The Battle Begins

Tony Abbott

The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins

  • Title: The Battle Begins
  • Author: Tony Abbott
  • ISBN: 9780545308311
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback

An action packed, mythological chapter book series from Tony Abbott There s something lurking under Owen s school Owen Brown is your average fourth grader Or he was, until his best friend, Dana, disappeared Right in front of his face Through the floor of the school.Owen s average life has turned upside down.He s determined to find Dana before anyone realizes shAn action packed, mythological chapter book series from Tony Abbott There s something lurking under Owen s school Owen Brown is your average fourth grader Or he was, until his best friend, Dana, disappeared Right in front of his face Through the floor of the school.Owen s average life has turned upside down.He s determined to find Dana before anyone realizes she s missing Owen sets out on a mysterious, mythological rescue mission with his friends Jon and Sydney But what none of them know is that Dana s disappearance is part of a much larger riddle.And they re at the center of it.

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Tony Abbott writes books that are popular with the 8 to 12 year old range. His series are just so engaging and well written that even I enjoy reading and reviewing themE BATTLE BEGINS is the first book in a series that has a Percy Jackson-Light meets The Diary of a Wimpy Kid feeling. There are mythical creatures and gods and some funny moments like when the lunch ladies turn into Valkyries.Highly recommend this one. It's guy-friendly and a good choice for reluctant readers as the action starts f [...]

After reading “Underworlds: The Battle Begins” I’m my interest level in peaked in the next few books of the series. With there only being just over a hundred pages per book, I want to get my hands on the next book. I also find the mixing of mythologies very interesting. It’s cool to see Greek and Norse myths combined to make an original story that still has all the magic and adventure I love.The book starts with Owen Brown telling the reader of his supernatural day. It starts out an ordi [...]

Personal Response The book “The Battle Begins” was an entertaining book. The characters described what their feelings were and expressed their thoughts in every situation. The book was adventurous and sucked me in, once I started reading. If there was a sequel to this book I would read it, because it seemed like it would be a good series. Plot In the beginning of the book, Owen and his parents were talking about how they were going to bring his friend Dana home after school. They were going [...]

PERSONAL RESPONSE:I thought that this book was good to read, because it tells the story of three kids running around the neighborhood to find their friend. The book shows that true friends stick together and fight to find each other if one goes missingOT:"The Battle Begins" is about a boy, Owen Brown, who was going to be late for school. After homeroom his friend, Dana, disappeared through the floor of the school. Owen had to find Dana before everyone noticed she was gone and he did. He had to g [...]

I like it. A lot of Greek Mythology and other myths together in one book. Norse, Egyptian, Babylonian.

This is the second series I have read by Tony Abbott. The first, The Haunting of Derek Stone, was amazing. I loved it, so when this new series was starting I had to read it. I was not disappointed. Tony Abbot has come up with yet another great concept and is bringing it to life for readers both young and young at heart. With a mix of Greek, Norse, Egyptian and Babylonian mythologies, a group of fourth graders, and the whole world at stake, what could go wrong?Owen Brown is in the fourth grade. O [...]

Owen Brown could tell right away that he was not going to have a good day. He was walking around a corner at school and saw a glimpse of his friend, Dana, falling through the floor. Right when she was about to go through she threw a book at him to try to help him find her. Owen and his friends go on an exciting adventure, but they find out that there is a much bigger problem.Owen Brown is the main character in the book. Also, he has his friends, Jon and Sydney, help Owen rescue Dana. They are al [...]

Owen Brown is a very conscientious kid. He worries about things like the up-coming concert and the multiple projects he helps collect money for at school. What he didn't think to worry about is the possibility of mythological worlds really existing. That is until his best friend Dana Runson disappears. After knocking her down in the hallway, the floor beneath her splits open belching smoke and fire and she is suddenly gone. The last thing Dana tells him before she disappears through the floor is [...]

