A Woman Made for Pleasure

Michele Sinclair

A Woman Made for Pleasure

A Woman Made for Pleasure

  • Title: A Woman Made for Pleasure
  • Author: Michele Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9781420126495
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Known as the Daring Three, a trio of exquisite young women are taking London by storm But if Lady Millie Aldon has her way, no man will win her hand in marriage not even the one she loves.A Passion For AdventureDrawn to a life of excitement and risk, Lady Millie Aldon made a pact to forsake marriage But her plans are thrown into chaos when Chase Wentworth returns toKnown as the Daring Three, a trio of exquisite young women are taking London by storm But if Lady Millie Aldon has her way, no man will win her hand in marriage not even the one she loves.A Passion For AdventureDrawn to a life of excitement and risk, Lady Millie Aldon made a pact to forsake marriage But her plans are thrown into chaos when Chase Wentworth returns to town The lanky lad she remembers from childhood is now the Marquess of Chaselton, possessing an air of mystery Millie can t resist As Chase moves through London s elite circles, his stealth manner has Millie convinced he harbors a secret one she is determined to reveal.A Dangerous SeductionAs Millie makes a game of observing Chase s every move, she finds her attraction to him unsettling When a stolen kiss threatens to turn their flirtation into something powerful, she questions her vow of freedom But Millie has no idea of the danger she s facing Chase has a complicated past and his clandestine efforts to expose a traitor will soon provide a perilous and passionate adventure than Millie could ever have planned.Praise for Michele Sinclair Sinclair entertains with noble self sacrifice, double deceptions, sizzling attraction, and affectionate meddling Publishers Weekly on Tempting the Highlander

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Lady Millie Aldon made a pact with her two best friends never to marry, to instead seek fun and adventure and only allowing one clause to break the pact when they were teenagers. Years have passed and now that the Daring Three, as they are nicknamed, are out among society they seem to stick to their pact. But when one of Millie's best friends older brother finally returns back home to London, Millie finds her heart in trouble. Charles, the Marquess of Chaselton, has returned home to continue his [...]

3.5 flamesReview posted at Demon Lover's Books & MoreRight off the bat I didn't care for the heroine. In her quest for adventures, she came off bossy and pushy. But at the same time, she was 12 years old, so I tried to give her some leeway. She pushed them into a no-marriage pact. None of them would ever get married. But they each had one escape clause. Millie required a man who would allow her to climb trees, ride astride, hunt, and have adventures. Her friend Aimee's escape was her brother [...]

Sometimes when I cook despite following my exact recipe from before it comes out tasting not as good. This book had everything I loved, a smart heroine, a passionate hero, and plenty of substance but somehow failed in becoming a 5 starer. There were a few irratating factors about the book such as the marriage misunderstanding between Mellie and Charles but that is not the reason I detracted a star from this book. It just didn't move me for some reason. Anyways still an enjoyable read but not wor [...]

Millie and Chase have loved each other since childhood and neither really knew it. Chase took up his father's spy occupation and hoped to clean up some loose ends surrounding his father's death/murder. Millie and her friends made a pact years ago to never marry anyone unless the men met with some very specific exceptions. Chase and Millie were made for each other, and everyone in their lives agrees. A traitor and murderer is found and a new life filled with unrestrained passion begins. Great rea [...]

Listened to this on Hoopla a while ago. I believe I liked this story OK, but the second book took away much of that.

Millie Aldon and her two BFF's Aimee and Jennelle ,have a pact: They're neverevereverevereverever going to marry. Unless "the perfect man" proposes. For Millie, the perfect man would let her ride (a horse) astride, climb trees, and spelunk, and most of all, he wouldn't be stuffy and boring, like Aimee's annoying and patronizing big brother Charlie.FF eight years. Chase (Charlie) has been off fighting the wars and hunting for traitors, when he gets missives that persuade him to go home. First mis [...]

Top 5 worst romance novels that I've read, sorry.It doesn't add up. One moment Millie is perceptive beyond description and in the next she uses no brain at all. She was/is a tomboy, but not a foolish one, yet to make plot twists happen, the author dumbs her down when convenient.I don't for a second believe that she would have ignored her instincts in relation to Lord Marston. And when he pushes her buttons regarding Chase, she is immediately triggered into complete stupidity, yet when she banter [...]

