Atlantis Awakening

Alyssa Day Joshua Swanson

Atlantis Awakening

Atlantis Awakening

  • Title: Atlantis Awakening
  • Author: Alyssa Day Joshua Swanson
  • ISBN: 9781452672397
  • Page: 336
  • Format: MP3 Book

To rescue the world from an overwhelming evil, Poseidon s warriors have risen from Atlantis Chief among them is Ven, serving as the King s Vengeance by birthright and by battle challenge None can conquer him except, perhaps, for one human female The warrior Ven s mind is filled with duty He must serve as Atlantean liason to the humans in a war waged against the vTo rescue the world from an overwhelming evil, Poseidon s warriors have risen from Atlantis Chief among them is Ven, serving as the King s Vengeance by birthright and by battle challenge None can conquer him except, perhaps, for one human femaleThe warriorVen s mind is filled with duty He must serve as Atlantean liason to the humans in a war waged against the vampires A sword is his weapon not diplomacy But on a mission to recover the Nereid s Heart a ruby of immense power it will take every ounce of strength he possesses to resist the sexual allure of the beautiful witch chosen to work with him.And the witchErin s heart is filled with vengeance She lives only for the chance at revenge against those who murdured her family Now she must partner with a legendary Atlantean warrior whose dark desire threatens to crash through the barriers built around her emotions and her heart Caught in a trap of shifting alliances, how long can Ven and Erin resist their awakening passion Dark forces beware Atlantis is awakening.

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This is a really good series. I still need to get to know the warriors better because not enough has been told about them yet. But we did get to know them a tiny bit more, specially Justice. The plot is terrific though. There were some major cliff hangers and now I'm dying to know what's going to happen. The romance is good, not of the best I have seen in this genre but good. There was even a slow part there in the middle, but very short, I got through it very fast.I really like this series and [...]

This is the second book in the Warriors of Poseison series and this one focuses on Ven, Lord Vengeance, and his soul mate Erin. Erin is a gem singer, which is a rare and lost art, but Erin is being stalked by a master vampire, Caligula, yes that Caligula from all the history books, and they must defeat him, and get an ancient gem that is hidden underneath his lair. Without this gem, Riley and her unborn baby will die, will they get it in time?This book was great, and a definate improvement on th [...]

***Spoliers Present***Here we see High Prince Conlan's brother Lord Vengeance fall in love with a witch. But what's different about this series from other romance series that I've read is that the continuing storyline of the vamps and weres wreaking havoc among the humans is much darker than most romances, and much less resolved at the end. It is both good and bad; for those who love the action and the mysterygood. For those (like me) who prefer everything tidied up at the end, too bad. Of the S [...]

Pretty good start to a series. The heroine didn't really come to life for me, but I liked it for the Atlantis lore and I want to see where this series goes. I am definitely intrigued with Justice's character. Why do I always fall for the dark and tortured character in every series?

Oh, the Atlanteans. Major Alphas with the remarkable tendency to find their soulmates within weeks of each other after hundreds of years of alienation from the world above.First, the good:STEAMY. This is the word to best describe this book. Atlantis Rising was similar in the steamy part, but was more tender. Thinking back, that is what made these two books strikingly different. It's as if the very spirit of Ven is bound up in the book, no matter whose perspective is dominant.Now, to move onI was [...]

In Alyssa Day's Atlantis Awakening, book two of her Warriors of Poseidon series, we are introduced to Erin Conners, a gem singer witch who want's revenge for the death of her family. Erin was told by Quinn, the Human leader of the Vampire and Shifter movement, that the Atlantean warriors looked like Greek gods come to life. She agreed with that statement 100% when she first sees Ven.Ven, the King's Vengeance and second in line to the throne, was immediately attracted to Erin when she walked into [...]

