Bright of the Sky

Kay Kenyon

Bright of the Sky

Bright of the Sky

  • Title: Bright of the Sky
  • Author: Kay Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9781591025412
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

Kay Kenyon, noted for her science fiction world building, has in this new series created her most vivid and compelling society, the Universe Entire In a land locked galaxy that tunnels through our own, the Entire is a bizarre and seductive mix of long lived quasi human and alien beings gathered under a sky of fire, called the bright A land of wonders, the Entire is sustaKay Kenyon, noted for her science fiction world building, has in this new series created her most vivid and compelling society, the Universe Entire In a land locked galaxy that tunnels through our own, the Entire is a bizarre and seductive mix of long lived quasi human and alien beings gathered under a sky of fire, called the bright A land of wonders, the Entire is sustained by monumental storm walls and an exotic, never ending river Over all, the elegant and cruel Tarig rule supreme Into this rich milieu is thrust Titus Quinn, former star pilot, bereft of his beloved wife and daughter who are assumed dead by everyone on earth except Quinn Believing them trapped in a parallel universe one where he himself may have been imprisoned he returns to the Entire without resources, language, or his memories of that former life He is assisted by Anzi, a woman of the Chalin people, a Chinese culture copied from our own universe and transformed by the kingdom of the bright Learning of his daughter s dreadful slavery, Quinn swears to free her To do so, he must cross the unimaginable distances of the Entire in disguise, for the Tarig are lying in wait for him As Quinn s memories return, he discovers why Quinn s goal is to penetrate the exotic culture of the Entire to the heart of Tarig power, the fabulous city of the Ascendancy, to steal the key to his family s redemption But will his daughter and wife welcome rescue Ten years of brutality have forced compromises on everyone What Quinn will learn to his dismay is what his own choices were, long ago, in the Universe Entire He will also discover why a fearful multiverse destiny is converging on him and what he must sacrifice to oppose the coming storm This is high concept SF written on the scale of Philip Jose Farmer s Riverworld, Roger Zelazny s Amber Chronicles, and Dan Dimmons s Hyperion.

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An interesting concept for speculative fiction involving an alternate universe crafted by an alien race but copied from bits and pieces of our universe. Even some of the sentient races and plant life mimic specimens from our dimension. But the physics of that realm defy understanding and twist sideways all familiar conventions. I was unconvinced of the protagonist's passion and devotion to his obsession. Frankly, the characters bored me. No spark of compassion flamed to life in my heart for Quin [...]

Far into our future, the world and the known galaxy is run by a bare handful of powerful corporations, the brightest people born, and machine sapients. The routes to the colonies on other planets are unstable: the K-tunnels (black holes) keep collapsing and whole shiploads of people are being lost. The company that controls the K-tunnels, Minerva, is struggling to hold onto its position and profits.A machine sapient running a space station and stabilising a K-tunnel inadvertently stumbles across [...]

This is one of those unfortunate books where the promise of a fine story and impressive world-building is completely stifled by mediocre writing. There are some startlingly powerful images in the novel, and some impressive set pieces, but there is so much dreck that I wanted to give up on the book from the very first page.If you read science fiction mainly to explore well-imagined alien worlds, there is a fair amount here to enjoy. It takes 77 abysmal pages to finally reach the Entire, but when [...]

This is, without a doubt, the most painfully boring science-fiction novel I have ever sadistically forced myself to finish. Before I rant about why I did not like this story, let me first account for what I thought were its merits, few though they may be. While the premise of alternative universes is a fairly well-developed landscape for science-fiction settings, Kenyon does create a plausible job of world-building within this framework (this is, apparently, the area of writing in which she is m [...]

Highly imaginative, huge concept science fiction that's a bit let down by a plodding pace.Titus Quinn, half-mad former spaceship pilot, once left our universe for another called the Entire. He returns to our universe, but he is forced to leave his wife and young daughter and most of his memory in the Entire. Now, powerful people in our universe have discovered a way back and have recruited Titus for the trip. But he isn't unknown there, and the alien lords of that universe are hunting him.The wo [...]

3.5 stars. Excellent world building highlight this first installment. Will defintely read the second book in the series.

