Kira Harp



  • Title: Intervention
  • Author: Kira Harp
  • ISBN: 9781608205684
  • Page: 274
  • Format: ebook

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Sometimes it seems to Seth like trouble than it s worth to keep going on, to keep living and breathing and hurting and going to school with guys who hate him, and hiding who he is from everyone around him Seth is sixteen, in the closet, and about ready to give up on life But for his brother Jory, making an unexpected visit home from college, nothing is troubleSometimes it seems to Seth like trouble than it s worth to keep going on, to keep living and breathing and hurting and going to school with guys who hate him, and hiding who he is from everyone around him Seth is sixteen, in the closet, and about ready to give up on life But for his brother Jory, making an unexpected visit home from college, nothing is trouble than it s worth to keep his little brother alive.Author and Editor royalties from this book will go to The Trevor Project.

Recent Comments "Intervention"

No romantic love story here but who cares this was wonderful! Jory is the brother everyone wants or can only wish for the sudden situation Jory stumbles upon is frightening you have to admire the way he deals with it and Seth it was perfect. This was sweet and sends a positive message I loved it and that brief glimpse of a potential relationship at the end was great, I hope it comes to realization later because I want to read more about Seth and Jory!

What a great short YA story. Starts off with despair and finishes with hope and new beginnings. It may not be the usual teen romance but that's beside the point here. It's message is loud and clear and there for us all to read and witness the immense pressures that young gay people are under and the awful consequences that may and do arise for some of them when they are targeted by intolerance and hatred! This is the great Kaje Harper writing as Kira Harp and it's a wonderful way of supporting T [...]

Definitly worth reading! Emotional, touching, sad, but above all hopeful! Go Seth! And Go Jory!

Suicide (or, as in this case, a character who is suicidal) is an extraordinarily difficult subject to portray with real skill. If this author's point was to give hope to a reader, she accomplished it wonderfully. A timely message of hope aimed at a YA audience, but a truly lovely read for anyone of any age. Wonderful characters and skillful handling of a very delicate subject. Very nice.I still haven't learned how to do that cool thing to hide spoilery text, so here's your only warning: SPOILERS [...]

3.5Oh if we could all have a big brother like Jory.This was a pretty emotional read. Seth tugged my heart strings, knowing that he is just one of many kids that feel that way just made this tale all the more heartbreaking.But this story, despite the dark beginning, progresses into a sweet fairy tale. So while the beginning is all to real, the swift Intervention by Jory is sadly not so real. But then I read for the fairytale endings so I’m happy to go with the flow on this one.

No romance here, but still a very worthwhile read. Seth is a high school junior who is being bullied at school for being gay. His older brother Jory spends the weekend trying to show Seth that it gets better, he just needs to make it through high school. I wish everyone had an older brother like Jory!

4.5 starsI first read this as a free-read on Kaje Harper's website. Kira Harp is actually her pseudonym for YA story. Then turns out it is being published as a part of Helping Hand project. So yay!This story is powerful in a sense that it gives hope to teenagers being bullied because they are gay. The beginning of this story hits me on the solar plexus imagining how horrible the world is for Seth to put the gun inside his mouth. Then intervention comes. This is NOT a love story between to young [...]

"It tasted like nothingShouldn't something this important taste morealThe gun waited patiently to do its job."And so begins the opening lines to Intervention, a short story by Kira Harp, a new voice on the Young Adult LGBT literary circuit. Quite frankly, I was hooked from the opening paragraphs. The story revolves around 16 year old Seth, who is gay, bullied, and desperately alone. His life is such that he can do no more than reel from one horridly abusive moment to the nextcking taunts and slu [...]

The story itself was just okay, it was really too short to get too attached to the characters or to have a developed plot since we only saw a glimpse of Seth’s hardship and story started at Seth’s lowest point, which was at the start of Jory’s intervention. Although the story itself wasn’t one to sweep us away, its message and purpose was loud and clear and I believe an important one to share with its target audience – young adults in trouble and in doubt.I enjoyed my high school years [...]

It's pretty amazing when a book with no overtly super-emotional moments has you crying through most of it. And when I say "no overtly super-emotional moments", I don't mean it wasn't emotional, it was just phenomenally subtle. With the exception of the opening page, which was shocking in it's horrible simplicity, the rest of the book is just about one brother actively loving the other and doing everything possible to help him realize that life is more then high school, and truly is worth living. [...]

Yet another great story from one of my favorite authors. If only there were more fine brothers like Jory and fine fathers like Seth's, this world would be a better place. It's disheartening to know that so many kids go through what Seth is going through and have no one to turn to. Every day that these kids are bullied is another day closer to a potential disaster. When are people going to wake up to that reality??So happy that the proceeds from this story are going to The Trevor Project. Such im [...]

Very good short story about a gay teen being bullied in high school. I was riveted from the opening scene where his older brother walks in on him with a gun in his mouth. The story is positive and hopefully helpful. It ends on an optimistic note and of course the romance reader in me is spinning a HEA. This author is a pseudonym for Kaje Harper who needed a new name for non-explicit YA material.

I'm glad Seth had his older brother Jory to help him. So many kids don't have anyone to lean on. The story is aimed at the GLBTQ community but it's good for any young person who feels different. If you are thinking about suicide call someone first and talk about it.Befrienders Worldwide

Now that's a hell of a love story. My heart went out to both of those guys. It's short and leaves me wanting to know more about both Seth and Jory, but I am so happy with what I do know about them so far that I don't feel slighted in the least if that makes any sense? I'll be reading this again, I'm sure.

Too short by far, but I did really like it. And this one cut very close to home. Nicely affirming in the end.

An impressive and touching story. This one hit a part of me with this short yet it's a powerful read. Gives one hope and worth taking the time to read it.

A warm loving story about acceptance and family.

I loved it when I read it the first time and I loved it even more now. It's a great story!!!

Title: InterventionAuthor: Kira HarpPublisher: Featherweight PressISBN: 978-1-60820-401-4Buy Link: featherweightpublishingReviewer: Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb:Sometimes it seems to Seth like more trouble than it's worth to keep going on, to keep living and breathing and hurting and going to school with guys who hate him, and hiding who he is from everyone around him. Seth is sixteen, in the closet, and about ready to give up on life. But for his brother Jory, making an unexpected visit home from c [...]

All I could think of when reading this short story was, I wish EVERY kid going through a rough time had a brother like Jory. Someone to convince them that there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that yes, things will get better. It is very difficult to see that when you are at the point of suicide, when it seems your world is bad and will just get worse. It can be impossible for an adult, let alone a young person (Seth is 16) facing hatred and hurt. There is no gray at thos [...]

I think I wish they had half stars My rating on this is 4.5. I loved the older brother character in this story, and I'm so glad the main character had someone there to help him. I think that the brother's "intervention" was good and made a difference in the main character's life.My only complaint with the story was that I felt there should have been more urgency on the brother's part. Having been in the brother's position on more than one occasion myself, including with a close family member, I [...]

Reviewed by: Lucy Publisher: Featherweight press Genre: M/M Coming of Age Rated: 4.5 Heartsheartsonfirereviews/

3.5 stars

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