As the Ward Turns

Joni Hilton

As the Ward Turns

As the Ward Turns

  • Title: As the Ward Turns
  • Author: Joni Hilton
  • ISBN: 9781555033644
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover

As the Ward Turns is deliciously witty fiction that rings with truth You ll meet Andy Taylor, a Relief Society president who finds herself in so much hot water, she may as well live in the Jacuzzi Ward Just when it seems matters can t get worse, Andy s brother, Nick, slides into town on snake oil, running one scam after another.You ll meet Bishop Carlson, who impersonateAs the Ward Turns is deliciously witty fiction that rings with truth You ll meet Andy Taylor, a Relief Society president who finds herself in so much hot water, she may as well live in the Jacuzzi Ward Just when it seems matters can t get worse, Andy s brother, Nick, slides into town on snake oil, running one scam after another.You ll meet Bishop Carlson, who impersonates the deceased at a funeral, and Edith Horvitz, a homemaking director who built her entire house using particle board and a hot glue gun.There s young and beautiful Zan Archer, a self made tycoon The most domestic Zan has ever been was to hire a maid from a domestics agency.For on the spot criticism, you can count on Rita Delaney, who used a dead cat as a visual aid for a spiritual living lesson And watch out for Claudia Lambert She once aimed a rifle at a well meaning cleaning crew of Relief Society sisters, and told them if they or their PineSol ever set foot in her house again, there d be a mass funeral at the Stake Center.They re all there the stalwarts, the grumblers, the mixed bag of members you ll recognize at once Joni Hilton also serves up wisdom along with the laughs, leaving you satisfied with a feast that is both enriching and entertaining.

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Okay, I had to give this 4 stars not because it is great literature, but because I laughed so hard and had such a good time reading it. It is easy to read and completely clean. The characters are not realistic - they are more like exaggerated caricatures of LDS people you know. It probably wouldn't be funny at all to someone who is not familiar with the 'LDS culture'. For example, here's a clip:Here is what happens when the bishop goes out of town. First, there's a funeral. Next, three or four p [...]

Read this years ago and remember it being very funny and silly!

Cute entertaining book about being a Relief Society President. A couple of quotes I really enjoyed:The best things in life aren't things. The golden age only comes to men when they have forgotten goldSometimes we forget the big picture - the overall goal and we let the little daily upsets crowd out the things that matter can control whether it stays crummy or if it gets a little better. Getting knocked down wasn't your fault, but staying down that part you can control. Her present suffe [...]

Having just been put in a Relief Society Presidency in my church, this book (about the crazy adventures of one Relief Society President) was wonderful to read for two reasons.1) It's laugh out loud funny. Yes, some of the humor is campy, but some of the dialogue and situations are so true to life that you can't help but laugh. And when you're feeling stressed (like I have recently!), a good laugh is worth its weight in gold. And of course it's all G-rated.2) The book is full of stories that are [...]

If you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you probably wouldn't get much out of this book. If you are a member or have ever been a Relief Society president you would laugh your way through this book. As the Ward Turns is an exaggerated comedy of what happens in the life of Relief Society President Andy Taylor as she tries to fulfill her calling. The situations she happens into are unrealistic and preposterous but contain a seed of truth. That is what makes the bo [...]

There are a lot of funny parts to this book, for anyone who has been LDS for any length of time (if you're not LDS, it probably won't be funny at all). The humor is mostly of the sort where the protagonist makes many blunders and you (the reader) are glad that you, at least, aren't *that* clumsy. I found a lot of the people and conversations were so exaggerated as to not be realistic at all. While it's true that exaggeration can be a part of humor, it was just not believable to me at all that on [...]

Andy Taylor is the Relief Society President in her LDS ward in California, and she has her work cut out for her. And it doesn't help that things just always seem to go wrong when she tries to do what is right. However, her heart is definitely in the right place, and so sometimes, even by accident, everything comes together just like it should be.A fun, tongue in cheek look at the craziness that it can be to be in a church full of imperfect people, trying to do what is right. I loved Andy, the wa [...]

