RoboCop versus the Terminator

Frank Miller Walter Simonson

RoboCop versus the Terminator

RoboCop versus the Terminator

  • Title: RoboCop versus the Terminator
  • Author: Frank Miller Walter Simonson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback


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Not just a money-grabber-inter-franchises-crossover.Miller and Simonson are really at their best here in this 90s epic, dark and brutal well aged storyline, Robo's one influencing and changing for good the Terminator one, giving to the steel robotic killers an amazing and original one origin.Sadly first part of the series is far better than second one, and that silly ending (probably Miller forgot taking his medicine and remembered writing Robocop 2 and 3 movies screenplays Ugh) lowered this rev [...]

There was a time in my childhood that the only thing I can think about is to watch RoboCop 3. I did not care about how bad it was or what was really happening, I love RoboCop. He made me walk like a robot and turn my head like a robot and make metal sounds like a robot. I can still remember flashes of RoboCop using his jetpack. This very comic collection brings back that childhood memory.Oh yeah, RoboCop.RoboCop versus The Terminator has so much 90's feels in it! Heavy, dark narration, lens flar [...]

Very fun!

To be fair, the first half of this book deserves 5 stars, it's the second half that is a repetitive, quasi-existential bore. I didn't expect much of this book, as I don't care much for Frank Miller and his "me-so-macho" writing style, but I have to admit I did enjoy it quite a bit to a point. Had he stayed within the frame of the Terminator coming to the past and have RoboCop confront him this would've been a great action series, but alas, Frank Miller decided to be Frank Miller and not know whe [...]

This is really not as bad as I'd expected it to be. I would have been almost 13 when it was first printed and I'm quite sure if I had read it at the time I would have been absolutely thrilled. It's a very silly book with some of the worst time travel logic I've seen since Back to the Future. The dialogue never really captures the voice of Robocop (I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds) and there are a few lines by other characters that give me the uncomfortable feeling that I would hate the w [...]

Ho-kayyyyyThis book is quite silly. Juvenile, really. It reads like the violent robotic daydreams of a bored 10 year old boy stuck in math class. The book's overuse of corny "action onomatopoeia" (POOM BRAKA BRAKA ZAP KRAK! BLAM! ZAZZK etc.) quickly progresses from mildly irritating to full on water torture. I'd say 50% of the text in this book is a variant of CHUNG! SNAK! or WHRRTI want to read this same comic written and illustrated by Adrian Tomine. Wait no I don't. I do think we're due for a [...]

Me esperaba una historia estúpida a más no poder, de piñas a tutiplén, y aunque es lo que fundamentalmente ofrece, Miller acierta a darle un pequeño giro a los personajes. Fundamentalmente a Terminator; una inteligencia mecánica empeñada en imponer el orden del silicio al caos que es la vida basada en el carbono. Pero lo que lo mola todo es el dibujo de un Walter Simonson desatado, que en los tiempos de la primera Image se entregó a fondo para hacer lo mismo: pistolones, hostias como pan [...]

Clever integration of Robocop in the Terminator timeline, this action-packed graphic novel could actually be a great movie source material some day. Since Hollywood is intent on rebooting/sequelizing both the Robocop and Terminator franchises, this storyline is a creative mix of those both. And could be good, since it's rooted in the classic Robocop/Terminator movies.

Yes, of course it was over the top - but who cares? It was fun!

Didn't realize that Frank Miller was associated with this when it was first published. Interesting story.

Yes, I gave Robocop vs. Terminator 5 stars. It's that awesome.

The rules of time travel are complicated, so, you know, why even try.

So much better than the expected exploitative franchise mashup. Subtlety, layering, and literary flair turn what could have been a forgettable pulp into classic comic. While the art is not to my particular taste, the other qualities shine through bright enough to wash out that singular (personal) flaw I saw.

Match made in heavenTerminator and RoboCop just click together, both their bleak visions of the future complimenting each other. One of the most interesting aspects of the comic was examining the motivations of Skynet.

Nothing unique, but it was entertaining. My favorite part was actually the ending.

Robocop vs The Terminator is a surprisingly satisfying crossover, seamlessly interweaving both mythologies into a believable science fiction action story. The creators clearly had a respect for both the hard boundaries and the tone of both of these stories, capturing the satire, the pathos, the angst, the humanity, and the horror from both. I can hardly imagine how the story could be told more skillfully. Despite all of this, there is still the feeling of a work-for-hire machine surrounding the [...]