This kidz book is a Percy Jackson-like approach to Mythology. The scope is more ambitious in that the author will explore different underworlds (Norse, Babylonian, Greek) and their mythological creatures. What I like about the book is that it goes into action straight away and stays so to the end. What am I doing reading kidz? having fun challenging my daugther :)

I thought that the book “The Battle Begins” was very interesting and helpful to learn about mythology. Overall, I would say it was a good book and an easy read.The plot was about how Owen, the main character, had to save his friend Dana. During the story Owen’s friends Jon and Sydney helped Owen to find Dana. They had to find a book at Dana’s house about mythology that would help them find Dana. They went to her house and found the book, but they still had to fight a series of monsters t [...]

“The Battle Begins” is a remarkable story. Owen Brown is an average fourth grader whose day changed when his best friend Dana disappears in a fiery explosion right in the hallway of his school. Owen, determined to find his friend, sets out on a rescue mission to save his best friend before anyone notices that she has gone missing. Their mission is going to be a little bit more dangerous than they ever expected. I liked the book, although I wish the book was longer with more exciting events. [...]

it is about a kid named Owen Brown and he losses his Friend named Dana and he goes to the under world to save her.if i say any more i will spoil the book.

Underworld: The battle Begins is a story of true friendship. Owen was a normal fourth grader with friend and regular childhood. His friend, Dana disappeared through the floor and Owen could not believe his eyes. He knew something was not right. Owen and two of his other friends reluctantly went out to find Dana. He battled many mysterious creature and found his friend and and returned her to the "real world." This is a story of bravery and true friendship. I enjoyed reading it. Unlike many of th [...]

This is the first book in the Underworld series. This is a beginning chapter book fantasy series that has four books in it. I read this with my 7 year old son. Actually he read the book out loud to me over a couple of months. I have been reading more and more beginning chapter books with him and I have to say this is one of the best ones we have read.Owen is just your average fourth grader until his best friend Dana disappears into the groundterally. Owen, along with his friends Jon and Sydney, [...]

The first of the Underworlds series. The day started normally enough for 10yr old Owen Harper until he got to school and watched the floor open up and his best friend disappear amongst flames with dozens of eyeballs staring at him as a voice is heard saying "The Battle Begins!" Her last words were telling him to find a book as she flung a key at him. What choice does he have but to do as she asked and try to get her back, even if it means being attacked by Fenrir, stealing the Lyre of Orpheus, a [...]

Middle Grade author, Tony Abbott, is back with a new fantasy series for kids. Just like The Secrets of Droon, his new series, Underworlds, involves 3 young children who end up journeying from Earth into a different world. The first book in the series is entitled, The Battle Begins.The Story: Owen Brown is a typical fourth grader. One day, while late to class, he see’s an event that changes his life. Right before him, only a few feet away, his good friend Dana is sucked through a hole in the fl [...]

My daughter came home from school the other day super excited about this book and telling me that she wanted to get the rest of the series. I responded with, "That's awesome! I'll see what I can do." Admittedly, I forgot about it (my daughter is generally reading 3 to 4 books at any given time and has a collection that grows faster than mine does). Over the next few days, she started talking to me about Valkyries and the Fenris wolf. I perked up and asked, "What's this book you're reading again? [...]

Under Worlds The Battle BeginsBy Tony AbbottOwen Brown sees Dana fall through the school floor and he can't find her. Now it's up to Owen and his friends to get her back.It takes place at a school. The characters are Owen Brown, Dana, Jon, and Sydney. The theme is friends always have each others back.The plot is Owen sees Dana fall through the school floor. Now it's up to Owen and his friends to get her back.I wish the book had more monsters. I wish they told more about Dana`s parents. If you li [...]

the main characters are Owen Jon and Sydney and one of there friends get sucked throw a hole and the go on a adventure to find him which leads to a house with gabbles on top of a hill at the end of the street when they get there they come to a unlocked door so they go in and they come to a guard dog so jack climbs up a book shelf and goes into the heating/cooling duck and he distracts the dog so then annie comes up and they move on to a room where they find there friend then the hear the front d [...]

