Cover Her Body


Cover Her Body

Cover Her Body

  • Title: Cover Her Body
  • Author: EleanorSullivan
  • ISBN: 9781936214556
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback

In a strict, religious society in 1830s rural Ohio, a 16 year old girl is murdered because she s pregnant, but the only person who suspects it wasn t an accident is Adelaide, a young midwife, who worries that the remedy she gave the girl for a woman s ailment caused her death Adelaide s husband, Benjamin, fearful that they ll be banned from the prosperous community, forIn a strict, religious society in 1830s rural Ohio, a 16 year old girl is murdered because she s pregnant, but the only person who suspects it wasn t an accident is Adelaide, a young midwife, who worries that the remedy she gave the girl for a woman s ailment caused her death Adelaide s husband, Benjamin, fearful that they ll be banned from the prosperous community, forbids her from questioning the girl s death But a mistake she made years ago cost the life of a mother and her unborn babe, and Adelaide vowed to never let another mother die.Pressure mounts when Adelaide is accused of harming the girl, but the allegation only fuels her determination to find the killer, even though she begins to suspect that her husband might be involved in the girl s death And the she investigates, not only does she start to question her own faith and beliefs, but she finds herself attracted to an unlikely man in the community, a man who has vowed to remain celibate Then her questions alert the outside authorities, and now this isolated community is invaded by the very society they had shunned.ABOUT THE AUTHOREleanor Sullivan is an award winning author of books for nurses as well as the Monika Everhardt medical mysteries Holding both a nursing degree and a doctorate, she is a former dean of nursing and past president of the world s largest nursing organization Now she s turned her attention to the past, crafting a series of historical mysteries set in the 19th century religious settlement of her ancestors The stories feature a midwife and her cabinet maker husband in the Northern Ohio village of Zoar Cover Her Body is the first book in the series.

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Cover Her BodyEleanor SullivanLeaving her home Adelaide to go to her favorite spot by the river she never expect to come upon the scene that would change not only her life but many others. A vision, a body in the water that was all tangled up come into view and she, although fearful of the water Adelaide went in to bring the body to safety hoping the person would be alive. What she did find and uncover was a young girl, Johanna Applegate, who was dead and the reaction of the people and those in [...]

Eleanor Sullivan’s Cover Her Body is a historical Murder Mystery set in 1830’s Zoar, Ohio. A Separatist community follows strict rules, as many religious sects stemming from Old World countries. However, history is filled with instances where such strict adherence is not only an obstacle to law and order, but the actually the cause of life-threatening actions. In Sullivan’s tale of religious rules, young love, murder, women’s struggle for equality, and self-awareness, there is nothing la [...]

I found this novel very interesting from a historical perspective. The community of Zoar, Ohio, really did exist then and as a "museum village" today. The customs and religious beliefs are the basis of the plot for this well-written mystery.The characters and their struggles to adhere to their duty and the strict rules of the community form the backdrop to the motive for murder. The main character, Adelaide, is engaging and her struggles to uphold the rights of the women in her community is well [...]

This book is a pleasant mixture of historical and mystery novel. It takes place during the 18th Century in the community of Zoarites, who settled in Ohio running away from religious prosecution in Germany. The main character is Adelaide, a midwife who sets out to solve a murder, insisting on it even if this creates a lot of trouble for her and for her community. We find out about the history and customs of this community while we are drawn into the mystery of who has killed Johanna, and why. The [...]

Probably 2.5 stars.It has a neat, interesting setting (1830s in Zoar, Ohio, a town of one of the many unusual splinter sects that came out of Germany in the 17 and 1800s).The characters are sketched pretty well, the religion has some heft to it. The background is interesting.But then the characters are overwrought and inconsistent, seeming to act solely to advance the plot. As for the plot, well, it's not terrible, but it's a bit of a muddle. Motivations are weak. Just how people know what they [...]

This historical mystery is set in the early 1800's in a commune of German immigrants who call themselves ''Separatists". Their move to America was driven by their desire for religious freedom. It is interesting that the protagonist is characterized as a strong, independent, and ethical woman. I was surprised to read, in the author's afterword, that the sect actually existed in Zoar, Ohio during that period. This book is a fascinating read and I enthusiastically recommend it.

This was an intriguing, historical fiction that wove an intense murder mystery. The Separatists, a real pacifist group who settled into Ohio in the early 1800's, were richly described by the author. The heroine, Adelaide, was very believable and brave, her thoughts deeply moving. The story talks about the group's struggles as well as their triumphs as Adelaide tries to solve her friend's murder despite everything. If you enjoy mysteries without romance and gore, give this one a try.

Historical Mystery set in turn of the Century Zoar community.Heroine is the communityherb wife/midwife.My problems-Who dun-it was too obvious.Heroine behaved more like a 21st century feminist than a 19th C Mennonite/Quaker/Amish woman.Heroine lusting after the Cow herder guy due to one brief glance/touch, was just a stupid plot device to increase melodrama.

Adelaide, a midwife, and Benjamin, a cabinet maker live in Zoar, OH in the 1830's. Their strict religious sect is shaken by the "accidental" drowning of a 16 yr old girl, who Adelaide discovers was pregnant. Much to Benjamin's dismay, Adelaide seeks to learn the truth surrounding Joanna's death, putting her life and the lives of her family in jeopardy. This is the first in a series.

I love this genre, the setting, the era, makes for a wonderful book.I enjoyed this book for the most part, but had to give it 4 stars, as the beginning was confusing to me, almost jumbled. I really loved the characters so I kept reading and I'm glad I did.

Although I figured this one out, still a good read. Set in a strict religious society of Separatists in 1830's Ohio, a 16 year old girl is found dead, a presumed drowning. More historical fiction. This is the first book in a series about this community of people.

This book was very enjoyable, I liked finding out about the Separatists and the history of Zoar. at times it did ramble on but I would still recommend it.

I found Cover Her Body to resemble a Harlequin romance novel more than a historical novel. I found the story to be dull.

It's a slow read. Hopefully will get better as the series continues. I like the Ohio setting.

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