What can I say, I love Ven. The Prince's Vengence if you must.Nothing like a tall tower of strength and sexy poseidon warrior to keep the story going.Really, I thought this book of the series was written very well. Ms. Day knows how to weave the story web, supplying you with just enough of all the threads(characters) to keep you intrigued and wanting more. We have our lead character, don't get me wrong. But we also have Alaric, the high priest lurking in the back ground, hurting and in love bitt [...]

Atlantis Rising introduced me to a colorful cast of characters and it was evident in the very first pages of Atlantis Awakening that I was going to be in for an incredible ride as the story arc continues. My first thought as I closed this novel was that it isn’t often that I encounter a story that just about appeals to every desire I have as a paranormal reader. Let alone have a heroine who almost outshines the hero…almost. Let me take you on my train of thoughts regarding Atlantis Awakening [...]

t was this book that prompted me to blog about this. Though I did (and still do) have the series blahs, I still read this book. I even liked it. Because it’s been a few weeks since I’ve read it, I’m going to do a quick review.Ven and Erin must work together to retrieve Nereid’s heart, which will save the life of Riley and her unborn child. Riley is mated to Conlan, Ven’s brother (Atlantis Rising). Ven finds himself torn between putting Erin in danger thus saving Riley’s life and refu [...]

About fifty pages in the middle made me want to put it down but the rest of the book was exciting and fast paced.

Sonu hiç olmamış beğenmedim. Yani Erin’den daha güçlü bir şeyler bekliyordum. Olan zaten zavallı Justice’e oldu😒 Yıldızları da Ven’e veriyorum. Yaptığı şaklabanlıklara gelsin. Az güldürmedi😁

Full review/Пълно ревю - Click, click :) Следпрочитно:Още от самото начало си беше ясно, че тази книга ще ми хареса повече от предходната. Най-малкото заради главния мъжки персонаж, Вен (или лорд Венджънс, но ако само можеше да си види той името, изписано на кирилица, щеше завинаги да си ос [...]

Amazing story! I'm a Greek/Roman mythology and legend lover. The Atlantis Series really gives me what I need: mix of legend and mythology into one book! Atlantis Awakening is the second book of the series. I find the first book awesome and I waited almost a month until I was able to get the second one! (Thanks to )At first, I didn't jump into the action: even if there was plenty of action! I don't know, maybe I wasn't in a good mood when I started Atlantis Awakening. I have it to put it aside a [...]

After I was able to read the first book in the series, I was instantly hooked. So I bought Atlantis Awakening through Audible. After listening to the second in the series, I know that I am going to love this series. I have always loved mythology, and the way that Alyssa Day has mixed paranormal with Greek mythology and some spicy romance, absolutely draws in the reader. The story is about the younger brother on Conlin, Lord Vengeance. Ven has always had the priority of protecting his brother at [...]

*rolls eyes endlessly* Wow. I don't know why I keep torturing myself and reading different versions of the same old tired story . This has almost all the things I hate in a novel:-Insta-love (lame)-Weak female needing overly alpha male to rescue her-Typical virgin storyline- Mating frenzy nonsense -Mediocre world building/ poor plot-Typical martyr view-Horrible attempts at humour/banter- Short sighted, vapid characters with absolutely no depth- Horrible cover illustration ( I should have looked [...]

Erin (witch, gem singer) meets Ven (Atlantean warrior) and plan to take down Caligula (master vampire). I liked this story (series) because even for the multiple storylines and character cutaways you still have a rich feeling of storytelling and can't wait to get finished and continue with the next book in the series. Atlantis Unleashed is Justice's story. His long blue braid always had me a little bit curious about "is he for real?" So I think we learn more about his background in the next book [...]

This story has a lot more action and more darkness laced through the story than the first book, Atlantis Rising. Ven and Erin make a good couple. Erin is a witch one with very special powers and Ven in the King's Vengence, second in line for the Atlantean Crown. Their awakening for each other makes for a good love story.

