The Ten Cow Wives' Club:

Joni Hilton

The Ten Cow Wives' Club:

The Ten Cow Wives' Club:

  • Title: The Ten Cow Wives' Club:
  • Author: Joni Hilton
  • ISBN: 9781591567530
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback


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I gave this book 3 stars because it left me with a happy feeling. It was a fun read, and I didn't have to worry about anything innappropriate happening. If I were to rate it on it's literary appeal, I'd probably give it a 1.5 or 2. This gal's writing makes Stephenie Meyer look like Charles Dickens. It just wasn't that good.My other complaint: I am a Mormon. I love being one and my beliefs have shaped who I am. But this book was just too Mormon. It was basically full of Mormon stereotypes; from d [...]

Words cannot express how much I hated this story. I listened to the audio book while I worked and kept hoping something of substance would come out eventually. This is the perfect example of why I stay away from LDS fiction. "Polly Perfect" lives her life seeing through rose colored glasses. Life is so oversimplified that I was left wondering if the author has truly experienced major trials in her life. Those who have suffered major heartache should stay completely away from this book because it [...]

Ok book but this one is really LDS and the writing is only so-so with more than a few cliches. A few smiles but that was about it. Near the end I was mostly skimming.

I read this too long ago to remember specifics. What I took away from it was the author is very, very self-righteous about mothers staying home. The "good" mothers in the book find a way to convert their passions into at-home businesses (however impossible it is to be a successful at-home fashion designer). The "bad" friend actually wants to occasionally participate in theatrics and movies, which is clearly not part of the Plan of Salvation. How could that end any other way than her child becomi [...]

This book was a super quick read for my church's book club just as a fun read. I found myself a bit jealous of the characters in this club because the type of friendships they had with one another are something I wish I could be part of. How were they able to go to lunch together like that without the kids whenever they wanted when the little ones were young? I enjoyed their little spiritual talks with one another and how they built each other up. I do have good friends that do that for me I jus [...]

Heather, Crystal, Ships, and Tanya have been best friends since they were kids. As they grow up, marry, and experience all the ups and downs that life has to offer, they support each other and their families and find comfort and joy in each other and their wise new elderly friend, Maxine.This is definitely a book for a female, LDS audience. The characters definitely aren't shy, and they love each other and share their lives with each other with gusto. Depending on your personality, the character [...]

The title for this book, Ten-Cow Wives Club by Joni Hilton, is based on the old BYU film, Johnny Lingo where he offers ten cows for his future wife, thought of by the villagers as the ugliest woman on the island. Yet he sees the beauty and worth in her. She blooms under his love and they live happily-ever-after.This book is about a group of girls that meet as youngsters, grow up together, marry, and begin their families. They meet often, relying on each others advice and help. When things are do [...]

This book was painful. The story was contrived. The author was on a soapbox with a list of "principles" she had to get in to make her story complete. Stereotypical. Annoying. Even mentioning what they ate every second so she could put in her recipe felt unnatural. I read it for book club and after torturing myself to get halfway through the book I finally ended up skimming over it to see how it ended - which unfortunately wasn't any more interesting than the beginning. The fake bearing of testim [...]

Listened while sewing; I liked this book, made me want my own little club- oh wait, I kinda do already :) Love that these girls were friends for life- through thick and thin, they told eachother when they were mad, or when they saw something that needed help. Maxine is the greatest extra touch to their club. The book is full of lots of wisdom for marriage, children, friendship, and life in general. At first I thought maybe it would have too many cheesy religious mentions, but I found they were a [...]

Classic Joni Hilton humor, though this one dealt a lot more with serious and religious subjects than her Andy Taylor series. I liked having that, though I think it would have come off a little less cheesy if I'd read it in print. Not that I minded the narrator. She wasn't too bad. She didn't always read things as I think I would have, but I didn't mind. Some good lessons in the book that I think many women (not just wives) could benefit from. (Hence the "chick lit" label.) My favorite part: Heat [...]

I want a group of friends like this!I enjoyed this book more than some of her other contemporary fiction (Stop the Ward I Want to Get Off! and others in that series) because it's more realistic. There isn't really a running plot or climax. Instead, it follows the lives of five good friends as they get married, have children, struggle with their testimonies, and live their lives in general. It gets a little 'preachy' at times, but I enjoyed it.

A group of women, who have been friends since they were young, get together frequently to support each other in the ups and downs of life.This theme is becoming a genre unto itself. I enjoyed the humor, and overall liked the book. The ending seemed very quick and choppy. For most of the book you follow the friends through several episodes in detail, then all of a sudden the plot speeds up and several years worth of experiences are mentioned almost in list format. Not her best work, but good for [...]

