A Sheetcake Named Desire

Jacklyn Brady

A Sheetcake Named Desire

A Sheetcake Named Desire

  • Title: A Sheetcake Named Desire
  • Author: Jacklyn Brady
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Kindle Edition

New Orleans pastry chef Rita Lucero is out to bake her way to the top But when she finds her almost ex husband killed with a chef s knife in his back, she becomes suspect number one Now it s up to her to find the real killer before she winds up as the next victim served.

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I have been wanting to start this series for the longest time. Let me start off by saying I had a huge craving for cake through this entire book. LOL! The author does a great job with her descriptions, especially her descriptions of cake. Rita Lucero goes to New Orleans to get her soon-to-be ex-husband’s, Philippe, signature on the divorce papers, but she never gets a chance to see him face to face. Instead, she finds his dead body and immediately becomes the prime suspect in his murder. When [...]

Rita Lucero has waited two years for her divorce, all she needs is for her almost ex Philippe Renier to sign on the proper line. He has been avoided her phone calls and emails so she decides to go directly to him, to his high end cake shop in New Orleans, and sit in the office until he faces her and signs the papers.Rita arrives just a few minutes too late or at the perfect time if you are a killer. Rita discovers her husband dead with a chef's knife in his chest. Because their divorce was not f [...]

Cozy mystery about a cake decorator attempting to get her husband to sign divorce papers. Before she can even see him, he is murdered. A few twists in the plot, which kept it interesting. I will most likely read the next book in the series.

3.5 starsPastry Chef Rita Lucero is tired of her husband Philippe Reinier's ignoring her divorce papers. She's spent the last two years trying to get over him while working in her uncle's Mexican restaurant in New Mexico. Now she's in New Orleans to present the papers to her ex in person. She gets the brush off from his faithful manager Edie but is prepared to wait. When an employee comes rushing in with the news that Philippe and his friend Ox are going at it on the loading dock, Rita is concer [...]

All Rita Lucerno wants is a divorce and to get on with her life but her soon-to-be ex has been dragging his feet for two years over signing the papers. Finally, Rita has had it; she travels to New Orleans to confront hubby, Philippe, at Zydeco, his bakery. The bakery is in chaos; someone has sabotaged one of their largest orders and Philippe seems to be among the missing. Joining in the search, Rita is the unlucky one to find him. Needless to say, he won't be signing any papers ever again, not j [...]

The end of this book [from the reveal of the murderer to the end] is what took this from a 2 star read to a 3 star read. I am not in love with these characters [though they did grow on me as the book went on] and I swear if the author says that "it is hot" or "it is muggy" one more time I may scream - the book is set in New Orleans; OF COURSE it is hot and muggy. We certainly don't need reminded of that 100 times over while reading the book.Initially I was not going to read number 2 but as the e [...]

I liked this book better than most I have read lately. I read the vast majority of it in the first day. It was a quick easy read and I liked all of the "good" characters immensely. Rita did annoy me some, but not so much that I didn't like her, and Miss Frankie has so typically deep South old money that you just had to love her. I think my favorite character was Old Dog Leg (the blind trumpet player) and I really hope he is a regular so I can watch his development. The story moved pretty quickly [...]

3.4Reminds me of Cleo Coyle's Coffeeshop Mysteries just set in New Orleans and minus the coffee info.Pretty decent cozy mystery in which the main character is pretty much a prime suspect from the word 'jump'. The author made the city of New Orleans a sort of character in this book, much more so than some of Rita's colleagues. The character development was great for Rita and Miss Frankie but I could've used a bit more depth on Ox and the rest of the crew. Especially seeing as this book seemed mor [...]

Rating: 4.5/5Jacklyn Brady is a new author to the cozy mystery genre, and her first offering, A SHEETCAKE NAMED DESIRE, is truly delectable. Brady's amateur sleuth, pastry chef Rita Lucero, has made my list of favorites. Rita is fed up with getting the run around from her soon-to-be ex-husband Philippe Renier. After two years of being in divorce limbo, she travels to New Orleans to make him sign the papers and make it final. Not long after she arrives at his upscale bakery, Rita finds Philippe d [...]

This first in a new mystery series by Jacklyn Brady is delicious from start to finish. And it’s also a real behind-the-scenes look at how those mouth-watering cakes that are featured on so many reality television shows are actually put together. Struggling pastry chef Rita Lucero, separated from super star New Orleans pastry chef Philippe Renier, wants her divorce to be finalized so she can move on with her life. But she has one problem: she can’t get Philippe to sign the papers. So she deci [...]

