Crime Wave! (DC Super Friends)

Billy Wrecks Dan Schoening

Crime Wave! (DC Super Friends)

Crime Wave! (DC Super Friends)

  • Title: Crime Wave! (DC Super Friends)
  • Author: Billy Wrecks Dan Schoening
  • ISBN: 9780375868986
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback

Join Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and the rest of the DC Super Friends as they fly off on a new adventure in this Step into Reading leveled reader for boys ages 5 8 When the mysterious Black Manta steals the world s largest pearl, the Super Friends rush in to save the day but they will have to face the twisting tentacles of the Black Manta s giant octopus first

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I think that this book is a good book for beginner readers. my kids love super heroes and this is a good book for younger readers. I would recommend this book to others.

Aquaman, Batman and Superman are opening an exhibit of a giant Pearl at the aquarium. Black Manta ambushes them to steal the pearl. I'm willing to out aside that Black Manta would have waited until the superheroes left to do his heist, after all this is a short book and we need to get to the action.But the turning point of this book is on page 25 which states: "He (Back Manta) forgets that Aquaman can talk to sea creatures." His plans rapidly unravel. Look— Black Manta is Aquaman's nemesis. Ho [...]

I recently purchased this book in a collection for my 6 year old son. He loves it. Everyone is lining up to see the world's biggest pearl. Aquaman gets to cut the ribbon to open the show. Superman, Batman, and the people cheer. Water starts to flood in and The Super Friends help the people exit. The Super Friends are then attacked by Black Manta, a shark, an octopus, and couple of eels. He is after the pearl. Aquaman speaks with the sea creatures.He explains to them that stealing is wrong. The s [...]

This is a superhero book for the littlest of kids. The story is very simple and easy for little ones to follow, and it has all kinds of creatures that symbolize danger to little kids. The story would probably be totally ridiculous to older kids (I can just imagine my niece scoffing and picking this one apart), but to a pre-school child it's awesome. My nephew loved this story, and he loved how the heroes persuaded one of the foes to join the good guys' team. It's a silly story, but it's a great [...]

Great for young readers who are not excited about reading. Children can follow the story through by looking at the pictures when they are having difficulty reading the words. Entertaining and filled with suspense which will have your children wishing for more. Teachers should have these books in their classes.

Micah is very into the "Super Friends" so he picked this one out at the library.

Conclusion: Step into Reading level 3 are okay for struggling middle school readers, but level 2 books are too simple.

Step 2 Reading with helpSuperman, Batman and Aquaman team up to defeat Black Manta's attempt to steal the world's biggest pearl.

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