The story of Edward Cullen and Bella Whatshername all over again. I love regency novels but this is the kind of books that make the genre look laughable at best. Well, I guess I'll just keep searching.

Michele Sinclair’s newest series moves away from the highlands of Scotland down to the ballrooms and intrigues of London. The first book of the series, A Woman Made for Pleasure, introduces us to three willful young women who make a childhood pact never to marry, yet in their innocence none of them realize what they really agree to is only marring for love.The instigator of the pact, Lady Millie Aldon, hopes to live her life full of adventure. Making a reluctant debut in London, Mille is bored [...]

A witty, adventurous tale! Actually rated 4.5. Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:Twelve-year-old Millie made a pact with her best friends, Aimee and Jenelle, that they would never wed, but they each had an exception to the pact. For Millie, who had no wish to wed ever, the exception was that she would only wed if she found a man who would allow her to hunt, ride astride, climb trees and explore caves. He must also never be dull, have an aversion to following rules and possess as much passio [...]

4.5 starsoverall, this was a good HRN for me. It read smoothly and was enticing enough to keep me turning page without putting it down too often. Full review will be available in a bit on Mina's Bookshelf minadecaro Bound by their common love of adventure, Millie, Aimee, and Jennelle decide to seal their friendship with a pledge: they will never get married unless they each meet a man who will accept, appreciate, and share their unusual interests and spirit of independence. Daughters of earls, t [...]

4.5 StarsA Woman Made for Pleasure is a very enjoyable historical romance with a touch of mystery. The idea behind the Promises Trilogy is fascinating and fun. Three young girls, aka The Daring Three or Three for short, make a pact to never get married. Each are allowed an exception, and all three have listed some very extraordinary exceptions. Millie Aldon is the instigator of this promise. She has no desire to ever wed, but she wants to ensure that her best friends will be with her always. Mil [...]

book provided by FreshFiction Millie has always been the move adventurous of her friends. She has always been the one to talk her other two friends into do things. Just like she talked them into making a packed when they were younger. The packed was about marriage. They were never going to marry unless it was for love and they were still allowed to be themselves. Millie promised that she would only marry if she was in love with the man and if she was still able to do the things she has always do [...]

Reviewed by MollyBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookMichele Sinclair is a superbly talented author. She captured the heart of the regency era with this incredibly written novel! From start to finish, I was completely engrossed in Millie and Chase’s story, sometimes laughing out loud, other times wanting to strangle one of them. They were chiseled out perfectly and truly lent depth to the story line.Millie is a wonderful character! I loved her [...]

This romance is so enjoyable it is so perfectly flawless, I enjoyed myself reading the whole entire book. The characters are both very well developed, the supporting characters are interesting and not a bit overbearing. The writing is absolutely flawless I could tell that the author is a very good writer, I googled her and it seems she has written a few books before. Will definitely look forward to her coming up work.Our basic story line is of two childhood friends Millie an adventurous girl who [...]

Apart from a silly "no marriage" and sillier name"Daring three" - there is not much I didn't like about this book. In fact, I absolutely love the leading ladies - yes, there are three and all three gets attention in the book. Usually, when authors write they focus so much on main character, they forget to give secondary characters a chance to develop. But this book was different in a lot of respect. Not only secondary characters were (at least female characters) were well developed but they were [...]

A WOMAN MADE FOR PLEASURE by Michele Sinclair is a wonderful Regency historical romance. Another hit for this author. Follow Lady Millie Aldon and Chase Wentworth,the Marquess of Chaselton on a journey of a lifetime as they navigate their way though love, romance, seduction, and secrets. Three young female friends(Millie, Aimee,Jennelle)know as the “the Daring Three”,have sworn never to marry, with a few exceptions,of course, to their vow,soon learn that their vow is easier said than done. L [...]

3.5 SterneDer Spionage/Kriminalplot ist sehr, sehr ausgeprägt, wer das nicht mag sollte den Roman nicht lesen. Am Anfang dachte ich noch, dieser Plot wäre etwas außergewöhnlicher und schwerer zu durchschauen als in normalen Historicals, dem war aber nicht so, der Täter/Verräter war mir schon recht früh im Roman bekannt Es konnte nur eine Person sein, meiner Meinung nach.Den Anfang fand ich also noch ziemlich gut, ich hatte das Gefühl, dass der Roman auf eine intelligenteweise unoriginell [...]

