Sherman: A Soldier's Passion For Order

John F. Marszalek

Sherman: A Soldier's Passion For Order

Sherman: A Soldier's Passion For Order

  • Title: Sherman: A Soldier's Passion For Order
  • Author: John F. Marszalek
  • ISBN: 9780029201350
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover

This biography of General William Tecumseh Sherman aims to reveal the motives underlying his often controversial actions As well as Sherman s role in the Civil War, the book covers other aspects of his life West Point, the Gold Rush, the construction of the transcontinental railway and .

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War is cruelty and you cannot refine it. - William Tecumseh Sherman, addressing the mayor and city council of Atlanta, 1864There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell.- William Tecumseh Sherman, addressing a Grand Army of the Republic encampment at the Ohio State Fair, 1880I’ve always found Sherman to be an appealing hero of the Civil War. For one, he fought for the good guys. He was a fierce and ardent Unionist, with the talent to match his passion. [...]

A thorough and engaging biography of Sherman, focused on his military career and familial relations. In an exhaustive fashion, Marszalek examines Sherman’s personality, and the book is heavy on psychoanalysis as a result. The author argues that Sherman’s personal and tactical decisions can all be traced to a need for order; if this sounds like unbearable psychobabble, it’s because it is; there is little real documentary evidence the author can draw upon, and his speculation is often unconv [...]

An enjoyable biography of Sherman. The first half of the book is superior to the second. Once the Civil War ends, the book's discussion of later events feels longer than necessary. My minor complaints are that the author is prone to injecting his analysis of Sherman's motivations and mindset too frequently and that he often repeats himself, including use of the same Sherman quote within the space of a few pages (or so it seemed on several occasions). Still, well worth the read for the Civil War [...]

Someone gave me this ages ago and eventually I read it. Sherman is a fascinating figure, down to his refusal to run for president after the war despite a certainty he could win it.

or, the General Psychoanalyzed. The author maintains that Sherman's thoughts and deeds stem from a deep-seated need for order in his life, and that chaos (such as in Southern succession) and even anarchy would result without it. There is also a need to bring order into his own life; his father died in debt and his mother had to "farm out" her large brood to ensure their support. Cump was taken in by his father's neighbor and good friend, Sen. Thomas Ewing. Sherman was also proud and felt the nee [...]

Well researched, and a fair amount of detail. Adequately covers Sherman's role after the Civil War in the western Indian Wars as Commanding General of the Army.Sherman is interesting in that he evokes such strong emotions and opinions among people who are very interested in the Civil War, just as Longstreet does on the Confederate side. Overall, I think this book is a fair treatment of Sherman.

The story of one of the most contoversial Civil War personalitiesways a Lincolnphile, this is my 1st examination of Sherman new ground, but provides great incites into motivations for grand strategy and individual tactics, both for the Civil War and the later Indian Warsfulfilling read!!!

This book holds attention until after the Civil War. Once Sherman's great march to the sea and then to Virginia are complete the zest of the book noticeably dies. His passion for order, I would contend, may be seen, but only in as much as any soldier's desired or rank and file. This is more of a biography with the author's singular inkling sprinkled throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Sherman comes alive as a complex, passionate, flawed but brilliant individual. Certainly not the evil villain of lost cause fame.

I have noticed this book cited when reading articles about the Civil War. It presents the man, good and bad.

Good but a little tedious in parts I don't hate Sherman anymore. Don't need him as a friend, either, though. I should probably give this a 4, but. right now I feel like a 3.

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