to buy the first three books (in hard cover), read them and encouraged his friends to read them. I just had to read them myself and found myself enjoying them. Let the author speak for himself."Death came for the dwarf and tried to take him, whereupon the warrior squared his shoulders, dug his heels against the granite floor, and told him to go. Death turned around and left.” - Apologue from the southern provinces of San [...]

Why the Read: I've always enjoyed Tolkienesque (or D&D) dwarves. After reading excellent contemporary fantasy by McKillip, Bujold, Martin, Abercrombie and Rothfuss, I thought I'd give it a go. Plot: the clichéd D&D role play world. Also the clichéd little guy becomes a big guy through an adventure. Escapist fun. Nothing new and completely formulaic. Thoughts: easy to condemn or judge this work and its derivative D& D world, but on reflection, this type of formulaic approach has a p [...]

Još jedna od knjiga koja ima interesantnu postavku, kompetentno je napisana i na kraju bude samo meh.Ono što imamo ovde je u suštini klasična fantazi priča o borbi dobra i zla alu upakovana u ruho patuljaka. E sada to ne bi tolko smetalo da je pisac to iskoristio da ponudi nešto drugačije ali činmjenica da je sve smešteno u društvo patuljaka skoro uopšte ne igra ulogu. Sve je standardni i već viđeno, od organizacije društva, njihovog mesta u svetu kao i odnosa sa drugim rasama. Ako [...]

Once I managed to trudge through the first 100 or so pages, (which are a bit of a massive yawn) things really started to pick up and I began to really enjoy the book. The writing isn't particularly stellar, but it flows nicely and it's the characters that spurred me on to continue reading. The core characters I really fell in love with. It would be interesting to read it in it's original german. I am one of those people who can't help but think anything that is translated might lose a bit of it' [...]

This book can be described as a badly written spin off of LOTR where the attention has been shifted from elves and humans to dwarves. Being a fan of fantasy it is rare for me to rate a book 1 star but I didn't find anything here that made me think of giving it anything more.Writing is one of the main flaws of this book (among others) I don’t know if it’s the translator’s fault or the original authors but the writing is too simple and unappealing. It’s like a kid wrote this for his high s [...]

A good solid quest fantasy. Very well translated.Generally nothing new about the book but still an easy read with decent characters.I found the whole book a very enjoyable read. It won't stick with me the way some fantasy books would but sometimes a softer read is a nice break and this fits that bill nicely.Simplistic in some ways and definitely borrows from other works but I went in expecting this so it didnt bother me too much.

I really didn't enjoy this nearly got too 100 pages and the dialogue is just awful in places and sounds more like a Disney film at times then a proper fantasy book.Characters are dull and plot is full of so many holes and inconstant.Not for me, I'm really having a bad year with fantasy books :(

Once I read an article about classic fantasy cliches. Classic fantasy books have adjectives ending in ling, like halfling. This is a book fool of lings, it fits all fantasy cliches. But after reading so many realistic and political intriguing fantasy books, this book has its charms in simplicity.First chapters i was wondering whether i stop it or not. A simple story with AD&D dwarves complete with character creation chapters and skill advancement pages. I thought i was 15 all over.As the plo [...]

Abwechslungsreich, spannend, komplex und sehr unterhaltsam! Großartiger Auftakt der Zwergen Reihe und ein Muss für High Fantasy Fans, denn Markus Heitz hat hier einen grandiosen Auftakt über das Volk der Zwerge geschrieben, die ja bisher meistens eher eine nur für eine unterhaltsame Nebenrolle gut waren.Er hat es perfekt geschafft, die typischen Merkmale, die man aus Herr der Ringe und dergleichen kennt, mit neuen und interessanten Details auszuschmücken und damit einen besonders intensiven [...]

Eigentlich möchte ich Bücher nicht so zerreißen, aber hier muss es doch getan werden: Wieso?! Wieso ist dieses Buch ein Bestseller und vor allem, wieso wird es so in den Himmel gelobt? Ich hab nichts gegen Mainstream-Literatur und schlichte Fantasy.aber das, was man hier zu lesen bekommt, hat mich doch sehr geschockt.- Markus Heitz studierte Germanistik und Geschichte, war auch als Journalist tätigt. Hier bemerkt man nichts von schriftstellerischen Künsten. Es liest sich, als ob es ein 15-j [...]

I've read a fair bit of fantasy in my years and some I have liked better than others. This series jumps to the top of my list. I love the DragonLance novels, but I think that this actually topped them, just a bit. I love the fact that the main character is a Dwarf raised around Humans; it gave him a great sense of humor and an academic view of his people. His 'innocence' in the realm of Dwarven women cracked me up and I think that he was a good mix between the dwarven raised characters. It's a t [...]