I know books for young readers can't, by their very natures, be too long, complex, and developed, and certain concessions must be made. Still, this one felt so sketchy and simplified in its development of characters, plot, dialogue, and portrayal of mythology that I had trouble accepting much of what it offered. Everything felt too compromised to the effort to be appealing and accessible. So, in the end, that's what it has to offer: A quick read full of action, it will appeal for its ease of acc [...]

Fourth graders Owen, Jon, and Sydney need to rescue their friend Dana from the Underworld. She literally disappeared into the floor of their school while Owen and Sydney watched. Fast paced, lots of action. Book 1 of a new series. There is a mixture of mythologies--Roman, Norse, etc with a bad guy apparently trying to take over the Underworlds (each mythology has its own section). 3rd grade and up, especially boys who are interested in Percy Jackson and other mythology based series.

Owen Brown watches his friend, Dana, disappear through the school's floor in a puff of smoke. The action quickly moves forward as the Owen and his friends are attacked by Fenrir, a wolf-like creature from Norse mythology. They find out that the school's lunch ladies are really Valkyries. Then, armed with Orpheus' lyre and Dana's copy of Bulfinch Mythology, Owen and his friends enter the underworld via the school's boiler room. Underworlds promises to be another great series penned by the hand of [...]

Relatively boilerplate children's mythology story. It's got main character boy, comic relief boy, and girl. My son loved the fact that the main character bore his name and purchased it for his school library. I appreciated that it never stopped moving and was, thankfully, not very long. I don't think it added much to children's fantasy, being mostly a quick trip to some notable mythological grounds and not even a particularly good primer on the background stories for those unaware of Greek myths [...]

This book is about three students that attend Pinewood Bluffs Elementary. Owen, Sydney, and Jon have to find out what happen to there poor friend Danna. Danna was grabbed by someone that came out of the floor! That all happened in front of Owen! She had told him to go to her house and grab this book. That's when it all started! The Battle Begins! Mystery peeps, this is a book you will enjoy! Try to find the mystery! HA HA HA HA!

My 4.5 and 6.5 year olds LOVED listening to me read this out loud. They made me finish the whole thing in 2 sessions (whereas I'd normally read 1 chapter at a time and there are about 10)It's a nice intro to mythology for very young kids. The protagonists are in about 4th-ish grade, so probably it's intended to be read by 8 year olds, but clearly younger kids would enjoy it. We will definitely be reading the others in the series.

This book is a very quick-read, only 59 pages in the eBook, and it mixes gods from different creatures. I was amazed at how much action the author was able to cram into the plot. There was not a lot of character development, but it really kept my interest. I was surprised to find the book coming to an end as the suspense was still high. The resolution informs readers that more monsters are on the way!

Under World The Battle Begins had lots of description and was really intense.Tony Abbott is a really great author with a great imagonation he also is really smart.The thing that amazed me the most is how a group of three fourth graders are brave enough to go up against mythological gods and monsters them self.I would total read the rest of the series.I recommend this book to people who like mythological books and that like lots of action.Over all this is a really great book.

Not the most well written book but I do think it would be good for some of my students who aren't quite ready for The Lightning Thief. It was easy to read and the plot moves very quickly (which is part of what I personally didn't like as it was underdeveloped but is what will help make it great for dormant readers.)

Owen Brown is unaware of all the underworlds of mythology, until they find a hole in our world where his best friend is standing. Suddenly, Dana is missin and Owen is on a quest to drag her back from the land of the dead. For all those aspirin Rick Riordan readers out there, here is where your quest begins.

This one waffles between 2 and 3 stars for me. It is decently feminist (damsel in distress but is saved by two boys and a girl) very action oriented, has cool mythology, and is written by the Secrets of Droon guy who is awesome. Cons: the writing is simple, there's never a setback, and the ending is way too quick. And the characters are flat, but that's ok, considering the size of the book.

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