Maximum Ice

Kay Kenyon

Maximum Ice

Maximum Ice

  • Title: Maximum Ice
  • Author: Kay Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780553583762
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback

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Zoya Kundara has lived on the space vessel Star Road for two hundred fifty years As its Ship Mother, kept alive in a state of pseudoimmortality, she has provided wisdom and counsel to succeeding generations of its crew, self exiled survivors of earth s great plague But now, to escape the ravages of space radiation, the giant starship has returned to earth, only to discovZoya Kundara has lived on the space vessel Star Road for two hundred fifty years As its Ship Mother, kept alive in a state of pseudoimmortality, she has provided wisdom and counsel to succeeding generations of its crew, self exiled survivors of earth s great plague But now, to escape the ravages of space radiation, the giant starship has returned to earth, only to discover a world on the verge of extinction, its barren surface blanketed in a crystalline substance that resembles ice and that is slowly, inexorably encapsulating the planet Zoya is chosen as emissary to this strange new earth, and now she must approach its denizens and find a suitable home for her desperate crew among the shrinking lands.But what she finds shakes Zoya to her core groups of humans huddled like moles in underground techno warrens called preserves, and a pseudospiritual order known as the Ice Nuns, who seek control of the physics defying crystals and enslave their disciples in their crazed quest for truth For on this once green land, Ice and the science behind it are now the only God and mastering this grand ecology of information the only higher calling Allies are few and far between, but somehow Zoya must uncover the secrets of Ice and halt its expansion That is, if the snow witches don t get her first

Recent Comments "Maximum Ice"

A SIMPLE MAN'S REVIEW:The premise of this book is intriguing, but unfortunately it takes a while to get there. A ship, carrying refugees from an older version of Earth, return to their home world to see it has been covered in "ice", which is actually a crystalline structure. There are pockets of humanity left but the world is pretty much uninhabitable. But where there are humans, there are politics, and the leading organization is a group of "nun" that are devoted to science (and the "ice") inst [...]

I struggled through the first half of the book, for reasons still unclear but possibly related to the treatment of the Star Road's internal politics or perhaps the wishy-washy weakness of the ship captain as grapples with the insubordination of his crew and his own moral quandries. The pace picks up considerably when Zoya Kundara leaves the ship behind to adventure and explore the Ice-covered surface and the strange society that exists. I had expected the story to be primarily an adventure, whic [...]

For me, this is one of Kenyon's best. I enjoy all her books. Her skill in world building, creating interesting and unique yet plausible ecological settings is wonderful. The protagonist of Maximum Ice is a warm, strong-willed yet selfless and memorable woman on a quest to save a world and a people and whose personal story will tug the heart, particularly at the end. A rich story of intrigue on an Earth unrecognizable due to an ecological disaster. Minor characters are also very well portrayed wi [...]

I liked the story, for the most part. I didn't "get" the motivations of a lot of the characters, though. The little land that's left is going to be GONE in a matter of weekswhy would anyone be desperate to plow ahead without understanding what going on first? I hated that the idea that the Gypsies were carriers of the disease was never followed up on; were we supposed to assume it was propaganda that Swan had believed but wasn't true? The ending was gratifying, and the premise was an interesting [...]

This is another book that I remember liking in the past, but couldn't remember much about, so I threw it onto this year's reading list. I'm pleased to report that this story seems to have aged well, because I still like it enough to give it a 4-star rating. Kenyon does a good job of breathing life into her characters, even those playing more supportive roles. The eclectic nature of the different characters also plays off nicely against the bleak and monochromatic backdrop of the Ice-enshrouded E [...]

The time is many many thousands of years in the future when a ship of gypsies has returned to the earth to find it mostly covered in a white crystalline substance. Enter a changed world where religion doesn't fit except for the returnees and a super computer trying to solve problems which have no solution. A triffel slow at times, there are still plenty of good ideas buried in this book which can leave ya reading at a good pace to find out what odd thing will occur next.

I kept having flashbacks to Lirael when the sisters of clarity were described (as in, I was reminded of the Clayr and their glacier). I like zoya's characterization a lot and her essential problem was thought-provoking.

This generation ship meets post-apocalyptic culture tale honestly took me more than one try to get into. The reward was ultimately worth the effort, although the story itself suffers from the attempt to cover so many science fiction tropes: first contact, ai, post-apocalypse, authoritarianism, survivalism, (big breath). generation ships, and cultural preservation.

I thought this book was VERY readable and enjoyable! I new premise with space travelers returning to an earth far from what they knew. Characters were well threshed out and meshed together well. Nothing like the Rose or any of her other books but she did good!

Although the story was a little slow at points, I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy most of Kenyon's books. This is a dystopia / science fiction and has the usual array of memorable characters created with Kenyon's usual skill. The tech parts are a little fuzzy though.

An imaginative story but lacking believability and compelling characters.

Written a bit like a screen play. Slow at first, but builds and I think delivers pretty well.

Kinda weird but good.

Took a long time to come together, but satisfying in the end.

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