I was just glad to have it finished, which is probably not a good sign. Interesting premise, plot was decent, some very good alien creature and world building, but I simply could not relate to the characters. There was a lot of telling the reader how the characters felt (particularly toward each other), but not a lot of showing. Actions speak louder than words, right? I often found myself thinking, "What?? Where did THAT come from?" Having not seen the emotion between characters develop over tim [...]

(Originally reviewed on Otherwhere Gazette)Arthur C. Clarke once famously said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Author Kay Kenyon has created a universe where the technology is just that advanced, so that it feels more like a fantasy realm than a science fiction realm.That universe is called the Entire, and the inhabitants of the Entire call our own universe the Rose, which is where the name of the series comes from: The Entire and the Rose. The first [...]

Titus Quinn , his wife Johanna and 9 year old daughter Sydney are stranded in a parallel universe. That is where the similarities to other books I have read end.The Setting: The new universe, called the "Entire"is described in vivid detail. The book flips back and forth between a future day earth and the parallel universe. The Entire is described in vivid detail and it allowed my imagination to take over and form a three dimensional planet as I read.I found some of the more "scientific" explanat [...]

1 1/2 StarsA man named (damn, had to go look it up because I forgot already) Titus landed on another planet with his wife and daughter. Somehow he got back to planet earth minus said wife and daughter. The peeps here on earth thought he was crazy because he said he'd been gone 10 years when it hadn't been that long. Titus has forgotten everything about this new world.Titus retreats into himself until 2 years later evidence is found that supports his story that he was in another world and they wa [...]

Twenty-fourth-century Earth, where society is organized by intelligence and aptitude, and corporations rule. A decommissioned pilot (the wormhole kind) is sent to an alternate universe as a corporate emissary, while personally he just wants to find his wife and daughter, missing there with a lot of his memories.Huh, okay. It's the first in a quadrology, which explains why it feels about 95% setup, though the series plot does eventually show up at the end. And this is a creative book – the alte [...]

RatingReview*** This review originally appeared on Out of this World Reviews. ***Bright of the Sky by Kay Kenyon is the first book in The Entire and the Rose series. Subsequent novels include A World Too Near, City Without End, and Prince of Storms.The novel is a blend of science fiction and fantasy, the latter coming into play because the technology is so far advanced that it might as well be magic. The setting is reminiscent of such series as The Chronicles of Narnia or the Thomas Covenant Chr [...]

I wanted to like this book. The author has built an intriguing world, and the plot looked interesting and complex.Also, I love character-driven science fiction, which this is.Unfortunately, I hate all the characters.(view spoiler)[Literally, all of them. The viewpoint switches from one person to another, and every single one of them, once we're in their heads, turns out to be a horrible, horrible person. The best of them are either petty and self-interested, or people with at least one good inte [...]

Disclosure: A couple of years ago, I read an ebook by a female author about transdimensional travel associated with a big, bad Company. I thought it was well written, but not quite my thing. When I saw this book, by a female author, about transdimensional travel associated with a big, bad Company, I thought it was the same writer, and figured "Hey, I'll give her another try." Turns out, not the same person. The names aren't even all that similar. But I didn't know that until, halfway through the [...]

Now I remember why I stopped reading series. It's hard to evaluate Bright of the Sky as a novel, because it isn't one. It's Act 1 of a really big novel, and by the end the characters have only begun to develop and the plot is just starting to get interesting. Without being able to see the story as a whole, all I can really judge it on is the world-building, which is refreshingly original."The Entire" is the ultimate in Big Dumb Objects - an artificial universe created by a race called the Tarig [...]

This was one of the free books offered by Kindle. The premise captured my attention and I figured it would be a good read. It started off pretty decently with some action and the reader is introduced to a curmudgeonly fellow, Titus Quinn. It's pretty understandable why Quinn is such a tormented man, he lost his wife and daughter to a place that no one ever believes he went. After that introduction, it goes downhill. The book drags on mercilessly and I know Kay Kenyon is known for how she builds [...]

I finally finished this today. It took me almost 2 weeks to read!! Very unusual for me. It wasn't that it was bad, it was just much too easy to put down. I wasn't intrigued by the plot, and with so many other books I also wanted to read, I kept procrastinating. But this week I finally told myself to shape up and finish it if for no other reason, then for my own 'job satisfaction' ;-)The plot was actually quite well thought out, but Kay Kenyon totally failed to make me care for Titus Quinn, and t [...]