Two of the cinema’s most popular cyborgs clash in this cult-classic series by comic book legends Frank Miller and Walt Simonson. When Robocop learns his technology will be used as the basis for the Skynet defense system responsible for the nuclear fire that will consume Earth, he wages a one-man war across the decaying urban surroundings of Detroit and the future world of a Terminator-infested Los Angeles, determined to prevent the destruction he will cause.Bringing together the Robocop and Te [...]

Avoid the comic, play the videogame from Sega Genesis/Megadrive.

Fantastic fun. A merging of two perfectly matched franchises that weirdly, last I checked, is still considered canon in both. And who better to tackle it than one of the most iconic writers in comics, whose classic 'Rōnin' was a seminal influence on the first RoboCop, and who in turn was involved in the later films' writing?I must note: Frank Miller is a frustrating public figure, tarnishing his own image and work in recent years with more and more reprehensible politics, and less and less conc [...]

Found this miniseries in the bargain bin at a local comics shop all 4 issues for $3.99 and found it irresistible--I mean where else are you going to find Frank Miller and Walt Simonson collaborating on a project? Having said that the story itself was only so-so. The emphasis here is on action to the point where other aspects are pushed to the side. The most marginalized aspects are the specific rules and mechanics of time travel which form an important part of the story. The hook that Miller cho [...]

From Frank Miller comes the ultimate steel on steel match-up in RoboCop Versus The Terminator. With Skynet about to win the war to exterminate humanity, a lone resistance fighter discovers that it was Detroit police officer Alex Murphy (aka RoboCop) who provided the link between man and machine that gave Skynet sentience; so she travels back in time to kill him in order to prevent Skynet from rising to power. And when the Terminators discover the disruption in the time matrix they sent back a te [...]

Partiendo de una premisa excelente, que vincula perfectamente la figura de Robocop a la leyenda de los Terminators, el trabajo de Miller y SImonson peca, sin embargo, de quedarse en la superficie y no ahondar demasiado en las implicancias de dicho pie inicial. Lamentable, pues la idea daba para mucho, y aunque es imposible saber si esto ocurrió por desidia de los autores o por imposiciones de los dueños de franquicia, es innegable que el espectáculo está garantizado. A pesar de ciertos pasaj [...]

The concept of Robocop vs Terminator leaves any fan drooling at the mouth to get stuck into. Two iconic 80s robots facing off against each other in various different timelines, present day, off to the future and back again. Frank Miller and Walter Simonson really show why they're both so well respected with a pure science fiction action epic, that's a ride from start to finish. There are explosions galore, with robotic limbs and oversized weaponry flying around left right and centre. Having said [...]

After the success of the first Aliens vs Predators mini, Dark Horse realized they had a couple other characters they could do a 'vs' mini with, and so they got pre-insane Frank Miller and Walt Simonson on art and they knock it out of the park.No reinventing the wheel, no thinking outside the box, just a straight forward 'how do we get these two together' and then how do we get them to fight and what would be coold they get it right on every single bit.Big violent action meets timey-whimey sic-fi [...]

A successful merging of two iconic franchises.Robocop vs. The Terminator is easily better than any of the sequels in either franchise save for Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I love how it plays around with time travel paradoxes. In that sense, it predates some of the sci-fi films of the current era. I really miss the Frank Miller who wrote this.

Wow, wow, wow. This is an amazing collaboration between Miller and Simonson. I can honestly say I did not particularly like RoboCop or Terminator before I read this. The story is excellent, smart, and funny. The art is incredible with panel after panel of mind blowing color and design. Do not miss!!

How did I miss this? Alex Murphy is the pre-cursor to the Terminators? Robocop battles the Arnold version and meets Sarah and Jon Connor? Awesome! A nice pairing of two classic characters (this would be a GREAT way to re-energize both franchises).

LOL this comic is ridiculous, I love it. Robocop discovers he is the cause of the Terminator future, and there is some wacky time travel in attempt to fix this. There are explosions on pretty much every page. The art is great, there are some very memorable images.

This is the most bonzo awesome comic ever. Great Walt Simonson artwork and a lunatic cannonball of a story. Man, if you don't enjoy this one, that's fine and all, but you probably shouldn't be buying a comic called "Robocop versus the Terminator."

one of the best comics about this two !!!!!

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