It is rare that I do not finish reading a book. This was one of the exceptions. The world was flat, the characters uninspired, and everything was so incredibly predictable. It was like reading watered-down Tolkein with the addition of dark elves and revenants.What finally annoyed me enough to put the book down halfway through was the simple fact that some measure of time (presumably days) was constantly referred to as 'orbits'. At one point the main character is delirious with fever, and another [...]

I don't want to give it a negative review, because I can understand why some people would like it. I like the main characters, especially the twins. There were a few too many "leaps" for me, though, plot wise and I ended up putting it down about 2/3 of the way through. This is a personal pet peeve, but if, for example, your main character is making a decision, the "he/she just knew it was right" needs to be justified. Is intuition a special gifting? Why would they make that decision? I need to b [...]

Brothers of the mine, rejoice!(Swing, swing, swing with me)Raise your pick and raise your voice!(Sing, sing, sing with me)Down and down into the deep,Who knows what we'll find beneath?Diamonds, rubies, gold and moreHidden in the mountain storeBorn underground, suckled from a teat of stoneRaised in the dark, the safety of our mountain homeSkin made of iron, steel in our bonesTo dig and dig makes us free!Come on brothers, sing with me!I am a dwarf and I'm digging a holeDiggy diggy hole, diggy digg [...]

The Dwarves by Markus Heitz is a story about a dwarf by the name of Tungdil who was raised among humans in Grindlegard by a magus, Lot Ionan. Lot Ionan sends Tungdil on a journey to run some long distance errands for him and over the course of his journey everything changes. He meets fellow dwarves for the first time in his life and soon finds out that he was nominated to be a candidate for High King, his foster-father Lot Ionan is killed and Grindlegard is being taken over by the perished land [...]

I read this together with my 14-year-old son. He prefers science fiction to fantasy, but is intrigued by dwarves.It's a fun read in that context. We enjoyed some of the characters' schtick, the development of a fantasy world, the protagonist's growth into a leader, the defeats of various bad guys.In a sense, it's a young adult book. The focus is on a young person, upon whose shoulders ever-escalating challenges are placed. Adult society is fouled up, and can ultimately only be helped by the youn [...]

This book was so much better than I anticipated that it would be. I had never really heard much about 'The Dwarves' as a series and so I picked this up on a whim and just hoped that it would be good, and I was not disappointed. I would give this a 4.5* rating because the beginning was a little slow and there were a few moments of confusion between characters which lost my immersion a little, but other than that it's a brilliantly composed story in a classically fantastical world.The Dwarves is a [...]

This book was by far and away the most interesting thing I've read in the last few months! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and didn't mind staying up late just so I could keep reading it. The story follows Tungdil Goldhand on his adventures through Girldegard, first to find his folk and kinsmen, and then in an epic journey to save Girdlegard from those that would destroy it. This was definitely a different take on Dwarves. Here they aren't just the little bearded people, they are THE bearded people! Th [...]

Hmmm not bad, I just found myself disappointed at how like Lord of the Rings it was, a group of people of all races, a wizard who turned evil but couldn't see it, and an unspeakable evil that was encroaching upon the rest of the world. Dwarve's and Elve's hate each other but in the end become friends and a child of a once ancient King of men leads an army of men united behind him. The plot has been done before, and better by Tolkien. However, it turns out not to be a bad read once you get about [...]

Great epic adventure with dwarven protagonists. The world, the sights, the various peoples are well described and believable is this fantasy. I'm sure everyone will compare this to The Hobbit with a diminutive hero sent on a mission to save their world. But this story stands on its own and was a delight to read without twisting the tongue around unpronounceable names.

After reading this book my current mood is basically not wanting to interact with anyone for the next week My favourite fictional book character is dead Markus Heitz, how could you do this to me?


If you like Gimli, this is a must read.

A pretty standard D&D type offering - it was nice to see a focus on the Dwarves as they're one of my favorite fantasy races, but the novel is rather lacking in emotional impact and a lot of the characters aren't very interesting (weak dialogue). It's possible that some of this is down to the translation. A perfectly pleasant read if you enjoy Dwarves and are in the mood for something formulaic, but nothing I'd write home about.

Tof fantasy boek maar soms wat langdradig. Leest vlot

I loved the cover though!

An epic start to an epic book series!In my opinion the first book about the small stubborn drinkers and fighters was much different from the others. Up to now I've read parts 1-4 and I'm currently reading part 5.When I say, that the first part is different, I really mean it that way, and am not trying to say the others are not as good. Just the basic atmosphere is different to the other 4 books.In the first book you can look forward to a fun story with a lot of humour. Markus Heitz really takes [...]

Dwarves are a fantasy staple, but almost always as one-dimensional supporting characters playing second or third fiddle to humans and elves. This book puts them in the leading role, gives them personality, and makes them full-fledged heroes. The protagonist is an orphaned dwarf, raised by a human wizard, who struggles to reconnect with his people even as he must also unite them in the battle against a traitorous wizard and the monsters of the Perished Land.Pros: Heitz gives real, individual, and [...]

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