The Sword of the Land

Noel-Anne Brennan

The Sword of the Land

The Sword of the Land

  • Title: The Sword of the Land
  • Author: Noel-Anne Brennan
  • ISBN: 9780441010318
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback

An epic romantic fantasy debut Rilsin was fated to rule the land of Saeditin until a bloody coup killed her family around her, and she was drafted into service to the new queen, her own cousin Now, Rilsin must choose between a long awaited peace and a betrayal that could ruin the very kingdom she pledged to protect

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This is one of my ultimate favorite books. It truly is a complex story about a young woman who fights against her cousin and her family for her true throne. The characters are completely different, and not what they seem at first, so it always keeps you on your toes, and truly fits the "appearances are not what they seem" approach.

Princess Rilsin Sae Becha has to fight to survive when her family is wiped out. Her family is inextricably linked to the land and when she grows up she finds herself having to choose between promises and try to do the right thing for both herself and the land.It's a pretty common story but well done here.

I got this book for the first time in April 2004 but for some reason didn't read all of it. I got it again this week and read it almost in one sitting. I couldn't get into it the first time but I'm glad I picked it up again. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.

Stilted writing, not amazing characterization, but still an enjoyable book. Solid, solid plot. Feels very 80's like?

Can i read it offline?

I have read a few books from this author, and she seems to carry through with a "woman-is-superior" theme throughout them all. Rilsin is by far the most overkill and cliche of this standpoint. The story itself is very interesting, complete with twists and political intrigue. But Rilsin is so annoying! Little do-good-ing, swashbuckling, prize-winning, number one hottie, justice-girl. It's a little difficult to swallow. I was waiting for her to do something wrong--because people usually doOnline c [...]

I actually rather enjoyed this, though I think in the hands of another author (maybe Robin Hobb - this book would've been awesome if she'd written it - and four times as long) it could have been so much better. The writing was at times too simplistic, especially at the start, and the characterisation shaky - what on earth was going on with Sifuat?! Up and down like a yo-yo! I enjoyed the matriarchal society, and the situation Rilsin found herself in, as the true heir to the throne but sworn to p [...]

This was quite YA and generic, but it was kinda good. I read it while sick, so that helped. It feels like it was written in the 80's or earlier, in a good way. Definitely recommended for young adults that want to avoid sex and graphic violence entirely. The plot was pretty engaging and had some twists; the characters were somewhat compelling. The introduction of technology was actually quite creative for an otherwise generic fantasy world.

This was quality, and a stand alone. The heroine is much stronger than the other women and men around her, and extremely conflicted between loyalty to her usurper/savior/friend/queen and to her country. A real tough girl, I think she gives birth in a snowstorm, in a cave while leading a war campaign at one point. Epic. She has feelings for two men who both have their flaws an artist/childhood friend, and a shallow political pawn who grows as a person. I need to reread it!

this author is new to me and it met all my reading expectations and more. Rilsin Sae Becha is the perfect character to be in an adventure. From beginning to the very end it had suspense, intrigue and excitement.

I loved this book. The story line was intriguing and keep me coming for more. I loved the characters development and transitions. The relationship between the cousins was what kept me going. However, I did not like the ending. But other than that,its a wonderful book to read!

I enjoyed this little book, which I bought at a dollar store. It was decent in pacing. I wanted to know more of the backstory but that did not detract too much.

Absolutely one of the best fantasy novels with a strong female protagonist.

This type of book is not my usual read, but I loved it. Great detail and character development. I laughed, I cried - what more can one want from a book?

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