This was a really cute story. Three childhood best friends, at the demands of the group instigator, pledge to never marry. Each girl is allowed the one caveat of being able to marry the perfect man. They each list the person or qualities that would have to be met in order to marry. Super cute premise, but not so realistic.Millie is the instigator of the group. Sure she’s bossy and pushy, but every group has that friend. She’s the one that gets things done and creates adventure. The friends a [...]

Fun book The Daring Three. So much fun I loved that three young girls make a pact to never marry, well except for the amendments that each put on the pact. Amendments that no man could ever fulfill. Or could he? Millie has always been the hardheaded ringleader of the Daring Three. But Millie never planned for the biggest adventure of her life. Falling in love. Chase has finally come home at the pleds of his mother. But the last thing he ever planned to find when he came home was Lady Aldon.I enj [...]

One of the worst romances I have ever read. The heroine loves adventure, okay we get it. The author felt it was necessary to repeat this over and over. Why does adventure always seem to mean stupidity? Time and again Millie endangers herself and those around here with her idiot schemes. Speaking of idiots, another heroine who lacks all logic. Going against everything she knows about the hero she naturally assumes he is using her for pleasure while planning to marry someone else.The hero is not m [...]

I love it! The whole story is so enchanting, even the dangerous parts. Millie and her 2 best friends make a pack never to marry expect when which of their clause is met. Millie was the one to suggest the pack and the first to get married. Charlie is a spy and war hero who is trying to find England's traitor and his father's murderer. But when he must chaperone the Three he becomes infatuated with Millie and complicated his spying plans. Millie is very pushy, and bossy but very loyal to her frien [...]

Mille was a wonderful spitfire of a woman and I found myself laughing and smirking at her actions, way of arguing and thinking. Charles is definitely the type of man for Millie hands down. Their fights were amusing as well as entertaining. Yet their love and passion was evident and undeniable. This was a good book, although I more prefer the paranormal and vampire types vs. these historical romances. This is also the first book that I have read from this author. It has definitely intrigued me in [...]

Audio: Great start to the series. Overall I really like the heroine and hero--Although the heroine was a bit annoying at times. She made assumptions and did NOT listen much which created misunderstandings. She is a good heroine though and not afraid to get her hands dirty. There was a bit of a mystery in the plot and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I had my assumptions regarding who the villain was but it was nice to see it play out. There was a great supporting cast too! Story, 4.5; Narration, 5.

AWFUL. The book starts out with a little girl getting saved by the much-older neighbor (he's 21 to her 11, or so). Then, fresh out of the prologue, he's ready to have sex with her. It's just too smelly and crude - at least for anyone who can remember 5 pages ago, when you first met them. Yuck. Not recommended.

I could not warm up to Millie at all, and that is usually the kiss of death for me when it comes to a book. The heroine does not have to be similar to me, but I do at least have to admire or like her. Unfortunately, I found Millie's behavior endlessly annoying when I suspect I was "supposed" to find it charming. Did not finish this one.

I could not warm up to Millie at all, and that is usually the kiss of death for me when it comes to a book. The heroine does not have to be similar to me, but I do at least have to admire or like her. Unfortunately, I found Millie's behavior endlessly annoying when I suspect I was "supposed" to find it charming. Did not finish this one.

I made it to page 74 before stopping. the story holds a lot of promise, but the writing wasnt enough show-don't-tell, which always annoys me. I finally stopped reading when the main character admits he wants to kiss the female main character and she doesn't respond at all to his admission. it just sort of fell flat for me.

For as much as I enjoy Sinclair's McTiernay series, I did not enjoy this book. It was a bit dull, not very engrossing, and the characters lacked some depth. I am interested in Aimee and Reece's story and look forward to who Jenelle ends up with, but I hope they are better than this one.

a nice introduction to Michele Sinclair's writing. I really liked Millie. She was smart, spunky and full of life. I wish I was more like her LOL I'm curious to read the next book in the series to see how Aimee gets Reece :)

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