I didn't want to like this book, like I'd have to swallow a bitter pill to reconcile the contrast that often exists between the Gospel of Jesus Christ versus the people who attempt to live the Gospel in the LDS context. But despite my efforts, I was laughing so hard I cried. I got past the corny, dated, overly stereotyped setting and let myself enjoy a thoroughly exaggerated story, just like my mom would have told me about her own life when I was growing up. My family likes to say, "Never let th [...]

This was a funny book about quirky people in your Ward at church. It was really cheesy, but it was also funny and made me feel bad for Relief Society Presidents and all of the things they have to deal with that most people never know about. I read a couple of books while reading this one, so it was a good "filler-in-between-books" book.

You know those sitcoms where the canned laughter plays constantly at humor that should only provoke a smile? That's this book. It is funny and heartwarming, but the characters in the book are in constant fits of hysterical laughter over things that really aren't that funny. I did laugh out loud twice and I enjoyed the story, but the characters' reactions were often bemusing.

I found the book's heroin to be super annoying throughout the book. I felt that she always jumped to a million conclusions, and complained A LOT. But then all of these absolutely hilarious things kept happening, and the book was worth finishing. So go ahead and read through the beginning complaints, because the cream is right in the middle!

The WHOLE As the Ward Turns Series (which includes As the Ward Turns, Around the Ward in 80 Days, Scrambled Home Evenings, and Stop the Ward! I Want to Get Off!) are all hilarious. Any LDS woman would die laughing. They’re a great pick me up book to read—Hilton has a way with words that leaves me guffawing each time I read these books. (I’ve been rereading them for about ten years!)

This book is laugh out loud funny in some parts in the beginning which was welcome because I was looking for a light-hearted read. As the book went on, it got kind of boring and tedious. I liked it though. It was a cute book all in all. If you would like to borrow it, let me know. I have it out to a friend right now.

I really like this series. I can't give it 5 stars because it's not in league with my other 5 star books, but I love to read these when I need something quick and entertaining always good for a laugh.

This is so hilarious. My mother gave it to me for Christmas. I thought I might be too young to understand it. But apparently I was familiar enough with my LDS culture that I could laugh myself to tears through the entire book.

This book was a little too "cheesey" for my liking. Or it just may have been too outdated. It really bothered me that the RS President had SO much guilt, especially about things that were not her fault. I did laugh out loud once, and thought it ended well. It's an easy quick, light read.

This is one of the funniest novels I have ever read. It is a good thing I had something to laugh at because we goofed up two cars this week in the anderson family. I would recommend this to any LDS woman who needs a good laugh.

This was picked for our book club to read. It was pretty fluffy (as expected) and most of the situations were very exaggerated, but did have a few good moments. I'm afraid it does nothing that would add to the reputation of LDS writers.

I seriously laughed very hard with this quick read. Some of her characters are cheesy but I loved them just the same. There were a few very profound thoughts that stood out to me when I see myself interacting with people around me.

I actually thought this book was well written and quite funny in parts. It has the typical churchy feel, which is to be expected, but it's not terribly preachy. Over all, I enjoyed this short read and the laughs it provided.

A little over the top with the punchy humor. I would have thought this was hilarious when I was about 15. Mingled in the slap stick here and there are some sweet gospel tidbits; love, kindness, forgiveness.

Funny book about wards and life.

At one point while reading this book I had tears streaming down my face. That's all I have to say about it.

All in this series of Joni Hilton's are among the funniest books I have ever read in my life. BUT, they also have so much truth, faith, testimony and love in them.

Hillarious! I think there's an Edith in every ward!

I'm sure every thing that happens in this book has happened in real life in the church. Funny.

this book had some funny parts, but really can't hold a candle to ten cow wives club.

Laugh out loud funny.

Silly and lighthearted, but still fun and worth the read. I laughed out loud a couple of times.

This book was hilarious. So down to earth and I could relate to many of her stories.

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