I read it in one day because I was stuck in a hospital waiting room for about 9 hr. While the story had some good points of interest, I found too much was left unsaid to make me really care about the main character, Rita, or her murdered soon-to-be-exhusband. We learn they separated 2 yrs ago and went their different ways, but have no idea why. She was well treated and loved by her mother-in-law but had no contact (not even an address for her?) after the separation. She's a talented cake artist [...]

Overall, the story was enjoyable. But I had a ton of questions regarding Rita's past that weren't answered in the book. Like her friends whom she thought of so fondly didn't really seem to reciprocate her feelings. Also, why was she working at her uncle's place instead of finding work that would make use of her specialty. I realize they raised her but i'm sure they wouldn't want her holding herself back. Also, with regards to Philippe, do people really change that much in a few years? So much so [...]

If you love great culinary cozies, you'll enjoy this one from Jacklyn Brady. Rita Lucero travels to New Orleans from Chicago, when she received a mysterious phone call from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Phillippe Renier. When she arrives there, she learns he was murdered and his bakery is in trouble. With help from her mother-in-law, she tries to piece the puzzles together on Phillppe's life and business--everyone's a suspect. His new girlfriend, his co-workers, his rivals. Meanwhile, she put herse [...]

I only wish I'd gotten to this wonderful series sooner. But I have three more waiting for me so that is one of the positives of letting them stack up. And all because of the Tennessee Williams connection of the title. I love the wonderful character of Rita! This had a fast paced plot and a solid cast of characters that kept moving things forward. I felt like I just took my first trip to New Orleans!

I've resisted reading this book, based on its title, for several years. However it was a good mystery with likeable characters, a believable plot and the obvious, too good to be true villain. I look forward to the next in the series.

3.75 starsThe silly title is misleading for this competent and above average debut, set in the Big Easy in the world of expensive designer cakes. This first in series establishes the scene and players and I will be checking out the next entry.

This one is a solid 4.5 stars or a 9 in my own grading system. I REALLAY liked this one. Good story, "real" characters and a great location. I always enjoy stories set in New Orleans. I'll definitely be on board for the next one!

The first of another series, this book was well done. The characters were likable, and even with those that we weren't supposed to like, there was enjoyment in not liking them. The story was good, lots of suspects, and a bit of surprise at the identity of the killer. All in all, it was enjoyable. I plan on jumping into another book in the series immediately!

I really enjoyed this book , because of the very good writing and storyline. The baking stuff was a bonus that made me crave cake! This is the first in the series and it is off to a gold medal start for me and I will not be surprised if Rita stays in New Orleans as the Zydeco bakery's co-owner!

I figured out who the killer was pretty early on, but it was still a well written mystery with a nicely paced plot. The author did NOLA proud with her descriltions. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Hmmm - wasn't super sold on this book. Liked the premise, and enjoyed the whole cake-decorating theme, but got tired of the: did he do it??; did she do it?? question and answer writing.

Great start to a series I will continue. Love the New Orleans setting!

An interesting cozy that takes place in New Orleans.



Rita Lucero has every intention of seeing her soon-to-be ex-husband only long enough to get the divorce papers signed and then hop a plane back to Albuquerque. Having avoided her for months, her decision to travel to New Orleans to see him in person becomes a fateful one. Rita and Philippe went to pastry school together and his Zydeco Cakes is one of the preeminent cake bakeries in New Orleans. Rita finds former friends and associates working for Philippe, but the most shocking find is a freshly [...]

I liked this first In the series. I am interested in the characters.

A Sheetcake Named Desire by Jacklyn Brady is the first book of the Piece of Cake mystery series set in modern-day New Orleans.Rita Lucero is “a trained cake artist, a graduate of the French Pastry School in Chicago.” But instead of pursuing her skills professionally, she is chopping onions in her uncle Nestor’s Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque. Why? Her pending divorce from the soon-to-be-ex-husband she met and loved in pastry school. It’s been 2 sad years getting over him. She has stru [...]

Interesting characters and combination of cultures. As a cozy murder I felt that the author had skipped some clue ending details. Cozy's are my candy reading. The characters are fun. The setting is fun. the ending was a "huh?" I would still recommend this read with caution.

Yes, the cozy mystery subgenre suffers from punny titles. That’s one of its charms, to my mind, though occasionally they work a bit too hard.Professional cake decoration is the gimmick of this series! As a hobby baker, I always regard such confections with awe, so I was quite interested to get an “inside look” at the business. Of course I’m assuming the author has done her homework, but it all certainly sounds credible.As the title suggests, the “Piece of Cake Mystery” series is set [...]

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