Yepyeni gelişmelerin olduğu süper bir kitaptı.Justice konusuna açıklık geldi az biraz.Adamda bir tuhaflıkk vardı zaten başından beri.Sebebini öğrendik.Ven ve Erini geçtim en dikkatimi çeken Justice oldu vallahi:)Üçüncü kitap onun.Merakla bekliyorum.

I'm glad I decided to reread this book to refresh my memory of this series. I'd forgotten what a great story it is. Other than a couple of love scenes at really inappropriate moments (we have to hurry to save everyone but love me first!) the story flowed well.

This is my second time reading these and they're not as good as I remembered. Maybe my tolerance for sex scenes is lower than ever, but they just seem so unnecessary.

Atlantian Princes, witches and vamps! Everything needed for an enjoyable story!

Poseidon Savaşçıları serisinin ikinci kitabı, ilk kitabından daha çok beğendim. Kısaca konusundan bahsetmek gerekirse; son zamanlarda gerçekleşen vampir saldırıları yüzünden Dünya’da huzur bozulmuş, gezegenin üzerine adeta karanlık bir bulut çökmüştür. Bu tehlikeye karşı harekete geçecek, insanoğlunu ve Atlantislileri kurtarabilecek tek bir kişi vardır: Ven. Vampirler tarafından ailesi katledilen Erin, tüm yaşamını intikam üzerine kurmuş, oldukça güzel v [...]

Amazing story, lots of action and great sex. Ven, aka, as the King's Vengeance is sexy, strong, courageous and loyal. He is a fierce warrior who will die for those he loves. Duty to his king and the protection of mankind have always been his priority. Erin his future mate is a beautiful witch and a gem singer. She is out for revenge against a master vampire who has killed her family. They form a partnership to defeat the vampire, acquire Nereid's heart, a ruby of immense power which must be take [...]

In book two of The Warriors of Poisdeon series we find Ven in Washington State investigating a new influx of vampire conversion when he is suppose to meet the leader of the New Light Coven who turns out to be Erin. Erin has her own reasons to end the rein of the Roman Emperior. Ven wants his woman brainless and forgettable. His soul longs for Erin a warrior Gem Singer. Wonderful read with love and action and more than a few laughs. This continuation of the Warriors of Posideon leaves you at the [...]

Second in the Warriors of Poseidon paranormal romance series about the elite guard protecting the king of Atlantis. The couple focus is on Erin Connors and the King's Vengeance with Seattle as this story's base of operations. Their goal is the retrieval of Nereid's Heart.My TakeI do enjoy the guards' smug approach to fighting the vamps. I do wish however that Day spent more time creating a depth of tension. Sure, there's the usual tension from the battles, will the shield hold, who is this godde [...]

Meeeeeeeeee fastidié! desde el primer libro venía en duda, llegué aquí y vi que era más de lo mismo y simplemente lo abandoné en 31% no lo soporté más

Good, but not as driven and interesting as the first in the series.

Setting: Atlantis – Ven’s rooms, the temple of the Nereids (below to the cave of gems); Seattle, Oregon – Pink Pig Pub, Circle of Light coven home, brick water front building; Mt Rainier – on mountainside, a cabin, and the interior/caves; Theme: good vs evil; claiming power; love and boundaries;Characters:Ven, The King’s Vengence: 2nd son to Atlantean throne; warrior of Poseidon; he is assigned to arrange an Atlantean partnership with the witches to fight the vampires – and Erin is h [...]

What a great read. Things really settle in that were set up in the first book, and this one did not disappoint.

The thrilling ride continues with a vengeance. Alyssa Day has certainly delivered on the promising first installment of this amazing series. Giving me, as a reader, everything I was anticipating and even more. This is book 3 in the series, the second full-length book and it left me with a very positive and urgent feeling of wanting and hungering. As the alpha-males in the books say: "MINE", all I can say is "MORE" and "NOW"!I'm still dazzled by the genius plot, the unexpected turn of events and [...]

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