My impression of this book likely suffered because it took me too long to read; it became something of a chore to get through. The major weaknesses are an unsympathetic protagonist and a structure overly dependent on being the first book in a series. There are major plot elements that lead nowhere significant within the bounds of the book, primarily the segments devoted to Sydney but also the import of the plotline regarding Small Girl. It's easier to see where Sydney's strand will go; one hopes [...]

I spent most of this book wondering if I liked it or not. It strongly reminded me of The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell (which I loved) though I'm not sure why. The Entire is a whole world that tunnels through our own (known as the Rose) unbeknownst to us, and is home to many strange beings, some wonderful, some cruel. I did enjoy her world-building, very much, as well as her word-crafting. The story itself I found vaguely depressing. Our world, the Rose, is portrayed as a dystopia with each pers [...]

I downloaded this eBook after reading a blurb about it in Kindle Nations (I think). I liked the writing, the concept and the characterizations. The beginning was a bit slow, with the introduction of characters that weren't even necessary to the true story. The point of view shifted a lot, and it took me many pages before I realized who was the main protagonist. Once I got to that point, I found the action very dynamic; it kept me "turning" the pages and wondering what would happen next.Why isn't [...]

The book, while remarkably different, has many parallels to Clavell's Shogun. Yulin is in many ways similar to Yabu and the "lost in a foreign land" and "learning the language" aspects of the book are quite identical. This book is set apart from Shogun, but one can't help wonder if some plot devices were borrowed. At least the pace of Kenyon's book is more captivating than Clavell's. Such similarities fade by the middle of the book, however. The language and flow of the book are excellent and th [...]

This is Book 1 of the series, The Entire and the Rose by Kay Kenyon. Kenyon describes a world that is an entire universe governed by strange and fierce beings. While taking a lot of artistic license with scientific theories, she describes the effects of relativity and quantum mechanics without getting technically involved in the details while at the same time making the world very real and interesting. The story is absorbing, the book is not easily put down. If you enjoy sci fi, this is a great [...]

This is certainly different! I've read a lot of science fiction and fantasy, but nothing like this. If you're tired of the same old spaceships, sword and sorcery, or urban vampires, try this on for size.

Kay Kenyon has done it yet again.ed a new world with new inhabitants and new crisies. Will Quinn choose the Entire or will he choose the Rose? What will Sydney do? And let's not forget Helice and her ambitions.

One of the better SciFi book of late.

Really enjoyed this whole series (4 books in all)

Originally posted on my review blog, Stomping on Yeti, at the following location [yetistomper/2010/ Words or Less: An undeniable triumph of world building, Kay Kenyon's The Entire and The Rose is a science fantasy tale of two worlds worth exploring despite the gradual pace dictated by occasional prose problems.[return][return]The Good: Absolutely unique world-building that combines science fiction and fantasy elements and continues to grow throughtout the entire series; Carefully plotted narrati [...]

This book is grim. Stark and grim and depressing. There is no humour, no light, no depth, no emotion, no nothing. Only grimness. The characters are shallow paperdolls that the writer whisks around in a grim, bleak, violent world. It is as if the writer doesn't know there is this thing called emotion. I was unable to get emotionally invested in any of the characters. They were as connectable and as expressive as white porcelain masquerade masks. Repressed characters are fine, for that implies the [...]

This book was definitely difficult for me to get into. I never particularly liked any of the characters, I couldn't see where the author was going or what point they might be trying to make. Ostensibly this book should probably be called science fiction - it is set in a future earth society with space ships But there's not much science, and most of the book takes place in a crazy parallel ?universe? with technology that is more like magic, hence my also labeling it as fantasy. However, I will de [...]

Me ha costado bastante acabar la novela y seguro que no voy a intentarlo con las dos siguientes ya que me he sentido bastante defraudado con la lectura y con la falta de imaginación de la autora. El protagonista salta a otra "dimensión" compuesta por reinos creados por una raza extraterrestre todopoderosa pero muy misteriosa y cuyos motivos son inescrutables (y así la autora se libra de explicar sus motivaciones). Pero lo único extraordinario que te encuentras es un rió que atraviesa las di [...]

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