This was a delightful LDS novel about five women who form the "Ten Cow Wives' Club" and meet often for lunch and recount the events of their lives. We relive their teenage years and follow them through getting married and raising their families. Joni Hilton does an exceptional job of hitting the nail on the head with her insights of LDS women and their ups and downs. I could relate well because these women grew up in my era. I laughed and I criede mark of a good book.

I would give this book maybe 2 1/2 stars, not quite to "liked it" status. There were a few parts that I liked and even one that I really identified with. However, being a SINGLE (never married) LDS woman over the age of 40 living minutes from BYU much of the story was just hard to get through. The pressure to be the prefect wife and mother is reality in our culture and I have to deal with not being either one every day.

I listened to this as an audio book. I only listened as I ironed so it was off and on. I finally abandoned the book. I just couldn't stay with the story. The best part was the older friends' observations. Problems did come up in the book; but they were solved too quickly which does not usually happen in real life. I loved a few of her other books as they were so funny. But this one did not have the charm or witty dialogue like Paradise Vue.

I don't think I've very good at reading these LDS books. I've only read a few here and there and so far they aren't my cup of tea. The first part of the book where the main character acting as the voice meets and dates her future husband kept my interest until she made a complete fool of herself and I thought it was a wacky attempt to stereo type the single LDS woman who missed the marriage proposal at BYU. Being single myself, I don't like the association.

I hovered between one and two stars for this book. It is a fast-read, Mormon chick lit which at least means it is clean. This is how I would describe this book: Take every Relief Society lesson, and every chat all the women have ever had about anything, especially problems in life and combine it all into one book and then add all the stories about pregnancy, and periods. And then get preachy about all of it and you have this book. So yeah, not a favorite for me.

This was your typical quick mormon read. The only thing I really appreciated about it is the very real challenges each of these women faced. Having the support network of good friends is absolutely imperative to our survival. Having said that, the Black Widow Society truly rocks and the ten cow wives have nothing on us!!! Maybe someone should write our book!!!

This book was exactly what I was looking for on the day I read it - an escape. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the power of female bonds, and the feelings of the different women as they went on their journey through life. I wouldn't say I learned anything or improved myself in any way, but I thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon.

I'm going to enjoy it, and not feel like I'm a bad mother.This book follows the life of several women during their adult lives. They lunch together often, but more importantly they support each other thru the good times and the bad times of their lives. It is a very light and fluffy look at real issues in these womens' lifes. But they stick together thru it all.

Very light, cheesy read. Not really a story, but kind of a "well, this is what we've done for the last 25 years." Some of the spiritual observations I really liked, some of the relationship stuff I liked even more. I thought the Tanya part was not well done. So not the best LDS fiction I've ever read but certainly not the worst.

I give this book 2 1/2 stars. It is a fun read but not much substance to it. It is a book about a group of childhood friends who maintain their friendship and meet often for lunch as adults. They have also included an elderly widow in their group. It is LDS fiction so their religion is definitly a focus of the book.

I usually don't like LDS authors a whole lot because a lot of them aren't very high quality. This one however was pretty good. It was a book I could relate to and learn from. I definitly recomend it for a fun read.

I enjoyed this book. Yes, I think in some places it was a little cheesy but I know I would enjoy a group of women who supported one another like this group did. It seemed like they used gospel principles to conquer every problem they encountered. I like that very much.

Books like this always make me think I am deficient as a mother, as a friend, as a wife. It was a quick, fun read, but does anyone really have relationships like this? Can it, should it be compared at all with "real life"? I don't know.

As a general rule, I don't usually get into LDS fiction much. But this story of a group of women who remain friends through thick and thin was one I enjoyed and related too, as I have friends like the women in the story. There were cheezy parts, but overall it was a good escape read.

This is an interesting fictional story about 5 LDS women who get together for luncheons, support each other through thick and thin, and help each other get through life. Some interesting perspectives through each woman's trials. It was fun reading once, but I probably wouldn't pick it up again.

Great book, considering my husband gave my parents 10 stuffed animal cows in exchange for my hand in marriage. It's about a group of women who make sure to have a regular get-together to keep sane from everything going on in their lives. A great read.

I picked up this as an audio book from the library thinking it would fill the category of a "Funny book" in our library's Book Nerd Challenge-but it was not that funnyd it was not that good of a story either. Too "Molly Mormon" for me.

I really enjoyed this book! I felt connected to the LDS lady characters in the book and could relate to the ups and down of life shared between friends. I also liked the recipes at the end of each chapter. I plan to add them to my collection!

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